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Chapter 33 -

"Are you alright?" Dumbledore asked the very second he was able to get Hermione alone in his office, she was sat opposite him as he sat behind his desk. "Has he hurt you at all?" He asked with a frown.

"Well, I..." Hermione began, only to be interrupted as Dumbledore quickly pulled out his wand and began casting every diagnostic spell he could think of. "...there's no need for that, I..."

"Shush," Dumbledore said gently as he continued casting spells. "I need to make sure Harry has not done anything to you." He said, Hermione stared at him for a moment before she huffed and sat back in her chair and began impatiently waiting for Dumbledore to finish.

"So," Hermione said when she saw that Dumbledore was finally done with his diagnostic spells. "are you satisfied that I..." She was once more interrupted, this time by Dumbledore shoving a potion in front of her, showing her that he was not yet satisfied.

"This is simply a potion that will flush out any existing potions you may have in your system." Dumbledore explained when he saw her looking at the potion.

"Are you serious?" Hermione said with disbelief.

"Humour me." Dumbledore calmly said before gesturing to the potion. With an exaggerated sigh, Hermione took the potion and drank it down, grimacing slightly at the taste. "Now, we wait for ten seconds." He said before he began staring at her. Hermione said nothing during those long, tense ten seconds, and neither did Dumbledore. "Well," Dumbledore spoke ten seconds later. "I am glad to say that I don't believe that Harry has any hold over you!" He said with a happy smile.

"Really?" Hermione drawled in a sarcastic voice. "It's almost like I was trying to tell you that."

"My dear, if Harry had managed to gain some control over you then it's very possible for you to not realise that he was controlling you." Dumbledore pointed out. "Now, tell me exactly what happened." He said.

"You could at least say please, you know," Hermione said, rolling her eyes as she did so. "anyway, I'll start talking. One moment I was all alone, minding my own business, the next thing I know is I'm in Harry's room."

"Go on." Dumbledore said, leaning forward slightly, eager to learn more.

"When I woke up I found out that I was tied to a chair, and then Bellatrix Lestrange and Isabella Malfoy were in front of me." Hermione continued. "They asked me some questions but I couldn't really answer them because they had forgotten to take off the silencing charm they had on me. Isabella then tried to 'interrogate' me."

"They tortured you?" Dumbledore gasped.

" was really more just Isabella constantly slapping me in the face and screaming at me to talk until Harry came in and let her know that they actually hadn't taken the silencing charm off." Hermione said with a scowl, still not happy over that fact, her face still hurt slightly.

"And then?" Dumbledore asked, leaning forward even more.

"And then..." Hermione laughed humourlessly. "...he talked to me for a bit before he did this to me." She said, gesturing to her teeth and her hair with a small smile. "I've never felt so beautiful." She admitted with a soft sigh.

"And I am happy that you like your new appearance, but I must know, what did Harry tell you?" Dumbledore asked, barely able to keep the impatience out of his voice.

"What he told me?" Hermione asked. "He told me his goals."

"He did?" Dumbledore breathed, his face splitting into a bright smile. "What are they?" He asked eagerly.

"Well, one of his goals is to get revenge on the people responsible for the death of his parents." Hermione replied.

"Hmm, that is good to know." Dumbledore hummed thoughtfully. The fact that Harry wanted to get revenge on Voldemort meant they at least had a common enemy, though that still doesn't fill Dumbledore with happiness since he had no idea what Harry would do after Voldemort was dealt with, the same way he didn't know what Voldemort would do if it was Harry who had died instead. And he still didn't know what Harry planned to do with the death eaters he had broken out of Azkaban. Did he want to turn them against Voldemort as a way to punish the dark lord? Or was he simply planning to keep them out of Voldemort's reach? Had he killed them yet? "What else do you know?" Dumbledore spoke.

"He plans to change the world." Hermione responded. "And by that, I mean big changes."

"Like what?" Dumbledore raised an eyebrow.

"Well, for example, he wants better rights for muggleborns." Hermione answered.

"Really?" Dumbledore paused, that in a way made sense to him, given that Harry's own mother was a muggleborn and that all of his teachers all had told him that he liked hearing about his mother.

"He also says that he wants to 'deal with the muggles'." Hermione added, bringing Dumbledore out of his thoughts.

"Deal with the muggles?" Dumbledore frowned, not liking the sound of that. "Does he plan to kill them all? Enslave them?"

"I don't know," Hermione admitted honestly, shrugging her shoulders. "he hasn't told me everything."

"Hmm, that is troublesome." Dumbledore said, shaking his head slightly, one hand stroking his beard as a thoughtful look came across his face. "Thankfully, Harry appears to believe that you're now part of his group, this is good."

"Actually, I am part of his group." Hermione told him.

"True, true, but I...wait, what?" Dumbledore blinked and looked at Hermione with questioning eyes.

"I am part of his group," Hermione repeated. "everything I just told you was what he let me tell you."

"But...but I checked!'re not under any magical spells or potions!" Dumbledore blurted out.

"I'm not, and you did, but that doesn't change the fact that I am with Harry now." Hermione pointed out.

" why?!" Dumbledore asked, his face shifting through a great many expressions before settling on confusion. "Why would you settle with being just another warm body for him to use whenever he gets bored?"

"He's not sleeping with me, yet, though I do hope to convince him to do so in the future." Hermione admitted. "As for why I serve him, part of the reason because I agree with the things he had told me. Another reason why is because he didn't take me away from my father and then obliviate him before making me into his personal spy." Hermione said in a cold voice, glaring at Dumbledore. "Also, I think you would like to know that I plan to speak with my father and let him know everything."

"Hermione, you can't!" Dumbledore said quickly, rising to his feet. "I forbid it!"

"I'm not your little chess piece anymore, Uncle." Hermione said, saying the last word like it was the most disgusting thing she had ever had to say. "Also," Hermione said as she stood up. "as far as I'm concerned, you're now just nothing more than a headmaster to me. Goodbye, Professor Dumbledore." Hermione said before she turned and walked out of the office, leaving a gaping Dumbledore who fell back into his chair, his eyes still on the door that his niece had just left through.

Severus Snape, also known as 'the bat of the dungeon', 'the meanest and ugliest teacher in Hogwarts', 'the big nosed git' and 'that twat', was currently working away at a rather volatile but expensive and valuable potion. The quiet and peaceful pastime of potion making had always helped him calm his mind, and right now he felt like he really needed it. As of the moment he was extremely angry, apparently Dumbledore's niece - 'the insufferable know-it-all' as Professor Snape called her - was now on Potter's side.

'Great', He thought to himself. 'the best chance we have at getting someone to spy on the brat and she ends up being brought under his control just like every other person in the school, meaning that he gained another ally while also landing a harsh blow against Dumbledore. Merlin, sometimes I just wish that Dumbledore and Potter would just kill each other off already, it would make my job and my life so much easier.'

"Well, good news, at least part of your wish will come true." A voice said, causing Snape to jump up into the air and nearly drop the ingredients he was holding. He had also let out a shriek, though he would deny it even with his dying breath. He looked to his left and saw none other than James Potter's spawn and current reason for the majority of his own headaches.

"What in the damn hell are you talking about?!" Professor Snape demanded as he placed the ingredients down as fast as he could without knocking anything over. "And how the hell did you get in here without me noticing?!"

"The answer to your second is 'easily'," Harry replied, looking quite amused. "as for your first question, I am referring to the fact that you are hoping that me and Professor Dumbass will finish each other off, I told you that part of your wish would come true. Because sooner or later I will be finishing off Dumbledore." Harry said with a wide grin before pausing. "Or maybe I might just let Bellatrix keep him, hmm...either way, he won't be a problem for long."

"Why are you here?! And why in Salazar's name are you telling me this?!"

"Alright, first of all, don't mention Salazar Slytherin's name, he'd hate you, you're an asshole." Harry calmly stated. "Second of all, the answer to your question is quite simply because I'm bored. And to be honest, I plan to spend the year tormenting you."

"What?!" Snape blurted out.

"Tormenting and/or torture, well...same thing really, or at least it is when I do them." Harry shrugged. "Now, oh...making potion I see." Harry said in an interested voice, turning his eyes to the potion table.

"Glad to see that your eyesight has not completely gone away, not like your father who had to wear those stupid glasses of his." Snape said, sneering at Harry.

"Wow, not obsessed at all." Harry said with a roll of his eyes. "Anyway, what would happen if I do this?" Harry asked in a curious voice before mixing two big beakers full of potions together into one beaker.

"No, you stupid brat!" Snape shouted in panic. "That will cause it to explode!" He tried to reach for it but Harry quickly held it away from him.

"Oh good, so it does do what I thought it would." Harry smirked. "I wouldn't worry, Madam Pomfrey is on the way."

"What? Why?!"

"Because it's her job to take care off injured people," Harry said in a 'come on, that's blindingly obvious, you dumbass' voice. "and you're injured, duh."

"I'm not injured!"

"Oh yeah, what's this then?" Harry asked, he magically pulled on the waist band of Snape's trousers before dropping the potion beaker into it. "Your year of torture starts." Harry told him with a grin. "Goodbye, Snape." Harry said before vanishing out of sight.

"OH SHIT!" Snape blurted out before he tried to remove the potion, unfortunately for him…. he wasn't fast enough.

Unfortunately for Snape, his attempt to get Harry into trouble for the 'little incident' didn't work due to the fact that Professor McGonagall had claimed that at the time Harry had been in her office and had been spending time talking to her about his studies before listening to stories about James and Lily Potter along with a couple of stories about Remus and Sirius. Snape had ended up taking a few weeks off of teaching so Madam Pomfrey could heal him.

Brilliant as she was at healing, the potion along with the glass made the healing a long process, especially when she really didn't want to go near the damaged area.

The healing process was not helped at all when Snape was sent a booby-trapped letter that caused him to spend an additional three days in the hospital wing so Madam Pomfrey could stop him from looking like James Potter. Bellatrix and Isabella had laughed for ages when they heard about that, laughing almost as hard as when they had heard about the exploding potion bottle.

Dumbledore had not yet tried anything, though that was most likely due to the fact that he was probably in shock because of Hermione turning on him, also because he was worried about his 'innocent' little potions master, probably also because he was busy with school work (not to mention the Tri-Wizard tournament and his other two jobs) but also because he was likely still planning his next move. Harry wasn't too worried about that, as far as he was concerned, Dumbledore was not a threat to him.

Especially because soon the students of Durmstrang and Beauxbatons would be here, meaning that Harry would have even more followers to work with.

"You're royally fucked." Harry whispered to a sleeping Snape while he was standing in the hospital wing. Harry waved his hand over Snape, removing the man's bladder control. "Night, night." Harry said before teleporting away.