A/N: My friend and I made this up in English class when we were not paying attention and I thought I'd post it because it's funny!

Disclaimer: My friend and I own nothing. NOTHING!!! I wish I did, because then I would be amazingly rich and famous but of course J.K.  is under a lot of stress right now so I'm also glad that I'm not her so therefore I own NOTHING, NADA, and ZIP. HAH!

P.S. when you say the words that have letters taken out, pronounce them with a sort of pop on the end, like you would expect an English person to say it (sorry to all you chaps who are English -  I'm an American and therefore get to make fun of you). If you are still confused review and I will create my bio and explain in more detail. By: Catgrl52 co written by arimel (check her out in the tamora pierce section!) posted with help from padfoot4eva!!! Kudos to them!

Here you go!!!

" 'Ello, I'm 'Arry Po'er!"

"Please pass the bu'er"

"No! I refuse to pass the bu'er!"

"Why you bloody prat! ADAVA KEDAVRA!!!!"



"Bwahahahahaha! BwahahaHAHAHA!!! I AM THE BOY WHO LIVED TWICE!!!"

"You little……… But I am Lord Voldemort! I am the greatest wizard of all time! And I'm dating your GIRLFRIEND! nyuck nyuck nyuck!"