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Ch 16 Death

"Now it's your turn." Fred smiled at Bob who was shaking. She couldn't believe that her friend could change so much. "It's no good killing you here, after all there were people watching me when I 'died'. I only think it's fair that you get the same audience.

Fred grabbed Bob and pushed her through the corridors of the castle until they came to the door. Fred swung the door open and pushed Bob through. She forced her along the path until they reached the village. Bob tried to struggle free but there was nothing she could do. She shouted loud enough to wake all the villagers, making sure that everyone heard. Bob couldn't believe what she was hearing. Fred shouted the same word over and over again.


Bob wasn't a witch and she certainly wasn't going to admit to being one, she had been almost accused of one once when she had claimed to be able to make it rain but that hadn't been serious the villagers had soon moved on to someone else. She knew what they did to witches in the village. Burn them at the stake. Fred knew this. She wanted to make sure Bob had a death no one would ever forget.

Soon almost all the village was awake and out to see what all the commotion was. When they heard the word witch some of the men went off to get weapons and some flaming torches. This whole thing didn't make sense to Bob; they were listening to a vampire. She kept telling them this but they were set on killing the witch.

A few of the men grabbed her and tied her to the stake which was now set in the ground. They threw straw and dried grass around her feet and set it alight. A man holding a knife walked towards the screaming Bob as she tried to struggle free. He leaned forwards and held the knife up against her stomach. He pulled the knife down, making sure it penetrated deep. Blood began to spill into the fire, closely followed by one or two of Bob's vital organs. The fire continued to burn her although she was already dead. Soon all around her was flame. She had kept trying to convince them that Fred was a vampire and that she wasn't a witch but they just laughed and soon her cries were drowned out by their steady chanting of "Witch". The flames soon engulfed her until she could be seen no longer. Slowly she was burned. Fred had finally got her revenge. She had killed Bob.

Fred smiled at the black body of Bob still holding together just enough to recognisable. Just as Fred was about to walk away she was faced with Ned holding a crossbow to her heart. She looked at Ned and smiled.

"I knew I should have killed you when I had the chance. That's the last time I show mercy old friend."

"This is the last time you'll do anything." Ned answered angrily. She couldn't help but hate the thing Fred had become.

"I'm sorry but you just missed the show. The people of this village are so gullible it's unbelievable." Fred sneered. "I didn't think they'd actually believe me but at least it worked.

"You killed and innocent woman tonight because of this vile thing." Ned shouted at the crowd who were now watching her. "I hope this proves my point. Lestat lives."

"Actually you're wrong." Fred said happily. "Lestat lives no more. I killed him. I am far worse than Lestat. You should have killed him when you had the chance. He was weak, so afraid of you people. I am not, however. I am more powerful than him and I will not lose like he did."

"You've already lost." Ned said as she pulled the trigger on the crossbow and the arrow went straight through Fred's heart. She turned to dust and left the entire village stood silently watching. Soon they began to leave and go back to their homes as if nothing had happened. They had no idea what they were watching.

Ned was left standing alone. All those years spent looking for Fred and Lestat, she had finally found them. She had spent years searching all over England for them hoping that they would finally slip up and be killed. She had killed hundreds of their kind. It was never enough until she got her ultimate prize. Fred. Ever since that day when Fred had left her on the hill she had searched for her hoping there was some kind of hope that her friend could be saved. When Fred had come to see her that night she knew that there was no good left inside her. Fred was a vampire and there was nothing that would ever change that. Ned had known then what she must do. She had to kill Fred. Now she had done that and Lestat was dead her mission was over. She could finally have the thing she had yearned for for so long. Death.

The sun slowly came over the horizon, it began racing towards Ned and when it reached her the crossbow fell from her hands closely followed by a cloud of dust. Ned was dead.


The three friends were reunited in death although things were never the same after Fred had been changed there had always been hope that things would return to how they were. They were friends again and they would never have to fight. There was no blame or sadness in this place. There was just happiness.

Fred, Bob and Ned sat on the wall in the field talking about what their next adventure should be. The sun was bright and the birds were singing. Just as it had been all those years ago. Everything was as it should be. Everything was perfect.