Big Time Pirates

Chapter 1 Neverland

Captain Jake's POV

Our Crossover story begins on Neverland with the crew and I waking up.

"Good morning crew!" I said to them.

"Good morning!" Cubby said to me

"Morning!" Skully said to us.

(Yawns) morning!" Izzy said to us while yawning.

"Izzy, are you alright?" I asked her.

Izzy, didn't respond cause she fell asleep…

"IZZY!" Cubby said while he yelled her name.

"Huh, what? Oh I'm sorry crew, I guess I didn't get enough sleep last night." Izzy said to us.

"What were you doing last night Izzy?" Skully asked her.

Last Night....

Izzy's POV

I was outside in the middle of the night talking to Marina the mermaid.

"So, Izzy did you tell him yet?" Marina asked me.

"Not yet Marina, but I will soon." I said to her.

I than looks up to see that the sun was already setting down.

"Wow, it's getting really late." I said to Marina.

"Don't worry Iz, I'm sure your crew doesn't mind if you stay up a little longer." Marina said to me.

"I'm guessing your right Marina, what's the worst that can happen?" I asked her.

Present day..

"So, you were outside of the hideout, talking to Marina?" Jake asked me

"Maybe?" I said to him when I hesitated.

"IZZY!" Captain Jake said while yelling my name.


"Whoa, calm down Iz." Captain Jake said to me.

"Yeah!" Cubby also said to me.

"Listen to your maties." Skully pointed out as he as right.

"I'm sorry crew." I said to them as I apologized.

"know harm Iz." Captain Jake said to me.

"Anyway crew, I heard that Peter Pan is giving us a summer vacation in Los Angeles!" Skully said to us.

"Los Angeles?" Cubby questioned

Meanwhile at the Palm Woods.

Logan's POV

Kendall, James, Carlos and I we're about to have our race.

Okay, the last one to Rock Records is the winner." Kendall said to us.

"I'm going to win!" James said to him.

"Uh sorry James, but I'm going to win." Carlos said to us.

"haha, none of you are going to win cause, I'm the smartest!" I said you all three of them

"WELL SEE!" the three boys said to me as I just ignored them.





So the boys and I started to race around the Palm Woods lobby, where Mr. Bitters said..

"NO RUNNING IN THE LOBBY!" Mr. Bitters said to us as we continued to run.

"I'm going to win this race? Oh no." Kendall said to them as they didn't look where they're were going.

"LOOK OUT!" James said as they bumped into Gustavo Rock.


"That was Awesome!" Carlos said as he was happy that he won the race.

Aww, man Carlos won this race. I said to the rest of the guys.

Back on Pirate Island

Captain Jake's POV

As we were done eating our breakfast, Cubby asked me something.

Captain Jake, are you sure Peter Pan gave us another summer vacation, but this time in Los Angeles? Didn't we just visit Hollywood where we met Tori Vega?" Cubby asked me.

"That was someone else's FanFiction Cubby. besides this is the first ever Crossover, with Big Time Rush.

"So, Captain Jake when are we going to Los Angeles?" Izzy asked me.

"As soon as Cubby is ready, we can go to Los Angeles." I said to her.

"Okay I'm ready!" Cubby said to us.

"Then yo ho let's go to Los Angeles for our summer vacation.

Yo let's go, yo ho let's Go! all aboard on our way with Captain Jake

lead the way

come on crew I'm calling you

we're with you all the way.

band together pirate mates and anchors away.

we'll set sail with Captain today.

Yo ho Captain Jake!

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Make it count, play it straight don't look back, don't hesitate. When you go big time

What you want, what you feel Never quit and make it real.

When you roll big time

Hey, hey

Listen to your heart now

Hey, hey

Don't you feel the rush?

Hey, hey

Better take your shot now

Oh, oh, oh, oh

Go and shake it up What you gotta lose?

Go and make your luck with the life you choose

If you want it all, lay it on the line

It's the only life you got

So you gotta live it big time

Author's note: Hey guys looks like this crossover is getting to a perfect start anyway I already published Chapter 2 Welcome to The Palm Woods. but please leave a review to see what ideas you can come up with for Chapter 3 anyway see you guys in chapter 3! PEACE