This was a terrible idea and he knew it. He knew it from the beginning but had he said no? Of course not. He couldn't remember the last time he had said no to Jess. Because really who could? With the stupid puppy dog eyes and the ridiculous workout leggings? As a man with little to no determination, he could only take so much. It had all started when him and Jess were sitting on the couch watching some show about sassy old ladies, but he couldn't pay attention because she had unknowingly curled up into his side, her head resting on his chest. After she settled in he slowly lifted his arm up and around her shoulders; she barely reacted. He had never been this closely intimate with her and he was afraid she could hear his heartbeat. A couple episodes later some guy came onto the show and Jess immediately started commenting on his body. Nick felt a pang in his stomach. His chubby, not well defined stomach.

"God, Jessica, he's not a piece of meat. I can't hear the show over your fawning" he snapped, not being able to contain his frustration anymore. Jess just rolled her eyes at him, shifting a little bit under his arm to look up at him.

"Oh, whatever, Nicholas. You're just jealous you don't have his body. Obviously he hits the gym a little bit more than you do" she giggled and poked her finger into his stomach which, to her delight, sunk down with a gurgle. He slapped her hand away and did his best to suppress his 'turtle face' so she wouldn't have anything else to laugh at.

"I go to the gym, Jess," he insisted, "just when you're not home".

"Oh, is that right?" she teased, sitting up to turn and face him, "then why don't you go with me tomorrow morning?". He should have stopped it right there but this was a challenge and Millers didn't back down from challenges. Unless, it was financial. Or athletic. Or academic. OK maybe Millers did back down from challenges but Nick wasn't backing down from this one.

"Well maybe I will." he said. Then he settled back into the couch and patted his side for Jess to lay back down. She just smirked and snuggle back up to him. She watched the show for another hour while he tried to figure out how he was going to get himself out of the mess he had created