Back home in Ordon, there is a treehouse just outside the village. Legend has it that it once belonged to the Hero of Twilight as his home. When Link was a kid, he would feel weirdly nostalgic about the home, and after the war, he definitely knew that the legend was true. It was as familiar to him as the Master Sword. There are other places in Hyrule that feel just the same way. The old ruins of the Temple of Time deep in the Faron Woods, the Kokiri's village, the hour of twilight, the Great Sea...the spirit of the hero yearns for these places, even though the last one makes no sense. Link concluded the soul must be connected, even across different timelines.

It is the only reason he can find himself entranced by the weather vane. According the Zelda, the hero who is supposed to come here hasn't done so yet, but for some reason his soul says otherwise. A soul that spans time and space...maybe in the near future, the hero will come and save Koholint from whatever crisis befalls it. However...there is much sadness within him. What happens in the future that causes his soul to hurt? And it's not just this weather vane...

"Say... Link… Uhh... I don't know how to say this... but... Thank you for everything! Link, you are the kindest boy I know. One day I made a wish to the Wind Fish... What was the wish? It was... No, it's a secret!"

"Link , some day you will leave this island... I just know it in my heart... ...Don't ever forget me... If you do, I'll never forgive you!"

"Marin…" By her looks, she reminds him of Malon, but he shouldn't have this connection to the islander. But ever since last night, it's been there like he's known her his entire life. This happened with the other heroes of the past too. Midna, Fi, Groose, the Sages of Water, Forest, and Fire, but they existed and met the Heroes of Time and Twilight, two of his direct predecessors. But all the sadness within him is now directed at the red-head woman with a smile as calming as the ocean.

But it is still incomparable to Zelda, and Link doesn't need his soul to tell him that.

Sighing, he turns away from the weather vane, continuing his walk through the market. The champions of Naryu and Farore will make the trek to Mount Tamararch today, hopefully to return to their time or, most likely, to Joshua and Lana's prison. Zelda believes Lana and the three Triforces might be the best hope to return home.

As the breeze blows, Link believes he hears a song carried by the wind. Looking up, he sees a seagull fly right over. He watches as it flies off to the beach, then continues onward to the market. He must meet with Zelda soon.

"Please, don't ever forget this song...or me..."


"You want to journey to Mount Tamaranch?" Marin turns in the direction of the mountain, the giant egg barely visible, traces of worry on her face. Zelda holds her breath as her new friend ponders the request. She rather not involve Marin more than they have, they still have a timeline to consider and Zelda doesn't know how pivotal Marin is, but they do need a guide. Besides, Link and her are still not speaking much to each other, so it'll be nice to have a buffer. If Proxi was here, this wouldn't be necessary.

"If this is too much trouble for you, then-"

"No, it's fine," Marin replies with a smile. "When do we leave? It'll probably take us all day to get there and back."

"Right now," Link says as he appears from the market. Zelda turns to her companion, holding back a smile. Despite his mood about their current situation, the thrill of adventure is ever-present on him. He even wears his trademark tunic, doubling down on his adventurous mindset. He isn't the only one, as Zelda is fully disguised as Sheik, Sheikah garb and all.

"Alright. Our path will take us through the Mysterious Woods, Goponga Swamp, Tal Tal Heights, and Tal Tal Mountain Range. Normally it's very dangerous to travel that far in the island without protection, but I see you both have it covered on that end. You look like a hero yourself, Shade."

"Well, I was trained in the Hyrulean Army, so that might be it."

Marin gasps as the trio walks out the village and turns north for the forest. "Oh really? Was your father a knight?"

Link nods. "It's a family history, so I'm told. But I joined because my godfather recommended me to. He was a general at the time, but has since retired. I have as well, ever since joining Sheik on our adventures around the world."

"So cool. So tell me about the places you have been." Link looks to Zelda, figuring she knows how to answer that best. He's right, as Zelda has prepared for this question from the inquisitive ginger. After having a second look at this era's version of Hyrule Historia, she found it synonymous with their era's rendering of the text. The one Zelda was raised on is the true version, exclusive to the royal family and higher institutions. Link, as the Hero of Hyrule, and Joshua as the Gerudo Royal, also have access to this version. However, Link would have been raised on the common edition of the text, which tells the same history but not with as much detail. He wouldn't have known his name to be the same as other heroes, or that many other Zeldas were princesses alongside him. Most importantly, the Triforce is excluded, for good reason. Whether Ganon is included is unknown to her.

Anyway, since the book on Koholint is the slightly vague common version, Marin has no knowledge of the true name of Skyloft, and because their histories are different, the Eras of Twilight and Wind are completely unknown to her. Zelda hasn't seen the Era of Twilight, so she'll have to speak from what she remembers of Joshua, Lana, Midna, and Agitha's stories, but she does remember the Era of Wind. "Our first journey took us to the land of Twilight, and as it is named, it is a place covered in perpetual twilight. It sounds horrible to never see the sun or the moon, but the people there are totally adapted to their environment. It is a beautiful land, ruled by a beautiful queen. Then next was to several islands around the sea. There's Windfall, a bustling commerce center. It has a giant windmill that you can actually ride. There's Dragon Roost Island, but don't let the name fool you, there's no dangerous dragons there. It is home to the bird-like Ritos, and we befriended one of them who is a musician."

Marin sighs. "They all sound so fun. I wish I could see the world. I have this dream, you know… It's stupid, though."

Zelda shakes her head. "No dream is stupid. Occasionally unattainable, but never stupid. When I was a little girl, I wished that I could be the Princess of Hyrule..." She turns her head away from Marin, looking up at the dark canopies of the Mysterious Woods. "Now that's ridiculous...but it was a dream."

"Well, you're pretty enough to be a princess. And smart too."

Zelda chuckles. "Thank you, Marin. But if I had to choose now, I prefer this life of freedom. No meetings about how to rule the country, no noble expectations, no commitments to keep… Besides, I know the princess personally, that's more than enough to… Hold." The Triforce of Wisdom tingles on Zelda's hand, signifying some sort of danger nearby.. Hand on the hilt of her rapier, she looks at Link, sensing that he too felt a similar alert. It feels familiar for some reason and the air feels heavy, as if the forest is on-"Nayru's Love!" Summoning the crystal barrier around the trio, it reflects the incoming blast of fire from the east. Dispelling the barrier, Zelda glances in the direction the blast came from, hoping that it was just a normal beast.

"Sheik! Shade!" Out of the woods come a horde of Blue Moblins, equipped with either a sword or a spear. They surround the trio, cutting off their escape. Sticking close to Marin, Link and Zelda put their weapons between them and the monsters just as a shadow passes over. Zelda caught a glimpse of it, but it wouldn't be but a moment longer before her fears are confirmed.

"Well, this is where you two are hiding." Dropping from the sky is the blue-green Dragon of Time, Aquamenta. Chuckling, he hovers along the treeline, glaring down at the three with amusement. "The Hero and Maiden Across the Ages, Link and Zelda."

"Aquamentus," Link growls. "What are you doing here?"

"Oh, just making sure my power worked and all, but I heard you and your friends have escaped from this predicament once before. So while the rest of the knights render Hyrule to ash, I will deal with you and the other pair personally, as per the terms of my agreement."

"Agreement? With who?"

"Ah, I cannot say. But I will tell you, the last two months have been quite disastrous for you. Your dear friends will soon join the rest of their country in time. One has already died by my blade… Colin, I think his name was? I believe his lover might join him soon, she suffered a terrible wound."

Colin and Malon? Yellow light erupts from behind Zelda. Turning, she can see that Link has driven himself straight into the powerful Focus Spirit state. Raw anger emanates from his icy blue irises. Not once has she seen Link this angry. He holds the Master Sword back, allowing it to glow with its own light. Zelda grabs Marin and falls to the ground as the Hero Across the Ages performs a spin attack, sending ways of holy energy towards the Moblins and obliterating them all in one hit. She looks up to Link standing between them and Aquamenta. "Zel."

She gasps. It has been so long since she's hear her nickname come from his lips. As she stands up, Link holds his right arm up between them. No, he is not doing this. Not again! "Link, you're not-"

"Get Marin out of here. I'll try to catch up. If not… Find the others, go home, and save Hyrule." Zelda starts to argue, but Link is right on one front, Marin is in danger. Sucking up her feelings, Zelda grabs Marin's arm and runs north, back on the path to the giant egg. Aquamenta, under some sense of honor or thinking he'll catch up to Zelda another time, doesn't attempt to stop the women from leaving.

Before they move deeper into the forest, Zelda turns back. "Link… As the Queen of Hyrule, I order you to not die and return to Hyrule. But as someone who was once your friend, please…" Link nods then faces Aquamenta again, leaving Zelda and Marin to escape deeper into the Mysterious Woods.

With Zelda and Marin safe, Link turns his full attention towards Aquamenta. Colin, Malon, two of his childhood friends...he couldn't bring himself to face them, Pipit, Ralph, and Karene when he came back to Hyrule Castle. Now, Colin died and Malon might die all because of his mistakes, of his negligence, of his arrogance. This time, it cost him two lives not his own.

Aquamenta smiles as he lands on the ground, sporting his longsword. "Are you sure you want to fight me alone? You haven't had much success on that front, have you?"

"You made this personal when you killed my friends. It's my fault, so it is mine to correct. No, I'm not going to fight you… I'm going to kill you."