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Chapter 1: Thief

Nessie's POV

The Christmas lights that lit up the entire city were a painful reminder of everything that was missing in my life. Being a homeless teenage girl never felt more lonely than it did on Christmas Eve. It was a hollow reminder of what I once had.

My life has been anything but easy. I was dumped at an orphanage when I was only four years old. Nobody knew much about the man other than that he ice cold skin and frightening red eyes. Apparently I was really scared and wouldn't stop crying. That was all that I had been told.

Not long afterwards I was adopted. But my happiness didn't last very long. They ended up putting me in a psychiatric institution because I wouldn't stop going on and on about how the man who supposedly kidnapped me was a vampire. So they decided to dump me in the hospital. When it became clear to me that I was not going to get out of there any time soon I found a way to escape.

When I escaped I ran away as far as I could. I was five years old at the time and I've been homeless ever since. It wasn't the best situation but it was certainly better than being permanently locked up in a hospital just for having crazy child delusions. That's what it all boiled down to. I was just a traumatized child who had strange delusions. Did I really needed to be locked up all the time and heavily medicated for it when I was only five years old?

Not long after I ran away I found another homeless kid. William was my age when his family just flat out abandoned him for no reason. We immediately bonded. The two of us together against the world. We grew up on the streets together. When we hit our teen years our friendship began to change into love.

Tears began streaming down my face as I remembered William. He just disappeared on me one day several months ago. I didn't know what what drive him to disappear on me like that. Disappear on us like that. Two years ago I gave birth to our first child. A boy who I named William Jr. Or Will for short. I had been six months pregnant with our second child when he disappeared.

Just one week ago I gave birth to a baby girl. I named her Lily. I couldn't stop crying of sadness. I wanted, no, I needed my William. We missed him so much. The worst part is being unable to explain his disappearance to my two year old son. Will kept asking for his dad every single day.

People avoided me as I walked down the sidewalk. As much as it hurt to see people actively avoiding me I didn't blame them one bit for it. Having nothing meant that I had to steal everything. Food, clothes, water, medicine. I was a thief and people knew that. I've stolen from stores. Broken into cars. Whatever it took to get what I needed for myself and more importantly my family.

I sighed in despair. Sometimes everything just felt so bleak. Like I would never be able to escape from my situation. The shiny bright happy looking Christmas lights were a stark contrast to my mood. It was already Christmas Eve and people were running around doing last minute Christmas shopping. I wished that shopping for last minute Christmas gifts were my only problem.

Besides being a homeless mother of two kids I had other problems to worry about. William and I often did illegal things to make a little extra money here and there. Jason and his gang of thugs promised us money in exchange for selling drugs such as cocaine and meth. We weren't proud of what we were doing but it gave us some money here and there. Unfortunately once you start doing this kind of thing it's nearly impossible to stop.

I shook my head as if that would somehow rid my head of all the distressing thoughts. I had one mission today and I was determined to get it done as fast as I could. I had left Will and Lily themselves in the old abandoned building we called home. It wasn't the best idea to leave a two year old boy and a one week old baby girl by themselves but I didn't have a choice. My son was sick with a terrible cold and needed medicine. I also urgently needed baby formula for my daughter. My body stopped producing milk and she hadn't eaten anything in nearly two days because of it.

If I wasn't so desperate I wouldn't have left them alone. I walked into the store as fast as I could. The store was so jam packed with people that they barely even took notice of me. I went to the pharmacy section and first and got a few bottles of Children's NyQuil. Then I headed over to the section where they kept the baby formula. I grabbed a can of formula and then some drinking water.

"There she is," I heard someone say.

I spun around. Crap the manager recognized me! I pushed through the crowd of people as fast as I could. Security was waiting for me at the exit but I bolted right past them. They chased after me. I ran as fast as I could. I felt triumphant when I looked back and saw that they had given up.

Suddenly I tripped and fell face first onto the concrete. The items I had been carrying fell from my arms and scattered everywhere. I barely had time to register any of that before a massive wave of pain slammed into me. I could barely breathe. It took my brain a few seconds to register that I had been hit by a car.

My vision was fading in out when breathtakingly beautiful man got out of the vehicle. He was a blond man with pale skin and gold eyes. His ice cold skin registered in my head when he touched me. He was a doctor. I could tell from the coat that he was wearing. The last thing I saw in him was worry, followed by confusion, and then shocked recognition. It was then that I slipped a blissfully pain free unconscious state.

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