Author: Sparta

Title: Living Dead

Pairings: Jack & Daniel Spike & Angel

Rating: R

Crossovers: Buffy & Stargate

Disclaimer: I don't anything, this is just my sick and twisted mind at work so enjoy

Warnings: Slash, Femslash, Male Pregnancy, Het and Attentive universe

Challenges: None

Series: Lost Tribes Series

Chapters: 2/

Completed: No

Summery: when Daniel is called to Sunnydale by an old friend he bite off more then he can chew, only his true love can stop him becoming one of the undead? But could this town hold past secrets for Jack too?

Chapter Summery: SG1 arrives in Sunnydale

Authors Note:

The First Step

Wes was waiting outside the Sunnydale Museum, he paced back and forth the next day as he waited for Daniel to arrive.

"Where is he?" he growled to himself as he checked his watch for the 100th time.

"Fashionably late as usual" laughed Daniel as he walked up behind him, Wes spun round and was greeted with a smiled and a hug from his old friend.

"Sorry Wes we had to book into a Motel and then I had to leave the other, which is dangerous itself" laughed Daniel as Wes looked confused as they walked to the tomb

"Don't worry Wes when you meet them you will see what I mean" laughed Daniel as he pulled out his wallet and showed him the team picture as they arrived.

Daniel took one look at the sarcophagus and was confused slightly. The sarcophagus was a large coffin shaped, black marble box, covered in gold Hieroglyphs. The top was also covered in gold Hieroglyphics but unlike normal sarcophagus's the lid was sloped and had no sigh of an opening mechanism.

"Right Wes we are going to need a large pot of coffee, lots of chocolate and no interruptions" said Daniel seriously as Wes agreed and left the room.

Daniel started to translate what he recognised as Goa'uld after several hours Wes and Daniel were tired.

"Wes go home, eat, get some rest and come back when you feel better. Don't argue you know me I don't need to sleep as long as I have coffee" said Daniel as Wes complained and then he leaves. As soon as Wes was gone Daniel was on the phone to Jack and the others.

"Jack get your butt over here now you guys have got to see this" growled Daniel down the phone before going back to work. Not long later the others arrive.

"Ok Danny what so important you dragged us all out here?" snapped Jack as Daniel shot him a dirty look.

"This" said Daniel pointing out the Sarcophagus

"It not like anyone I have seen DanielJackson?" said Teal'c as he examined the Sarcophagus

"I know and here's why. In 12th century a prophet called Aurelius, he foretold the rise of the Anointed One. A Demi-God of some sort that would open the 'Mouth of Hell' and bring forth the end of the world.

His follower are supposedly the reason for the birth of the vampire myth, after he disappeared his Order survived under the command of his second in command known only as The Master. the Order of Aurelius was believed to be ruled by codes of severe ritualistic beliefs and extreme obedience to the Master.

Failure to follow the Master's resulted in severe punishments, mostly mutilation or even death.

The rules of the Order dictated that its members must not live 'among the human pestilence' as they called humans. Instead dwelling underground only visiting the surface only to find food or bring in new members. Their underground existence was centred around their belief in vampire rituals and religion, especially the tribute of the Old Ones, the original pure-breed demons that ruled the Earth in its beginnings.

The brethren of the Order consider themselves to be the "elite", destined to usher in the return of the Old Ones and the destruction of mankind, regarded by the Order as little more than animals, a "plague of boils" covering the earth.

The belief of the Aurelians that they are the "select" also comes from the fact that the Aurelian line can be counted among the most powerful and commanding of this cult. The Order of Aurelius is one of the few groups shown in this time to be organized on a heavily structured society, instead of the common group packs merely focused on hunting, feeding and protection" said Daniel as Jack just looked blankly at him

"Nice horror story, so what does it mean?" asked Jack as Daniel groaned

"Jack if this is true then we're fucked, they are an Armageddon cult that believe they can bring back their god" said Daniel

"So is there any mention of our friendly neighbourhood snakes?" asked Jack

"Sort of, part of the writing goes on to tell you how Aurrilus disappeared, it says that a beam of light from the gods appeared and Aurrilus stepped into it and was taken away in it's rings" said Daniel as he looked at Jack.

"I too have heard these stories DanielJackson, Apophis once called Aurrilus a demon of Sokar, a…………………"

"the Hominus Nocturna?" said Wes who had reappeared making everyone jump

"Wes I thought I told you to get some rest?" said Daniel as he tried to cover them.

"Dan I have, it's been 2 hour. Come on you need a break, they need a drink and I need to explain something's" said Wes as they all followed him.

Deep inside Daniel he felt like he knew this guy and so he needed to be on guard, something was making him uneasy about this whole thing.

"Welcome to the Bronze, Sunnydale one and only club" joke Wes

They went in.

They followed him over into a far corner were a large table had several people sat at it. Wes was greeted by everyone as they sat down.

"Dr Daniel Jackson meet, Buffy Summer, Cordeila Chase, Willow Rosenberg, Angel, Spike, Rupert Giles, Oz and Alexander Harris" said Wes as he introduced everyone.

The last name made Jack look up for some reason before Daniel introduced them to the other.

"Hi, these are Colonel Jack O'Neil, Majors Samantha Carter, Major Paul Davis and this is Murray" said Daniel as Spike and Angel looked at each other, they could sense something about Daniel and about Jack too.

"Well it's nice to see you all have survived your first day here?" laughed Buffy as the other laughed too.

"What do you mean?" asked Sam as they looked confusedly at the others.

"Sunnydale is Vampire central people die everyday here" said Oz normally as Sam looked at him like he was crazy.

"Vampires don't exist" said Jack as he looked at Daniel

"The Hominus Nocturna or vampires have never stopped walking the earth, we just stopped believing in them" said Wes as he was given a drink.

"Aurrilus was one if not the first of them" said Wes as he drank some of it.

"Ha yeah you tell 'em book boy" laughed Spike as he lit up his fag.

"What so funny?" growled Jack as he looked at the bleach blonde in front of them.

"What is so funny is you sit here saying Vampires are not real when there's two Master vampires Angel and myself, 1 werewolf Oz, a witch Willow and a Vampire Slayer Buffy sat right in front of you" laughed Spike as Jack looked shocked.

With that Angel and Spike put on their 'Game Faces' and scared all of the people in the bronze. Angel stop but then had to stop Spike, Angel and Spike sat down as the others had gotten over the shock of the confessions earlier they started to explain.

"Lord Aurrilus as he was known back then was a prophet and son of a pure demon and human woman. A Dhampir of a great power, he was feared by all but all that is written about him was burned centuries ago. Only the Order now knows the true story" said Angel as he looked at Spike, Buffy looked at them both.

"Don't look at me I was branded a traitor when I started helping you" said Angel

"Don't look at me ether Slayer, we burnt that bridge long ago when the pompous git left us for dead in Prague. Not to mention when Peaches here was blacklisted so where all his Chhilder, me, Dru and Penn. We lose our headed if he finds us?" said Spike with a growl.


Not far from them Aurrilus has gotten wind of the stranger in town, he stretched out from the throne he was sat in and looked down at the Master who knelt before him.

"Send out your most prized my son, bring back what was taken from me?" growled Aurrilus as his eyes flashed gold as the Master nodded.

"Soon Dan-yel we will be reunited and this world will be ours" said Aurrilus with a laugh that wrung though their sanctuary.