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"Êtes-vous la Princesse ou la Reine?" Is French for, "Are you the princess or the queen?"

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Chapter One – Êtes-Vous la Princesse ou la Reine?

Caroline Forbes didn't look a day over seventeen and never would. She'd been a beautiful blonde teenage vampire for the last thirty years. Eternal youth hadn't sound so bad in the beginning... but after several relocations, her husband had had enough. By the time everyone kept thinking she was his daughter, he wanted out. Freshly divorced, she stood naked in the largest office of L'attrait des Ténèbres in the heart of New Orleans. The massive brothel had been in the French Quarter for as long as the city had fallen under the control of the Mikaelson family. The family consisted of three brothers and three sisters. They were the Original vampires, the ones who started it all. Freya was the eldest and was both a witch and a vampire. Finn, Elijah, Kol and Rebekah were all pure vampire. The fiercest of them all, and their self-appointed leader, was Nikalus Mikaelson. With the exception of his siblings, everyone called him Klaus. He was the Original Hybrid, the only vampire in history who was also a werewolf. They were all true immortals and could never be killed.

Caroline had heard tales of the Originals since befriending a vampire passing through her home town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. Katerina was an ancestor of her childhood friend, Elena. She'd been in a relationship with Elijah, the more noble and stuffiest of the brothers, on and off for over five hundred years. The vivacious brunette had enticed the eternal teenager with tales of sexual freedom and endless pleasure. She was a Domina, a professional man-tamer, as she called it. The brothel was eleven stories tall and offered everything from prostitution to BDSM to gambling to drugs to alcohol and anything and everything in between. If it felt good, the Mikaelsons sold it in spades.

Caroline had married her childhood sweetheart. She was by no means a virgin, but her ex-husband, Matt, was as vanilla as drive-thru soft serve. What drew the divorcee in was Kat's promise that supernaturals could stay as long as they wanted without fear of persecution from the humans. The Originals ruled the city in every sense of the word. L'attrait des Ténèbres was their pride and joy, the largest of a series of pleasure houses all around the world. Kat had assured her that there were hundreds of employees, plenty of whom had nothing to do with the customers. The family employed prostitutes for every fetish under the sun, Dominas, Dominants, card dealers, bartenders and pharmacists. However, they also employed housekeepers, front desk workers, maintenance staff, cooks, servers and billing agents. The undead blonde had applied originally for a bookkeeping position.

That was before she met Klaus Mikaelson.

Five minutes in his presence had been enough to reconsider her application. The man was hot. Before she knew what was happening, he'd sweet talked her all the way to his office for an interview as a pleasure slave. Mikaelson pleasure slaves were known the world over as the best of the best. Each was individually selected by the siblings and received intense training in their areas of expertise. Those areas were ultimately determined by Klaus, but he based his decision on what each employee liked and disliked and he never forced anyone to do anything. They were all highly compensated for their positions and lived lives of luxury. Some had been with the family for centuries. Others stayed a short time. All who left on good terms were welcome to return. L'attrait des Ténèbres was a happy place. An adult playground. A place unlike any other in the world. Caroline had come to find a home for herself. She wanted a new life and this was her chance... it just wasn't the chance she'd excepted.

Klaus slowly circled her and examined her naked body with a clinical detachment that she found both exhilarating and humiliating. She wasn't sure what to make of it... but she liked it. "You have lovely breasts," he said conversationally, oblivious to her utter mortification. Every inch of her exposed skin felt like it was on fire. Never in her life had she taken off her clothes for a man five minutes after shaking his hand. Something about the way he'd smiled at her with his charming dimples had her mesmerized. Her first command had been to remove her clothing and stand silent and still for inspection. She did her best not to jump when he reached out without warning to lightly rub the pad of his thumb over her nipple. She'd agreed to it but nothing could have prepared for how good it would feel.

"Very reactive. That's good. Very marketable." He did the same to the other as she did her best to obey his command. He palmed her perky teenage breasts, weighing them like a grocer would a melon. When he was finished, he circled her a few more times, gently caressing every part of her. When he got to the apex of her thighs, she sucked in a deep breath and he smirked at her from beneath his long lashes. "Spread your legs and show me your pussy," he instructed like it wasn't the hottest thing she'd ever heard in her life. "Good girl," he praised when she did it without hesitation.

What? What did he just say?

For reasons unknown, no two words in her existence had made her entire body and soul come alive the way those two syllables did when they rolled so easily off his tongue. She bit down on her molars to keep from gasping when he parted her lips with both hands, rubbing his thumbs up and down her folds. "You're very easily aroused," he observed. "I can smell you from here." It was the most erotic thing anyone had ever said to her, but to him it was business as usual. He pressed two fingers inside her dripping center and hummed to himself. Was he... taking measurements? This was too weird. "The hair has to go, of course," he commented like this was a perfectly normal observation. After a few seconds, he pulled out and rubbed his hands over each of her bare cheeks. He patted her lightly and nodded when she didn't jump. "Tell me about your ass."

She was momentarily stunned and couldn't formulate a response. When he raised an eyebrow at her and crossed his arms over his toned chest, she said the first thing that came to mind. "Umm... I'm pretty regular, I guess?" Whatever he had been expecting, that hadn't been it because he clamped his mouth shut and looked down at his boots. "Seriously? Clients are going to care about what I do in the bathroom?" She was rambling and she knew it, but he wasn't saying anything! He stood there, his shoulders shaking slightly, lips pressed firmly together as she babbled. "Not to kink shame, but that's... a lot to process. I'm not even sure I want that kind of job... I mean, what do they want to know for? Do they want to, like, eat it or something? Or watch? I had a roommate for a year in college before I got married. She walked in on me this one time. I screamed really loud and it didn't happen again. She was really sorry. Like, I know it wasn't on purpose, but that's just not my kind of thing, ok?"

"Ok, so that's no anal experience then," he replied, regaining his composure.

Oh. He had been talking about anal sex... not bowel movements... oops. She had a lot to learn. She felt flames crawl up her neck as humiliation threatened to devour her. He was being nice about it, but she could tell he was barely managing to keep from laughing at her stupidity.

"We'll have to start stretching you. We can start with a small butt plug and go from there. Please," he said, gesturing at the plush chair in front of his large wooden desk, "take a seat."

"They have sizes?" she asked, confused as she sat down, consciously aware that she was still naked.

"Of course," he answered casually. "Everything has a size. Speaking of, how far can you deep throat?"

What?! "Ummm... I don't know... a few inches, maybe?" the blonde guessed, squinting her eyes at him. Was he serious? "How long is a waffle cone? Because I can scarf one of those down in two bites," she said proudly, hoping that was a good answer.

"Hmm," he hummed, frowning slightly. "Ok, that's fine. I have a silicone replica you can practice on."

Apparently waffle cones were nothing to write home about. Good to know. "Umm... that sounds kind of gross..." Sucking on a silicone penis? She definitely loved giving a good blow job, but... silicone? That sounded horrible.

Klaus tapped the keys on his laptop and started filling out her profile. He entered an alert in bright red letters, "Anal training needed asap." Without looking up, he added with a sly smirk, "If you'd prefer, you can practice on my actual cock, love."

What the hell was she supposed to say to that? Yes, please, when can I start? No. She didn't want to come on too strong. Come... Yeah. That. She needed to do that. "Ummm... that's... better? I guess?" Fuck. She couldn't he even think in front of him!

"Alright, well I have several more interviews to conduct, but you can come back this evening and I'll try to squeeze you in." Her pussy clenched at the thought of sucking his cock in just a few short hours. This was the wildest day of her life, hands down. For him, just a normal Tuesday. "How are you with being tied up?" he asked politely, glancing at her briefly as he checked his schedule.

Caroline was stunned into silence. She hadn't expected that. She'd read about it, but that was as far as she'd gotten to an exciting sex life. "...I have no idea," she finally answered lamely, cheeks burning. She wished she did. She'd tried to get Matt into a few things. It had not ended well.


"Is that the same as closing my eyes?" If it was, she liked that one a lot. Matt wasn't great in bed. She'd spent a lot of time closing her eyes.

"Not quite, but it's similar... I suppose..." He squinted his eyes, trying to decide if she was kidding. Unsure, he continued the interview. "Do you enjoy mixing pain with pleasure?"

She felt her eyes pop wide open and spat out, "I haven't really had a chance to find out." Not for lack of trying... "I mean, what I did was good."


"Umm no. Haven't done that."




"No, nothing hardcore."

Well, that was disappointing. "Spanking?" he asked hopefully.

The man didn't stop his rapid-fire questions enough for her to catch a breath. She was mortified and aroused and terrified all at once. She didn't know what she was... but she liked it. "I've done that a few times, yeah," she nodded. When she saw a peek of his dimples she added quickly, "Not, like, anything official or whatever." She didn't want to misrepresent her pain tolerance to a man who had whips laying around.

"Over the knee or on a bench?" he asked without missing a beat.

"They have benches for that?" she asked in amazement. "Isn't that just, like, in dirty books and stuff?"

"Sweetheart, I have something for everything," he said absentmindedly as he typed away. "Over the knee, then?" he asked as he deflated. So much for that.

"No, I just meant like during sex and stuff..." she replied, blushing furiously.

He perked up at that answer. Pain during sex? That was promising. He pushed the laptop aside and slowly raked his eyes up and down her nude form. "Show me your pussy again." The intensity of his gaze burned between her legs as she spread them as wide as she could, earning her a smile. "Good girl. How was that for you? Did you enjoy it?" he asked, his tone husky as he eyefucked her from across the desk.

Caroline gulped, suddenly very aware that her nipples were just as rock hard as when he'd pinched them. "Yeah, it was ok," she said shyly, looking away as she pressed her thighs together to dull the growing ache.

"Keep them spread," he barked in obvious disapproval. She mindlessly obeyed. "That's better. Tell me more," he said encouragingly, giving her his undivided attention. He was a busy man, but something about her intrigued him. She was so damn innocent. He had her legs spread to see if she'd do it, but he couldn't look away from her beautiful sapphire eyes. They called to him.

"I'm sorry… I don't really know what to say here," she apologized awkwardly, wringing her hands together.

His eyes bore into her as she exposed herself to him. "Well, start off by telling me how it felt." When she didn't answer, he began again with the rapid-fire questions. "What did it do for you? Did it help you come? Did you like it? Was it something you asked for? Did it make you wet?" A thought occurred to him and he suddenly cut in before she could answer. "Do you get very wet or do you have to use lubricant?"

The naked woman gulped. She had no idea how to respond to such invasive questions. Was that not completely obvious? Hell-o! She was leaking all over his chair! "It's never been a problem," she said, eyes still averted.

"Excellent," he smirked, blatantly staring at her pussy. "Continue, please."

She looked around the room for anything that would give her a clue how to reply. Help did not come... nor did she. "Hot, I guess?" she answered before sighing, "I don't know."

Klaus pressed his lips together and did his best not to laugh as his dimples carved into his cheeks. "You aren't comfortable talking about this, are you?"

"No," she rapidly responded, shaking her blonde curls side to side. "I'm, like, seriously mortified right now." Mortified. Aroused. Confused.

"Hmm… Interesting." He tilted his head to the side and looked at her thoughtfully, carefully eyeing the way she nibbled her lower lip. "Do you enjoy humiliation?"

"What?" she practically shouted, shocked. "That's a thing?"

"Of course it is," he shrugged, returning to his laptop, bored again. He kept filling out her profile as he elaborated. "It's like being called a slut, whore, greedy, thirsty, dirty, etc. Being made to crawl around like a dog. Fetching things using only your mouth." He peeked at her from behind the screen and asked hopefully, "Does that kind of thing turn you on?"

"Ok, I've definitely never been called literally any of those things," she said, gesturing with her arms, "and who wants to crawl around on the floor? That's not very sanitary." Her face twisted up as she looked at his plush carpet.

"Our floors are pristine, I assure you," he replied, offended. "Was that a no?"

"Yeah..." her voice trailed off. Tucking a blonde tendril behind her ear, she tried to choose her words carefully. Her face was at an all-time red and she felt-conscious at his blank visage. "Listen, I just came to apply for the bookkeeping position..."

"Oh, yes, positions," he replied, his interest once again piqued. "Do you enjoy being on top or do you prefer taking it from behind?"

"...Is missionary not a thing here?"

"Everything is a thing here. It's just that few of our customers are going to care about seeing your face." When her jaw dropped, he quickly reassured her in a very not reassuring way. "It's a lovely face, of course, but no one cares. Some like to be ridden, but most will want you on your hands and knees. Makes it easier to switch back and forth if they pay for anal," he explained, nodding.

Her entire face fell in shock. "Anal costs extra?"

"I'm running a business here, sweetheart. Everything costs extra," he answered her with a dismissive wave. "Ever done a threesome?"

"What?! No!"

"Are you open to it? If so, do you prefer one male and one female or both male?"

"What if I want both female?" she snarked, trying for a bit of levity.

"That's harder to sell," he replied with a frown, totally missing the sarcasm. "However, if that's your only preference, I do occasionally arrange viewing parties in an old theater I renovated across town when I have half a dozen girls or so. Do you enjoy being on stage?"

"I've never heard of a viewing party..." she said, flabbergasted as she tried to imagine such an event. "Is that like where a bunch of guys watch a bunch of girls going at it?"

"Exactly, although a great deal of toys are involved as well. We use strap-ons, size large, double-sided dildos are popular for anal penetration, also size large, nipple clamps, butt plugs, vaginal plugs, gags. We try to keep all three holes occupied, of course," he explained before adding proudly, "Our reputation is stellar. I can easily fill the orchestra section. They're lucrative endeavors."

"This really is a business for you, huh?" she asked, making a face.

"It is, yes," he nodded. "A pleasurable one that I enjoy, but at the end of the day, yes. What about hair pulling?"

"Yeah, I like that one," she replied, blushing again. "Does that cost extra, too?"

"It all costs extra." He did his best not to roll his eyes as he continued typing. She wondered what he could possibly be writing about her. She hoped it involved that cocksucking lesson... and that he was a size large.

"What pays the most?" she asked curiously.

"Domination, submission, BDSM, that sort of thing." He shot her a sideways frown. "Although, I'd wager you don't know much about that." After a beat, he added hopefully, But I'd be willing to teach you if you want to learn. Any interest in doing what you're told?"

Bingo! "Well... I mean... I haven't done it, but I read some books this one time..." she replied, gulping as she worried her lower lip and fought to keep her legs open.

"Really? What books?" he asked, immediately setting aside the laptop as he focused in on her fidgeting. It was his turn to be surprised. She'd been crimson since the moment he'd told her to remove her clothing... but she had done it without complaint. Was this why?

"...thesleepingbeautyseries..." she spat before she could stop herself, instantly horrified at the way her pussy clenched around nothing. Had he seen that?

She was looking away, but she heard the laptop close. He slowly stalked over to her side of the desk, eyeing her up and down. "Tell me, Caroline," he nearly whispered, his tone full of gravel. "When you read them, with whom did you identify more: Princess Beauty or Queen Eleanor?"

"Umm..." she tried to answer but words failed when she felt his hot hands on her skin. He tipped her chin up to face him, his stormy eyes drilling into her sapphires as his other hand trailed down her belly.

"There's no wrong answer. I just want you to be honest with me," he said gently as she stared at him, hypnotized.

Caroline inhaled a deep breath, her eyes momentarily rolling shut when he idly played with her nipple. "Princess Beauty," she replied in a breathy whisper. "What about you?" she asked hopefully.

"Oh, I'm the King," he replied smugly. "Don't ever doubt it." He leaned down to balance with one arm on the back of her chair and slid his finger in between her lips. She was soaking wet and had been for the last hour that he'd spent grilling her. "Tell me, sweetheart, do you like to play games?" He scrutinized her face while she struggled to answer, carefully cataloguing every reaction as he touched every part of her pussy.

"Ummm... I guess it depends on the game? I don't know..." she trailed off, swallowing hard. "I like Monopoly," she whispered with her eyes closed as he pressed two fingers inside of her.

"How about Simon Says?" he whispered in her ear, his hot breath almost enough to make her come on the spot.

Breathing hard, she did her best to focus on his question. "Why do I get the feeling it's more like Klaus Says?"

He licked the shell of her ear before nipping her neck. "Actually, it's Master Says if you're playing with me," he said seductively, enjoying the way her core clenched around his fingers. A feral smile spread across his face, his eyes flashing gold. "Why don't you come to my place tonight and find out what it's like to do as I say?" The look of desperation in her eyes was the only answer he needed. He flicked her clit and played with her pussy until she was ready to explode. Suddenly, his fingers stilled. "But we have more to discuss first. When I see you this evening, we'll have to work on your patience."

Caroline could have screamed.

She had never even considered touching herself in front of anyone before, but she would have done it in a heartbeat if not for the stern glance he gave her on the way back to his office chair when she started to close her legs. Klaus continued grilling her about what she liked, didn't like, wanted to try, wouldn't try, etc. By the end of their negotiation, she was pretty sure she would agree to go sky diving while getting fucked in the ass if it kept his predatory gaze fixated entirely on her. After exhausting his mental question tree and explaining the basics of submission, he mercifully sent her off to find something sexy to wear for him. His little sister, Rebekah, ran the apparel department. After that, he'd booked her an appointment at his sister Freya's spa for a total body waxing, facial, mani, pedi, haircut and style... and something called a "slave prep" that apparently involved excessive pampering.

Never in Caroline's life had a man made decisions for her, but the way he kept rolling the r in her name had her wanting to kneel... She was so confused by the entire thing that she didn't know whether she should ignore the burn between her legs... or embrace it.

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P.S. The series to which Caroline is referring is The Sleeping Beauty Series by Anne Rice under the pen name A. N. Roquelaure. There will be some similarities. They make even ME blush. Highly recommend them.