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A Tale of Two Winglies

Chapter one - A moment of home

Meru sat down at the far end of the bar. The place hadn't changed much since she had left. In fact the only thing that had changed was two of the employees. A new bartender and a new dancer that had taken her place. She silently wondered how business had picked up since the gang had been kicked out.

"What would you like to drink miss?" Asked the new bartender with red blond hair.

"Um... No not really, I kinda wanted to see that owner, I worked for him a while back. You know, just visiting and all." She gave him a sly wink and smirk.

"All right, he's just upstairs I'll send Septia to get him."

"Thank ya!" She said as he went back up to the dance floor and whispered something in Septia's ear. She nodded, looked over at Meru then hurried up the steps.

With in a few minutes the owner came down the steps looking completely surprised to see Meru sitting there. His mouth gaped open and he quickly rushed over to her side. " Meru... How have you been my dear, have you come back to work for me? Did your journey with those people go well? The mayor said that they were the dragoons, is that true?"

She sighed a tad as the man kept on talking. A year ago she would have been blabbing right on after him. However though she still could talk like no one else, she no longer felt the need to.

Like what Albert had said to her, back when they all started going home again.

Albert nodded considerately at her, " You have seen some awful things, but you realized that you no longer need to shout to show your importance. You have learned something Meru, from what you have been shown, and even if you have not realized this, it has made you a better person. "

"So?" The owner said loudly.

"Oh yeah, they were the dragoons, I'm one too now you know! It was amazing we had to fight this supper evil dude on the moon when it fell. And this wingly named Lloyd was giving us some trouble but in the end he turned out all good and stuff." She rolled her eyes a bit. "Then Dart, the leader, became the Divine Dragoon and kicked Meblu, the real evil dude's ass." She paused for a moment to notice that everyone had crowed around her. "Then we had to fly really fast to get out before the moon exploded on us! When we got out both Rose and Zeig hadn't made it with us. So Dart was all really sad and stuff, we all were " Around her Meru found people gaping in awe at what she had just said. "However when we got back to Bale everyone threw a party for us, and a parade. After that we kinda said good bye and went back home..." When she finished they started to clap with a few cheers, and then the hole place become a ruckus.

She stood there at the middle of the crowd feeling somehow different yet excepted. Almost as if this was what it was like to be loved, by everyone. Then a thought struck her, It was almost to powerful of a thought for her to control. But it was an amazing thought, that it made her cry.

She felt people reach out and give her hugs, and for a moment she seemed to think about how odd it was to be loved... But the thought stuck with her, keeping her spirits up even as she thought about Rose and all the others who had died.

What if.... What if everyone at home excepts me now? What if.... They love me too?

Overwhelmed Meru began to cheer with the rest of the crowd. Her hopes and dreams, her wishes finally seeming to become real. Later she would look back upon this day, and consider it with love and hope. It was to be one of the happiest days of her long life.

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