A/N This one has been on hiatus for a long time due to severe writer's block. Sorry! If you have any ideas, please let me know. This came to me after talking to Uppity Bitch about a reprisal of my favorite OT3 series, An Experiment. I cannot say enough good things about her portrayal of Klaroenzo. I may get to that in this story, but this chapter is straight up Klefaroline. I always thought those two had a bromance in the 20s in canon, so why not revive that here?

To give you a head's up in case you want to skip, they make out while Caroline goes down on Stefan, then they both go down on Klaus before they do some orgasm denial followed by double penetration with homoflexible Stefan giving it to her from behind. If you don't like guy on guy, sit this one out. This is my first time writing boys kissing boys, so if you read it, pleeaaaseee let me know what you think!

"Garçons embrasser filles embrasser garçons," is French for, "Boys kissing girls kissing boys."

Chapter Six – Garçons Embrasser Filles Embrasser Garçons

Getting punished sucked. Caroline had been on the leash for six months since the incident. It was a drop in the ocean of time for her millennial Master, but to a vampire in her first century, it was a long fucking time. She felt herself dozing off as he conducted interview after interview for new Dominas and slaves. He was using her as a footstool; it was boring as hell. Every time he saw her nodding off, he'd swat her with a wide tongued leather crop, making her yelp and jump beneath his boots.

In all fairness, he had warned her from the beginning that he was the strictest Master in the famed L'attrait des Ténèbres supernatural sex club. He had not been kidding, apparently. He had a reputation to uphold and it had been more than a century since he'd last taken on a personal pleasure slave. All eyes were on her, each guest eagerly waiting for her to make a mistake. Her nightly punishments had gotten very popular. She was quite certain that people intentionally provoked her just to watch her suffer night after night in the most delicious of ways. Her original sentence for offending a patron had been a month. She hadn't made it past the third day before a vampire made a filthy comment and she'd punched him in the face. He'd lost his tongue; she'd lost orgasm privileges for a week.

On the plus side, he was regularly fucking every part of her now. Often. In public. When they were in the spotlight, he had a job to do. When they were alone in his penthouse, he liked having her just be Caroline. Unfortunately, he still had daily business activities to attend to. The best of both worlds was when he conducted interviews in his penthouse while using her for demonstrative entertainment. Noticing her eyes drooping again, he slapped her with the thick leather, chuckling when she yelped. "I could provide you with some entertainment, should you so desire," he suggested with a wicked smirk.

Caroline looked up at him shyly from the plush carpet. "Whatever pleases you, Master," she replied sweetly.

"There's a good girl. Always nice to see you're learning," he praised, earning him a bright smile. "Up you go. On your knees, my little slut." He helped her to her knees; it was hard trying to move without the use of her arms. He liked keeping them bound behind her with a chain running from the D-ring of her collar to each of her monogrammed leather cuffs. "I have one last interview to conduct, but you can practice your cocksucking while I wrap up for the day. I'll let you undo my jeans first. Wouldn't want to embarrass you in front of..." He stopped to look at the profile of his next interviewee on his monitor. "Enzo St. John. He's applying to be a Master, but he has no experience. Doubtful I'll hire him for that. I like to start the newbies in your position." He smirked down at her as she clumsily fought with his belt buckle. He fondly patted her golden curls and whispered words of encouragement until she completed her task and had freed his ample length.

If there was anything she'd learned about her new Master, it was that he really liked getting his cock sucked. One of the things that still amused him was how she blushed when he had her go down on him while doing everyday tasks, such as having breakfast with his friends or while working in his office. Blowjobs were a common occurrence in the giant pleasure house, and a casual one. It entertained him that she was yet to adjust to their sexually uninhibited way of life. Once her lips latched around his shaft, he called for Enzo to come in.

"I'd get up and shake your hand, but I'm a bit occupied at the moment," Klaus greeted the younger vampire, nodding at the blonde crouched and bound under his desk. "This is Caroline and she's busy right now, but you're free to take a look."

"Enzo St. John." The British man held out his hand when he reached the couple, eyes falling to her. "Hello, gorgeous."

He yelped when Klaus' claws dug into his skin when he reached down to pat her on the head. "No touching. This one's mine," he snarled territorially. "Lay a hand on her again and you'll be leaving without it."

Enzo held up his palms in a gesture of surrender, backing away to take a seat in the plush armchair opposite the cherry wood desk. "No disrespect intended. Didn't know, mate."

"It's alright," he lied; it was not alright. He immediately tapped out a message to his older brother, Finn, to run a complete background check on this new candidate. The eldest brother was in charge of HR. If there was dirt to find, he would. "So, tell me a bit about why I should hire you," Klaus invited cordially, no interest in what he had to say as he watched the screen. He half-listened while the vampire droned on and on, but nothing really stood out. He idly toyed with Caroline's curls as she continued to obediently bob up and down on his shaft, occasionally changing up her rhythm when instructed with sharp yanks to her hair.

Half an hour later, a malevolent glint flashed behind the Original's eyes when he received a response. He cut off Enzo midsentence and asked in a bemused tone, "Tell me about the Augustines." The handsome undead Brit gulped, terror evident in the slight tightening of his jaw. Klaus' cock twitched in Caroline's mouth as sadistic joy shot through him. "My brother tells me you've been in their laboratory for the last fifty years. You came here because it's well known I can procure your freedom in exchange for services rendered. Is that an accurate assessment?"

"Is that something you can do?" he asked boldly, bluntly.

The sadistic smile returned. "I can... provided you earn your keep."

"I'll work hard. Give the ladies anything they want. I swear it," he replied quickly, nails digging into the armchair as anxiety flooded him.

"Well, here's the thing, Lorenzo," Klaus said with a Cheshire grin and he leaned across the desk, "I don't think you're ready to be a Master, what with your own freedom so recently procured. But, I can be a benevolent man, and I'm willing to help you out." The vampire visibly relaxed at that. "I'd be willing to give you a five-year contract in Caroline's position. Albeit, for the general public, of course."

"I'm not gay," he rapidly shot back, horrified.

Klaus shrugged, "Neither am I, but a job is a job."

"I don't think so..." his voice trailed off as sweat beaded down his temple. "How about putting me to work as a keeper?"

"Final offer. Take it or leave it." He cast his eyes down at Caroline and saw that she was suppressing an impish grin around his cock; she was amused, too. An idea occurring to him, he beckoned the man to his side of the desk. He'd been waiting for a moment like this for months and it made his already painfully hard cock grow even more engorged as excitement ripped through him. "Come take a look at what she's doing." Enzo didn't seem to mind that order because he got right up. "Look down and tell me what you see."

The Brit eyed the Original, wondering what game he was playing. "I see a gorgeous woman sucking her Master's cock."

"Exactly," Klaus agreed. "You saw her, but you also saw my cock, and don't pretend you weren't trying to decide if you measure up." Caroline giggled when Enzo's face dropped, realizing he'd been caught checking out a man's shaft. "Sexuality is a very fluid thing when you're immortal. After a while, a hole becomes a hole like any other. Albeit, perhaps it's a bit different when it's your hole. I wouldn't know; I only get my cock sucked." He felt Caroline's throat clench around his head and knew he had her attention. His plan was working. "But, I'd be lying if I said it was only women I've granted the privilege. Think about my offer, mate. You can take it, or you'll be back in captivity by day's end." He dismissively waved him away with a hand gesture. "Do let my brother Finn know what you decide. You're dismissed."

With a final look at the pair, Enzo left to explore the kinky kingdom idly wondering if kneepads were available. "You can give your jaw a break now. Up," he commanded, snapping his fingers. He helped her settle onto his lap, kissing her gently on the mouth. "Well done, slut. Good girl."

Caroline preened at the epithet, leaning her head against his chest when he pulled her close. "What do you think he'll decide?"

"Oh, he'll take the job," he answered quickly. "They always do."

Sitting up on his lap, arms still behind her back, she asked curiously, "So, is, like, everybody who's been here a while pretty much pansexual at this point?"

Klaus smiled, delighted that she'd walked right into his trap. "As I said, sexuality is fluid. Many of them are, yes, but others? Not so much. It takes a while for most of them to figure it out, if they ever do."

"Well, when did you figure it out?" she asked tentatively. He looked at her, bemused, waiting for her to ask more directly. "You know, that you liked guys, too."

"I don't like men, sweetheart."

"B-but you said-"

"I said I like getting my cock sucked, yes," he acknowledged with a shrug. "If you insist on giving me a label, you could say I'm heteroflexible."

"Heteroflexible... Ok, so, you like women, but you'll let guys do stuff to you?" she asked inquisitively, processing this new information as her pussy twinged.

"Not all of them, but there have been a few over the years." He laughed at her raised brow. "Alright, perhaps more than a few, if you must know. I've been around for a long time. The numbers pile up after a few centuries; you'll see. As I said, almost everybody here has experimented to some degree, at least everyone who's here now."

"Everyone?" she asked a little too quickly.

"Got someone in mind?" he asked with a challenging edge to his tone.

"W-well," she sputtered, blushing awkwardly, "I'm pretty sure Stefan is just straight-up gay."

"Hardly," he snorted. "He's what you'd call homoflexible. He hates pussy, but he'll fuck a girl in the mouth or in the ass if he's in the mood."

"I find that kind of hard to believe..." her voice trailed off as she thought about the handsome keeper who'd touched every part of her, inside and out. She'd developed quite an attachment to the sexy vampire in her tenure at the Mikaelson's palace-like establishment... and quite the attraction. She looked away, nibbling her lower lip and hoping she hadn't given herself away. She could only imagine what horrible things might happen to the poor man if Klaus ever found out she'd had naughty thoughts about him.

"If I didn't know better, I'd say you'd like to find out." Her eyes widened at his words, terror thrumming through her veins. Smiling in amusement, he tipped her chin up to face him, but she kept her gaze cast down, hoping submission would spare her friend grisly murder. "I can smell your arousal, love. There's no point trying to lie to me about it." She vaguely wondered how long her punishment would last for lusting after someone else, a sick feeling turning her stomach. "What's that look for?" he asked, concerned by how forlorn his slave appeared.

"I don't want anything to happen to him," she whispered sadly, finally peering up at him from beneath long lashes. "He's my friend."

"Yes, well, he may be your friend, but he's my minion." A slick smile curled the corners of his lips as he watched her squirm uncomfortably in her bindings. "He told me ages ago that your body reacts to him when he pampers you." He laughed out loud when her eyes snapped to him, widened in shock and embarrassment. Stefan knew?! "Do that really surprise you? That he'd tell me? We have quite the history, you know."

Caroline's jaw dropped at the implication. "You and Stefan?!"

Klaus shrugged casually, as though there was nothing at all unusual about confessing a sexual history with a gay man. Or, not gay, exactly. Homoflexible... He'd fucked women on occasion... "Me and Stefan," he confirmed, laughing at her flabbergasted expression. "Although, generally, we had a woman with us. He makes an excellent wingman." She was so aroused that he could feel it through his jeans and it made his cock twitch in his pants. His gaze dropped to her breasts, nails grazing down between them before he swiped a finger between her folds and brought it up to her lips. She obediently opened her mouth and licked it clean. "Given your obvious interest, perhaps we should get him up here so you can ask him about it. Would you like that?"

"Would I like what?" she asked, sure that she'd misheard him.

He idly toyed with her nipples, rolling them between his thumbs and forefingers as he smirked at her. "Would you like Stefan to come play with us?"

Caroline's mind spun as she sat astride her Master's lap while he played with the body that belonged to him. An idea occurring to her, she fluttered her eyelashes and answered with a diplomatic, "Whatever pleases you, Master."

"Good answer," he replied playfully, pulling out his phone and dialing the younger vampire. "Stefan, be a good little minion and meet us upstairs in two minutes. My princess has need of you." Without waiting for an answer, he slid the phone back in his pocket and stood up, wrapping his arms around her lower back to secure her to his chest as he flashed them to his penthouse.

Klaus barely had time to position her next to their bed before the keeper was leaning lazily against the doorjamb. Caroline looked over at him, nearly falling backwards with her arms still immobilized as she knelt at her Master's feet; he smirked. Turning to the hybrid, she saw a matching smug expression. She'd been set up.

"You summoned me?" the vampire asked casually, as though he hadn't been expecting the call any day now.

"It would appear you were correct, mate. My little slut fancies you," Klaus announced easily, a satisfied smile illuminating his dimples. "Feel like indulging her?"

Stefan shrugged and walked over to the oversized bed, taking a seat next to the Original. He was clad in his usual uniform of ripped jeans and no shirt or shoes. Her eyes roamed appreciatively over his lean muscles, brain still struggling to process what was going on. "Ok, so, this is happening, I guess..." Her voice was tentative, a little scared, and a lot flushed with arousal. Her nipples hadn't been tended to in hours, but they were still stiff as diamonds, the tips grazing against one leg of each man's rugged jeans.

Klaus tilted her chin up to make her face him, eyes serious, face stern. "I will grant permission for Stefan to join us if that is your wish. If it is not, you need only say so. You won't be in any trouble; I promise." She believed him.

Caroline looked them both over and the bulges in their pants were obvious, but still, she had to ask, "Is that what you want?" She watched Stefan carefully as she waited for his answer.

With a causal shrug, he replied, "Sure. Been a while since I've been in on a threesome with a girl. I'm down if you are."

"Actually, she's the one who goes down in this scenario," Klaus teased playfully, tucking a stray tendril behind her ear as he gazed fondly down at her. "Is that what you want? To take Stefan's cock in your pretty little mouth?" She paused to think about it, but her gut reaction was an immediate yes. Waiting a moment was to appease the part of her that still felt shame at wanting something so filthy. Klaus internally rolled his eyes at her struggle, hoping she'd get over it after a few orgasms. Finally, she looked at both of them and nodded, unable to stop the coy smile that spread across her face. "Good girl," he praised, kissing the top of her head. "Go ahead, sweetheart. Have at it."

It took a few tries, but Caroline eventually managed to undo Stefan's belt, button and zipper. After he helped her pull off his jeans with her teeth, she awkwardly rose to her knees, arms still bound behind her back. Her vampire senses were assaulted by the heady scent of his precum as it leaked from the tip of his erection. Her eyes darted to Klaus as she tentatively leaned forward, tongue peeking about from between her lips as her core ached to taste him. "Open your mouth." Her jaw dropped without a moment's hesitation, eagerly awaiting his next order. "Go ahead, love. Be a good little slut for us. Suck Stefan's cock for your Master."

The blonde let her lips slowly drag down the vampire's shaft, tongue swirling around his head as she greedily lapped at his succulent arousal, eyes rolling shut in ecstasy as her fantasy began. She easily leaned into it when Stefan tangled her golden curls in his fist, groaning at the feel of her tight, wet mouth as he moved her up and down. Klaus moved closer to the vampire and rested his head on the younger man's shoulder as he stared down fondly at his slave's obedience. The keeper wrapped his arm around his boss's waist and pulled him closer, closing his eyes and inhaling the earthy scent of his sandy blond locks.

Klaus slowly dragged his fiery gaze from Caroline's lips wrapped around Stefan's cock up his muscular chest, pausing when their eyes met, lips nearly touching. They'd been here before. "Go ahead, love, take all of him. He likes it deep." She peered up just in time to see their mouths briefly touch. Stefan's shaft fell from her mouth as her jaw dropped in shock at the lascivious sight above her. Klaus looked down at her and held her eye as he expertly coaxed the keeper's lips apart with his wicked tongue. Her pussy clenched as the two men kissed with open mouths, mesmerized by their passion. Her Master indulged her for long moments as Stefan's hard length bobbed just beyond reach of her lips. With a sly smile, he intertwined his fingers with the other man's in her curls and guided her mouth back down.

Caroline relaxed her throat as the men forced her head all the way down Stefan's cock, eagerly watching them embrace each other. Suddenly, the large plug always buried deep within her pussy expanded and began to vibrate, creating a dull ache between her thighs even sweeter than before. She never did figure out exactly how the plug knew what to do, but she just assumed that magic made anything possible in the famed brothel. The reverberations of her moans thrummed through the cock she so obediently pleasured as her Master watched in awe of her submission. They would do anything to see each other satisfied.

The slave let her body grow limp as she let herself be used to serve, both men setting the pace as their tongues danced together. They briefly broke apart to tug off Klaus' shirt before enthusiastically embracing each other while guiding her movements. Stefan was the only man the hybrid had ever kissed, only man he'd ever wanted to; he relished the taste of the vampire as they attacked each other with tongue and teeth. The boss raked his claws down the younger man's chest, tweaking his tiny nipples as he had his way with him. They'd missed each other. The urgency of Stefan's thrusts increased as he felt himself growing closer to the edge under his old partner's expert touch.

Klaus dominated both of them as he bent them to his will, his eyes on her as she watched the show from her knees, cum leaking from the tip as she swirled her tongue around and around while they pulled her up and down faster and harder until Stefan bucked his hips up into her mouth, spilling his seed as he tasted her Master. Klaus pulled away, eyes glowing, as he watched his slave swallow every drop. Stefan collapsed against his chest as Caroline licked him clean, savoring every taste as she lapped at the remnants of his arousal. "Good girl," he praised, tucking a sweaty tendril behind her ear. He released her hair and snapped his fingers beside him on the bed, urging her to join them. "Good boy," he praised Stefan, pecking him on the cheek as the other man's chest heaved.

Once Caroline had awkwardly crawled beside them on the bed, he quickly unbuckled her cuffs, tossing the silver chain aside, and pulled her on top of him. The keeper lazily opened his eyes to see her watching him as they both lay on her Master's muscled chest, her cheek resting on his black ink tattoo of a feather exploding into a flock of birds. He was so handsome, so sexy, laying beside her on the man she loved. She couldn't resist leaning forward to lightly press her lips to his before pulling away when she remembered they weren't alone. Both of their eyes simultaneous darted up to Klaus, silently asking permission. His upper lip curled into a smirk at their enthusiasm. "Don't let me stop you."

Caroline and Stefan shared a smile before tentatively parting their lips in a kiss that quickly grew heated. Klaus pushed them closer, a palm on each of their bare backs, urging them to explore each other on top of him. He pulled Stefan's arm from his tight abs and placed it on her perky breast, encouraging her to caress and squeeze her mounds. "Touch her, Stefan. She wants you to." He watched him tease her nipples as his own hand scraped down the vampire's back until it reached his heavy gold belt buckle. He deftly freed his cock, stroking himself as he watched them fervently play with each other.

"Since you two seem to be getting along so well, how about you share something else, hmm?" he suggested as he nudged Caroline's wrist with his throbbing head. They quickly broke apart from their kiss, eyes alight with excitement as they began working their way down. Stefan stopped to suckle a flat, sharp nipple while she slowly licked and nipped her way down Klaus' belly. The Master grabbed hold of Stefan's mahogany locks and dragged his face up to his, passionately kissing him as Caroline's mouth closed around his shaft, her eyes on their frenzied tongues. It was the most erotic thing she'd ever seen. She'd imagined what Stefan would taste like, what he would feel like, but never had she dreamed that Klaus would so enthusiastically join them. It was the hottest thing she'd witnessed in all her time at the brothel.

The vampire's toes scraped her knee as she tossed it over Klaus' leg, her lips tight around his cock as she eagerly bobbed up and down, his fist wound tightly in her curls. Stefan raked his nails down the hybrid's chest, teasing him with the tips of his fingers before wrapping his hand around his thick member as Caroline greedily sucked the tip, his precum coating her tongue. Klaus finally tore his eyes away when his lids fluttered shut as Stefan worked his way down his chest, harshly nipping each nipple over and over as the hybrid flew higher and higher. He ripped at the keeper's hair to force his face down to meet the blonde.

Caroline felt her mouth being lifted from his shaft as her face was relocated to his engorged balls. She obediently latched her lips around his sack and swirled her tongue around and around, two fingers massaging just below. Chest heaving, Klaus commanded, "Stefan… suck my cock and… and show my love how a good little slut…. shares my come." It was an order the younger man quickly obeyed, wrapping his lips around the tip of his length and fiercely sucking as he expertly moved up and down. Even without his breath, the dominance is Klaus' tone still made her pussy clench around the plug as it pulsed inside her, desperate whimpers falling off her lips as her need grew. He longed to hear her cry out around his sack, but Stefan would require a lot more than a few words to learn how to please a woman. Well, he would just have to work around that.

Feeling generous, Klaus allowed, "Stefan… play with her breasts. She likes it….. rough. Caroline, sweetheart… rub your clit." He forced himself to hang on as her pretty cries flitted around his balls as Stefan harshly squeezed and turned her nipples, his tongue swirling around Klaus' head as the hybrid fought back his orgasm to grant his slave her own release. "Make it quick," he added with a bark, his nails digging into the back of Stefan's head and toes curling under their double ministrations. Never one to disobey her Master's orders, she eagerly circled her rosy bud with two fingers, rutting against the plug that stayed locked in place despite her desperate gyrations. She cried out around his balls when her keeper tortuously twisted her nipple, palming her heavy mounds as she felt herself growing dizzy. It was obvious he didn't know what he was doing, but she'd grown accustomed to a certain level of pain and it was enough to make her ache. Her lids briefly flickered open and her sapphire eyes fell on Stefan's lips brushing Klaus' skin as he took his cock all the way to the back of his throat and it was her undoing. She fiercely rode her fingers up and down as she exploded, screaming his name as he filled Stefan's mouth with his come.

Still bouncing up and down as she came down from her high, Caroline's head was ripped up by her curls to meet Stefan's lips as Klaus pressed their faces together. Hot, sticky semen dribbled messily down their chins as they shared in her Master's release. The keeper coated her lips and the flavor drew out her orgasm, aftershocks thrumming through her and making her pussy twitch as she eagerly returned his kiss. Klaus stared down in awe, propping himself up on his elbows to watch his toys devour every last drop of his seed, their tongues taking long drags up and down each other's faces until they were all completely spent.

Stefan helped Caroline rise unsteadily to her feet as they both climbed up beside Klaus, their nude forms encircling him as he lay heaving, cock hanging precariously out of his jeans. "Well done, sluts," he whispered, kissing each of their foreheads in turn before tasting himself first on his minion and then on his slave. He kissed Caroline for long moments before pecking her on the cheek and smiling fondly at her. "Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes, Master," she immediately replied before remembering to specify, "thank you for letting me pleasure you and Stefan with my mouth and allowing me to come."

"You're welcome, my beautiful little whore. Anything for you." He kissed her again before allowing her to rest her head on his chest as she struggled to process all that had just happened, the plug finally stilling inside her. "And you?" he asked, raising a challenging brow at Stefan as he waited expectantly for a response.

It wasn't often that Klaus pulled rank, but as a Mikaelson keeper, Stefan technically belonged to him, especially since he'd intentionally assigned the vampire to his slave from the very beginning. The younger man resisted the urge to roll his eyes before obediently managing, "Yes, I enjoyed it. Thank you for allowing your slave to pleasure me, and thank you for allowing me to suck your cock, Sir." In the past, he'd always referred to Klaus as his own Master, something he occasionally missed since Caroline had come along. But, it was hard to be anything other than warmly nostalgic as he'd watched the hybrid and vampire fall in love. He was happy for them. And, if they wanted him to share in their erotic games, who was he to deny them? After all, he'd been only too happy to volunteer Caroline's obvious attraction to the Original the first time he'd felt her drip around his fingers as he oiled her pussy.

"Good boy." Klaus' sly smile confirmed his pleasure at the alternative title, as did the kiss he placed on Stefan's lips. The younger man didn't preen at the epithet the way he once had, but it was still nice to share in the moment as they silently reminisced. Fully satisfied with their behavior, Klaus let his head fall back against the plush pillows as a warmth radiated out of his chest. The trio basked in each other's glow and drifted in and out of consciousness for over an hour before Caroline yawned and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She wanted more.

The corner of the Master's mouth twitched up as he lay still, pretending to be asleep as she stirred beside him. She nuzzled his cheek, lightly pressing her lips against his collar bone as he made his chest slowly rise and fall. "Pratiquer la patience, petite princesse," he said slyly when she peppered his jaw with feather light kisses. She looked up at his half-opened eye from beneath her long lashes with an impish grin. "You never did learn to wait," he chided, shaking his head in faux disappointment. "Stefan and I will just have to see what we can do about that."

The minion lifted his head off Klaus' shoulder at the sound of his name, covering his mouth with his fist as he stifled a yawn. "What are we doing?"

Caroline gulped as the expression on the hybrid's face turned evil. She gulped at their silent communication and knew whatever came out of her Master's mouth was not going to bode well for her. Her mouth fell open, but he shut it with a finger to her chin. "This is a teaching moment, sweetheart. You may speak when I give you permission to beg." Her pussy clenched at the wicked promise behind his eyes as they flashed gold. "Stefan, be a good little minion and find me a nice sized toy to fuck my slave into proper submission." They shared a knowing glance as the vampire rose from the bed and went straight for the sex toys. He'd been here before. Her core ached as she wondered exactly how they'd spent the last hundred years. It suddenly mattered very, very little what they did to her if it meant finding out.

"Excellent choice." Klaus pecked Stefan on the lips as he took a large stone phallus from his hand and dragged it down Caroline's chest, stopping when he got to the top of her velvet folds still wet with desire. He dragged it between her lips, eyes boring into her as Stefan wordlessly bound her wrists over her head. Passing over her clit, he tapped the head of the smooth marble to her vaginal plug before doing the same to the one firmly secured in her anus. It was solid and the cold hardness made her shiver. "Where do you want it, love? Pussy or ass? You may answer out loud."

"Whatever pleases you, Master," she smartly replied, nibbling her lower lip as she eyed the toy warily.

"Good answer." His scruffy stubble tickled her lips as he parted them with his tongue, passionately kissing her as he tapped her butt plug with the phallus. "We'll start here, then. Be better if we warm your ass up a bit before I give it to Stefan." She sucked in a deep breath as her eyes darted to her keeper's and he greeted her with a shy smile. Visions of riding them both distracted her as they bent her knees and chained her ankles to the bedposts, spreading her legs wide for their torture. "Stefan, be a good minion and get me the paste."


Klaus had never used his magical concoction on her, but she'd known the day would come. It was the ultimate torture. A thick, translucent mixture of delightful evil designed by Freya Mikaelson herself to keep slaves on the precipice of release until their Master gave the command, it would both keep her safe from letting go, and getting punished for it, and allow the men all the time they wanted to make her beg for mercy. With endurance as the name of the game, it was a favorite among the Mikaelsons, the harshest of all Masters and Mistresses at L'attrait des Ténèbres. Caroline had once seen it keep Davina in tears for three days as Kol had punished her for lying to Klaus about having been granted permission to go down on his slave.

There hadn't been a second time.

Stefan returned moments later with a small crystal pot and several of his own vials from his keeper's stash downstairs. He handed off the paste and set to work coating her nipples in the thick, frozen peppermint oil he used to keep them at attention daily as Klaus paraded her around on a leash. With a wicked smirk, the hybrid slowly lifted the crystal lid and tilted the jar to show her the viscous material, delighting in the way she gulped. He took his time setting down the lid, leaving the earthy cedar and lavender scent to linger under her nostrils as he taunted her with what was to come.

Propping himself up on his elbows, he settled himself between her thighs. He licked the outside of her anal plug and dragged his tongue between her folds, circling her clit only once before pulling away with a devious curl to his upper lip. He dipped a finger in the gooey substance and used two from his other hand to deftly lift the skin guarding her clit. Once her little pearl was fully exposed, he coated it in thick layers of the magical paste. It didn't feel like anything going on, but she knew that would change as it hardened against her most sensitive part, forming a magical barrier only her Master's permission could break. The more aroused she became, the more it would ache so sweetly that she would cry out for mercy, but Klaus would not be merciful. And she didn't want him to be.

Her boring human ex-husband had always said that life wasn't a game. With Klaus Mikaelson, it was. Everything was a game, the only the only steadfast rule that she never forget that he was in love with her. Everything else was anyone's guess, his moods and desires changing from one moment to the next. He'd said he'd never share her, but when Stefan had come to him with word of her growing arousal, the temptation had been too sweet to resist. He'd been planning this day for months in the hopes that it would lead to her request for more days. The terrified anticipation in her sapphire eyes told him she was already planning how to ask again tomorrow.

Stefan held up a vial of shimmery red oil and raised his brows at Klaus. The hybrid gestured at his slave's pussy and rolled to the side to watch as the vampire slid beside him, her velvet folds spread wide before their faces. The two men took their time exploring each other's mouths in a deep kiss while Caroline watched helplessly from the top of the bed. All she could do was wait. Finally, Klaus pulled away and nodded at her spread lips, inviting his minion to continue. Her pulse began to race as he uncorked the glass vial and dripped hot oil all over her folds until every inch of her was coated from the top of her mound to below her anus, the sheets magically spared as her skin began to absorb the heat.

Caroline loved and hated the peppermint and cinnamon oils in equal measure. Stefan took his time liberally applying them, doting on her more and more as Klaus spurred him on behind closed doors. In the beginning, he'd quickly oiled her inside and out, not particularly enjoying that part of his job. That morning, he'd nearly brought her to orgasm with deep, languid strokes of his talented fingers as he'd prepared her for her Master. She was in no danger of release now as Stefan slowly gripped her folds with thumb and forefingers and rubbed in the burning oil until her skin was tingling, her breathing growing heavier by the second. It was part of all the slave's daily pampering, but it was one she'd never quite adjusted to. So many erotic games were part of daily life that it was easy to get lost in the sexual ecstasy, but others still felt foreign to the former housewife. The employees of the brothel had their routines down to a science; the sheer degradation of being treated like human chattel was both humiliating and thrilling.

As the moisture seeped into her skin and left her silky smooth, well lubricated and painfully aware of her sex, the burning began to subside, but the ache behind the paste remained – it would only grow. Klaus moved to the top of the bed and toyed with her nipples as Stefan coated her entire body in clear citrus and gardenia scented massage oil that shimmered and shone in the light. The men carefully lifted her so he could soak the liquid into every part of her, extra time devoted to the curves of her ass. Stefan expertly shaped and molded her cheeks with his strong hands while Klaus stole touches here and there, teasing her endlessly. Her body shone with an otherworldly light every time she left the keeper's care, and this was no different. It made her feel like both a thing and a princess; she loved it. It was more than an hour before they were finally satisfied that they could begin.

Caroline gulped as she drank in the enormous size of the marble phallus. Would it even fit?! As if sensing her unease, Klaus reassured her, "Don't worry, love. I would never hurt you down there. It will fit as surely as your holes will stretch to accommodate us both as we fuck you together… provided you're a very, very good little whore for me." He kissed her on the forehead and her body relaxed. Well, as much as her body could relax while bound and spread on the bed with her pussy exposed and clit frozen in crystalline torture. "Is that what you want? For us to take you together?" She eagerly nodded her head, sincerity reflected in the excitement of her impish grin. Klaus smirked at her eager smile. He'd down how badly she'd wanted it for ages. He'd just been waiting for the right opportunity, and Enzo had opened the door. Now, all he had to do was enjoy the night. Life was good.

He and Stefan locked eyes as the minion drenched the medieval toy is silky silicone lubricant, stroking it up and down as he had his Master's cock. Klaus felt his length stiffen and suddenly grabbed Stefan's head, dragging his face forward for a bruising kiss as he parted his lips with his teeth, harshly nipping him until they both were panting. Stefan's hand grazed down Klaus' bare chest to palm his erection through his jeans and suddenly the plan changed. "I think it would be best if we flip her over; don't you think?"

"Whatever pleases you, Sir," the younger man wickedly replied with an evil grin to rival the hybrid's. Before she had time to process what was happening, Caroline was on her knees with her ass high in the air and her face resting on the pillows, wrists and legs bound again so quickly that she'd barely noticed they were ever freed. Her body tensed at the sheer vulnerability of her predicament.

Klaus broke away from Stefan's embrace to lightly scratch his nails down her spine, soothing her. He lay beside her on the bed, his cock still being massaged by his minion, and gazed deeply into her eyes. "Would you feel better if you could see?" Worrying her lower lip, she slowly nodded her head, unsure where he was going with this. "Stefan, fetch me the mirror so my little slut can watch what we're doing to her." The minion returned a moment later with a gilded frame and set the stand-up mirror beside the bed. It looked like any ordinary, albeit exquisitely designed, mirror, but she knew better than to think that it was.

Sure enough, as soon as Klaus pecked her on the lips before moving to the bottom of the bed, the image in the glass expanded to zoom in on her most precious parts. Magic was a beautiful thing. She stared transfixed at the mirror as her Master removed the large plug from her anus, his eyes locked on her face even while Stefan fell to his knees on the plush carpet. Klaus groaned when he felt hot lips wrap around his cock, but he refused to let himself get distracted while his princess awaited his torture so patiently. She was learning.

The Master ran his palms up the inside of her thighs, parting them further as he lay flat on his back beneath her to allow Stefan better access to his erection. Caroline's eyes widened as the phallus came into view. It was as thick as her wrist and longer than anything he'd ever used on her, although not nearly as large as others she'd seen. It was daunting, but she trusted him that he would never hurt her down there. He used the tip of the cold marble to tease her frozen clit as two fingers effortlessly penetrated her ass, thick silicone gel preparing her for the toy. Before long, he added a third, and then a fourth, painlessly stretching her as her pussy burned for more. As if on cue, the plug began to hum, torturing her completely.

The slave watched in awe as the toy circled her widened anus, teasing her in slow circles until an impatient whimper nearly escaped her lips. Klaus smiled up at her obedience, enjoying the way she harshly bit her lower lip to keep the sound contained. He rewarded her by finally entering her with barely the tip of the marble, careful not to cause her any pain. He took his time opening and closing her hole until mercifully allowing her to take it to the hilt. "Breathe, sweetheart," he reminded her, gently teasing her folds with just the tips of his nails as he let her passage adjust to the girth. When he saw her visibly relax, he let his head fall back and closed his eyes to enjoy what was happening to his own body, the toy locked fully inside of her by his knuckles as he stared at her pussy from below, occasionally darting out his tongue to poke her clit. She jumped every single time.

Stefan was in no hurry and teased his friend with languid strokes, milking the precum from the tip of his cock and savoring the taste over and over. He'd been fully trained as a pleasure slave a century prior and could suck dick for hours if that's what his customers desired, and Klaus always played the long game. He scraped his teeth up and down the hybrid's length, reveling in the low grumble emitting from the back of his Owner's throat. Klaus stared transfixed at the sight of the marble penetrating his slave before closing his eyes and grabbing hold of Stefan's waves. "You always were a glorious cocksucker, my little whore," he praised, enjoying the feel of the minion's tongue swirling around his head.

Caroline focused on her breathing as her anus grew accustomed to the wide phallus buried deep inside her warm passage. For the first time, she understood why she always drew an audience. The perverse image on the mirror made her pussy drip around the immovable plug. Klaus gently stroked the inside of her thighs while Stefan methodically sucked his cock until she'd finally relaxed completely. The hybrid inhaled a deep breath to steady himself before slowly opening his eyes and returning his focus to his helpless slave. He pressed his lips against the side of her knee; she shivered; he smirked. He nipped at her sensitized skin, working his way slowly up towards her core. He flicked his index finger against the hardened crystalline substance guarding her pleasure center and chuckled at the way she jumped. Although she'd been with him for the better part of a year, she was still as reactive as the day she'd walked into his office and stripped just because he'd told her to. He'd known then that she was perfect, but she continued to amaze him every time she let him push her deeper into submission. Getting her to admit such a forbidden fantasy was a testament to how far they'd come.

The bound blonde slave stared at the gilded mirror as her Master finally began to move the phallus in and out of her ass. Klaus' hard length twitched in Stefan's mouth when her body turned to jelly as she simply existed to take what he had to give. Well, that just wouldn't do. A mischievous grin brought out his dimples as he held his palm out to his minion. The younger man fumbled around the floor, clumsily searching for something while still bobbing up and down in a steady rhythm. Finally finding what he was looking for, he handed the Original a small oval vibrator that magically sprung to life as soon as it was passed over. Caroline yelped when it grazed the inside of her knee, Klaus' tongue right behind it.

The speed of the marble increased as he lightly caressed her folds in jagged patterns with the tiny toy. The pain in her clit steadily increased as he kept her on the precipice. Every brush was enough to push her over the edge while simultaneously not being enough. It was heaven; it was hell. She buried her face into the plush pillows and moaned, wrists still tightly secured by chains linked to her monogrammed Mikaelson wrist cuffs that matched the collar he never removed. She was his now.

Klaus gulped and gritted his teeth when she finally screamed, her shrill cry almost enough to make his lose control. "What do you think, mate?" he asked in a forcibly even tone. "Has she been patient enough?"

"Hell, no," Stefan scoffed. "You haven't even touched her boobs yet. You're losing your touch." It was a playful taunt, both men sharing a wicked smirk as Stefan took Klaus' cock in his mouth and buried it to the hilt down his talented throat.

"Well, you'd best make another trip to the closet then," he instructed, tapping the side of his minion's jaw. "That's enough of that. You can play later, provided you behave."

Stefan had to refrain from rolling his eyes at his old friend as he rose to his knees, his engorged shaft dripping with precum that he easily ignored after a century of practice. As Klaus quickly flipped Caroline over, he idly hoped she'd never get to that level; her comically exaggerated reactions were so much fun. "How are you holding up, sweetheart?" He asked as he leaned down to peck her on the lips, smoothing a few sweaty tendrils off her forehead.

The blonde whimpered a little bit, sniffling as she whispered, "It hurts really good."

"Fantastic. I'm very pleased, my naughty little slut. You're doing so well, princesse." She melted into him when he pressed his weight against her, grinding into her plugged core as he possessively claimed her mouth in a bruising kiss, marble still secured as he plunged it in and out of her ass. "Good girl; take it for me." He moved harder still, transfixed by her beauty, stopping only when Stefan returned with two sharp clamps attached by a long white gold chain. "I think she's sufficiently prepared for later. We'll let her ass rest before I give it to you." He slowly and carefully removed the phallus inch by inch, slowly licking away her salty tears as she moaned. He handed over the stone to his minion, who looked at it with disdain on the way back to the closet. He'd leave that for the cleaning slaves. There was a hierarchy among the employees at L'attrait des Ténèbres. As the head Mikaelson's favorite minion and his slave's personal keeper, he was near the top of the pyramid.

Klaus rose to his knees and settled himself on top of her, snapping his fingers at Stefan to join him on the bed. The vampire tucked a leg beneath him and obediently accepted the clip from his Owner. Together, they snapped them onto each of her frozen nipples, making her release a shrill cry as pain jolted through her breasts. "Oh, does that hurt?" he asked with faux sincerity, a mocking expression beneath his stubble. She sniffled and vehemently nodded her head up and down. "Good." Sadistic pleasure flooded his veins as he tugged sharply at the chain. She screamed – he smiled. "I think a proper beating is in order. You up for a little flogging, mate?" he asked his friend casually.

"Always." Without waiting for instructions, Stefan hopped off the bed, his stiff cock bobbing up and down as he went to closet. He quickly gathered up a dozen impact toys and returned to the bed. He'd been a feared ripper-style vampire before Klaus had compelled him to turn his humanity back on a hundred years prior. The hybrid had seen something in the younger man, but he had a strict policy about the humanity switch; he hated dealing with the guilt and shame spiral that inevitably occurred when they turned it back on. Stefan hadn't hesitated to join Klaus' enterprise after a week spent on his knees thanking him for compelling away his ripper tendencies and useless remorse. They'd been inseparable friends ever since. But even though he didn't want to rip the heads off innocent humans, he was still an incredible sadist. Never once had he turned down the chance to beat someone. He hadn't used the marking cream on Caroline in weeks. The thought of how easy it would be to paint her red over and over thrilled him in ways her pussy never could.

"I think we'll need an elbow and knee spreader," Klaus mused, delighted when they appeared in his hands seconds later. They quickly repositioned her so she was balanced on all fours, nipples now exposed as the metal bar held her upright. Stefan took pity on her and stacked several plush pillows to allow her neck to rest as they worked her over. "No need to hold back; she can handle it now."

"Oh, I know," Stefan replied with a smirk. "I watch your shows, too."

"Of course you do, filthy slut," Klaus teased as he brought down the flogger on Caroline's ass. She moaned when Stefan joined in the rhythm, her pussy clenching as the hum in her core grew stronger. The men gradually built her up, their strikes in tandem as her skin pinkened under their expertise. Once she was warmed up, the two men shared evil glances as they selected their next toys. Stefan went for a paddle; Klaus picked his favorite dragontail. The younger man made her jump when he unexpectedly slapped her with the hard wood, leaving a bright red mark that rapidly faded to pink.

"Oh, that's nothing," Klaus waved dismissively. "Watch this." She yelped when the tail nicked her skin and jumped forward in her bindings, not that she had anywhere to go.

Stefan scoffed. "I'm just getting started." The next stroke was harder, leaving a blue welt that faded as quickly as it had come. She moaned when Klaus aimed at the side of her breasts, striking her tender flesh right on target. Their game quickly turned into a competition, Caroline's painful satisfaction their ultimate prize.

After tiring of the paddle, Stefan selected a thin rattan cane that went to splinters after a few strokes. "Cheap," he chided the hybrid, shaking his head as he tossed it over his shoulder.

"Seems to be getting the job done," Klaus teased, nodding at the vampire's throbbing erection. "Since you seem to be out of toys, why don't you let her relieve you a little bit? Let the Master show you how it's done." It was an offer he couldn't refuse. He got on his knees on the bed, poking her lips with his dripping head. "Open your mouth and suck Stefan's cock until you swallow his come," he commanded in that same maddeningly casual tone, like a threesome was a totally normal part of his day. Nevertheless, she obeyed without hesitation as submission overrode her inhibitions.

"Fuck, she's good at that. A year with you and she puts Katherine to shame." He moaned as he ripped at her hair, forcing her to take his shaft deeper down her throat.

"Don't let her hear you say that," Klaus snorted as he picked up a deep blue Lexan cane. "This won't break as easily," he taunted his slave, teasing her with the tips of the durable synthetic material. He dragged it down the cleft of her ass, poking just inside her gaping cavity. It was the longest her anus had been empty since her arrival and she found herself longing to be filled completely. Rather than indulge her whimpers, he slid down between her lips and teased her clit with the tip, drawing out long moans that vibrated around Stefan's cock and tipped him over the edge just as Klaus landed the next strike.

The sharp pain of the Lexan made Caroline jump and gag on Stefan's cock as he came down her throat, his seed spilling messily all over her face as he rapidly pulled out to keep from choking her. He pumped himself a few times until he was spent, biting back a grin at her inexperience as his come dripped off her nose. "Sweetheart, you made a mess," Klaus chided, striking her thighs just below the curves of her ass, making her keeper chuckle despite his efforts to contain himself. "Stefan, help her get cleaned up." The younger man's smile faded as he fell obediently to his knees, eyes narrowing at the Master's smug grin.

Caroline mouthed an apology as Stefan leaned in, but he shook his head to tell her it was ok, the two of them sharing a smile. He'd never been a fan of the taste of his own release, something Klaus knew, but she clearly didn't mind. She eagerly lapped his semen off his tongue as he repeatedly licked her face and fed it to her until every last drop was gone. "Good sluts," he praised, earning him another glare from Stefan but a pleased hum from his slave. He stepped back to survey her ass and thighs, many of the bright red streaks not yet faded as he'd been hitting her progressively harder. He took note of the ways her knees shook with every strike, enjoying how she simply took what he had to give like the good girl he'd trained her to be. He counted down from ten, prolonging the last one for good measure as he kept her on the edge, before finally announcing, "I think she's earned a bit of a reward, don't you, mate?"

"I think she wants you to fuck her," the vampire replied bluntly as he stood beside his Owner, taking in the sight of deep red welts decorating his charge. He ran his palm over her tender flesh, grazing her ass with the tips of his nails as the scent of her arousal renewed. "Actually, I think she wants us both to fuck her." She buried her face in the pillow, cringing as her body betrayed her. Was it wrong to want something that sounded so incredible? She didn't know; she liked it better when her Master did the thinking for her.

"Is that what you want, love? To take us both?" Leave it to Klaus to refuse to let her off the hook even though her quivering made the answer painfully obvious.

Every inch of her had been stuck in the moment before an orgasm since he'd pasted her rosy bud. It was too good, too much, but she knew better than to beg before he'd said she could. "If it pleases you, Master," she whimpered diplomatically as he stroked her frozen clit in quick circles, torturing her.

A smirk twitched up the corner of his mouth at her answer. "Such a perfect little whore, aren't you princess?" He kissed her temple as he sat beside her on the bed, tugging the chain connecting her nipples and grinning when she cried out in euphoric agony. "Unbind her," he commanded his minion as he rubbed her back, soothing her as he kissed her forehead. Stefan quickly removed the bars from her elbows and knees before releasing her ankle and wrist cuffs. Klaus pulled her into his arms, shushing her as he carefully removed the nipple clamps, making her cry out at each delicious new dose of intense pain. He handed her to Stefan momentarily to finally remove his jeans, cock aching for her dripping center.

Caroline eagerly crawled to his lap after he positioned himself with his back to the ornately carved bed board. He slowly taunted her by swirling and twirling the plug within her center. "Do you want to get fucked, little princess?" he teased, laughing out loud when she nodded her head, sniffling as her thighs trembled beneath his fingertips. "We really have got to do something about your patience. It's only been a few hours since you came on your fingers, my balls between your lips. I should really make you wait a day."

Tears streamed down her face at the prospect of going a whole day in this heightened state, but rather than arguing, she buried her face in his feather bird tattoo and whispered, "Whatever pleases you, Master."

The two men shared a bemused expression; they both knew Klaus was never going to make her suffer that much. Still, it was fun watching her squirm, and it would most definitely be enjoyable making her beg for it. "That is a very good answer, slut." Without warning, he ripped her head back by her curls and pulled her down on top of him, the plug quickly flying over Stefan's shoulder as he claimed her mouth.

"Master!" she cried out when he impaled her with his thick shaft, every inch of her on fire, every touch both too much and not enough.

"May I?" Stefan asked cordially with a raised brow as he positioned himself at her anus.

"By all means," Klaus replied, pulling the man to him by his short mahogany curls to kiss him deeply and with a lot of tongue. Caroline retreated to Klaus' chest, her whole body tense as they kept her on edge. Stefan taunted her back entrance with the tip of his shaft as he took his time coating it with thick, silky lubricant. "Oh, Stefan, don't be a tease," he scolded him as their lips continued to dance. "Fuck my slave in the ass."

Shrugging like Klaus hadn't just said the single naughtiest thing Caroline had ever heard, Stefan slowly eased himself inside her welcoming hole. She moaned and nuzzled into her Master's firm muscles when he finally sheathed himself to the hilt. Together, the two men began to move, slowly gliding in and out of her in tandem as she shivered between them. It was simultaneously the best, and worst, thing she'd ever felt. Every stroke felt like the calm before the storm, and she was ready for the hurricane.

"Do you like how that feels, my love?" Klaus nibbled her neck, his hand coming between them to tease her nipples with feather light touches that made her clench around them. "Having one cock in your pussy and another in your ass? Is it everything you dreamed it would be, hmm?"

"Y-yes, Master." Her words were barely audible as pleasure overwhelmed her senses; her head was spinning in a dizzy whirlwind of intense sensations that weren't quite enough. Curling into a little ball on his chest, she bit down on her tongue to stifle a sob; the two men shared a devious smirk as they rocked in unison. She lost her sense of time and was only vaguely aware of it when the sun set outside their penthouse window. Her Master toyed with the button guarding her clit and it made her cry out every time, but still she didn't beg as she waited anxiously for permission.

Stefan was the first the break. Grabbing Klaus roughly by the hair, he pulled him to his mouth for a bruising kiss as his strokes became fierce and unyielding. Pulling back, the hybrid saw the desperation in his partner's eyes and it made his inner wolf claw for release. "Do you need to come, slut?" he asked against Stefan's mouth as he bit down so hard with his human teeth that he drew blood.

"Yes, Sir," the keeper replied without hesitation, chest heaving as his words came out in rough pants of ecstasy. "Please… let… me…"

Klaus smiled evilly at his minion's full submission. "What do you think, sweetheart? Should I let Stefan come in your tight little ass?" he asked conversationally as the other man pounded into her, their strokes growing harsher by the minute as she shook with need. Unable to speak, she vehemently nodded her head up and down. "Didn't quite hear that," he teased, nibbling her ear as he torturously circled her hard little nub. "Perhaps you should both ask me nicely."

"Fuck… Kl-Sir… Please… It's been… hours…."

"PLEASE MASTER!" Caroline's cries drowned out the sound of Stefan's pitiful whimpers as everything in her screamed to give her Master what he wanted. "Please, let us come. We need it… I need… it… You… I… need… you… please… Master."

The rush of complete control made him drunk as he fiercely pulled her up and down on their cocks as they slammed into her. "Oh, I don't know. I feel like you're just telling me what I want to hear."

"Please… please… please…."

"Please… please… please…"

They were both reduced to tears as their passion grew. Stefan flashed his vampire features in warning to his Owner that he was dangerously close to losing control and it made Klaus laugh out loud. "Oh, alright," he conceded in a sing-song tone. He nodded at Stefan to go ahead and within seconds the minion was spilling his load deep inside her warm channel. Klaus muttered an incantation and the crystalline barrier fell away. "Come for me, sweetheart," he whispered in her ear, his nails digging into Stefan's forearm as she clenched all around him with a mighty scream, triggering his own wet release.

Wave after wave of pure bliss washed over her in an orgasm that never seemed to end. Both men were drenched in gushes of her arousal as she came over and over. Stefan's body clenched as his hard muscle froze inside of her, but Klaus continued to bounce her up and down in his lap until he was completely spent, yet her orgasm continued until they all were breathless lying in a heap. She passed out in his arms, shaking in relief. It was the best she'd ever felt. Klaus looked down at his slave and chuckled, the sight of Stefan unconscious beside them bringing him no less joy. Clutching his princess to his chest, he joined them in oblivion.

It was passed midnight when Caroline finally began to stir. Stefan was gone and Klaus was watching her with interest, a small smile playing about his lips as he ran his hand up and down her back. "Was your fantasy all that you'd hoped, little princess?" he asked with a sincerity that touched her. Yes, he'd been the one in control, but he'd done it all for her. He wanted to coax out every filthy idea she'd ever had and give them to her again and again.

"Even better," she whispered, kissing his tattoo with reverence. "Thank you for everything, Master."

"You're welcome, sweetheart," he replied, kissing the top of her head in veneration. "You were such a good girl today. I'm very pleased."

Caroline hummed happily in his arms. Long minutes passed in companionable silence before she looked up at him with a hazy smile on her face. "What are your fantasies, Master?"

The hybrid smirked. He'd spent so much time coaxing a confession out of her that he'd been pushing his own desires aside for months. It just wouldn't have worked if he'd told her from the beginning all the filthy things he wanted to do to her. With her. He'd loved having her all to himself, but seeing her so easily please Stefan at his behest had awoken the beast he'd kept at bay. He loved the camaraderie of sharing partners, but it was a rush he'd never known sharing a woman who truly belonged to him the way Caroline did. He was her Master, the only one she'd ever have, and she was his one true slave. No matter who joined them, that would never change… and that knowledge gave him ideas. Filthy, fantastic, fulfilling ideas.

"Well," he finally replied with an evil smile at the sparkling excitement in her sapphire eyes, "you know how much I enjoy filling all of your holes."

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