Bonnie was rather steamed. She looked on as Ron was ignored by Kim in favor of Josh again. The look on his face said it all, he was depressed, and judging by his other actions, alone. It didn't seem like anyone else noticed. He was pretty low if not non existent on the high school social totem pole. Possible was too infatuated with Mankey to notice, and he put on a face around the 2 friends he did talk to a bit, Monique and Felix. It made her blood boil how Kim had everything Bonnie wanted in Ron Stoppable, and took it for granted. Tossing him away like trash.

Kim had started dating josh about a year ago, everyone knows little miss "I can do anything" seems to be able to do anything, except concentrate on anything besides a hottie that likes her. At first he just flustered her when he was around, then it grew into full blown infatuation and ron seemed to be an afterthought. She saw her and Stoppable together less and less. Aside from the occasional news report where Ron was in the background and she just stood there taking most if not all of the credit for their latest mission. As she watched him slink into the bathroom just staring at the floor like a broken man she knew she needed to talk to him, food chain be damned.


As Ron entered the men's room he stood in front of the mirror and began talking to himself. Sadly Rufus was a little under the weather so he had to leave him at home today.

"Damn monkey boy ruined everything."

Kim had become increasingly distant. Every hangout he asked her on she either brought Josh or ditched him in favor of him. Over 10 years of friendship, through thick and thin. Down the drain. He was lucky If he could get her to stop talking about the zoo animal on missions long enough to catch up with her. Although her life was seemingly consumed by Josh so I guess she is catching me up.

Ron composed himself. He needed to get to class. "This totally tanks". He breathed in and out a couple of times and walked into the hall, he was going to be late anyway so he didn't run for it. Plus he wanted to look "normal" by the time he got to class. No one needed to know how he felt beneath the mask. As he was walking down the hall a door opened, he thought nothing of it until he walked by and was snatched inside the closet. It was dark until the person turned on the dim light



"Oh hey Bonnie, what's up?" Ron put on his best fake smile. He didn't want to upset her more than she already was if she deigned the need to talk to him alone.

"What's up? What's up!? You know what's up. Tell me what's wrong Stoppable." Bonnie shot daggers into his eyes.

Ron felt as if this was getting dangerous. He didn't want her to chew him out so he just told her what he thought she wanted to hear

"Look Bonnie I don't know what I did wrong. I'm sorry. I'll try to stay in my place in the food chain whatever."

Thinking she was satisfied with his response, he walked out continuing towards class. Bonnie stood there, a little hurt. "Is that really how he sees me?" She thought. As she was walking to class her thoughts continued on "I have to make him see me another way before I can help him."

Ron continued towards class, guessing he was walking into a detention. The halls were completely empty so he knew he was late. Mr. B is not a big fan of tardiness. Especially from him. Standing before his homeroom door, he accepted his fate after a deep breath and walked in.

"STOPPABLE where were you? You know what this means. A dete-"

Just then Bonnie walked in behind Ron

"I had to remind this loser of his place in the food chain."

Mr. Barkin saw her scowl and decided stoppable had already been punished enough, he let them seat themselves. What he did not realize was that Bonnie was scowling because Kim hadn't even made a side comment to defend Ron. Too busy making googly eyes at Mankey. Honestly the way they look at each other there could be an earthquake and they might not notice.

Ron was relieved, he didn't think he could handle a detention today. He needed to recharge and center himself. Just then he heard the kimmunicator go off. So much for recharging.

"What's the sitch Wade?" Kim went into mission mode, the only thing that could break her spell with Mankey

"Duff Killigan is trying to destroy every major golf course on the PGA tour, so far he has caused millions in damages!" Wade said

"I'm on my way. Come on Ron."

It seemed perfectly normal to everyone else, to the extent that to teen heroes running out the classroom can be. After they changed into their mission clothes they took off for Florida. It was going to take them over an hour to make it there. Ron actually perked up a bit. The villainy had been a little slow recently so he hadn't even been getting much mission time with Kim. Despite the danger he cherished these moments, until she started talking about Josh.

Even mission time wasn't sacred. He tuned out for a while, feigning slight interest with head nods. Sometimes the occasional Yeah KP. He zoned out until he heard her say "head in the game Ron". From what he was told about the time it would take to get there it seemed like they were only halfway there. Curios, he asked her what was up

"I've decided to cut down on the amount of Missions Team Possible takes on. Probably only to the serious stuff. The missions are cutting into the time I'm spending with Josh. So don't try to...Who am I kidding you wouldn't go out on your own. You can't handle it." She said this and slightly giggled.

Ron did a stressed nervous laugh alongside her. He felt his world shatter around him.

Just a short first chapter to see if you all like it, Other chapters will be a bit longer.