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Chapter 1 -

Ginny Weasley was walking along the platform, she and her mother and four older brothers were heading to platform nine and three quarters so her brothers could go to Hogwarts. Ginny Weasley was a petite redhead with blazing red hair, her clothes were unfortunately second hand because her family wasn't very wealthy. Ginny had asked her mum several times but her mother said that she had to wait one more year before she was allowed to join them. She was so jealous, she had wanted to go to Hogwarts for the longest time.

Ginny had suddenly stopped walking when she felt something, it was a weird tingle spreading across her body, she didn't know what it was...but it felt good! Once Ginny broke out of her daze she froze when she realised that her family hadn't noticed she stopped and walked off without her. She looked around, she was lost now!

"Are you alright?" A kind voice asked, Ginny turned around and nearly lost all of her breath when she saw who she was talking to.

The boy in front of her wore nice clothes, black shoes and dark grey jeans along with a white shirt and a stylish black jacket with the zip open. He was taller than her, his face was perfectly handsome, his hair was messy and pulled off the just been in the wind look and his eyes were a glorious emerald green. So bright yet so powerful.

"Are you okay?" The boy asked with an amused smile.

"Hmm...uh...yeah" Ginny blushed as she realised she was staring "uh...I stopped and my family didn't realise, I think they walked off"

"Well, they're heading to Hogwarts aren't they?" The boy asked, and Ginny let out a small sigh of relief as she realised that the boy was a fellow magical.

"Yeah" She nodded.

"Well my lady, perhaps you'd like to accompany me there?" He gave her an extremely charming smile and Ginny felt herself go weak at the knees but she managed to give him a small nod. "Ah wait, we haven't introduced ourselves"

"I...I'm Ginny...Ginny Weasley" Ginny said.

"A pleasure to meet you" Harry gently picked her hand up in his own and placed a delicate kiss on her knuckles, a kiss that sent shivers up her entire body "I am Harry, Harry Potter" Ginny's eyes were now comically wide and she now saw the lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

"You...you're the boy-who-lived?" She couldn't help but ask, she didn't notice Harry's smile slightly falter as he recovered quickly.

"I am" Harry offered her an arm, she dumbly took it and the two began walking "though if I am honest, I don't particularly like being the boy-who-lived"

"What? Why?" Ginny asked

"It's just a reminder that my parents are dead and that I'm an orphan" Harry answered honestly.

"Oh Merlin" Ginny gasped "I am so sorry!"

"Don't be, it's not your fault" He said kindly "I can imagine a lot of people grew up on stories about me, how about you?"

"Uh...well...yeah" Ginny admitted, feeling more than a little embarrassed. The two stopped walking and she felt his hand gently lift her chin.

"Now, listen, I don't blame you. Just do me a favour please"

"Yes?" She asked, nearly wincing at how eager she sounded.

"Treat me like Harry, let's forget all of that boy-who-lived nonsense, I don't need my friend treating me like a celebrity"

"Friend?!" She repeated with disbelief and shock.

"Of course" Harry's smile grew wider "how could I not want to be friends with such a pleasant girl?"

"I'm...I'm nothing special" Ginny mumbled.

"Oh you are" Harry said as the two started walking again "you look very special to me, trust me, art doesn't appreciate itself, that's why we have artists."

"Uh...thank you" Her blush was currently in overdrive "uh...where's your stuff?" She asked, seeing as he didn't even have a trunk with him.

"I've shrunk it down" Harry patted the left breast pocket of his jacket "it's much easier that way"

"Oh, right" She nodded "wait, that's my family" She said as she saw her mother and brothers by the platform.

"Hmm, there are a lot of them" Harry commented, he then turned to Ginny "will you be coming to Hogwarts?"

"No" She said disappointedly "I have to wait until next year"

"Such a shame" Harry said sympathetically "well I hope to see you next year" He took her hand and placed another small kiss on it "goodbye for now" He gave her one last smile before he walked off, he walked straight past the Weasley's, not even bothering to talk to them and went straight through the platform.

"Hey" Ron complained once Harry had gone through "it was our turn, he should have waited"

"Don't be ridiculous Ron" Ginny said as she walked up to him "it's a public entrance, we can't do turns here. We were taking time so he went through"

"Who asked you?" Ron glared at her. Ginny glared back until Ron eventually submitted and looked away, Ginny looked at the rest of their family and they were acting as they normally do, that angered Ginny as that meant they didn't even notice that she went missing!

"Oops sorry" Penelope Clearwater, a Ravenclaw fifth year with blonde and curly hair, said when she accidently bumped into someone.

"That's fine" Harry smiled at her "Are you a prefect?" Harry asked, noticing her badge.

"Why yes, I am" She smiled proudly. She now took a good look at the boy in front of her, he was handsome, extremely good looking. She could imagine all the girls in his year falling for him, the year above as well. Even the years above those, in fact she herself couldn't stop thinking about how good looking the boy was. "I am Penelope Clearwater, fifth year Ravenclaw"

"It's a pleasure to meet you" Harry gently took her hand and laid a small kiss on her knuckles, Penelope couldn't help feel a rush go through her body, everything from her body to her magic felt brilliant. "I am Harry Potter, first year and unsorted."

"Harry Potter?" She repeated with a little bit of shock in her voice

"The one and only" Harry grinned "well I must be off now before everyone steals a compartment, I hope to meet you again." Harry walked off, he allowed a drop of his magic to latch on to her, just like he did with the Weasley girl. He kept walking until he found a compartment, he entered it and took a seat. He was about to relax when suddenly the door opened and a sixth year Hufflepuff walked in, she had bright pink shoulder length hair and violet eyes. She also had a prefect badge.

"Oh sorry" The girl said "I thought this compartment was empty"

"You can join me if you want" Harry offered.

"Are you sure? The girl asked "I mean I'm a sixth year, wouldn't you prefer to sit with kids your own age?"

"I don't care how old you are" Harry smiled in a way that made several parts of the girls body twitch. "come in, take a seat" His voice was sweet and soft, the girl didn't even realise she had come in and sat down until she felt her bum land on the seat and was now next to him. "What's your name?" Harry asked curiously.

"Tonks" The girl answered as she became lost in his eyes

"What's your full name?" Harry asked

"I..." Tonks hesitated, she didn't want to tell him her name, she hated her first name. But she couldn't help but feel like she should, her eyes were focused on his. Her magic felt wild and happy around him.

"Go on" He encouraged

"Nym...phadora...Nymphadora Tonks" She eventually said.

"What a pretty name" Harry said, and for some reason she felt like he was being genuinely honest when he said that "your hair and your eyes are an unusual colour, are you a metamorphamaugus too?"

"Yeah, I...wait what?!" She blurted out, Harry grinned before he turned his hair blue and his eyes pink, he then circled through a variety of colours before his eyes and hair turned back to green and black.

"That's amazing!" Tonk's said with awe "I never met another metamorphamgus before and I never had that much control when I was your age, not even now"

"Well, I can teach you" He offered, putting a hand on her own.

Tonks didn't know how it happened, nor did she know why, but suddenly she felt her body move and her head lower itself until her lips touched his own. He kissed back, her body exploded with pleasure, her magic was extremely happy, as was the rest of her body. Soon the tongues began working and Tonks couldn't help but moan as she placed her hands on his face and he placed a single hand on her back and the other on her leg.

'Damn! He's eleven and he snogs better than all the boys I've ever snogged before' she thought as the two tongue wrestled with each other. Eventually the kiss broke off, Tonks was left panting, tired yet with a desire to have more while he merely had a smug grin.

"Who are you?" She whispered through some heavy breathing

"Ah, I forgot to introduce myself, my apologies, I am Harry Potter." He introduced himself, Tonk's eyes widened as she realised that she was snogging the boy-who-lived. She was about to move away when she felt Harry pull her closer "Did I say you could stop?" Harry asked, his voice low and deep. Causing an involuntary shiver to go up Tonk's spine.

"N...no" She whispered, wondering how the hell she was turned on by a first year!

"Then keep going" Harry ordered, and Tonk's head came back down and her lips reunited with his own. She didn't notice him wave his hand, causing the doors to lock and a blue light to briefly form on it, nor did she notice the silencing charm.

"Come on Daphne" Tracy Davis said to her friend Daphne Greengrass, Tracy Davis was a blonde with curly hair and bright blue eyes. Her friend Daphne was the same, except Daphne's hair was straight and a slightly darker blonde and her eyes weren't quite as bright. The two had just exited the train and were making their way to the boats, eventually they found a boat and sat in it. In it was already another girl, Isabella Malfoy, a blonde girl with grey eyes. Her hair was the same blonde as Tracy's but in the same style as Daphne's.

Unlike her brother Draco, Isabella was tolerable and kind and didn't act like she was Merlin's gift to wizard kind, thought that may just be because her mother raised her more than her father, while it was the opposite with Draco. Though Bella wasn't really cruel or vindictive, she did respond in kind to anyone who offends her, however when it comes to her friends she is a kind and lovely girl.

"May I join you?" A voice asked, the three girls turned to see Harry Potter standing in front of them, no longer wearing muggle clothes as he and all the students were now wearing school clothes.

"Okay" Tracy nodded, Bella smiled while Daphne did her best to look uninterested, though she couldn't help but keep glancing at the handsome boy. "I'm Tracy Davis, blonde number one, blonde number two over there is Isabella Malfoy and blonde number three is Daphne Greengrass."

"A pleasure" Harry smiled as he sat in their boats. "I am Harry Potter"

The girls eyes widened, Tracy was surprised to be sitting with a celebrity like Harry potter. Isabella knew her father wanted her brother to befriend him and briefly wondered how well that had gone, Daphne was shocked but knew not to expect much. This was Harry Potter, he'd probably go into Gryffindor and never talk to them again.

Daphne was wrong...Daphne was so, so very wrong...she couldn't believe how wrong she was.

The whole hall went silent as Harry Potter, the boy-who-lived, was sorted into Slytherin. The Gryffindor's looked like someone killed their puppy, the Hufflepuff's, looked terrified, the Ravenclaws were curious and the Slytherin's were shocked.

As the sorting hat leaned down, it covered Harry's face, making it hard for people to see his very evil grin.

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