The hardest goodbyes – Chapter 1

Will's eyes fluttered open as his blurred vision began to subside and return to normal, his heavy panting slowed as his fear began to fade and his brain recognised his whereabouts "I am Will Horton, I am in the hospital, I have a brain tumour and I have days to live" Will whispered repetitively to himself like a mantra.

Will wriggles himself in an upright position reaches for his pen and journal, he knew he didn't have much time and he needed to write these.

Dear Arianna Grace,

My precious darling, hopefully one day when you are older you will understand that I never meant to leave you… Twice!

I am sorry that I will never get to see you grow up become the beautiful kind woman I know that you will be. To tuck you in at night and scare all the monsters from under your bed aware, to go to the zoo and play jokes with the monkeys and make faces with them. Your mommy and daddy Sonny will be there for all those moments and I promise I have made them promise me they will.

Your Gammy Sammy and Grandma Kate fiercely adore you and will I am sure spoil you rotten, baby girl you deserve the world several times over and believe me I wish I would be a part of that, don't ever think this is anything you have done, the universe is not in my corner right now, but I am sure it will be different with you.

I want you to do every activity you can, nose dive into hobbies and passion and live a glorious life my sweet one, though please don't discover boys too soon…

Will began to cough heavily as pain shot his temple causing him to lose grip on his pain, the pain seared and he hissed and rambled "NO, no, no not yet, not yet, not like this, not before … not before I finish.

He was unsure how much time had passed but the pain began to subside and he began to fall asleep with his journal wide open with pages marked for each of the people he knew he needed to tell them something before he left this world.

Arianna, Gabi, his mom and dad, Marlena and then his dear Sonny…

To be continued