Twilight Sparkle princess of Equestria sat in front of Ponyville hospital reminiscing.

The hospital certainly has grown over the years. Like Ponyville itself it has grown quite stately. Unlike Ponyville though it sadly lost most of its charm. It was grey and dreary looking.

Or maybe she was just reflecting her own mood onto it.

"Are you alright princess? Are you here to see Pinkie Pie?" A bright yellow pony with a nurse's cap spoke with concern written on her face.

A heavy sigh escaped Twilight. She has to go in now. And then it would be real. The last of her first friends would be dying, leaving her…not alone exactly, but without anyone from her own generation.

Then again she gets to see all the generations yet to come. Guide all the grandfoals and great- grandfoals of her friends to a bright and magical future.

Right now though that seems a very meager consolation.

"I am. Are you Pinkie Pie's attending physician?"

"Yes, Pinkie said you would be here making mountains out of molehills. My shift just ended and she asked if I could get you to go inside."

"Pinkie sense?"

"Pinkie sense." She nodded. "Good luck princess." She put a quick comforting hoof around Twilight and walked away into the sunset.

"Well… here I go."


"And then Rainbow said: 'That's not a walrus, that's my husband!'"

The filly in the bed next to Pinkie started giggling. Pinkie herself couldn't suppress a smile either. She turned towards the ceiling just remembering.

Well she wasn't really Pinkie anymore. Most called here Granny Pie nowadays. Funny that.

"Applejack did look like a right proper stallion with that mustache." Twilight said stepping into the ICU.

"Oh Twilight I'm so glad you could come!"

"You know princess Twilight? She's my favorite princess!" The filly said bouncing in her bed.

Twilight smiled gently at the excitable filly "Well that is quite an honor you've given me. My personal favorite is still princess Celestia though. Don't let princess Cadence know I said that." Twilight gave the filly a mischievous wink.

"It's true" Pinkie said. "She made a little shrine once in her honor."

"I was five years old Pinkie! And I told you that in confidence." Twilight said with false indignation.

The young one was giggling in her bed feeling like she was party to some big secret.

"O you think that's funny do you?"

"Uh huh."

Twilight moved closer in a threatening way. "Well then I guess I'll just have to...EAT YOU!" she quickly hurled towards her new young friend and started making fart noises on top of her head.

Roaring laughter again filled the ICU and for a moment the place was just a bit brighter.

"So listen, do you think I can borrow your neighbor for a little while? We have to talk about grown up stuff."

"No." she said with the endless wit of an 8 year old.

"It's okay Summer." Pinkie intervened." It won't take long."

Twilight stepped towards Pinkies bed and moved the curtain around it. She cast a quick spell so that they wouldn't be overheard.

Pinkie looked old and thin. Her mane had turned gray over the years. There was still that twinkle in her eye though. Like she knew something you didn't.

"Hey Pinkie. So what happened?"

"I'm just old Twilight. Honestly I thought diabetes would do me in but in the end it was my heart. The old rick-a-tick doesn't wanna tick anymore. To rickety."

"Technically the heart-failure is probably caused by diabetes." Twilight looked thoughtfully at her heart monitor. "You could get a transplant you know, there are treatment options. You've helped this nation a lot after all."

"And what about Summer? You saw that filly she needs a new heart too."

A silence fell between them.

"And it's not just that..." Pinkie said looking the other way. "I can't really throw parties anymore. I can't really make ponies happy anymore. Not in the way I used to."

Tears where starting to form in the eyes of the old party planner.

"O Pinkie..."

Twilight slipped underneath the covers and hugged her friend fiercely. The bed started to creak worryingly. Pinkie and Twilight started laughing despite it all.

"I don't think they make these beds alicorn sized."

"I don't care I wanna hug my friend. I'll miss you so much Pinkie."

Twilight started crying as well. Pinkie never married and never had any foals of her own. What if a thousand years from now she forgot about Pinkie?

"Twilight… Do you think my life mattered?"

Twilight turned her friend around.

"Pinkie, you made life worth living."

And in that moment Twilight new she could never forget this wonderful, insane, beautiful mare. Not by all the evil sorcerers in the world. Not in a thousand years or even a million.

Pinkie smiled.


Pinkamena Diane Pie died one week later at ponyville memorial hospital do to heart-failure. Her funeral was held at Canterlot palace. Approximately forty-thousand ponies came to pay their respects. Each and every single one of those ponies had a Pinkie Pie story to tell.

A testament to her character.

She was later interned at her families rock farm, her grave was marked with an old rusty canon. Visiting the grave site became something of a rite of passage for pranksters, party planners and bakers from all over the country.


A/N Making Marks – Fragments of an Island

Well this is the start of my story. As you can probably tell I'm a huge sap. Next chapter is gonna be a lot less depressing I promise. Still this story is M rated for a reason.

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