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Chapter XXXII

–First Kiss–

Monday, 11 September 1995


None of his classmates commented on the bouquet that Harry suddenly had on his student table and Harry wondered what Mr Malfoy had made them believe. When Arts finally ended and Teacher Haruna arrived for the Language Japanese class, the woman's attention was immediately drawn to it.

"Students wishing you a good recovery and a welcome back?" She asked when he delivered his private homework on the Hiragana studies.

"His lover delivered it to him by the entrance of the school which meant that he had to come with it." Umino argued for Harry, who groaned internally.

Teacher Haruna looked at the bouquet before she nodded, obviously a little jealous.

"She has good taste." The woman offered soothingly as she gave Harry a notebook with his next assignment.

Harry bowed and returned to his chair, looking at the table where his glass of water was now holding his bouquet. By the end of class, they all walked into their usual spot in the school grounds, the rest of the Sailor Senshi girls (except for Hino Rei since she was in a private school) joining in.

"What's with the bouquet, Harry-senpai?" Kino asked.

"Harry-kun's lover sent it to him early morning." Usagi offered as she set up both hers and Harry's bentō and Harry's chopsticks for him to eat. Harry accepted the bentō and chopsticks and frowned that she was giving him the one with more food, he looked up at her confused. "Thank you for the meal." She said the usual line.

"This one was yours." He argued.

The girl pretended not to hear him and he scoffed, set his bouquet down next to a gaping Aino and then picked his bentō and passed several of the extra that he had made extra because Usagi loved them into her bentō. As well as pick the small carrots on the now her bentō onto his own since the teengirl didn't like carrots and he had made them on purpose for himself.

"Harry-kun…" Usagi started to argue.

"I'm not going to disappear." He retorted. "Besides I only make those because you love them so much."

"Thank you, Harry-kun."

Harry shrugged and started eating, trying to think of anything but Kunzite. Luckily Umino, Yumiko and Kuri's join to the group kept the Sailor Senshis from talking anything related to the Yōmas and Kunzite, what he was really thankful even if it meant speaking of the latest girly fashion. Harry was entering the kitchen classroom where he usually had Potions class and Herbology class with Tutor Kamijō, to find said Wizard already inside discussing with Coach Karasuma over breathing techniques. The two nodded back as Harry approached to the side and set up a new glass with water and then put his bouquet on it.

"Haruna-sensei and Higure-sensei commented during lunch in the teacher's room that a «girlfriend» gave you a get better bouquet." Coach Karasuma put in, approaching. "Is he older? And do the Tsukinos and Hakase know of him?"

"He is older." Harry agreed. "And we, most likely, won't last enough for a family meeting." He added.

"You think you are not ready?"

"Sir, I have a kid. I'm a teen with a backstage and backpack."

Coach hummed.

"See it this way: you two will never have to worry about adoption requirements." He offered and then signalled a deep breath, which Harry took. "Now out."

Harry obeyed and could feel his anger leaving him.

"I really need to learn to do that on my own." He agreed shyly.

Coach smiled before he left the classroom with a bow of head at Tutor Kamijō.

"Should we start?" The Wizard asked. "Or do you need for us to do a meditation first?"

"Why is my magic so much decontrolled?" He wondered, approaching the Professor who was taking the plant he had brought along for today's class.

"You repressed it for so long that – when you started using it – you didn't know how to use your full Magical Core. It is still there, but you don't know how to reach it." The older explained. "It's a good thing you aren't in Mahōtokoro School, I wouldn't be able to give you precise classes to the side-effect of this. When did you start having problems?"

"When Tommy got Magic Fever and He leaned me magic to regain my Magical levels to be able to keep lending."

"He most likely must have opened some block you had." Tutor Kamijō offered as he thought over the fact. "Hopefully he has dealt with it during your visit to the operation table."

"Kusama-sensei asked for me to pass over after the Mind Healer, should I tell him to check?"

"It doesn't hurt to check." Tutor Kamijō agreed. "How is this lover of yours? Someone trustworthy? Have the Shitennō met him?"

"They most definitely did." Harry agreed and Professor raised an eyebrow from where he had finished setting up their Herbology class for today. "Considering he is their Aniki, who most likely was just trying to find out as much as he could about our side."

Tutor Kamijō looked back at the tear at the corner of Harry's eye.

"If he asks you out again: accept and then, when you two are in a private place, call for back-up."

"He won't be that easily manipulated."

"He doesn't need to be." Tutor Kamijō argued. "I'll warn the Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office's Members so if you do it, they go immediately with the Aurors. Between them and the Sailor Senshis you'd be able to force him to back down and to break the mind-control."


"I fought Nowaki." The older interrupted and Harry looked up at the older. "I refused to accept him at first. I just had my heart broken. He never gave up on me. He used to work part-time at a flower boutique at the time to be able to afford his tuition, I called to book-up a bouquet to his boss who was then delivered to him. No card. He still arrived my flat with a massive grin as if I had declared to the world. Don't think for one second that Kunzite-sama didn't mean what he did with that bouquet." The teen lowered his head embarrassed. "I taught you the flowers' meanings; does he know how mistreated you were?" Harry nodded. "Then he knows who you are."

Harry raised his head at once.


"He isn't calling you childlike, he is saying that you are too innocent at love that you didn't see behind his farce."

"Shin-san wants me to see it?"

Tutor Kamijō shrugged.

"I can't answer you that. I did not meet him during your date. You did."

Harry nodded shyly and they started class. When the hour and half class ended, Harry left to find both Taitō and Sanjōin outside with their arms crossed. Harry approached them and set his bouquet in Taitō's arms as if it was a baby that the older was carrying. Then he looked around until he saw why they were acting up. Shin was by the side leaning against the wall behind him, with one foot against the wall and with one foot on the floor, waiting. Harry signalled at the two to stay put and then approached the other, who actually smiled at seeing Harry approach.

"Since you arrived Japan, have you ever left Tokyo?" The older asked.

"I'm afraid today I can't." Harry argued. "Doctor visit." Shin hummed, frowning at the refusal. "Tomorrow I have Physical Education at 1.30pm and at 3pm I hit the showers. So, what about 3.15pm in the local train station?"

"Can you get a shower, dry, dress and run there in 15 minutes, Harry-chan?" Shin argued amused, making Harry snort.

"Karasuma-kōchi always lets us leave earlier for the shower." He argued. "Besides, do you prefer for me not to shower?"

Shin made a disgusted face, which made the two chuckle.

"I'll wait until 3.45 pm." He agreed. "Stop by your adoptive family and pick-up Chibitom-chan. I'm sure he'll love to meet some of the stops." Shin offered and then turned around starting to walk away.

"Thank you for the bouquet." Harry called after him and Shin stopped, only to nod without turning back. "Next time ask the delivery woman not to fill it with poisonous perfume."

Shin turned and looked back.


"That's why I have to go to the doctor. I was coughing like mad because of whatever had been done after you set it up. It even had some kind of distinct smell that wasn't of the real flowers. Luckily it was found and it was cleansed from the bouquet, but I thought I should give you a heads-up."

"I'll contact the florist I bought it from and demand they fire who dared to do it." Shin agreed and approached, only for him to lean forward and kiss Harry on the cheek. "I'll see you two tomorrow. I'll be looking forward to it."

Harry nodded and Shin left.

"What was this all about?" Sanjōin demanded as he joined Harry's side.

"It was the" [Queen] "who ordered the cursing, not him." He repeated their words back at them.

"You still know who he is."

"Do you want to fight him in a whole out duel or catch him during a date?" Harry argued, his voice hitching a note too high and only then showing how much this was hurting him.

"It's too dangerous. The" [Dark Lord] "would never agree to you using yourself as a bait."

"It would've work." Harry argued. "And it was Kamijō-kateikyōshi's idea." He added, before he accepted his bouquet back and walked into his Shrink's clinic. "I'm going to a psychiatrist, I don't need a bodyguard!" He snapped when someone immediately fell into step besides him, only to hear a chuckle.

Harry looked to see Mamoru.

"I take it that they are overwhelming you, want me to tell them to back down a little?" He asked.

[Remember Shin-san?] Harry asked instead.

[Yes, I saw him from behind and briefly from the side, why?] Mamoru replied, not even batting an eye at Harry suddenly turning into English.

[We just realized that he is Kunzite.]

Mamoru looked back at where the two were obviously tailing them and then back.

[I can see why they would overwhelm you…]

[My Private Tutor has the idea of me using the dates to capture him instead of an actual duel.]

Mamoru nodded.

[Less bloody and easier for you, because I don't see you being able to duel against him if that would come the need.]

[The problem is that Queen Beryl is seeing my human-self as a liability.]

[She doesn't know that you are Onmyouji?] Mamoru argued and Harry shook his head, while glaring at the hated title being used. [But she attacked you?]

[Made a Youma curse the flowers that Kunzite set up to be delivered to me this morning.] Harry agreed, signalling down.

Mamoru scoffed and looked around them to make sure that none of the people passing-by understood English.

[From the little I remember from my past life: I could see she doing it if she believed you were on the way of her path.]

"Which means she believes his feelings are genuine." Harry agreed and Mamoru nodded, understanding Harry's dilemma.

"I'll talk with them as you talk with your psychiatrist." The former Prince offered.


Tuesday, 12 September 1995

Harry left school to find the twins and Lee with Tommy, who was holding his new silver-haired-plushie. At his raised eyebrow they grinned.

[Malfoy overheard Blondie and Wavy that they had to persuade you against your date alongside Tommy here.] Fred and George explained, walking alongside Harry down the road and accepting to trade Harry's school bag and sports bag for Tommy and Tommy's new backpack. [When they were about to leave to go stop you, we 'kind' of knocked them out. They befall on Magical Category.] They added the last part conspiratiously.

[Besides, Malfoy told us because apparently he had his hands tied.] Lee added.

[Because his family was sent here to restrain me. Keep me from getting lovers and stuff.] Harry agreed, making the trio narrow their eyes. [Tell him] "arigatou" [from me. He'll understand.]

[Why not in English?] Lee wondered.

[Malfoy-kun actually is learning Japanese, unlike some that only learnt how to embarrass me.]

The trio snorted.

[So his parents don't understand.] They amended and Harry nodded.

They arrived the train station and Kunzite was there in his Shin-alias. Lee and the twins bowed their heads at the taller male.

"Shin-san, these are my oniichans who followed me into Japan." Harry offered. "They can only say one word in Japanese so far."

"What is it?"

[What's it that you call me?]

"Otōto." The twins answered at once, making Shin smile.

"It's not funny when you have two gingers and one black-skinned teenage trio shouting it in the middle of the street. Outside your own school." Harry argued.

Shin nodded his head at the trio, who nodded back and then messed with Tommy's hair who was staring up at Shin unsure. Then the twins and Lee saw something and groaned.

[The girls followed us. We'll go distract them.]

[Thanks.] Harry agreed and the trio saluted, before walking away towards the girls obviously out of place. "So, where are you taking us?"

Shin guided Harry into a train by the side and they stayed outside. Harry could see the group following them and wait outside as well, looking back 'unnoticed'.

"Ready for something crazy, Harry-chan?" Shin suddenly asked and Harry hummed, only for them to hear the train's horn whistle. Shin took hold of Harry and jumped inside the train quickly, just before the doors closed locking-up and it departed. They looked outside as the door passed by the gaping girls. "Have to admit, I expected to have to lose your bodyguards from yesterday, but not fangirls." Shin offered with a laugh.

Harry snorted and on the next stop in Tokyo's main station, they left and Shin guided them to the ticket house, where he bought their tickets and then, finally, they caught a strange-shaped train southwest.

They sat in a three-chair set and Harry let Tommy look out at the view, as Shin set up the child-carseat on the window side for the boy before the train would start.

"Where are you taking me, after all? You do remember that I have school tomorrow morning, right?"

"You can sleep on the train back." Shin offered as he finished and Harry set Tommy on the chair. "So this is the famous Chibitom-chan. Pleasure to meet you."

Tommy looked back from the window view and then offered his new plushie.

"Tommy likes plushies who looks like me and my friends… that's the one my friends gave him to represent you."

Shin accepted the plushie surprised and looked at it as the train started, really fast. Harry opened Tommy's backpack to realize the twins had stored a change of clothes for both him and Tommy, as well as Tommy's new wizard-plushie. He took it out and gave the boy, who hugged it close. Shin's eyes immediately landed on it and he seemed to look like he swallowed a lemon.


"Tommy claims it's me." Harry offered, looking at Shin on his other side in the seats and wondered if the older would admit who he was but he didn't. "He lost his last one a while ago, my adoptive family had to run to the shop to gather a new one. Only for when I arrive home to find that the bodyguards had given him a real-sized one."

"Chibitom-chan plays with a real-sized plushie of Onmyōji-san?" Shin asked, almost like he was uncertain if he should.

"Papa." Tommy agreed.

"It's just a plushie." Harry offered with a shrug.

Shin immediately looked up at Harry and then nodded, returning to Tommy his plushie, the boy holding both close. It was obvious that Kunzite had expected for the Plushie Yōma to have struck at them. Harry looked at the hyper Tommy and then at Shin who was looking at the eager boy over Harry.

"Osaka." Harry raised an eyebrow. "The place we're going to." Shin explained. "I used to live close-by… a long time ago."

Like 2000-years ago… Harry mentally added to the older's comment.

"I'm sure I'll love it." Harry agreed. Tommy babbled excitedly at seeing mountains outside. "He loves trains." He added embarrassed. "Trains, snakes and castles."

"Awiga'ou." Tommy parroted towards Shin like he always did with Mamoru and Motoki, before focusing on the window again.

"You're welcomed." Shin agreed, obviously amused. "We better get comfy. It's 2 hours and half to Shin-Osaka in this shinkansen and then another half-hour to Osaka."

"It's not too far then." Harry hummed. Still to go pass the night at another town on the other side of Japan with the enemy and no back-up was at the very least crazy.

"I don't remember for certain, but you don't have tattoos, do you?" Shin wondered and Harry shook his head, confused. "Good, then we can go to an onsen."

"What's an onsen?" Harry wondered.

"Hot water bath… like non-human made? How do I explain?"

[Hot spring…] "Sorry, there's still lots of words that I don't know meaning. Like the name you gave to this train."

"If you want you can call it fast train."

Harry snorted and looked at his eager son at being able to travel a train and then back at Shin who was looking back, almost like he wasn't sure what to make of Harry.

Harry wondered if Kunzite was as uncertain about this whole dating thing as Harry was.

"How much will we be able to sight-see before it becomes too late?" Harry asked.

"You said castle, correct?" Shin asked in return and Harry nodded. "Next time we can go to the Aquarium Kaiykan, I'm sure it must have some snakes for Chibitom-chan." Harry snorted as Tommy immediately shrieked behind him. "For today we can go first to Dōtonbori, a popular district for dining. Then if the observatory towers are closed – there's two that I believe you would love – we can visit Osaka Castle and the park instead. It's not an European castle, but it's one." Shin offered.

"I'm sure we'll love it." Harry agreed.

"And if we still have time I'd like to pass by Shitennoji, an old Buddhist temple."

Harry nodded and looked at Tommy who was eagerly watching the fast-outside passing-by.

"What about this onsen?" He asked.

"We're stay at a hotel with one." Shin offered. "We'll have to leave early for you to arrive in time for class, but I don't see why we can't enjoy a couple hours without any worries."

"Without Kōhais and Oneesamas." Harry agreed and the older looked back, making Harry wonder if he had gone too far.

Shin smiled back.

"Tonight it's just us three." He put in and looked at the hyper boy on the other side of Harry. "Looks like I'm doing my job well and he doesn't dislike me."

Harry looked as well.

"Trust me: he isn't an easy boy to like new people."

"And yet so far he doesn't dislike me." Shin agreed.


Shin raised an eyebrow at Harry as he joined him in the private hot spring outside their hotel room, surrounded by hedgerow to create a barrier to the next room.

"Dead asleep. Too many emotions." Harry explained, entering inside the warm water. "Will probably sleep until morning when I'll drop him at Obāsan."

Shin nodded as Harry felt him look at his chest where Harry's scars were.

"Do they hurt, Harry-chan?"

Then he really could see them even though the glamours…

"When they are done." Harry agreed. "But what do I know? I have a high pain endurance." He shrugged, submerging himself until his neck. "Also means that I usually put myself in jeopardy for the safety of others. Made my friends claim that I have a" [Saving People Syndrome…] the teen frowned trying to remember the wording in Japanese "Saving People… Syn… drome."

"It's better you than them." Shin offered and Harry nodded. "You need to learn to think of yourself for Chibitom-chan's sake."

Harry snorted.

"You are really using my supposed syndrome to make me stop using my syndrome?" He argued, making the other laugh.

"See it this way, you'd only use it to save one people. Your son."

Harry rolled his eyes amused. He looked up at the starry sky and then back at Shin who had his long hair tied up on the top of his head and looking up at the sky with his head laid back on the outside of onsen.

"Was it anything like you remembered?" Harry wondered, trying not to stare at the sword-made scars that scattered the other's chest and arms through his foggy glasses. "The castle and the temple."

Shin raised his head to look back and then looked up at the stars again.

"Some." He agreed. "There's a lot of electricity now." He offered. "I still remember when it would take days to travel here to Edo."


"Another way to call Tokyo." Shin offered, obviously embarrassed and Harry wondered if it was an old way of calling it.

Harry looked up as well.

"In some things I agree. People use too much electricity. On others it's a good thing. It means that I can come here with you during a weekday without worrying over having to book-up a whole weekend just to come." Harry raised a hand up into the sky as if trying to grab a star. "On the other hand the electricity kills this. Tokyo has so much lights that I can't see the stars. This is what I miss the most from my old school. The lack of electricity, the mountains, the green and - most importantly - the stars."

"The after a night of rain and you walk out your house in the morning to smell the fresh wet grass in the air."

"Or the trees." Harry agreed.

He heard paddling and stood up in the onsen to see Tommy paddling back, barely awake.

"Papa." The boy whined.

Harry went to get out, but Shin was faster and left, picking a towel to hide his modesty before he quickly helped the begging Tommy undress. Even with the foggy glasses, Harry could see the other's back as he helped the boy undress and damn was the older hot and muscled. Finally, Shin took out his own towel and joined Harry in the water. The boy was brought to Harry's arms and slowly emerged inside water. Harry took him and Tommy leaned against Harry finally calming down, only to not long later to fall asleep.

"He might have had a nightmare." Harry explained apologetically to the older. "Since my last hospital visit that he has started having plenty of those." He signalled his new scar that Tommy's small hand was over as if to protect it.

Shin nodded and, eventually, signalled out. The two left and Shin picked a towel, embracing Harry and Tommy with it, before he picked the same he used earlier for himself. They entered the bedroom and as Harry dried Tommy and put on him the night nappy, he could hear the other drying and dressing himself.

"A baby can't stay as long as an adult." Shin explained and, when dressed, picked Tommy from Harry and finished dressing him so Harry could dry and dress himself. "Even adults if staying too long can get overheats."

"Thank you."

Harry dressed himself in the sleeping robe that the twins had sent for him and put an alarm on his watch so they'd be able to leave in time for the return train. When Harry was ready he saw the two futons besides one another with a small one in the middle for Tommy already set up with the boy sleeping while holding his wizard-plushie. Harry laid down as Shin closed the lights and then joined in. The two looked at each other in the dark for a real long time.

"What do you have tomorrow after school, Harry-chan?"

"Basketball practice." Harry offered. "Normally my Shatei goes to pick up Tommy and then watches my practice with him."

Shin hummed.

"What do you have against roses?"

"Everyone gives roses. Yet there's plenty of flowers that have same meaning."

"You believe they are sub valuated." Shin retorted amused and Harry hummed affirmatively, making the older scoff.

"Don't make fun of me, Shin-san." Harry argued, petulantly.

Only to see the older stand on his arms from his position on the other side of Tommy and pass over Tommy carefully, his hair falling besides his face like a cascade and he looked down at Harry with one hand besides Harry's head.

"I find it endearing, Harry-chan." He argued and leaned down, kissing Harry.


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