2.4 million years ago


A large three headed dragon fell to the ground after being hit by a large, blue beam of a radioactive fire. The fire came from a creature that was tall and had a dinosaur like body shape. The creature also had dorsal plates going down from it's neck all the way to the tip of it' tail.

These two creatures have been in battle for months, always fighting and chasing each other. Before this, however, the large creature with the dorsal plates had been like a guardian to the land forever. It always made sure any other creature that would try and change the natural order of the planet would know it's dominance over all of the large creatures.

But all that changed when a massive object came falling from the stars in a ball of fire. It crashed into an open area and created a natural looking hole in the ground. From the crash site, a large, golden, three headed dragon emerged from the flames of the impact and revealed it's massive size. The dragon had two tails, long necks, and massive wings.

The creature began to destroy the surrounding area with it's wings, tails, heads, and a beam of lightning that disintegrated any living creature touched by it. It was acting reckless and destructive. Once the creature with the dorsal plates was able to track it down. But the creature had left most of the land it traveled across void of almost all life. The dragon had destroyed a large patch of what would be Texas. The creature with the dorsal plates began to fight the dragon.

The dragon and the other creature fought for days at a time. Then the dragon would fly off after inflicting damage to either the land, the other creature, or both. The other creature would follow the dragon everywhere and fight the dragon head on. This went on for decades. But one day, a large cold front that would be known as the Ice Age came and caused both creatures to lose each other in battles many times. It didn't help that the dragon was always surrounded by a terrible lightning storm.

Then one day, the creature cornered the dragon in Antarctica and began to fight. This leads us up to now.

The dragon was slightly disoriented from the bash to the head from the impact, but once it got back to it's feet, it was ready to fight. The creature was near the ocean waiting for the dragon to charge at it. The dragon looked in all directions around the creature, looking for a way to defeat it. Then the dragon fired it's lightning beams at the the creatures head and upper torso. The creature tried to get out of the way, but was hit in the side of it's left leg by the beams and was knocked off balance and fell over onto the ice.

The dragon flew up in the sky and into the clouds surrounding the area. The creature managed to get up only to be shot in the back by one of the dragon's beams and was knocked around. The creature looked up and around only to find that the dragon was hiding itself within the clouds of the storm.

From all over the clouds, the dragon shot beams at the creature all over. The creature tried to shoot it's blue fire beam at the dragon, but the creature always shot away from the dragon. Finally, after a few more beams, the dragon flew down from the clouds and landed in front of the now exhausted creature. The creature barely had enough energy to stand up, let alone fight the dragon. The dragon bit into the creature's shoulder, neck and dorsal plate.

In a last effort, the creature grabbed the creature's middle neck and used both of their weight and rolled into the freezing ocean. There, the creature and the dragon were slashing at each other with either their claws or teeth. Slowly, they both sank to the bottom of the frigid sea where the creature had the upper hand. The creature, using it's left hand, grabbed onto the middle neck and slammed it into the side of the large wall of ice. The creature used it's right hand and pinned the left right head up against the wall.

The dragon's left head bit into the creature's left shoulder, causing the creature to release the middle head. The middle head bit into the right shoulder, making the creature release the right head. The dragon knocked down the creature on the ocean floor. The dragon then bit deep into the creature's neck. Thinking that it defeated the creature, the dragon began to swim up to the surface. But then the creature grabbed the creature's tails and tried to stop it from leaving. The creature managed to drag the creature down to the ocean floor and then swam to the surface.

Once at the surface, the creature climbed onto the land and backed away from the edge. Then, without a moment of hesitation or thinking, the creature fired it's blue beam at the entire ledge of the shore, causing ice to break and fall into the sea. The creature did this for a few minutes until it was too tired to continue. Then the storm above slowly subsided to just snow. The creature swam down to the ocean floor where the dragon was. Once it arrived, the entire floor was covered in large and small chunks of ice the doubled the creature in size.

The creature began to swim across the sea to warmer water and a food source. But the creature was too tired to continue after a while, and the creature swam to the bottom of what would soon be Tokyo Bay.

There, the creature went into a hibernation like state and tried to absorb any radiation that it could get.

Slowly, throughout the Ice Age, other massive creatures fell dormant in different parts of the world. But their presence throughout the rest of history had a major influence on the other natives, the humans.

Early humans were sometimes able to see the creatures and live. Soon, every creature had a story of some kind. The dragon that fell from the stars had inspired the Hydra from greek mythology. The massive creature that fought the dragon inspired parts for other kind of myths. Many other creatures inspired other myths like the Kraken, Dragons, Phoenix, and the Loch Ness monster.

But soon, the creatures were considered myths. As history passed, human civilization evolved and grew to cities, space, and other planets. But then one day, a different breed of massive creatures rose up from the sea. The humans were afraid of them and ran. Some fought the creatures. Many humans lost their lives in the fight against these massive creatures. It took days to take down one creature. But after one died, eventually, another one would rise from a rift deep in the pacific that was known as the Breach. The humans named these creatures kaiju.

As the years passed by, the kaiju attacked and fought humans. Then one day, humans built massive machines that could rival the strength and size of the kaiju called jaegers. The jaegers were built by a combined international military force called the Pan Pacific Defense Corp. For years, the P.P.D.C. fought kaiju at all fronts. Then one day, the jaeger called Gypsy Danger self destructed inside of the breach and closed it.

As life for the humans sort of turned back to before the kaiju rose from the depths. But little did the humans know that there were others that were both from the earth and the breach that were hidden along the earth, away from all other life. At least, until now.