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Chapter 25

When things go Wrong

It had been several days since Rika and Ryo had taken their break by the river side and Takato was finding the significant change in their relationship rather hard to comprehend. They had seemed far closer after their 'date' and he couldn't, for the life of him, figure out why. He knew that Jeri, Alice and Alex all knew (and even they only knew because they had cornered Rika and pumped her for answers) and it vexed him to no end that none of them would explain it to him. Looking across the room to where Jeri and Alice were giggling about something while Rika glared at them irritably, he wondered if they were talking about it at that very moment. What could she and Ryo possibly have done to become so close?

"Hey! Chumely, it's your move!" Startled out of his thoughts, Takato turned to Kazu, who was watching him impatiently.

"Come on, Dude, let's go!" He motioned towards the Digimon Card game between them and Takato grinned sheepishly.

"Er…Sorry Kazu. Got a little…um…distracted." He looked down at his hand and frowned. Not much there. Kazu was grinning at him mischievously and Takato looked up at him, reaching for a card as he did.

"Thinkin' about Jeri, huh?" Takato flushed and put the card down a little too quickly, knocking a few others astray.

"No…uh, actually I was…"

"Ah, that's okay, Takato. We all know you're crazy about the girl," he said matter-of-factly. Thinking it better not to answer Takato simply nodded, his hand searching the back of his head. As if she had heard her name being mentioned, Jeri suddenly appeared at the table they were sitting at and seated herself on the chair beside Takato's.

"So, who's winning?" She asked, looking curiously over the game. The rest of the Tamers in Takato and Henry's room walked over too as Jeri peered over Takato's shoulder to take a look at his hand.

"Me of course," Kazu said proudly. He turned a cheeky grin to Takato and laughed. "Takato's feeling a bit…distracted."

"He'd need to be if you're winning," Rika said with a smirk. She was leaning against the back of another chair, her arms folded atop the chair while she looked over the game too. Kazu huffed at this, his chest puffing out indignantly.

"Hey! I'm way better at this game than Takato! I…"

"Wouldn't stand a chance if he was thinking straight," Rika said, cutting him off completely. The Tamers laughed at this and Kazu glared at Rika irately while she simply laughed.

Some things never change, Takato thought happily, watching his friends bicker. Rika looked suddenly to the door and, curious, Takato turned too. He wasn't all that surprised to see Ryo walk in moments later. Rika had obviously sensed him coming.

Takato had noticed that he and Henry could communicate through thought ever since they had started training together and it made sense that Rika and Ryo could too. Maybe that was why they had gotten so close… Remembering the game, Takato turned back to his hand and groaned. He was losing…badly.

"This one." He looked back to see Rika standing behind him, pointing down at a card in his hand from over his shoulder. She gave him a small, encouraging smile and he looked back down at his cards. She had pointed out a defensive card that, in his opinion, had no worth what so ever but, trusting her judgement he placed it down amongst the others on the table.

"This one next," she said, pointing out to another useless card, this one a counter attack, while Kazu laughed triumphantly. Ryo was standing beside Rika now, watching her instruct Takato with an amused smile on his face. Takato shrugged and placed this card down too after drawing a card from his deck. Looking down at his new card he realised that he had drawn a speed boost and his eyes lit up. With a defensive increase his Digimon could take Kazu's attacks with little damage but the counter card let him give back double the damage he received each turn. With a speed boost added to that he could deal triple damage to Kazu's Digimon each turn! He had just won the game. Kazu gave a startled cry and slapped his hand to his forehead.

"Awe man! That's not fair! Rika helped you!" Takato grinned widely and turned to a smirking Rika, who was giving Kazu a contemptuous look.

"Takato may be a brain-dead idiot at times," Rika laughed. "But he knows how to build a good deck. He didn't need my help to win." Kazu huffed while the other Tamers laughed merrily.

"I would've beaten him…" he said sulkily, his arms folded.

"Come on, Kazu. It's not that bad. You put up a good fight," Ryo chuckled, slipping his arm around Rika's waist when she moved closer to him. "And besides, you said yourself, Takato wasn't paying attention."

"What had you so out of it you couldn't concentrate on a dual, Takato?" Alice asked from Henry's bed. She was lying on her stomach, her feet in the air with a book in her hands. Takato flushed and grinned sheepishly.

"I – uh…was thinking about the…Devas?" He said, hoping they would believe his meagre lie.

"I've been thinking about them too," Henry said seriously from his spot beside Alice and Takato breathed a sigh of relief. "They haven't attacked us in quite a while. Don't you think it's a little strange?" Rika shrugged and crossed her arms.

"Strange or not I'm counting my blessings. Who cares why they're not attacking?" She said simply.

"What if they're up to something? They could be planning something big…" Jeri said nervously.

"Or maybe the Sovereign have called them off again," Alex added. As inviting an idea as that was the Tamers knew it was just wishful thinking.

"You know, I think we should send the kids home. This is getting out of hand and the last thing we need is for one of them to get hurt…" Ryo said, glancing over at Henry, who frowned at the thought of Suzi being harmed by the Devas. Ryo hoped he wasn't stirring old arguments, having remembered what had happened in Tornado valley.

"I doubt they'd be very happy with us if we tried but you're right. They shouldn't be here," Kazu said, packing his Digimon cards into his deck holder. "We could ask Yamaki to send an Arc down to get them… It'd be a shame to lose Impmon and Lopmon as fighters though."

"Yeah, it would be a loss but we need to think of the kid's safety. They're not really doing much to help and we can't be worrying about them while we're fighting," Henry said. "I'll contact Yamaki tonight and hopefully we'll have the kids out of here by tomorrow night." The Tamers were quiet for a moment before Takato sighed and stood.

"I don't like this all that much but I guess we have no choice. It's getting late. We should probably get some rest before we start training again tomorrow. The Tamers all agreed and left for their own rooms, calling goodnights as they went. This left Takato and Henry alone in the room.

"You know it's for the best, Takato." Henry was sitting on his bed, watching his friend seriously. Takato sighed and nodded.

"Yeah, I know. But I have a bad feeling about this…"


"Alright, Yamaki says the Arc is on its way." Takato turned to the Tamers as he put away the VDT. He glanced around at his friends and sighed when he was met with five pairs of glaring eyes. Suzi, Ai, Mako, Impmon and Lopmon were not happy. "It'll be here in ten minutes.

"This isn't fair! I don't wanna go!" Suzi said angrily, her arms crossed defiantly.

"Yeah, how come we have to go and you guys get to stay?" Ai pouted, her little brother nodding his head vigorously beside her.

"We know you want to stay and help but it's too dangerous here and we can't risk you guys getting hurt," Henry said in what he hoped was a consoling voice. He shook his head and turned to look at Rika and Renamon, who were playing the scouts for the day, ensuring they weren't ambushed by the Devas. They didn't look at all concerned so he turned back to Takato who was checking his watch.

"We should get them ready…it'll be here soon," Takato said. Henry nodded and he ushered the children forward.

"Come on. They won't be able to send the Arc to this level. We'll have to go to DigiPhirma." Rika and Renamon joined them again and she reached into her pocket, pulling out the amulet. When the portal out of the Temple area appeared the Tamers made their way to DigiPhirma with the grumbling children in tow. Once they were out of the area and standing on the frigid plains of DigiPhirma they formed a tight circle around the children, watching cautiously for any signs of trouble.

Five minutes passed and all was silent but for the howling wind.

"It seems too easy…" Jeri said timidly.

"Yeah," Kenta agreed. "You'd think that the Devas would use this to their advantage…" But no sooner had he spoken when the earth shook under their feet with a muffled booming step.

Something was coming…something big.

"You just had to open your big mouth," Rika said irritably as more booming steps rumbled across the ground, coming closer with each passing second. A loud, piercing roar echoed across the field and the Tamers turned sharply toward the sound. It had come from a range of small cliffs behind them and they watched in silence as what appeared to be a huge, black dragon forced his way through the cliffs towards them. He pushed passed the rock, crumbling it as if it were made of flour and stopped with an almighty crashing step before them.

"Oh no…" Alex whispered, her eyes wide as she took a fearful step back. The Tamers turned to her and she shook her head.

"Alex…what it is?" Takato asked nervously. He didn't like the horrified look on her face one bit.

"That's no Deva…That's…That's Zihuralamon!" The Tamers gasped and turned to the Deva Commander, who gave a booming laugh. Takato held out his D-Arc and the screen appeared. It showed a powerful, muscular looking black dragon standing on two legs with a long, slender neck. His two wings were spread wide and his clubbed tail raised. His chest, under belly, tail club and inner wings were a dark purple and his long claws shone a silvery gunmetal colour. Vibrantly green eyes were lined with razor sharp horns and two long horns stretched far out of the back of his head. In his hand he held a long, glowing purple whip, which wrapped around his arm and fell in a tumbling pool to the floor. Finally, his elbows and ankles extended into razor edged blades and the first claws on both his feet were far larger than the others, lifted of the ground like a Raptors.

"Zihuralamon," Takato read nervously. "A Viral Dragon Digimon. Virus type. His attacks are…Viral Dragon Flame, Plasma Whip and Club Crusher." Zihuralamon ignored Takato's interruption and looked down at Alex.

"Well, I'm touched you remember me, Human. How are you feeling after the last time I ripped you near to shreds?" He gave Alex and evil grin and she shivered with pure rage.

"You won't do it again you over grown lizard! I'm not alone this time!" She snapped and he laughed again.

"You honestly think these pathetic little humans and their pets can defeat me? Ha! Your stupidity amuses me. You have only one chance of survival and that is to hand over the Digimon Murderer and leave this world forever."

"Over my dead body!" Ryo snapped and Zihuralamon snarled.

"That can be arranged!" He sneered. The Digimon were all snarling, growling and hissing at him and Renamon's fur was standing on end. Ryo frowned and turned to Rika who was staring up at Zihuralamon with such a menacing look it actually frightened him. Her shoulders were hunched and her hands balled into fists. Her entire body was quivering with barely suppressed rage and her jaws were tightly clenched.

"Rika…?" He said uneasily.

"You…" She hissed at Zihuralamon. "You killed my grandmother!" Turning his head towards her he laughed and folded his arms complacently.

"Yes, I did. And I enjoyed every last tortuous second of it," he snarled. Furious tears were running down her cheeks and Rika snatched her D-Arc from her belt.

"I'll kill you…" she hissed, her voice deadly calm. "I'll bloody kill you!" She and Renamon were suddenly glowing and her D-Arc suddenly let out a bright burst of light. It engulfed the entire area, forcing the Tamers to look away for fear of being blinded. Zihuralamon roared furiously and looked directly into the light to see a venomous looking Sakuyamon flying at him, her staff raised. But this was not simply Sakuyamon, this was Sakuyamon Kabuki Mode. The light that had had burst out of her D-Arc became a force field around her, propelling her forward even faster and when she collided with Zihuralamon he roared furiously, stumbling back from the force. Sakuyamon passed him, spun in mid-air and launched the most powerful Spirit Strike any of them had ever seen. It shot toward Zihuralamon at such a speed that only its shear, massive size let the Tamers follow it. Sakuyamon followed the attack to Zihuralamon and as it hit him she collided with him. But with a fierce roar Zihuralamon slashed his claws at her and she was thrown backward, crying out in pain. Hitting what was left of the cliff she fell to the ground far below and landed with a heavy crash.

"Rika!" Ryo growled furiously and raised his D-Arc. In seconds Justimon was darting towards Zihuralamon, but he wasn't alone. SacreAngewomon was already letting loose scores of arrows from her bow and Gallantmon was charging electricity to his lance. Anubismon was gliding alongside SacreAngewomon, firing his own attacks.

Only Megagargomon, didn't move, firing missiles from where he stood so that he might better protect the children. Laughing hysterically, Zihuralamon knocked Justimon aside, dodged the volley of arrows and grabbed Gallantmon's lance as he got closer, redirecting his attack toward Megagargomon's missiles, effectively destroying each one. Anubismon's attacks hit him in the shoulder but he didn't so much as flinch. The Megas stood there, staring at him in horror and he laughed again.

"Pathetic." With a bone jarring roar he lifted Gallantmon, spun him around twice and threw him into SacreAngewomon, knocking her out of the sky. Then he turned toward Justimon, who was helping an injured Sakuyamon to her feet, and charged. Seeing him coming, Sakuyamon threw Justimon off her and raced out to meet him.

"Rika! No!" The rest of the megas, having managed to get to their own feet, ran back to join the fray and when the six megas met the fight broke out into an all out war scene.

Knowing he was needed, Megagargomon turned to look down at Kazu and Kenta.

"Stay with the kids!" He said hurriedly and then he was off, firing missiles out of his finger tips as he flew.

"Oh man. This is bad…this is really bad…" Kazu whispered desperately. "I feel so useless…I can't even help them fight!"

"Maybe we can." He turned to look at Guardromon beside him and his partner gave him a significant look. Knowing all to well what he meant Kazu looked down at his own D-Arc and frowned seriously. What if he couldn't do it? He had never tried before and he wasn't even sure how you went about bio-merging… All he knew was that you shouted 'bio-merge activate' and it happened. But what if it didn't work?

A pained cry caught his attention and his eyes widened when he looked up to see Zihuralamon smash Gallantmon and Anubismon into each other. He saw too, how Whentumon, having digivolved earlier to help, was thrown into Megagargomon with a pained howl. Growling furiously he gripped his D-Arc tightly and shut his eyes.

"Stay with the Kids, Kenta," he said quietly, his eyes still shut tightly. "I'm going in."


Sakuyamon was fighting blindly. Her pure rage was making her reckless and wild and she was attacking Zihuralamon without thinking. Justimon was trying desperately to calm her down, make her think, while keeping both himself and her alive in the process. Megagargomon had run out of ammo and was fighting at close range, meaning he was taking more damage than the others. Anubismon was down and SacreAngewomon would be joining him soon by the looks of things. In an act of desperation Gallantmon had Digivolved to Crimson mode but it had done little to even the odds.

They were loosing…badly.

"We need to regroup and come at him together!" Takato called. Justimon turned to look at him and nodded, having finally restrained Sakuyamon by holding her down.

"Let me go!" She snarled furiously but he was unrelenting.

"Not until you calm down!" The two of them struggled on the floor as the battle raged on around them. SacreAngewomon fired her "Heaven's Cloud of Judgement" attack and it distracted Zihuralamon, who had been advancing on them, long enough for Justimon to shove Sakuyamon away from the battle. But the move proved useless as Zihuralamon simply lifted off the ground with two mighty flaps of his wings and then he was speeding at them and, by extension, the children. The Megas all gasped in horror and dove in front of him as one, forming a veritable shield of power. The Deva commander collided heavily with them and the battle broke out once more. Sakuyamon, having realised she was putting herself and the others in danger, was doing her best to restrain herself from being rash but she was finding it difficult to think in the midst of her blinding rage. Ryo was at her side, battling with everything he had. She leapt forward and drew a hexagon in the sky.

"Dragon Helix!" She shouted and Ryo instantly moved forward to shoot his own Justice Burst down the tunnel. Their fiery dragon circled Zihuralamon and he snarled angrily as it effectively cut him off. They had trapped him, but for how long they couldn't say. They weren't going to wait to find out.

"Shield of the Just!"

"Heaven's Cloud of Judgement!"

"Spirit Crusher!"

"Thunder Clap!"

"FrozenThe four attacks combined into one incredible force and, just as it reached Zihualamon, the firey dragon rose up and joined it, making it that much more powerful. The explosion that followed was deafening. When it stopped Takato's ears were ringing and his head heart. Looking up from where he was standing he waited with baited breath.

"No…" Takato wasn't quite sure but it might have been Henry that had spoken; his ears were still ringing. But he hadn't needed to hear him, he could see Zihuralamon standing amongst the clearing smoke with barely a scratch on him. He laughed lowly and evilly.

"Is that really the best you can come up with? How very pathetic." The Megas balked when he reared his neck and opened his mouth wide. He was preparing to attack.

"Oh God…we're losing and he hasn't even used a single attack!" Rika said desperately.

"We have to…scatter!" The Megas dove apart but not quickly enough.

"Viral Dragon Flame!" The attack burst out of him so quickly it seemed impossible. They cried out in pain as the force of the attack blew then apart but Zihuralamon was far from finished. He drew his purple whip and cracked it in the air, wrapping it around Gallantmon and pulling him back towards himself. When he was close enough Zihuralamon spun and slammed his clubbed tail into Gallantmon, sending him reeling through the air.

"Club Crusher!" He roared upon impact. Not even sparing Gallantmon another glance he rounded on the other Megas, all of whom were staring at him in horror. He laughed again and opened his mouth to use another flame attack.

"Atomic Ray!" A huge beam of yellow energy hit Zihuralamon right in the mouth, sending him careening backwards with a furious roar, crashing into the cliff and falling to the floor as rocks and snow rained down on top of him.

"What the…?" The Megas all turned to see a tall, black robot lowering his arms, his hands still smoking from the attack. The top half of his head was covered in a visor like mask and there appeared to be some kind of jet booster on his back. His shoulders were covered in spiked shoulder pads, red on the left and blue on the right. His black body was highlighted with red and silver and as he stood there, looking fierce and powerful, he lifted his hand…and pulled a thumbs-up at the Megas.

"Kazu?" Rika asked in disbelief.

"In the flesh!" He said with a huge grin. "But the name's HiAndromon now."

"It's about time!" Takato laughed, relief coursing through him. Maybe now they would stand a chance…

A rumbling behind them and they turned to see Zihuralamon burst furiously out if the rubble of the cliffs.

"You little pests are getting on my nerves…" he hissed, shaking the snow off him and standing tall. He took a step towards them but paused when a beam of light rushed down between him and the Megas.

"What is this trickery?" He roared angrily, shielding his eyes from the light.

"The Arc!" Henry called, pointing up at a dark spot in the beam that was growing larger at it came nearer.

"Oh thank God…" Ryo said desperately. "Hurry, let's get the kids out of here!" While Zihuralamon was trying to see beyond the light the Megas rushed back to the children and scooped them up, carrying them towards the Arc.

"Kazu! Distract Zihuralamon!" Takato called and HiAndromon who nodded and darted forward, pulling back his arm, a large ball of purple energy growing in his palm.

"Death Boom!" He yelled, throwing it at Zihuralamon, who, blinded by the light, was unable to dodge it. The attack hit and exploded and HiAndromon dove into the explosion.

The Megas herded the children onto the arc and Gallantmon knelt down beside the entrance.

"Guys, listen to me. We need you to tell Yamaki that we need his help…anything he can do, anything, to slow this guy down. We can't beat him alone! Do understand?" They all nodded and when Gallantmon stood again the Arc closed and started back to the real world, guided by the rope like beams attaching it to the computers in Hypnos. Just as it lifted off the ground HiAndromon flew past them, landing with a heavy cash in the snow.

"Enough! I am through playing with you abominations! This ends now! Viral Dragon Flame!" The fiery blast tore through the Megas and they cried out in pain as they were thrown apart.

"You could have lived before but now I am going to destroy you all right down to your very last data particle!" He took off at a run towards them, his pounding footsteps shaking the earth beneath him.

"We need to keep him away from the Arc!" Takato called desperately and, nodding, the Megas all dashed forward.

"Twin Blades if Beauty!" Sakuyamon swiped her staff through the air and the revolving shield formed around Zihuralamon. He roared angrily and swiped his claws at the pink rings, struggling against their hold. Sakuyamon grit her teeth, holding on for dear life.

"H-hurry!" She cried desperately and the other Tamers leapt into action.

"Thunder Clap!" Justimon yelled, slamming his hand into the ground and sending his powerful shockwave towards Zihuralamon.

"Lightning Joust!" Gallantmon through his lance forward and an arrow shaped beam of lightning burst from the tip.

"Amemit!" Anubismon, who had struggles to his feet, was firing waves of energy from his hands.

"Death Boom!" HiAndromon threw a volley of rapid fire energy balls at Zihuralamon and the Dragon Digimon roared furiously as the attacks hit him, exploding on contact. When the smoke cleared he growled and swung his tail, breaking through Sakuyamon's Twin Blade barrier with his own Club Crusher attack.

"This is bad…" Henry said anxiously.

"We may be hurting him but no where near as much as he's hurting us," Takato added.

"We have to hold out…Yamaki will come through…" Ryo said determinately. Zihuralamon was growling furiously at them, flicking his whip and swinging his tail.

"I grow tired of these games. You will pay for this with your lives! Plasma Whip!" He cracked the whip at them, the fierce purple light racing towards Sakuyamon. It tore across her chest and she cried out as she was thrown backwards, crashing hard into the Arc. It rumbled and halted, the children inside crying out in fear as it rocked in the air.

"No! They need to get away!" Megagargomon flew up and started pushing the Arc up towards the Real world, trying to kick-start it like one would a car.

"They will die along with the rest of you," Zihuralamon sneered and flew up to meet Megagargomon, powering his Viral Dragon Flame attack.

"Not of we can help it!" Gallantmon yelled and flew up too. "Crimson Light!" He threw his blade and it became a beam of red light that struck Zihuralamon in the back, shredding his left wing. He gave an unearthly scream of pain and fell out of the sky, his wing rendered useless. Putting on an extra burst of speed Megagargomon fired forced all of his strength into his jets and the flames grew bigger and hotter, propelling him and the Arc faster. With one last gigantic shove he sent it back towards the real world and out of harms way before he fell back to Digi-Phirma, exhausted.

"You vile little beasts! You will live to regret that…but not for long!" Running up to Gallantmon, Zihuralamon gripped him by the wings and threw him over his shoulder, slamming him into the ground. Then he slammed his giant foot down onto Gallantmon's back and started pulling at his wings, ripping out the pristine feathers in his attempt to tear the wings clean off of him. Gallantmon cried out in pain, struggling under Zihuralamon's foot.

"Gallantmon!" Justimon, Sakuyamon and Whentumon dove at him and tackled him to the ground but he simply threw them off. But this small distraction gave Gallantmon time to escape and he stood near Megagargomon, his wings hanging limply. He was breathing heavily and his body was shaking weakly.

"We need a plan. Just attacking him at random isn't going to work…" Henry said even as he leapt back into the fight and Gallantmon nodded.

"Yeah…but what can we possible do? We're losing…badly." And then it hit him. He stood there, watching as the other Tamers fought and it all seemed to slow down. He watched as Sakuyamon moved around at incredible speed, her flight granting her increased agility. He saw Megagargomon take hit after hit, his bulky, armour clad body strong and solid. He watched as Justimon hit with powerful blows and saw HiAndromon sending back Zihuralamon's attacks with his Copy Paste attack.

"That's it…" he said, his eyes widening. Knowing what they had to do, Gallantmon ran forward.

"Rika!" He called and when she looked at him he continued. "The Card Game! It's how we can beat him!" Rika looked confused for a moment before it dawned on her. Her face brightened and she almost laughed.

"Takato, you're a bloody genius!" Ryo laughed.

"Just tell us what to do, Boss," Rika added as she dodged an attack. Gallantmon nodded and sent a Spiral Saver attack at Zihuralamon to distract him.

"Right, Megagargomon, you're the Defense Upgrade! Sakuyamon, you and Justimon are speed and power. HiAndromon, keep using Copy Paste!" The Megas all nodded and when Zihuralamon attacked again they were ready.

Sakuyamon and Justimon darted forward, landing powerful attacks to his head and torso and when Zihuralamon tried to attack them they leapt out of the way. Megagargomon took the hits with his armoured hide and landed another attack. The three of them kept up their pattern and when Zihuralamon became irritated he fired an attack.

"Viral Dragon Flame!" He roared, but HiAndromon leapt in front of the attack and held out his hands.

"Copy Paste!" The Viral, purple flames formed in his palms and he sent the attack back to Zihuralamon. Then, having knocked him to the ground, the rest of the Megas attacked too.

"Shaman Crossbow!"

"Icicle Blades!"

"Pyramid Power!"

"Crimson Light!"

"Rice Cord!"

"Justice Burst!" The explosion sent Zihuralamon flying and her skidded to a halt in the ground. Using the spare moments Kenta and MarineAngemon rushed over, the tine Mega healing the others with His Kahuna Waves as best he could. But he wasn't given long because seconds after he had landed, Zihuralamon moved to his feet and growled. There were scratches on his arms and legs but other than that he seemed uninjured.

"You are testing my patience," he hissed angrily.

"Oh man…won't this guy ever quit?" Takato groaned.

"Takatomon! Look!" The Megas all looked up and, to their astonishment, saw what appeared to be a vibrantly green Data Stream soaring down at them from the real world. A beeping sound caught their attention and they looked down to see Kenta open the VDT.

"It's Yamaki!" He cried out happily. Yamaki didn't bother to greet them.

"Everyone, get away from the Data Stream. I'm going to use it to send Zihuralamon back to the Sovereign's Level. Move. Now!" Not having to be told twice, the Megas lifted Kenta and rushed out of the way as the Data Stream hit the ground and rushed towards Zihuralamon. His eyes widened and he roared angrily, trying to run from the beam. But it was far faster than he was and it hit him as he attempted to fly away with his torn wings. Snarling and roaring he was sucked up and all went quiet as he and the Data Stream disappeared.

It was over.


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