District One Male: Jeffery Woods (Jeff the Killer), 18, Alive

District One Female: Nina Hopkins (Nina the Killer), 17, Alive

District Two Male: Jay Merrick, 18, Alive

District Two Female: Ann Mia (Nurse Ann), 18, Alive

District Three Male: Alex Kralie, 18, Alive

District Three Female: Kate Milens (Kate the Chaser), 18, Alive

District Four Male: Issac Foster (Zack), 18, Alive

District Four Female: Rachel Gardener (Ray), 13, Alive

District Five Male: Jack "Edwards" (Eyeless Jack), 18, Alive

District Five Female: Anastasia Morozov (Ani the Wight, Ani), 16, Alive

District Six Male: Tobias Rogers (Ticci Toby), 16, Alive

District Six Female: Sally Willams, 12, Alive

District Seven Male: Helen Otis (Bloody Painter), 18, Alive

District Seven Female: Dina Clark (Judge Angel), 15, Alive

District Eight Male: Benjamin Lawman (BEN Drowned), 12, Alive

District Eight Female: Lucille Gratefield (Lulu), 14, Alive

District Nine Male: Timothy Wright, 18, Alive

District Nine Female: Alice Jackson (Zero), 14, Alive

District Ten Male: Brian Thomas, 18, Alive

District Ten Female: Natalie Oulette (Clockwork), 18, Alive

District Eleven Male: Jonathan Blake (The Puppeteer) 18, Alive

District Eleven Female: Lazari Swann, 12, Alive

District Twelve Male: Sal Fisher, 18, Alive

District Twelve Female: Jane Richardson (Jane The Killer), 18, Alive

District Three: Alex Kralie

In the vast crowd of District Three, there were many emotions. Fear, excitement, anticipation, desolation. But in the section of eighteens, there was a boy. And the only emotion coming off of him was hatred. Pure, unadulterated rage was radiating from his scrawny, bespectacled form. His name was Alex, Alex Kralie.

Alex glared at the escort on stage with all the rage in his being. He prided himself on the sheer amount of hatred in his system. Sure, some people claimed they hated everything, those people were liars. They always had a soft spot for something, but were too stubborn to admit it. They used this claim of pure hatred as a sort of defense mechanism. A way to lie so convincingly, that no one will doubt that your words are undeniable fact. Alex despised these people. He may hate everything, but liars come close to the top of the list. How was he different than anyone else, you ask? Well, he had one crucial claim that no imposter has ever had.

Alex actually did hate everything. He hated animals, plants, food, drink, people, dogs (Oh, he especially hated those vile creatures), children, cats (Well, they weren't so bad), and everything else that gives humans with emotions joy.

He could proudly say that he didn't have an attachment to anyone or anything in the universe.

If you asked Alex why he hated the world, he would say, well he would tell you to screw off. But in his mind, the tragic backstory would come rushing back.

Once upon a time, Alex's life was perfect. He had a Mother, a father, a best friend, a nice house, and three square meals a day, which was pretty good for someone living in a district.

His best friend's name was Seth and, although he loved dogs way too much for Alex's tastes, he was a good guy. Looking back, their friendship did have some ups and downs. On some days, they'd play, do homework, and make fun of the capitol together. On other days, they'd fight. A lot. Sometimes their fights consisted of a short argument, sometimes they'd go weeks before speaking again.

As mentioned before, they didn't see eye to eye on dogs. Especially Seth's dog who, in Alex's eyes, was an evil demon from the depths of Hell. Sometimes their fights even escalated to violence, and both boys would walk away with bruises, black eyes, and bleeding cuts. But, no matter how severe their fighting got, they always made up in the end. Neither of them would apologize for their actions, they'd simply get over it and move on with their lives.

Some would call their friendship unhealthy, the two "Politely" disagreed. They saw their fighting as a testament to their close bond. After all, not many people could stay best friends after beating each other to a bloody pulp.

Alex's parents were also good people. They weren't perfect, or even really all that noteworthy, but they were always good to Alex. They provided food, a house, support, and an education to Alex. These things were pretty good conditions for his district, considering the fact that most kids lacked these luxuries.

Alex's mother had a pretty good job. She worked as a merchant in the bustling marketplace of District Three, selling clothing that she made. Alex's father had an even better job. He worked for the Capitol as an engineer. And, though he wasn't home much, he brought in enough money to support their family.

Everything about his life was good, until it wasn't anymore.

Sickness was a fact of life in the districts. Some district wide epidemic hit at least once a year. It was so common, District Three even made a holiday from it. On that day, no one would have to go to work, school, and they'd just take a day to mourn the dead and celebrate the end of the hard times.

Alex, along with his cushy life, always had good luck with health. He, nor any of his family, has ever fallen victim to any of the annual outbreaks. Unfortunately for Alex, this plague would be his family's last.

An outbreak of coughing sickness was not as kind. It claimed his mother, father, Seth, and his family. The only ones who survived were Alex, and Seth's dog. Who soon died of rabies.

When everything was taken from him, and his world was shattered, he made a decision. Love brought nothing but pain and heartbreak, and from that day forward, he vowed to never feel it again.

From then on, he could proudly say that he stuck to his resolution. His eyes wandered to a blonde in the crowd of female eighteens. What about that time with Amy and the pear tree? A tiny part of his brain piped up.

We don't talk about that time! The rest of his brain hastily cut in.

He snapped his attention to the stage. He was so spaced out, that he completely missed the introduction of the escort and the mentor.

He scrutinized the pair onstage. The escort looked the same as always. She had purple hair, plastered on grin, and an unnatural body shape. In other words, she looked like a barbie doll on crack. He could never remember her name, because it was the most ridiculously long name in existence.

He remembered that last year, she had been Daisy Dahlia Evangeline Addison Valentina Elizabeth Darlington III. Bullshit, He thought, No human being needs that many first names.

He looked at the mentor beside her. He didn't look that much different from last year. He had a fairly bland appearance, brown hair, blue eyes, and an averagely muscular form. His mind, however, made up for his average appearance.

He was brilliant, and his eyes always had the sparkle of an aspiring inventor. He used his inventions to gather food, find water, and kill other tributes. He only won the year before, and was about seventeen or so years old.

He was young enough to be a mentor for many years, but based on the empty look in his eyes, it didn't look like he would be a mentor for very long.

Suddenly, the purple haired demon with too many first names spoke, "HELLOOOOOOO DISTRICT THREE!" She yelled.

He winced, then glared. Did all escorts have to be so loud? It was a weird parallel between all of the early district's escorts, and it was annoying as all hell.

The rest of the district seemed to disagree with that sentiment, because they were all screaming like maniacs.

Purple continued her speech, "It's time to announce the tributes for our 10TH ANNUAL HUNGER GAMES!" She cheered, emphasizing the last four words.

The rest of the district cheered, and Alex yelled, "JUST GET ON WITH IT ALREADY!" Finally losing his patience.

No one seemed to notice him, so he scowled and shut up.

"Alright, as always, ladies first. And may the odds be ever in your favor," She said.

Then, finally, she reached into the bowl with the girls' names in it. As soon as her hand was in the bowl, it was out, picking the first name her fingers touched.

She read it and smiled, "Ahem. This year's female tribute is… KATE MILENS!" She announced.

All eyes turned to a girl in the eighteen crowd. She had brown hair, green eyes, and a terrified expression on her face. Unsurprisingly, he felt nothing towards the girl. He didn't know her very well, but he'd been in some classes with her over the years.

She was standing next to her best friend, Lauren, who also looked terrified. From what little he knew about the two, he knew that they'd been attached at the hip for years.

She walked onstage, trying to stay calm.

"Hello, Kate! It's nice to meet you!" Purple chirped.

Kate forced a smile and shook her hand, "The pleasure is all mine," She said.

"Well, I can't wait to see how you do in the games, Miss Kate!" She said.

She moved on to the male tributes bowl. Alex briefly contemplated the possibility that he would be Reaped. He wasn't entirely opposed to the idea. After all, he didn't really have anything to lose.

There's no way, He thought, The odds of that happening are so small, so tiny, so miniscule, so astronomical, so-

"ALEX KRALIE!" Purple screamed.





He didn't really care about being Reaped itself. Like he stated before, he didn't really have anything to lose. It was more the fact that the odds of being chosen for the death games were tiny, but he still got Reaped.

He felt like the world, no, the Capitol, had given him a giant middle finger. As he walked up the stairs to the giant stage, and shook Kate's hand, he came to a conclusion.

If he was going to die, he would do it giving the Capitol the biggest middle finger that anyone had ever given in history.

As Kate and him were lead offstage, one thought was going through his mind.

It's go time.