Title-The Digimon Murderer

Genre- Romance

Sub-genre- General

Summary: There is a new evil threatening the digital world and it's out to get someone called the digimon murderer. It's one year after the whole D-Reaper thing and Rika has to face new problems of her own. Can someone help her face everything going wrong in her life? Read to find out…

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Prologue Life without them…

Rika Nonaka lay on her stomach looking over a black and blue book. She had a pencil in her hand and a slight frown on her face. The page she was looking at was completely blank. She sighed and flipped back to some of the previous pages and studied them carefully. A Rose, a piece of material tied in a knot, a wicker basket, a dog profile and a highly detailed lion head. She smiled before turning back to the empty page.

"Come on…think!" She muttered to herself. She looked around her room and her eyes fell on a mirror. She looked at the reflection of a fifteen-year-old girl staring back at her. A pair of ice-violet eyes watched her from across the room. Rika sat up and ran her fingers through her fiery-red hair in frustration.

"Hmm…fire and ice. Strange combination." She smiled at the thought and looked back at her book. Grade ten was harder than she had thought it would be. Of course, she hadn't made it any easier on herself when she'd chosen Double Science. Physics and Biology; a tough subject package to take, but fun nonetheless. Biology was easier than Physics; there was a lot of learning to do, but you memorized most of it just by listening in class. Physics was difficult, much more difficult than even Math, but it was interesting. She sighed. Her subjects were demanding a lot of work and she hardly had any free time. Double Science, Math and Art. On top of that, she had hockey practices to go to, one of her newly found talents. Ryo played too. He was the captain of the boy's under-16 team. Rika was captain of her own team too. She grinned to herself. The look on her mothers face when she had found out Rika was taking Physics and Art had been hilarious. Rika chuckled at the memory. Her mother was a model, beautiful and famous. Every little girl's perfect role model. Every little girl…except Rika. Rika had inherited a lot from her mother in the looks department. She too was beautiful and had the same ice-violet eyes as her mother, but Rika had gotten her stubborn attitude, bad-girl-loner personality and quick temper from her dad. She would rather take on the D-Reaper again than be a model like her mother. She sighed and looked back at her Art homework. One sketch every week. She would spend hours on them. Her favorite by far, was the lion she had done three weeks before. It was highly detailed and exquisitely drawn. She had gotten the picture from a magazine. The lion had its mouth open in a wide yawn and Rika had captured every shadow, every hair with just three types of pencils and a few different methods of shading. But now she had no idea of what to draw. She turned back to the lion and stared at it. The door to her room suddenly slid open and Rumiko walked in. Her blonde hair fell past her shoulders and her lips shone from the bright pink lipstick. She smiled at her daughter.

"Sketching again honey?" She asked as she approached Rika. Rika turned to her mother and nodded.

"I just can't think of anything to draw," she said exasperatedly. Rumiko smiled at her daughter.

"Rika dear, you have a whole week. Don't fret about it so much. Remember, excess worrying leads to premature wrinkles," Rumiko smiled down at her. Rika laughed and shook her head. The phone suddenly rang and Rumiko hurried out the room, muttering,

"It's probably Coco." Rika sighed and went back to her drawing. Coco, her mother's photographer, was always phoning with screen test opportunities for her mother. She was just flipping through her book again when she heard her mother calling her. She snapped her sketchbook shut and left her room. She walked down the corridor and into the kitchen. Rumiko had her hand over the receiver on the phone.

"It's for you," she smiled as she handed the phone to Rika.

"Who is it?" Rika asked.

"It's Ryo sweetheart," Rumiko answered. Rika smiled and put the phone to her ear as her mother left the room.

"Hello Ryo," Rika smiled.

"Hey wildcat, what are you up to?" Ryo said. He sounded cheerful as usual. She sighed and smiled.

"Homework. You?"

"Same, I can't figure out the math," he said, sounding slightly frustrated. Rika grinned.

"If you called for help, then I'm afraid you picked the wrong person. I'm no good at math," she laughed. Ryo laughed too.

"Don't be so modest wildcat, you scored a ninety-five on our last test," Ryo grinned. Rika groaned playfully.

"Don't remind me. My mother hasn't stopped telling her photographers about it all week. Next time, I'm gonna fail on purpose," she snickered. Ryo smiled too.

"Don't; if you do, I won't have anyone to copy from. Besides, I didn't call for help with math homework," he grinned.

"Then what did you call for?" Rika asked.

"I called to ask if you wanted to meet me at the park tomorrow," he said hopefully. Rika raised a curious eyebrow.

"Do you mean 'you' as in alone, or 'you' as in you and the others too?" She asked. Ryo smiled.

"Me and the others of course. Why? Do you want to meet alone?" He asked slyly. Rika laughed at him.

"Don't get any ideas Ryo Akiyama. You know I didn't mean it that way," she smiled. "But yeah sure, I'll go to the park with you." This time, Roy raised a curious eyebrow.

"Do you with me alone or with me and the others?" He asked. Rika laughed again.

"I'm starting to see a pattern here. I mean with you and the others," she smiled.

"Oh… great. Well then, see you tomorrow wildcat," he said brightly. Rika smiled.

"Bye Ryo," she said. She put the phone down and walked back to her room.

"What did Ryo want?" Rumiko asked.

"Oh, he wanted me to meet him in the park with the others tomorrow," Rika explained. "I'm going to bed now. Goodnight mom." Rumiko smiled at her daughter. She had noticed the strong relationship Rika had with Ryo. He often called her and they spent a lot of time together. He seemed to be the only person she really talked to about her problems and he was also the only person who could make her smile. But she flatly denied any accusation that they were a couple. They were simply 'good friends'.

"Good night Rika," she said, the smile still on her face. Rika walked into her room, packed away her schoolbooks and slipped into bed. She sighed as she shut her eyes. It had been an entire year since she and the other Tamers had destroyed the D-Reaper. Even though she had lost her best friend, Renamon, in the process, she had become closer with her mother and Grandmother. Rika missed Renamon terribly and wanted her friend back, but the tunnel to the digital portal had collapsed after a vicious earthquake and try as they might, they couldn't dig it out again. Rika sighed at the memory. She and Ryo had been in Shinjuku Park at the time of the earthquake. They had been waiting for the other Tamers to arrive so they could go through the tunnel when they had heard the warning sirens. They had been out in the open and had had to take shelter in Giulmon's old hideout. The two of them had been trapped in there for several hours before they had been able to dig themselves out.


"What's taking them so long?" Rika said annoyed.

"Don't worry wildcat, they'll get here soon," Ryo said in a pacifying voice. Rika sighed and sat back against a tree.

"D'you think we'll find them? The digimon I mean…" she asked. Ryo sat down next her.

"Sure we will wildcat. Besides, we promised them we'd visit to play. Remember?" He smiled at her. Rika looked up at him and was about to answer when she felt a slight tremor in the ground beneath her. She looked up at Ryo nervously.

"What was that?" She asked.

"I dunno. Maybe it…" he fell silent as another, more violent tremor shook the ground. Then they heard the sirens. Rika looked at Ryo in panic.

"We have to get out of the open. If these trees start coming down we'll be crushed!" Ryo nodded and they jumped to their feet. They ran to the nearest form of shelter, which happened to be Giulmon's old hideout. They ducked inside, stumbling as the ground shook more violently. They could hear trees being uprooted and falling on the roof of the small building they were crouching in. The ceiling started rumbling and they threw themselves on the floor as it collapsed onto them. Then, just as suddenly as they had appeared, the tremors stopped and everything became calm. Rika could feel a lot of debris resting on her back.

"Are you okay Rika?" Ryo asked. Rika nodded.

"Yeah, I'm fine. How about you?" She asked. Ryo sat up. He had been covering her to prevent the roof from falling on her too much.

"I'm all right." He looked around and sighed.

"We're trapped aren't we," Rika said solemnly as she sat up as well. She had a cut on her shoulder and it was bleeding a lot. She clamped her hand over it to stop the blood flow.

"Yeah, but we'll able to get out. It'll take a while though." He too had a few injuries, but neither of them were hurt very badly so they had managed to dig themselves out. Once they had, they looked back at the small hut. It was completely wrecked and there was no way they would be able to get past all the rubble.

"Great!" Rika said angrily. "That's just great! Now we'll never get them back!" Ryo sighed as he moved over to her.

"Come on, let's get home. Some one needs to have a look at your shoulder," he put his hand on her back and led her out of the wrecked park.

*~* End of Flashback*~*      

Rika shut her eyes and pulled the covers over her head. The digimon were gone and it was unlikely that they would ever see them again. Life without them just wasn't the same…


"We must destroy the Digimon murderer. You must find and annihilate the disgusting creature."

"Yes me liege. I am at your command. I will destroy the Digimon assassin."

"Take the Devas with you. The Digimon murderer is resourceful and powerful. You will need the Devas help."

"I will my lord. My wish is your command."

"Good. Now go!"

"I will not fail you, my almighty sovereign."


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