This is a story that was accidentally removed by for some reason I am not quite sure on. This story, I will warn you now will be long and will contain violence, sexuality, torture and non-consensual sex. This is Rated R for a Reason, but is not as graphic as some of the fine pieces I have read here on Please heed this warning now and do not let anyone under the age of 17 read this story. I warn you again, this is Rated R.


Dissclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, etc etc.

Rating: "R" for a Reason!

Chapter One: The Horrible Truth

         A tall man with a flowing white beard sat down at a large oak desk. His eyes, usually full of humor and twinkle, were red and sullen. He had long since forgotten to wipe his eyes of the remaining tears on his cheeks. He looked at his hands, once had been so strong, were now defeated. Yes, they had failed him today.

         "I am so sorry...." he whispered to the air, a wave of pain hitting his tired old body. It was more of a deep sorrow more then pain. He gripped his desk and winced, feeling his heart flutter. A raking sob echoed his small lips as he crumpled to the floor, remaining motionless yet still alive. Once the greatest wizard of all time and headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Albus Dumbledore had finally been defeated. He let his grief take over him as he slowly closed his eyes, remembering just moments ago how he had killed the boy who lived.......



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