A/N: hey guys this is another superhero story but this time it features the pairing of She Hulk and Tigra and i do not own any of these characters used in this story except from an OC which i will introduce later in the story but for now i hope you all enjoy this new story from me.

She Hulk and Tigra: A love like no other

After Jennifer Walters aka She Hulk had retired from the Avengers she was walking home one day from her work in a law firm when she saw what looked like a cat laying on the porch to her apartment but on closer inspection it was actually a woman who looked like some kind of tiger with orange fur and black stripes before Jennifer stood there and said to the woman "can i help you lady?" then the woman woke up and stretched like a cat before she looked at Jennifer and said to her with a sad look on her face "please...I have nowhere else to go...I don't even have a home...please miss i'm begging you"

Jennifer then looked at the woman for a few minutes before she replied to her "ok, you can stay with me but what is your name anyway?" then the woman had a smile on her face as she jumped onto Jennifer as she replied "Thank you so much miss, my name is Greer Grant nelson what's your name?" and Jennifer replied with a slight chuckle "you're welcome and my name is Jennifer Walters but most people around her know me by my superhero alias She Hulk c'mon let's get inside shall we?" before the two women then made their way inside Jennifer's apartment.

Greer then sat on the sofa before she looked at Jennifer and said "why do people call you She Hulk anyway? If you don't mind me asking" and Jennifer made them both a cup of coffee before she placed one in front of Greer and sat down next to her before she took a deep breath as she replied "well, the reason i got the name She hulk was because a few years ago i was involved in a car accident and none of the doctors thought i would make it without a blood transfusion so my cousin Bruce Banner decided to transfer some of his blood into me only his blood was different because it had been affected by Gamma radiation so every now and then when i get angry i turn into a huge green and muscular woman and i used to rampage through the city until my cousin Bruce taught me how to control my ability and since then i have learned to control when i Hulk out hence why i became known as She Hulk"

Then Jennifer took a sip from her coffee before she continued while smiling at Greer "so what about you? I mean you don't seem to be a normal person to me" then Greer smiled back at Jennifer as she took a deep breath before she replied "well, before...this happened i was a world known biologist and then i left college when i was younger and married a man named Bill nelson who was a member of the NYPD but then one night when we were on our way home from a movie Bill saw a robber and pointed his gun at him but then his accomplice came out of the drug store and shot Bill and Bill died in my arms and then i met my old physics tutor and i became her lab assistant for a while and took part in a experiment to help improve females but then hydra came and tried to kidnap her so i donned my old cat costume and tried to fight them off but in the fight i was injured badly with alpha radiation so my physics tutor took me to some cave on a island home to some cat people who saved my life but using an ancient ritual to turn me into a Tigra and they gave me an amulet that lets me don my human form and transform at will"

And Jennifer was shocked at what she heard before she held Greer tight in a hug and said to her "omg, i'm so sorry for your loss of your husband and i will never leave you no matter what because Greer i...i love you and i would like you to be my girlfriend" and Greer smiled at Jennifer before she returned the hug and replied "well Jennifer the truth is i...i love you too and yes i would love to be your girlfriend" so then the two women shared a passionate kiss with each other before Greer broke the kiss as she said to her new girlfriend Jennifer aka She Hulk "so what should we do now then babe?"

Jennifer was about to answer when she heard a woman on the streets shouting "SOMEONE HELP PLEASE, I HAVE BEEN ROBBED" and Jennifer sighed as she said "can't i have a day off without some asshole ruining my nice peaceful day?" then Greer put her hand on Jennifer's shoulder as she said to her "it's ok babe, i'll handle this one" before she then leaped out of a nearby window to track down the robber and soon Greer's heightened sense of smell picked up the scent of the robber and she leaped from rooftop to rooftop before she finally pounced onto the robber pinning him to the floor before she said to him "games over, now you can give yourself over to the cops or i will leave you here for them your choice" then the robber looked up at Greer who was in her Tigra form and he pulled out a gun from his pocket as he said to her "nice try freak!" before he then shot her a couple of times leaving her badly wounded before running down another ally way.

Badly wounded Greer willed herself back to her feet holding her chest to try and stop some of the bleeding as she thought to herself "damn, that asshole got me good" before she then slowly limped and dragged herself back to her girlfriends house and when she arrived Jennifer opened the door and was immediately in shock when her girlfriend collapsed on her heavily bleeding so she quickly dragged her inside and rested her on the sofa before she scrambled for the phone and dialled Hank pym's number and the phone rang for a few minutes as Jennifer thought to herself "c'mon, c'mon Hank pick up you are the only person i know that can save my girlfriend from dying right now" before Hank picked up as he said "Jennifer? This is a nice surprise what can i do for you?" and Jennifer replied in a panic "Hank, thank god you answered i'm really sorry for disturbing you from your work but this is really important because my girlfriend is bleeding badly and i don't want to lose her"

Then Hank replied in a calm manner "ok, Jen calm down i'll be over as quick as i can with my wife Jane and we will see what we can do to save your girlfriend, she is going to be ok i promise" before he then put the phone down and rushed to grab his suit and his wife before they got in his van and sped down the road towards Jennifer aka She Hulks house as quick as possible and when they arrived they rushed inside and Jane tried to calm Jennifer down as she was panicking like hell while her husband got to work treating Greer's wounds on the sofa.

And a few hours went by before Hank came out of Jennifer's bedroom holding a tub full of shards of bullets and Jennifer ran over to Hank as she said to him "how is she? Is she gonna be ok?" and Hank smiled at Jennifer as he replied "your girlfriend is tough as nails if any of these shards were any closer to her heart there would have been no saving her but she is doing just fine and she is waiting for you in your bedroom Jen and if you need anything else please don't hesitate to call" and Jennifer gave Hank a huge hug as she replied "ooh, thank you soo much Hank, you have no idea how grateful i am to you for saving my girlfriends life and again i'm sorry if i disturbed you from your work but i wouldn't have called unless it was an emergency"

Jane pym then said to Jennifer "it's ok Jen, we weren't working on anything that important and i could tell that you love your girlfriend very much and she is lucky to have someone like you and we know you are retired from the avengers but there is always a place on team for you if you want it" before they then left in Hanks van leaving Jennifer in her house with her girlfriend before Jennifer decided to go to her bedroom to check on her girlfriend.