The Adventures of Super Snape and Malfoy boy

Deep beneath Hogwarts, well, in the dungeons, is the top secret Head Quarters for -Da da da daaa - SUPER SNAPE and MALFOY BOY. Each week, SUPER SNAPE and MALFOY BOY are given a special, and highly important task by someone special and highly important (He is also very secretive, so he goes by the name of Admiral Important).

Todays adventure : "SO ENDS A VERY ENGLISH QUEST!"

When we last left our heroes they were embarking on their quest to find out what had happened to England's supply of tea. That was…. (author checks date of when that episode was published) five whole years ago. In other words, its been a bloody long quest….

We join our heroes at Stonehenge….

Malfoy Boy: There's none over here either!

Harry: And none here!

Super Snape sighs: Well…. We've looked EVERYWHERE, and we just can't find the tea. Perhaps it's finally time to…

Weasel Kid: Noooo (sobs and covers his ears) Noooo, we can't give up! Don't say it! Don't say it! (sobs some more)

Super Snape: What else can we do? The tea isn't here, its not at Buckingham Palace, its not at the Houses of Parliament, its not at the Angel of the North, its not at….. insert more English landmarks here… its not anywhere!

Lupin Lad: You haven't checked my pocket yet though….

Everyone turns to Lupin Lad

Everyone: WHAT?!

Lupin Lad: My pocket…. You haven't checked…..

Super Snape: Yes, we heard that. What do you mean 'we haven't checked your pocket'? Why would we need to check your pocket??

Lupin Lad: It's the only English landmark we haven't checked yet…

Brain Queen: (slaps her forehead) Oh my god…

Malfoy Boy: (curls his hands into fists) Are you saying….

Harry: … that the tea….

Super Snape: …. Is in your bloody pocket?!

Lupin Lad: Could be! Let me check…. (rummages in his pocket) Well I'll be…. Here's some tea!

The air fills with audible seething.

Lupin Lad skips off, shouting over his shoulder: Let's go find a tea pot, gang! I'm parched!

Super Snape: Five years we've been looking…

Malfoy Boy: On the plus side though… we've been to lots of cool places!

Weasel Kid: That's true! I've got a wicked fridge magnet collection now!

Brain Queen: And look at all these pencils I've got with place names on them!

Malfoy Boy: And all these shot glasses!

Super Snape is silent and glares at them all for a long time.

Super Snape: I'm going home….


Admiral Important: So the tea was in his pocket all along?

Super Snape: Yes, it….

Lupin Lad: Indeed it was, Admiral. (sips some tea and grins at Super Snape)

Admiral Important: What a hoot!

Super Snape: What?!

Admiral Important chuckles.

Suddenly the door bursts open and Malfoy Boy is there, panicked.

Malfoy Boy: My shot glass collection!! Its missing!!

Lupin Lad: Oh my god!! (sips some tea)

Super Snape: Have you checked Lupin Lads pockets?

Lupin Lad: Why would they…. (checks pocket) Oh…. Haha…. Here they are!

Malfoy Boy grabs the shot glasses from Lupin Lad.

Malfoy Boy: What the hell?!

Lupin Lad: Don't ask me! I don't know how they got there! Things just turn up in there! Once I found a clown…

Malfoy Boy's eyes widen.

Suddenly Admiral Important receives a text message. He checks it and suddenly looks solemn.

Super Snape: Whats wrong Admiral?

What was in the text message that Admiral Important received? And since when have people at Hogwarts had mobile phones? Wouldn't the magic affect the signal??

Find out in the next installment of :