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Clark Kent and Diana Prince Apartment April 2015

Clark Kent spent the past month doing things normally. He worked at the Daily Planet, visited his parents back in Kansas, paid his rent this month and continued his normal human life.

Superman spent the past month doing things normally. He was part of the Justice League, fought villains, saved babies from burning buildings and attended press events.

Kal El spent the past month in a blur. He wasn't sure exactly what he was supposed to do but this part of him was lost.

There was a ringing in his ear that wouldn't go away.

Clark Kent never went to the doctors and Superman never got sick. Kal El went to the fortress but Kalex had picked up nothing in his system. So, Kal El summed it all up to the event he was planning that would cause his nerves to bother him.


Clark Kent, Superman and Kal El saw Diana every night, they now had an apartment in Manhattan. They'd been dating for three years now and somewhere between the second and third year, he had built up the courage to ask Diana to move in with him. He though Diana would refuse, she wasn't accustomed to dating or it's customs and he didn't want to pressure her. However, Diana agreed and the first night they moved in Diana made sure that they made love on every surface of the apartment.

He would never forget that night.

It was the night that the separate lives of Clark Kent, Superman and Kal El collided and it was beautiful; Diana was beautiful.

When around Diana all the problems that Clark Kent and or Superman faced went away because Diana acknowledged all parts of him as Kal El.

Kal El was the bridge between Clark Kent and Superman.

The ringing in Kal's ear became louder as he was opened his apartment door. He shook his head and ignored the sound.

"Kal." Diana's angelic voice called and cleared the mist from his mind.

Kal flashed a smile at Diana and then closed the door behind him. He didn't remember how he got home, if he had flown or drove. He didn't remember going to work today, but once he looked down at himself he saw himself in button down shirt.

Clark Kent.

He sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. He then made his way to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Grabbing a bottle of water, Kal quickly drank it and then grabbed another. Once he closed the fridge, he turned to see Diana leaning against the counter.

Diana couldn't be real.

Kal looked at the woman who occupied his heart and smiled. She was wearing his white shirt that fit him perfectly but looked better on Diana. The shirt barely reached her knees allowing Kal to get a very good look at her long and toned olive legs. Looking up, Kal looked at Diana's chest where her arms were folded supported her breast. Kal smirked at that, he wondered if his teeth marks from last night were still present.

Kal put the bottled water down and walked closer to Diana. He then moved his hips and pinned Diana to the kitchen counter. Diana looked at Kal and smirked moving her hands and firmly placing them on the marble countertop behind her.

"If we keep doing this, we're going to need a new kitchen." Diana informed.

Kal smirked and leaned his head closer to Diana's. Diana was ready for a heated kiss but Kal had other plans. He placed a soft kiss on Diana's neck and of course she moaned. Kal then placed his hands on the counter in front of him, the same counter had had Diana pressed against. He kissed the left side of Diana's neck, leaving a trail of hot and wanton kisses on her neck until he reached her ear.

"We haven't done this in the kitchen for a while now." Kal whispered and then nibbled on Diana's ear.

"You've forgotten this morning already?" Diana asked.

Kal pulled back from Diana and looked into her cerulean eyes. Kal could recall every time he had Diana under him or above him. It was hard to forget when their sex was something unmatched, the only thing beings such as themselves could make. Diana left bite marks all over his body which left Clark Kent wearing turtlenecks. Diana's nails would dig into his back through his clothing which left Superman to get new outfits made by his mother. Kal El would be left moaning and cursing in his native language of Kryptonian. All parts him though, would be left in disarray once Diana was finished with him. Neither parts of him could walk or utter other words than her name.

How could he have forgotten Diana?

Diana was sketched into his heart, she powered him. Every part of himself depended on Diana for breath. She was embedded into him, coded into his very DNA.

"Maybe I need a reminder." Kal said as he placed a soft kiss on Diana's lip.

Diana smiled and leaned into the kiss heavily. Kal's hands then moved from the counter and fell to Diana's legs. Slowly, they moved up her legs until he reached the bottom of his white t-shirt. He then moved further up Diana's thighs until he felt heat radiating from her core.

"No lace?" Kal asked as he broke away from the kiss smirking at her.

"I was waiting for you to come home." Diana informed, a blush crawling onto her face.

Kal smirked and moved his right thumb to brush over Diana's spot. Diana's eyes closed and her mouth fell open at the touch. How the fuck could Kal not remember touching her? The way her hair fell down her shoulder and back. The wrinkles forming on her forehead and the "oh" sound that fell from her rose lips.

Kal would not forget Diana.

He then grabbed the rim of the shirt and lifted it up then tossed it to the ground. Looking at Diana's exposed body, he could now see two sets of bruises and marks on Diana. The marks made last night were starting to fade while the ones from this morning were still present on Diana's skin.

Kal then moved his hands, his left tracing the bites, scratches and bruises he left on Diana while his right hand stayed at Diana's core. His thumb continued to rub Diana's core while his eyes never left Diana's. Diana was trying to keep her eyes open but the pleasure she was receiving was too good. Kal smirked, he could see the fight so apparent on Diana's face. He then switched to his pointer and middle finger, running back and forth of her slit and then slowly slipping in.

"Ahh.." Diana moaned and Kal could feel his member harden.

Kal closed his eyes at the sound of Diana's moan. He then moved closer and continue to kiss Diana's shoulders, neck and face while his hand filled Diana. He moved slowly wanting to savor every moment of this pleasure he was giving his Goddess.

His fingers twisted, curled and swirled inside Diana causing Diana's head to fall back. Kal needed to see Diana become undone by his hand, so he could keep it in his memory. Seconds later, Diana came undone and her juices dripped from her sex ran onto his fingers.

"I'm not done babe." Kal said as he moved his left hand to cup his loves face, his right hand still inside her.

Diana then moved herself from Kal's hand. She turned around, stomach leaning against the cold marble counter. Her backside was now visible for Kal and he frowned. Kal wanted to see Diana under him and make love to her. They had time for rough and dominant sex later, but tonight was special. Kal had it all planned out and the sex was supposed to come after, but he wanted Diana now.

"Diana." Kal said as he pressed himself behind Diana. "I want to make love to you."

"Kal, I swear you are the most confusing man I have ever met." Diana giggled. "You texted me all day about this counter."

Kal didn't remember.

Kal signed and placed his chin into Diana's shoulder. His hands then wrapped around Diana and pulled her into his chest.

"I changed my mind." Kal said.

Diana didn't fight as Kal lead her to the bedroom. He closed the door behind him, and Diana now lay on the bed naked and ready for him. Kal walked towards the edge of the bed and Diana sat on her knees. She then unbuttoned his shirt and kissed his lips, pulling him onto the bed with her.

He needed to remember.

Kal now on top of Diana kissed her softly. Diana's hands moved to Kal's pants unbuckling them and then sliding them down. Other movements occurred until both were naked on the bed, Diana under Kal.

He would not forget.

Metropolis June 2015

Diana had to find him before time ran out.

She could hear the wind breaking behind her, Superman was behind her. Diana was usually faster than him, but the damage he had caused to her body had slowed her Diana.

Diana's body was not the same.

Diana had to fly higher, faster and further than she had ever flown before, the world was depending on her, the League was depending on her.

Her family depended on her.

This man had taken so much from her and Diana hated herself. She should have seen the signs that something was off.

It was all her fault.

She was too busy cooped up in her relationship that she didn't pick up on it. Part of her thought that Batman was right, work and relationships weren't a good thing. However, Batman had an interest in her at one point and she thought it was pure male ignorance and jealousy showing through.

Diana almost reached the building when she is knocked out of the sky. The force pushed her down and they crashed into the street. Diana groaned as the weight lifted off of her. Her body couldn't take any more of this or it would surely break. She could not use all of her powers; she wasn't trained in them and wasn't sure if she could control it.

The bracers would stay on.

"Stop!" Diana shouted one hand over her stomach and the other keeping the figure away.

They didn't answer. Their eyes turned red and Diana gasped and then quickly jumped from her spot on the ground. The figure turned around and grabbed her leg, stopping her. Diana then intentionally snapped her leg and kicked the figure with her free leg, sending them into a building.

Diana then fell to the ground and groaned, she needed to keep moving. Diana then flew quickly to the building making sure to listen out for the figure. She reached the building seconds later and found the man she was looking for.

"Wonder Woman, so nice of you to drop in." He said.

"Cut the bullshit!" Diana spat. "Stop this!"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." He said. "You don't look too good."

"I have you to thank for that." Diana said.

"I don't know, Superman did it all by himself." He said. "All that anger and uncertainty he has in his mind. It was so easy to invade unlike yours."

"Bastard." Diana hissed and then pulled out her lasso.

The man ran and Diana tossed her lasso, catching him in it. The wind broke again, and the figure now stood at the entrance Diana had made.

"Diana…" The voice said.

Diana heart leaped at the voice; he was coming back to her.

"It's alright Kal." Diana assured. "It will all be alright."

"…I saw he made me watch…" Superman said. "…Doomsday it tore Kara apart…"

"It wasn't real." Diana said softly.

"It was to him." The man said and Diana glared at the man who dared speak. "And will be again because you can't keep this lasso on me forever. The next time he'll kill Batman or Supergirl…or you."


He was lying to Diana even with the lasso on. He didn't have that much power to continue his torment on Kal. He needed to leave them alone and leave Kal alone. He was hurting the love of her life and her love was going to destroy the world. Diana needed to find a way to free him from his control.

"You think I've lied to you, but I haven't. I can't." Maxwell said.

"Silence!" Diana ordered.

"He is mine." Maxwell chuckled. "I will never let him go!"

"You will." Diana shouted as she placed her hand around his neck. "Tell me how to free him from your control."

"Kill me."

Diana's heart sank at the words. He was under the lasso and all words of utterance were true. The lasso had always worked it had told Diana to truth whether she wanted it or not. Now, she had to figure out what to do with it.

Kill me.

Diana hadn't killed anyone before. Amazons had no complaints about killing, they were warriors.

Wonder Woman was a protector.

She was to protect the innocent and bring the guilty to Justice. But this man sitting before her hand done too much damage. It he could control Superman he would find a way to control her and other members. If that happened, the world would never be safe.

Diana would make the world safe.

Diana would keep Kal safe.

Diana would keep them safe.

Closing her eyes, Diana took a deep breath. She then opened her eyes again and looked at the man in her grasp.

Diana then placed both of her hands on his face and quickly moved her arms.

Snapping, Maxwell Lord's neck.

Hall of Justice July 2015

The world watched a God fall from Grace.

Diana didn't know she was being watched but as a Superhero it wasn't anything new. She knew the media was interested in her life and some were paranoid.

Batman was paranoid.

Batman had watched Diana since she arrived in America. He was tracking her movements and keeping tabs on her. Even once she joined the Justice League, he was still spying on her. Even when she started to date Superman, Batman was always there watching the both of them, unknown to them of course.

"You invaded my privacy!" Diana shouted.

"You are a superhero, Diana!" Batman shouted. "You have no privacy."

Diana rolled his eyes at Batman's words; he was full of shit. He spoke of loyalty and trust but gave none to Diana. Yet, here he was lecturing her about being a hero though he hid his face.

"Batman, you were wrong." Black Canary said.

"No, he had every right." Aquaman said.

Members of the Justice League began to argue amongst themselves. It had been like this for the past month and Diana was tired of it. Members had picked sides some agreeing with Diana and others agree with Batman. No amount of arguing and decisions could calm the storm in Diana's mind. She wasn't upset that she killed Maxwell Lord, she did was she had to do. Diana didn't care how the league, or the rest of the world felt, she only cared about on persons opinion.

What did Kal think of her?

Part of her wished that he would speak to her, but he didn't. She understood that Kal needed time to figure out his own issues. Kal had injured every member of the League, Titans and the Young Justice League. He needed time to think and frankly Diana could use the same as well.

Since the incident, Superman and Wonder Woman had not been seen. Diana wanted to go back out there and fight, she didn't care what they thought of her decision.

Diana had other people to protect.

So, Wonder Woman had not been seen in a month. She wanted to keep her life secret for a while until she figured out what to do. It was clear that her decision had caused a divide in the team and her presence wouldn't be able to fix it. Bruce had turned from her and so did certain members of the League.

"I'm leaving." Diana said as she turned towards the door.

"That's not a good idea." John Stewart said. "The press is still outside."

"Then they can watch."

Kent Farm August 2015

Diana landed on the wheel fields of the farm. She didn't knock on the door they knew she was coming. Diana stood in the field and closer her eyes taking in the silence. She had spent a month in Themyscira it seemed to be the only place where she could be alone with her thoughts.

"Nice of you to drop by." A male voice said.

Diana turned around and smiled at the man. His grey hair had been cut short courtesy of his wife most likely. The man then walked towards Diana and pulled her into his famous bear hug. Diana nuzzled herself closer into the man's chest and closed her eyes.

The man then freed Diana from his arms and looked at her. He could see the tiredness in Diana's eyes that he'd never seen before.

Diana was different.

"He isn't here." The man said.

"I came to talk to you." Diana said. "I need some fatherly advice."

Johnathan Kent looked up at the sky and smiled weakly, hoping Diana's actual father didn't hear her. Diana then softly shoved Johnathan and he laughed. The two then walked further into the field until they reach a rock in the middle. They sat on the rock and watched the sun set.

"I remember when I was told the truth of my father." Diana said softly. "I didn't know what to do or who to turn to."

"Clark flew all night looking for you." Johnathan said.

Diana smiled at the memory something she thought she would never do. When her mother told her of her fathers it wasn't long before Hera turned her mother into stone and her fellow Amazon's into snakes. It left Diana and Donna to walk the earth alone.

"I couldn't sleep so I came out here." Diana said.

"No crown. No uniform." Johnathan said. "Just you, my daughter."

"I feared that I would become him." Diana admitted. "That I would let his rage and selfishness consume me and I tried so hard to fight it."

"You have, Diana." Johnathan said he looked at Diana. "You are not him."

Diana turned away from Johnathan and looked at the setting sun. A tear had fallen from her face and she hated to know that the sun had seen her falter. He would surely pop by and mock her of her weakness.

"I am not myself." Diana said.

Diana was right about that one fact. Once she killed Maxwell everything changed for her. Friends became enemies and the world questioned who she was. Donna and Kara had never questioned Diana, nor did they stray for her. Kal on the other hand had kept his distance, he hadn't been at the apartment for two months. They both needed space, so they parted without actually parting.

Diana still had a piece of Kal with her.

"Neither is he." Johnathan informed Diana. "It is a lot for both of you to handle."

"I am trying to be okay." Diana said. "I don't regret killing him."

"You shouldn't." Papa Kent said.

Diana looked at him and she met his eye. Johnathan Kent did not falter in his opinions. He was not one to support killing but Maxwell Lord had it coming. He had control Clark and injured every superhero known to earth. If Maxwell continued Clark would have destroyed the world.

"You did what you had to do." Johnathan said. "I will not fault you for that."

"Some say I have blood on my hands, blood that I can never wash off." Diana said. "My mother told me that there was no sin in killing a Beast only a man. But by killing him did I kill the woman in me? The man in Clark?"

Johnathan took a deep breath and turned from Diana. He wasn't exactly sure of the answer to give Diana. She was not a monster, and neither was Clark, though most people get to decide who they want to be in life, Diana and Clark didn't get much choice.

"I think that is an answer you have to find on your own, my girl." Johnathan Kent said. "The way Clark is finding his."

"Apart from me." Diana said acknowledging that her relationship with Clark had ended.

"I would have told him that he was an idiot for leaving if I didn't think it was necessary, but it is." Johnathan said. "You both need space. You have to find yourself after all this chaos just like him."

Diana accepted Johnathan's words. He wasn't pushing Diana away from him, but towards a part of herself she needed to find. It was something that she wouldn't find in Smallville, in the Justice League or in Kal El. Diana needed to find herself and become her again before she could take on the mantel of Wonder Woman.

"Does he still love me?" Diana asked, a break in her voice.

"He loves the very worst of you." Johnathan said as he pulled Diana into his side.

Clark still loved Diana even though it didn't feel like it for the past two months. Diana loved Clark with every fiber of her being. Diana's heart mind and body wanted only to be wrapped up in his embrace. But when she turned over in their apartment bed, he was not there, and a hole formed in her chest. It needed to be filled now, with the love she would find in herself.

"Now you need to learn how to love that side of you as well." Johnathan advised. "Away from the League, from us and from him."

Diana nodded as tears ran down her face. It was the first time Diana had cried in months. Johnathan knew that all too well, so he held the little Goddess in his arms and whispered to her as she wept.

The Watch Tower September 2015

"No!" Supergirl shouted.

"Kara, please." Diana said.

"You cannot be serious!" Supergirl yelled. "You can't leave us!"

"Yeah, you're Wonder Woman." Shazam said. "If you leave the League is just an All Boy's Club."

Black Canary smacked Shazam in the back of the head causing him to flinch.

Diana didn't want to leave the League was her family. Though the members were fighting amongst themselves they had all calmed down. Some still didn't agree with Diana's decisions and that was fine. She knew that she would make some decisions that would hurt the people she loved.

Diana did this to protect herself.

She hadn't thought of leaving the Justice League it was her second home. But the talk she had with Johnathan Kent had made it clear that Diana needed to leave. Some would see it as recompence for killing Maxwell Lord while others would see it as absurd.

"Wonder Woman, you can't leave us." Miss Martian said as she tried to fight back tears. "You're family."

"I will always be family." Diana said. "But I need to leave for a while."

"This is extreme." Jason Todd said he took off his mask. "You killed a bad guy. You are not a villain."

"That's debatable." Aquaman said as he glared at Diana.

"She did what she had to do." Green Arrow said. "If she didn't we all would be dead."

Members of the Justice League, Teen Titans and the Young Justice League fought amongst themselves again. Diana hoped that their anger would subside, but she was wrong about it.

"Stop." A low masculine voice said, and the room fell silent.

Superman was in the room when Wonder Woman had called the meeting. He sat at the table with the rest of the League, but he was on the far side away from Diana. Everyone knew they were over and were shocked that Superman and Wonder Woman were even in the same room.

"Now you want to speak?" Kara questioned. "You haven't said anything since you've returned!"


"No, Wonder Woman!" Kara shouted. "Superman hasn't defended you at all when the only reason you killed Maxwell Lord was to save him and us!"

"It is not his fault." Wonder Woman said. "I do not expect Superman to explain my actions and I don't explain his. We are separate beings and should be treated as such."

"Okay, matching suits." Jason whispered under his breath.

"My leaving is not up for debate." Wonder Woman said. "You have done nothing wrong and your reactions to my decisions was not a cause in this. I need to leave to better understand myself and this new power I have. Some time away from the League and America should alleviate some of the stress that has been added. It has been an amazing experience fighting alongside you all and teaching the younger ones. But I need this, and I must do it."

"And what about Donna?" Zatanna asked.

"She can make her own decisions." Diana said smiling at her sister. "I will not force her to leave or stay."

"I'm going with you." Donna said.

"Donna?" Batgirl called out.

Donna turned to Barbara and smiled softly. Donna would want nothing more than to stay with the family she had formed. But Diana was her blood and she would not turn on her. Diana was all that Donna had left of her home and she would not give that up.

"So now you're breaking up the team?" Miss Martian asked.

"We aren't doing anything." Martian Manhunter replied. "This is Diana's choice and we have to respect it."

"I'm going with you." Supergirl said as she walked over to Diana.

"You aren't her mentee." Batman said.

"I don't care." Supergirl said. "Diana is the only member I actually like at this point and I'd rather live with her."

Diana looked up and for the first time in three months, Kal was looking up at her. She missed staring into those aquamarine eyes. After all they had been through she loved him more than anything.

She wanted to tell him.

Diana was going to leave but she wouldn't leave with all his family. Diana flashed a smile at him and then looked at Kara. She brushed the blonde hair form Kara's face and smiled at her.

"I cannot take you with me." Diana said.

"Yes, you can." Kara corrected.

"No." Diana said. "I will not take you from the only family you've ever known."

"You're my family." Kara said as she threw herself into Diana's chest. Kara wrapped her arms around Diana and hugged her softly, not wanting to hurt her. Kara pressed her ear to Diana and could heart an extra heartbeat.

Kara looked at Diana and Diana shook her head softly.

"It's okay." Diana said. "We're going to be okay."

Kara then looked at Donna and frowned. Kara had lost her family and then gained a new one with Kal. Once Diana came, they all seemed to be one happy family. Now it was all being taken away from Kara and she didn't know if she could take anymore.

Diana and Donna said their goodbyes to their friends and then left America.

Never to be seen again.