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Trigger Warning?: there's a scene involving cockroaches in a locker. Maybe? I don't know.

Music: Someday Out Of The Blue

Artist: Elton John

Album: The Road To El Dorado (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Music Genre: Latin Pop, Pop.

Lyrics Language: English

Story Genre: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Drama.

Summary: Marinette found out about Lila's next plan to take her down, and Lila has strong evidences against Marinette. The question is: Who will stay by Marinette's side in the end?

Tags: Adrienette; Adrien; Marinette; Alya; Lila; Lila's lies; Classmates; Trust; Class's severing; Head-Canon; AU.

I Still Put Faith In Us

"So you and Adrien are really dating?"that was Alyas' reaction to the news at the table's lunch at school, utterly disbelief. With a tiny bit of betrayal in her eyes.

"Yes... why?" Marinette didn't understood her reaction "What's there of so unbelievable on it?"

"Uh… I thought… I thought you had moved on from him, you even dated Luka."

"Yes, I did. And I thought that I was completely over him, but… when he started being all honest and sincere about his feelings for me I just… I don't know, I felt like melting inside and then, almost from nowhere, I was in love with him all over again" the girl sighed dreamily, her elbow on the table's surface and her cheek resting on her hand "Or it was like I never had stopped."

"Um. Good for you" that was the response from Alya, in a somewhat dryly tone.

"What was that, Alya? I thought you would be happy for me."

"Yeah… I could, but I just can't. Not after you did what you did to have him."

"What? What do you think I did?"

"Oh, please, Marinette, don't play dumb with me. I know what you did, you know what you did, and everyone knows what you did. And if I was you, I would try fix my mistakes before anything bad happened, so excuse me" Alya stood up abruptly, taking her tray with her before marching to the table where Lila was sitting with Rose, Juleka and Alix.

Dumbfounded, Marinette watched her best-friend starting to talk with all of them, gesturing widely. Whatever she had told them, that made their expressions change from confuse to astonishment. Although, on each face the expression was somehow different. Like in Lila that seemed as she already knew everything but still was surprised to see that she was right. Alix was with her eyebrows frowned, as she was between believing and not believing. Rose was definitely believing on whatever Alya was telling without any trace of doubt on her face. But Juleka. It was hard to say what Juleka was thinking. Observing her stance, Marinette realized that Juleka had distanced herself from the others, with arms crossed over her chest, while frowning the face towards Lila, not to Alya that was the one talking.

And then Marinette understood what was going on. Juleka wasn't believing on whichever lie Lila was telling them, but Alya was. Or better saying, Alya wasn't believing until Marinette confirmed the lie somehow. So, in conclusion, by Alya's reaction from before, Marinette was suspecting that it has some relation with her dating Adrien. Oh, bother, what Lila was planning against her this time?

"So Alya got angry when you told her that we were dating?" Marinete had told Adrien about the incident. They had met at the school's entrance. Adrien had had his lunch at his home and now they were walking towards their lockers. Since Adrien's were nearer they were going to it first.

"Yes. And I don't know how, but I think that Lila has something to do with it."

"How so?" he opened his locker when they got there.

"I don't know. That's the problem. I can be wrong. But… Juleka's expression towards her..."

"You're suspecting her because of this" Adrien took the books he needs to his next classes.

"Yeah. I'm thinking if I should talk with Juleka" they started to go at Marinette's locker after Adrien had checked if his was really locked—some fans have the habit of being too snoopy.

"Sounds like a plan for me. She may tell you what's going on. By the way, putting this all aside, I already told you how you are beautiful today?"

"Yes, you did. This morning when you slid that note to me during our first class."

"Now I'm speaking how beautiful you are since I don't have to be so discreet anymore. Now-"

"When did you duct-taped this note on my locker?" she pointed to a folded piece of paper glued on Marinette's locker's door by a transparent adhesive tape.

"No, I didn't" he frowned.

Frowning as well, Marinette took the note, unfolded it and then reading "We all know what you did... Adrigami forever?" the word forever had been written with a number four. Adrien was grunting at her side "Do you know from where did it came?" he took the note from her to tear it up.

"Yes. Unfortunately. Adrigami fans."

"Adrigami?" she tilted her head in confusion.

"Adrigami. Kagami and mine's ship name. We have fans rooting for us and for wedding."

"Really?" she was chuckling.


"And they probably are thinking that I'm some sort of antagonist in your love story."

"You're not. But they probably are thinking it, yes. I'm sorry. Looks like you'll have to endure some sort of backlash for dating me, after all" he lamented rubbing his nape.

"Don't worry. Years of Chloe tormenting me made me stronger to those things" along with other things, Ladybug had been at the end of the hatred of some people since the beginning just for existing and being known "I can handle this. With you by my side, of course."

"And I will. I'll be your knight in shinning armor."

"More like a prince charming" she said putting her hand on her locker's handle and opening it.

"Knight-prince charming in shinning-"

"AH!" suddenly, Adrien was struggling to keep his balance while holding Marinette that had just jumped into his arms. Once steady, Adrien looked down at a trembling Marinette to try to understand what was going on. She was hiding her face on his neck, though. So he looked up to her locker and found out what was the problem: Cockroaches. The fat ones, crawling over her stuff inside the locker.

"Oh, no" he lamented, already knowing what was happening.

The commotion at the locker's room, of course, drew their teachers' attention, and Miss Mendeleiev and Miss Bustier showed up at the room soon after. Adrien and Marinette, who didn't let go of him at any moment, explained to their teacher what had happened, while the janitor was dealing with the pests before they turn a true infestation "or we'll be screwed on the next sanitary inspection" they had heard Miss Bustier mumbling to Miss Mendeleiev when she called the man.

"So, you two believe that someone put these cockroaches in your locker on purpose" Miss Mendeleiev said "Why you think that, I need to ask."

"There was a note duct-taped on her locker's door."

"Was some sort of threat message?" Miss Mendeleiev looked at Marinette.

"They only wrote 'We all know what you did, Adrigami forever'."

"Hum… You still have the note?"

"Uh… I tear up it and… I think it fell..." Adrien searched down for the pieces, finding them near the janitor's foot "right there."

"Jean, can you please put this pieces of blue paper separated from the other things? Looks like they are evidences of who did this" Miss Bustier asked to the Janitor.

"Sure, miss" the janitor responded before turning back to spray poison into the locker.

"My books. My backpack. All my things" Marinette lamented watching all her stuff being powdering with white poison. She didn't think they could be saved.

"Don't worry, dear, we'll take care of all your belongings" Miss Bustier tried to reassure the girl.

"Your sketchbook?" Adrien was suddenly alarmed.

"It's in my purse."

"At least this, right?" he sighed in relief, hugging her to bring comfort.

"Yeah… I guess. But my backpack. I made it."

"You can make another one. A new better one, what you think?"

"A new better one?" Adrien watched how Marinette's eyes started to shine with the idea.

"Yes. I can even buy the material for you."

"What? No."

"As a gift."

"No, Adrien."

"Ah, come on, you really don't want to have the chance to use the best materials that my money can buy? What about if you made two schoolbags for us? A matching pair?"

"Oh, Adrien, you're playing low" she groaned.

"I want an original Marinette Dupain-Cheng" he said like it was obvious.

"By the heavens, Adrien" she was laughing.

"I'm glad you're feeling better, Marinette. But I think that Miss Mendeleiev is a little impatient to begin her class and, if I'm not wrong, you two are in her next class, right?"

"Oh, yes."

"Sorry, Miss Mendeleiev."

"Sure. Now, follow me. We are already late."

They two quickly followed Miss Mendeleiev steps to the sciences class. In the classroom, their Teacher stated that Alya should share her books with Marinette. Alya didn't complained, but she didn't look happy either. Was during the class that Marinette started to learn the reason.

"So this was true, there was cockroaches in your locker."

"Yeah… and they were so… eww!" Marinette's description made Alya chuckle a little, which gave some hope on her mysteriously strained friendship. But it was shortly killed by Alya's statement.

"Well, I told you if you didn't fixed what you did, bad things would start to happen to you."

"What? What are you talking about?"

"Please! Marinette, don't play the dumb role with me. I know what you did. Lila told me."


"Silence, you two!"

"Sorry, Miss Mendeleiev!"

They stayed quiet from then, even between them two.

Naturally, Marinette didn't paid attention to Miss Mendeleiev. Alya's words kept echoing in her mind, like a broken record. After all, what Lila had said? Which lies that girl was spreading about her, again? What she was saying that Marinette had did? And Marinette started thinking. All the evidences had already been presented, she just needed to put the puzzles together. The note from Adrigami's fans. Alya's annoyance towards Marinette dating Adrien. Lila's constant attempts to have Adrien. And what Marinette had joke about them thinking of her as some sort of antagonist to Adrien's love story with Kagami? So the lie was: Marinette is an antagonist to Adrien's love story with Kagami. But the question that most baffled her was: Why for heaven's sake Alya was believing on it?

So, after their classes, Marinette reached for Alya almost at the school's entrance—since Alya had practically ran from her—with Adrien and Nino following them. The first one confused and the other just as apprehensive. They stopped next to the girls to watch them and intervene if needed.

"What Lila said to you that I did?"

"Marinette, please, don't play the dumb with me."

"Alya, I'm not. I had to make a true detective work during sciences class to have at least a suspicion of what you were saying about. So please, tell me. What Lila said that I did?"

"Fine, I'll play your game. Lila showed me that you worked behind Kagami's back, pretended to be her friend just to plant doubts on her relationship with Adrien and make them to break up."

"What?!" Marinette, Adrien and Kagami—standing with the crowd that had formed around them—exclaimed at the same time. From the crowd, they heard a feminine voice hissing "I knew it!"

"That's ridiculous!" Adrien came in her defense.

"Marinette would never do such a thing!" and so did Kagami, including by putting herself by Marinette's side. Alya gazed at Kagami and Adrien with pity.

"What did Lila showed to you?"

"Sorry, girl, I did not to do this to you, but you asked for it" Alya searched in her backpack and then pulled a pink and white notebook page from it. Reaching the page out to them.

Marinette took the paper to read the most ridiculously elaborated plan to make Adrien and Kagami to break up written in a very familiar handwriting. Her handwriting? But how?

"Lila said that she saw this falling from your notebook."

"I don't believe on it" Adrien crossed his arms.

"Dude, I'm sorry, man, but I think it's proof enough" Nino had put a hand on Adrien's shoulder.

"Adrien, it was written with Marinette's handwriting" Alya tried to reasoned with the boy.

"It could be forged" Kagami made her statement.

"Forged?!" Alya was clearly thinking that that accusation was an absurd one.

"You're calling me a liar?!" Lila pop up from the crowd, showing a face of profound hurt.

"You are a liar" the trio—Marinette, Adrien and Kagami—didn't lose a second to respond her.

"You all are so mean to me. I was just trying to help!" Lila started to cry, as they knew she would, hiding her face at Alya's shoulder. Alya looked at them with disapproval.

"Don't think that I don't remember when you tried make Adrien break up with me to date you by threatening Marinette's reputation" Kagami outed one of Lila's schemes during their ninth grade. The time when Marinette's reputation started to crumble because she didn't let them do that.

"You're lying!" cried Lila above the crowd's gasps over their accusation.

"What I'm watching here, Sabrina, a soap opera?" Marinette heard Chloe saying from somewhere, and Sabrina responding to her "looks like, in which the real question is who's the true antagonist. But, usually, only at the end that this questions are answered."

And then, Marinette understood.

Lifting her eyes from the paper, Marinette gazed at Alya's and spoke "the true question here is not 'who is the true antagonist'" Marinette had said out-loud to everyone hear her "this question the time, for sure, will respond when the right time comes. We all will know. But now, right now, the question is 'In whose word you trust the most?'" and reached the paper out to Alya to take it.

"Marinette, there's a proof of what you did."

"That could be forged."

"Lila? A school girl forging a handwriting? Please, Marinette, this just happens in movies."

"Movies happen to teach a lot of those things, no?" Adrien commented to Kagami and everyone.

"Yes, you're right, I already watched some of those movies" Kagami responded.

"This is ridiculous. Why Lila would forge a handwriting?"

"And why Marinette would write a plan to make me and Kagami to break up?"

"Well, she wrote one."

"Even if she did wrote this, it doesn't means that she did it. I vouch for Marinette's innocence."

"And so do I" Adrien nodded vigorously.

"Why? Can't you see that Marinette's sabotaged your relationship?" Alya was deeply puzzled.

"I know she didn't, because I know well why I broke up with Adrien" said Kagami, making some people to gasp, before taking a deep breath and try to continue, the usually confident girl stuttered and Marinette knew what she was about to do, so she stopped her by turning her to herself.

"No, Kagami."

"If they knew, they will stop to believe on those lies about you" Kagami whispered to her.

"No. I can handle this. It's like I said, the true will be revealed on its right time. Now is not the time" Marinette whispered back to her, determined to stop her of making a mistake.

Kagami was about to object when a new voice, a soft one, spoke "I also vouch for Marinette's innocence" it was Juleka, stopping next to them, looking at Alya's eyes, then at Lila's.

"Juleka? Why?"

"I have my reasons" she shrugged her shoulders.

"I trust on Juleka's reasons, so I trust in Marinette word, too" Rose stood next to Juleka.

"Me too" this time was Alix.

"What? Why?"

"I thought you all were my friends" Lila sobbed "are you believing on their lies about me?"

"Yep. Kagami, Adrien and Juleka are vouching for Marinette's innocence. In order words they were witnesses of what really happened. And, you know... 'at the mouth of two witnesses, or three…'"

"Alix, there's a proof."

"That they put in doubt."

"But this is craziness."

"Not so much. My father has to check every new piece to be sure they are not falsifications. Handwriting are between the most common falsifications. So, for me, it's pretty possible."

"But why would Lila do such a thing?"

"Why would Marinette wrote an evil plan?"

"Dude! There's a physical proof of it!" Nino exclaimed exasperated.

"This mean that you're with them, Nino?" Adrien asked gloomily.

"Sorry, dude, but I believe that you are too over heels for Marinette to see the true."

"The probability of the proof to be forged is too small. So I'm with Alya and Nino" Max stood next to them, fixing his glasses over his nose. Kim soon followed him.

"Me too" he had said.

"I always believed that your current girlfriend was a gold-digger" Felix, that was studying with them since their first year of lycée, sauntered from the crowd to stay besides Alya, flicking on the notebook page, he said "this, for me, is proof enough that confirms I have been right all this time."

"And you, Bourgeois?" Marinette heard someone speaking behind her, on the crowd.

"I don't care who's the liar. For me all of them can explode."


"So I guess it's settled, then" Alya concluded.

"Yeah, I guess" Marinette responded feeling the heart squeezing in her chest.

They stood gazing at each other for a moment. Then Alya turned around and left hugging a sobbing Lila, soon being followed by the others that was by theirs side.

"Come, Sabrina, the show is over" Chloe said, and left with her friend.

The crowd dispersed, too.

Marinette kept looking at the school's entrance, as she was expecting Alya to come back and says that she was wrong. But that never happened, and the squeeze in her heart tightened.

"Are you okay, Marinette?" Adrien asked, glancing worried at her, just like the others.

"I… I will be."

"Come. I will walk you to your home and stay with you if you want it."



"Thank you." and they left, with Adrien embracing her. Later, she cried on his shoulder.

From that day on, Miss Bustier's class changed drastically. With the exception of Chloe and Sabrina, the class was sort of split between Marinette's team and Lila's team. In order words, split in half. Some sits arrangement switched as well. Alya started to sit with Nino at the front. Adrien and Marinette at the back. Lila and Félix was sitting at the second row, while Kagami and Alix were at the third. Needless to say that Miss Bustier was extremely upset with the situation. She even got akumatized. Although an akumatization could have helped people to make amends after the purification, it didn't happened with their class. Leaving them still separated by the metaphorical cliff.

Almost three weeks later, things were still the same since then. Marinette was on Liberty, the Couffaine's boat, with Adrien, Kagami, Luka, Juleka and Rose. Spending a lazy day together. They had talked and played games. Now they were only relaxing with Luka playing some tunes.

"You should have let me tell them why I broke up with Adrien, Marinette. If you had let me, now people wouldn't being give you so much hard time at school." Kagami said suddenly next to Luka.

"You and Luka are secretly dating for a reason" Marinette's head was lying on Adrien's thighs while he ran his fingers in her loose hair "and I can handle this. Chloe teach me how to, on the past."

"And here I was thinking that she broke up with me just because we grew apart."

"This was one of the reasons. If wasn't for it, I would have ditched Luka for you."

"Ouch! You heard that?" Adrien looked at Luka.

"Loud and clear" the other chuckled.

"What? I'm just being honest, here."

"We know" they all laughed.

"I think that your love story are so romantic" Rose came with lemonades in a tray with Juleka behind her with sandwiches "of all of you. If it was a movie or a book, it would have been a success."

"Yeah, so much drama" Juleka commented putting her tray next to Rose's.

"We should wrote some sorts of autobiography about our love lives at the end of all this."

They all chuckled at Marinette's suggestion. They all shifted to approach at the snacks and eat. While eating, they started to discuss what they would put on the book, and what they would not. All in a playful tone. Then Kagami sobered again, and commented.

"Alya would be still talking with you."

"Alya..." Marinette swallowed before continue "she's just doing what she thinks is right. To her point of view I've turn some sorts of villain that committed some 'social crimes' to achieve my goals. I still believe, though... I still believe that Alya will see the true before it reveal itself. I still believe on her. I still believe on us. On our friendship. She'll come back. And I… I'll be waiting for her."

"I hope so."


A/n: Sorry.

This one should had been about Nino and Alya breaking up, exactly the situation the lyrics implied, and Lila's lies would had been the reason for it. But I needed a context to explain why they were breaking up, and then this happened. So Nino and Alya are not breaking up anymore.

To be honest. I hated how I put Félix here, he shouldn't had appeared on this one.