M-21 felt like he just had the best sleep in his whole life. The whole thing that happened—and fortunately resolved—between him and Raizel turned out to cause more thoughts occupying his mind, which he thought was stupid. It wasn't even a life and death situation. But, well. It happened, and he went through it.

He woke up fresh. Not yet getting out of his bed, his thoughts wandered for a while. M-21 recalled what happened last night.

"Next time…"

M-21 scratched his head, then let out a sigh.

It was awkward to know that someone who's very strong, important, and good-looking like the Noblesse was interested in someone very ordinary like him. Sometimes M-21 thought that Raizel was joking all this time, but someone like Raizel isn't the type that would joke, let alone for an entire week.

M-21 decided to shake away all his thoughts and make up his bed, then prepare for work.

As usual morning routine, when he arrived at the dining room, there was always scrumptious smell coming from the kitchen. Frankenstein and Seira must be cooking breakfast. M-21 had always offered them help before, but ever since knowing that Frankenstein and Seira had no problem cooking by their own, M-21 didn't bother to give them a hand. He had to save it for the dishes he had to wash.

When everyone was done and they were about to go to school, M-21 was stopped by a hand on his wrist.

"Do you mind if we go to school together?"

M-21 blinked then turned at the person who held him back. He shouldn't have been surprised that it was Raizel.

"Huh? Oh … sure." The younger man replied. That was quite sudden.

Raizel didn't say anything for a second.

"I meant just you. I need to talk about…" He trailed off, "…your power. Yes."

The way Raizel spoke made the three modified humans and the two nobles behind Him stunned.

"Err… All right, I guess we'll go first, then? Let's go, Takeo." Tao gave Takeo a little push outside of their house, then they leaped until they weren't seen.

When they were far enough from the house, Takeo spoke up, "Why would they need to be alone to talk about M-21's power?"

"Hmm," Tao wasn't so sure. It wasn't like he knew what the Noblesse was thinking. M-21's power wasn't a secret either. "Maybe Master thinks it's a quite personal topic for M-21? Ah, I don't know."

They went to school without questioning it even further.

Meanwhile, Raizel and M-21 were walking together to the school. M-21 had noticed that Regis and Seira also went shortly after Tao and Takeo did, although he didn't seem to find them. They probably took a different route.

M-21 had been staring at Raizel's back for the past few minutes. The Noble still hadn't said a word ever since they left the house. He wondered what was Raizel wanted to talk about regarding his power. So far, he managed to transform at longer duration and overall his physical power had been stronger than before. He felt much stronger than he was before the Noblesse awakened him. But besides all that, there was nothing new.

His attention was back to reality when Raizel took a wrong turn on the way.

"Wait, it's supposed to be this way," said M-21 as he pointed to the opposite direction of the way Raizel took. Raizel turned to M-21 with slightly wide eyes, then quickly maneuvered to the way M-21 was pointing to.

The wolf man internally sweatdropped. He forgot that Raizel was directionally challenged. M-21 couldn't believe that He still hadn't remembered the way to His own school even after months of studying there.

Few more meters, they encountered another T-junction and Raizel, again, took the wrong way.

He walked faster than before that M-21 had to take His hand so He didn't stray further.

"Mr. Rai! It's this way," he said frantically as he pulled the Other Man, exhaling then released the hand when Raizel finally walked in the same direction as him.

"I thought you've remembered the way to school," said M-21, hoping that the Noblesse wouldn't get mad over him voicing his frustration.

M-21 dreaded just how often would Raizel got the wrong way and he had to tell the right one to Him. The way to school wasn't that far, but also not so close. He had to work, for crying out loud. Tao and Takeo might had arrived by now. Those students needed to be disciplined. If it was Tao or Takeo who stayed by the gate, they didn't seem to have the same effect as him if he was there. Somehow the students, especially the boys, would run faster through the open gate when he was near the gate and it was almost the time to close it. Some would even look like they just saw their parents's face when their grades were low. He didn't know what made them do that, but he was grateful that it made his job easier. The girl students, on the other hand…

Another worrying thought was that Frankenstein might scold him if he was late to school, or even cut his salary. He might didn't spend money that much, but every penny is precious as he can save them for emergency situation.

Raizel stopped on His way. M-21 almost bumped into Him if he didn't stop as well.



"Sorry that I kept going into the wrong direction."

M-21 was about to say something when he noticed a faint pink tint on the Noble's face.


"It's fine… Do you want me to walk in the front instead?" The gray-haired man offered, hoping that Raizel would agree. He didn't usually like walking in the front; he always liked being in the back because he could see everyone else that way. But in this case, he had an immediate need to arrive at the school as soon as possible.

Raizel turned to M-21.

"Why don't you walk next to me?"

And by that, the Noblesse received a gaze of confusion from the modified human.

"Err—" Crap. M-21 left his mouth agape. The ruby-eyed Man would mistake the cue as him not willing to. M-21 is okay with walking next to someone … as long as it's not the Noblesse, or anyone else with so much charismatic aura or great power. But admitting that to the Noblesse would just make the atmosphere between them awkward.


They ended up walking next to each other. M-21 held the urge to slow down so he would end up behind.

He also noticed that Raizel still hadn't said anything related to his power. Just how long was He going to wait until He said anything? M-21 needed to mention it or else He wouldn't talk until they arrived at school.

"Sir, what is it about my power that you want to talk about?"

M-21 noticed the befuddlement in His face.

"I … forgot about that."


He meant … He forgot what He was here with M-21 for? Did he hear that right?

M-21 spared no effort in hiding his bamboozlement and staring at the Man besides him only accentuated it.

"…I mean…"

He let out an exhale of surrender.

"Honestly, I have nothing to say since the beginning."


Then why were they—M-21 was now too confused to even talk properly. Are we just wasting time now? He could just leap from building to building to get to the school fast but here they were?

Keeping His pace, Raizel turned to M-21.

"I just want to walk together with you."

The reddish color on Raizel's cheeks returned. M-21 blinked.


So that's what this is about.

M-21 now realized that he completely didn't put in mind the probability of Raizel making a move on, or trying to spend more time together with him. He hit his head against a pole mentally.

And literally. With a loud thump.

"Urgh—" M-21 groaned as he covered his face—not out of the pain, but the embarrassment. He internally cursed. How could something so embarrassingly stupid happened to him, and in public space, even?!

"Are you alright?" Raizel hurriedly checked up on him. He rested His hand on M-21's back, and another sweeping his hair so He could see his face. The gray rubbed his forehead, "I'm fine, Sir."

Honestly, that didn't hurt his forehead. It did his pride, though.

He completely missed Raizel's brief amused smile.

M-21 should've been able to gain his composure over something small like this, but—Raizel's intention of asking him to walk with Him. M-21 didn't think that His words last night was that serious. Was the Noble rushing or he was overly worried about nothing?

He frowned.

It was just a walk.

M-21 took a deep breath, then looked back at the other Man. "Let's go."

They continued their journey to the school accompanied by nothing but the sounds of cars passing by and students rushing to their school. They almost arrived.

Raizel glanced at the silent man besides Him.

"M-21… Did I make you upset?"

The man turned to the Noble.

"Huh? No…"

"I see. I'm glad that you're not."

Somehow M-21 could feel that Raizel smiled in relief.

"Why would I be upset?"

"Because I lied to you about wanting to talk about your power."

Seemed like Raizel had no intention to talk about anything… It wasn't like he was mind of the silence, or the Noblesse's company. The memory of beach "date" the other day came to him. At that time, he was still quite awkward over Raizel's change of attitude from His usual self towards him, especially knowing His purpose. Maybe he misjudged Raizel as someone who's cold and distant all this time. Or maybe they eventually warmed up to each other, he didn't know. It was still too early to see.

He also felt confused and overwhelmed at the time, but now he felt lighter compared to him at the day when Raizel confessed.

Maybe everything Raizel did did work?

"Hm…" M-21 unconsciously put his hand on the chin.

Raizel threw an inquiring look. M-21 could only say that it was nothing.

"We have arrived," said M-21 as they finally reached the school gate. Tao and Takeo were there, greeting M-21 and gave a small bow to Raizel. Luckily it wasn't the time to close it yet. Though if it was, both Raizel and him would be considered late and that meant the teacher would give Him punishment, which is something Frankenstein would not approve.

Raizel went on separate way to the school building without saying anything.

"Mist—err, Rai!"

He turned back to M-21.

"…Umm, good luck in your studies?" uttered the gray-haired man with a fist raised near his shoulder.

He was stupefied at his own act as Raizel gazed at him from a distance.

The Noblesse's lips faintly curved into a smile.

It was when Raizel had entered the building that he returned back to reality.

"H-hey, what was that? M-21?" Tao shook his shoulder; his expression is that of someone who just saw a ghost.

"I don't know, okay? I don't know why did I even do that!"

"I didn't know you were that close to Master…"

"No, I...!" M-21 scratched his head out of confusion, "It's just a good luck wish anyway, what's so weird about it?"

"I mean—it's you and Master, duuude! Two of the coldest people in the house. You never said anything to him!"

"Why do you put it like He and I are total strangers?" The silver-eyed man crossed his arms, "I've known Him more than you two do, you know."

Tao and Takeo looked at each other then back to M-21.

The school bell rang.

M-21 exhaled in relief mentally as they moved to close the school gate. Thank God the bell saved him, because he himself didn't know what to say anymore to the two. Heck, he couldn't even explain to himself why did he wish the Noblesse good luck in His studies, when most of the time it was Frankenstein who did His homework.

It was dinner time and the human children were visiting the house.

Yuna and Suyi had offered to help making dinner, which Seira rejected at first, yet in the end the insisted on doing it and she and Frankenstein let them in the kitchen. Shinwoo and Ikhan were playing card games with Tao, Takeo, and Regis while snacking on potato chips the kids bought before. M-21 chose not to join them and Rai was just watching.

"Rai, why don't you play with us?" Shinwoo elbowed Rai's foot on his side, grinning. "It's easy. I'll teach you. Look, I'm already winning against Tao!"

"Hey! This isn't even my final form!" Tao exclaimed as he pulled a card from Ikhan's cards, only to groan in defeat. Ikhan laughed like he came straight out of a mafia movie.

"Alright, since I'm winning, now it's time for Truth or Dare!"

"Whaaat? You didn't tell me you're going to do this!"

"What, Shinwoo? Are you scared?" Ikhan swept the entire cards back to its packet, then pulled a water plastic bottle from his school bag. He looked at each of the person in the room, "Aren't you guys curious about some things sometimes?"

"Eeeh, well," Tao scratched his head, "I am curious indeed about how much shampoo Takeo uses every week."

"Why are you curious about the most unimportant thing?" The purple-haired man said as he threw a judging look at the man.

"What is this Truth or Dare game about?" Regis chimed in.

"It's a game where you tell us a truthful answer of a question we ask you if you choose Truth, or do something we tell you to do if you choose Dare."

Regis raised an eyebrow. "Huh. You guys are entertained by that kind of game?"

"Of cooourse! You don't know how it feels to see your friends do stupid things, huh, Regis?"

"Or answer questions that will make them embarrassed, heheheh."

Regis shrugged. Human children truly are weird.

"Rai, you're joining in, no matter what." Ikhan put the bottle in the middle of the low table. Raizel didn't say anything, enjoying His tea on the ottoman like the world is His. Ikhan turned to M-21.

"Mister, this time you're joining too, right?"

M-21's mouth twitched. "No."

"Aw, c'mooon. If you're standing there that means you're playing with us."

"No means no."

"Ikhan, just start already. Mister wants to be the mysterious guy. He's no fun."

M-21 threw another glare at the red-head. Not that he was scared. The man shifted so he was standing behind Takeo, in case the bottle pointed at him…

"All right, heeere we go!" Ikhan gave enough force to the bottle to spin quickly for a few seconds before it stopped and the lid end faced Takeo.

"Bro! Truth or dare?"

"Please say truth. I want to ask how much shampoo do you use every w—"



"Now we're choosing who will give the task." Ikhan said, then gave the bottle a spin again. It stopped at Ikhan himself.

"Yay! Now say "I like you" to Seira!"

"Huh?!" Both Takeo and Shinwoo stood up.

"Hold up," Regis raised a hand, "I'm pretty sure Takeo isn't Seira's type."

Ikhan face-palmed; he was always the one who needed to educated these foreigners. "I'm not telling him to confess seriously, Regis. This game is not meant to be taken seriously. Well, the Dares, at least."


Ikhan pushed Takeo towards the kitchen door, "Now go!"

"Do you want to make Shinwoo's heart break, Ikhan?" Takeo sighed, giving in then opened the kitchen door. Scrumptious smell quickly spread and reached their nose. Ikhan, Shinwoo, and Tao were tailing Takeo. Regis wasn't interested at the outcome in the slightest.

"Hey, why are you guys here?" said Suyi, frowning at the disturbance in the kitchen.

"There's something Takeo needs to do, we'll just stay here," Tao replied as he gave an OK sign.

The tall man approached the only white-haired girl in the room. She was busy stirring some kind of soup in a pot.

"Uhh, Seira…" Takeo went mute as a pinkish shade showed up on his cheeks. The confidence he had just then dissipated despite the fact that he knew this was just a game. Shinwoo bit his thumb nail.

Seira turned to Takeo, "Yes?"

"I … I," The others outside of the room were waiting in anticipation; meanwhile Takeo tried his best to keep calm—which he failed, "I … l-like … you…"

Seira blinked.

Shinwoo fainted outside of the kitchen.

"Whaaat? That must be a lie,"

"They're probably playing Truth or Dare, there's no way he meant it," the unimpressed Suyi said to Yuna, which the latter agreed on.

"You guys are playing Truth or Dare without waiting for us? Fine, we're not friends anymore."

"Really? None of you thought that Takeo might meant it? Damn, not fun," Tao pouted.

Frankenstein turned to the group. "If you're done, now get out from here or I'll put you in charge of the kitchen in the future. No ruining the food allowed."

"A-alright, I'm going out!" Takeo frantically made his way between the girls while pacing towards the door. Ikhan and Tao gave way to him while quickly carried the dramatically fainted Shinwoo and walked away from the kitchen.

M-21 face-palmed in the background. Good thing he decided to not join them playing this game; he wouldn't want to do silly stuff or answer stupid questions from the kids. Though, it was quite amusing seeing how nervous Takeo became.

He glanced at the Noblesse. As he had guessed, He was indifferent to what was happening. The tea was probably the most interesting thing for Him right now; truly the peak of focus.

The kids were ready to do another turn. Ikhan spun the bottle again. "Please be Rai this time. Hehehe!"

Shinwoo who magically had woken up laughed at that, yet the three and Regis secretly hoped the bottle wouldn't point at Him. He might be able to lie if He chose Truth, but Dare? What stuff He might need to do?

The bottle stopped spinning and the lid end pointed at none other than Raizel.

The modified humans internally passed away.

"Ikhan, what did you do? Your wish came true!" Shinwoo smacked the shorter boy's back.

"I don't know, but I'm excited to see what Rai will answer or do," Ikhan turned to the Noble, grinning mischievously, "Rai, what will you choose? Truth or Dare?"

The whole group looked anticipatingly at Raizel. The Noblesse put His cup on the saucer.


Oh, this is going to be interesting. M-21 was sure they were all collectively curious at what would be the question for Raizel and the answer He'd said. He just hoped that the question wouldn't be weird or anything.

Ikhan began spinning the bottle again. It pointed at Shinwoo.

"Woohoooo! Rai, you chose Truth, right?" Shinwoo put a hand on his chin, humming as he thought about a question. The grin on his face was a proof that he, in fact, already thought of a question and he put off asking it on purpose just to see everyone's reaction. Ikhan looked excited with very wide eyes and the rest looked … pale?

As Shinwoo was about to speak, Suyi and Seira came out of the kitchen with plates and bowls of food, Frankenstein and Yuna following after them.

"Rai … do you have a crush?"

Oh, no.

Not that question.

M-21's heart skipped a beat.

Finished putting all the food on the dining table, Suyi hurried to her friends' side. "Rai chose Truth? Tell us, tell us!"

M-21 looked away from the direction where Raizel was sitting, hiding his face under his bangs. Of course, youngsters tend to be curious about it. After all, they were in that age where they were experiencing love and relationship. Even Shinwoo needed consultation to write love letter. That's just normal. He should've expected the question from them.

But asking such question to Raizel when he already knew the answer? M-21 didn't know if he could handle being in this room any longer. Even he could see Frankenstein and Seira paying close attention to Raizel right now.

Raizel wasn't in a hurry. He sipped His tea as the entire household and the children looked at Him, standing and sitting still. M-21 really didn't like that even Shinwoo and Ikhan's expression slowly turned serious.


Jaws were dropping and eyes widened.

"HUH?! For real?!"

Raizel nodded. The whole household wasn't mistaken when they noticed His cheeks turning red.

"I—I couldn't believe this! Who's the lucky girl, Rai? Who?" Suyi got excited she shifted closer to Raizel, demanding an answer.

"Oh my god, I can't believe this! Rai actually got a crush!"

"Shinwoo, don't yell next to my ear!"

"That's so sweet, Rai. How's your relationship with her?"

All these children being nosy and assuming… M-21 scratched his neck out of nervousness. He guessed that it was better for them to think that the Noblesse's crush was a girl, so he was beyond consideration of becoming one of the people they guessed as His crush.

"The question was whether I have one or not," M-21 swore; each time Raizel let His low voice be heard, it managed to silence everyone around Him. "I don't have to tell you who it is."

"Aww, c'mon Rai! You never told us about her!"

The headmaster cleared his throat, trying to control the situation, "He's right, you only asked that one question. You can't ask who's the person is."

"And dinner's ready," Seira added.


The group slumped in defeat, but M-21 sighed in relief. He was more worried about himself than Raizel, to be honest. He knew Raizel wasn't the type to reveal something that was supposed to be secret like His crush, but who knew if He thought the children deserved to know. He knew best than to tell the children that His crush was … was…

M-21 walked away from behind Takeo to the dining table. Frankenstein, Seira, and the girls wouldn't appreciate if the food they had been cooking had gone cold because they didn't eat it immediately. He also desperately wanted to avoid this conversation he himself wasn't even having.

"He's … a nice person."

He froze.

That left Shinwoo's mouth agape, "W-wait, your crush is a dude?"

Raizel nodded.

"This—this makes me even more curious! Rai, tell us who that guy is or else I wouldn't be able to sleep!"

"Please calm down Shinwoo, Rai might feel pressured if you keep nudging him like that…" Yuna pulled Shinwoo on the sleeve.

Raizel made a smile that could not be described with any words but gentle.

M-21 was sure he wasn't imagining things when Raizel briefly glanced to his direction.

"The first time we met, he didn't make any good impression in me and I had no interest in him whatsoever. But over time, I discovered that he's actually a kind person with a gentle heart beneath his cold mask. He's a hardworking person with strong will."

Raizel slightly shook the cup in His hand, watching the light brown liquid swayed about.

"His eyes are those of a lonely person, yet little by little they're turning bright. I wouldn't say that it's because he met me, but I'm glad that he's becoming happier. I don't talk that often to him; I … don't know what to talk about. But I want to be one of people who make him happy, so I'm trying my best.

"I like his personality, and he's very handsome, too."

When Raizel finished, the entire living beings in the room were frozen. The children had a faint blush painted on their faces, Regis did too. Seira, who usually looked calm, even had her eyes wide open.

"Rai…" Yuna covered her mouth with both hands, "you really sound like someone who's in love."

Shinwoo laid his back on the couch with an indescribably emotional look on his face, "He is, Yuna… He is… I never saw Rai speaks like that…"

"I really want to know who's that lucky guy is," Ikhan said, wiping a tear, "You really like him, don't you… You practically showered him with compliments. And you said he's handsome too."

"Even Mister's face went red from Rai's speech of love too. Truly powerful, Rai."

Everyone turned to M-21 and Suyi was right; his face was red as a crab, a sight none of them ever saw before. He covered the lower part of his face on reflex and avoided everyone's gaze, "What are you looking at? Game's over. It's dinner time!"

Tao nudged M-21's side, "Aww, are you shy because of what Rai said? That's cute~"

"It's not! And this wasn't caused by that."

"Yeeeah, suuure."

The only redhead in the room giggled, "Mister, you look kinda cute~"

The houseowner cleared his throat, not wanting the conversation to stretch further. "He's right, it's dinner time. If the food is already cold, you guys will be the one cooking next time," He made a threatening grin and it succeeded in making all of them rushed to the dining table. M-21 reached for the dining chair; the one that was further from his usual seat—and Raizel. He tried his best to calm himself, but his head felt warm and his heart was pounding faster than usual. He still could hear the children and Tao teasing him, but they were just noises; his mind was elsewhere, pondering about everything Raizel said... He turned away from the rest, then inhaled deeply.

M-21 was now laying on his bed, his mind pondering. Was everything the Noblesse spoke of about him? They all sounded so … not him. Did he really look like a lonely person? They did meet under hostile circumstances, M-21 kidnapping the kids and all, so perhaps the Noble truly talked about him. He didn't know whether he was in doubt or denial. Raizel did say He had feelings for him, but who knew if He had more than one crush. Then again, the idea of Raizel having many crushes is unimaginable.

The werewolf heart owner had been staring at his room's ceiling for the past thirty minutes. Laying down after dinner wasn't really a good thing—but he didn't care. He was tired again even though he had been able to relax after yesterday. He felt stupid for being easily overwhelmed over something emotional like this, but this was Raizel Himself. Though he thought he might get over it soon.

Was that how he'd feel if he was in love? He never experienced love at all. The Union only taught him to kill, survive, hate, and resent. The only people whom he was comfortable with were the fellow M-series experiment subjects—his friends. He cared deeply about them. When they were still alive, he'd try his best to protect them, even at the cost of his well-being. When there were only M-24 and himself left, he'd work hard so M-24 would stay alive, so they would go on longer together. When he passed away, M-21 was left with bitterness.

Romantic love wasn't something that M-21 could imagine feeling. He did care about Raizel; after all, he wouldn't be alive now without Him. Maybe words like admiration and respect were more accurate to represent how he felt about the Noblesse. He couldn't imagine how Raizel really felt towards him.

M-21 huffed into his hands, then ruffled his hair. He rose up and went out of his bedroom to the balcony for some fresh air, feeling the not so cold air wafting on his skin.

He heard footsteps from behind and sighed. The peace he had for a moment didn't last long.

The person who just came stood beside him and his finger twitched. It was none other than the Cadis Etrama Di Raizel.

Sometimes M-21 wondered if Raizel kept in mind that he liked to linger in the balcony, because He almost always came when he was here.

M-21 didn't think to bother the Other in the middle of the peaceful night tranquil. Knowing Raizel, M-21 didn't feel like he had to say something to break the ice. M-21 noticed from the corner of his eyes; He closed His eyes for a short while.

The thoughts M-21 had before came back, and so did the questions.

"Umm…" M-21 started with an art of starting a conversation. He cleared his throat in an attempt to push his nervousness. That was enough for Raizel to spare a glance at him.

"What you said before," M-21 lowered his face, staring at the balcony fence, "did you … really mean it?"

Raizel didn't answer yet, but He was still looking at M-21. The younger man could feel the weight of the Man's gaze on him.


So He meant it. M-21 didn't know what to say now that Raizel had confirmed it. He didn't lie back then even though it was just a game. He let out a hesitant laugh. Not when the Man was here that he felt something he himself couldn't describe.

Raizel turned His head. "Is there something funny?"

"N-not at all. It was just…" He scratched his head awkwardly. "It's nothing, really. I wasn't laughing at you."

He turned away from Raizel, his face was hidden behind his bangs from Raizel's view.

"T-that guy must be lucky you like him that much." Shit. Why the hell did he even say that?! If Raizel wasn't there with him he must had hit his head repeatedly to the balcony fence.

Raizel remained silent and M-21 bit his lip out of embarrassment.

"Well. I don't know whether that person is lucky or not that I'm interested in him, but…"

M-21 heard the Noble shifting closer to him, so he turned to see Him.

"…I'm lucky that I've met him."

M-21 could feel heat gathered up on his cheeks.

"How—how could you said such thing with a straight face?" Ignoring the faint smile on the Noble's face, M-21 backed away a little as he covered his face. If the Mother Nature could swallow him right now, he would allow her. He always knew Raizel was a pro at saying anything with a neutral face—maybe anything means a cheesy quote from cheap soap opera now. He could see Raizel's noble eyes blinking from the gaps of his fingers. The silver-haired man knew the realization grew inside the Noblesse because His face was turning red just like his.

"Ah." Raizel cleared His throat. "I'm sorry, it's embarrassing, isn't it?"

If my face isn't a proof of secondhand embarrassment that I'm feeling right now, then you're pretty dense—is what M-21 was thinking, but he decided to keep it to himself for the sake of his own life.

"Sorry." Raizel reached to M-21's hand that was covering his face and pulled it away; M-21 was wide-eyed at the unexpected gesture. "But I really meant what I said."

M-21 stared at his own reflection in the scarlet irises.

"I … see."

"And even though you say you are a lucky person, I still have to do my best."

Raizel nodded sheepishly at His own words as M-21's face washed blank with surprise. It quickly turned him round-eyed just like he was seconds before, then he turned away; he was sure he looked pinkish again—for different reason.

The Noblesse patted him in the head.

"Don't go to sleep too late." Raizel curved His lips to a faint smile, then turned around and walked inside, leaving M-21 by himself.