Bonnie looked on as Ron and Shego sat on opposite ends of Shego's rather large couch and stared off into space. Now she knew she didn't make a mistake in thinking that Sheila also belonged with Ron, since they had the same furrowed brow. She couldn't be perfectly sure, but judging by the look on her face she assumed today's events dredged up some old feelings for Sheila as well. She wasn't usually one to wear her heart on her sleeve for emotions besides anger. They'd been like this for about thirty minutes now.

She stood and spoke. "Well, I'm going to let you two brood in peace. I'll go home for a few….."

They both grabbed one of Bonnie's hands. "Why are you leaving?" "Don't go!"

It was at this moment that she realized all three of them were hopelessly clingy with each other, but she stood strong. "Nope, no. I'm not going to sit here and watch while you two brood or whatever."

"What can I do to get you to stay Bonnie?" Ron said with bug puppy dog saucer eyes.

"Nothing." They both drooped dramatically. She almost felt bad. Almost. "Well, there is one thing you can do for me." She said with a beautiful smile, and almost a bit too much sugar in her voice.

"What is it?""Anything."

Bonnie slipped her hand out of Ron's and placed her hand on Shego's face while giving her a feathery peck. "Talk to each other. You two haven't really spent an extended period of time getting to know each other."

"But I've been-"

"Before you say anything, stalking doesn't count Sheila." Bonnie said. Which seemed to quiet her quickly, aside from the grumbling. Afterwards she dragged Ron to the door with her.

"Are you sure you don't need me to walk you home?"

She shook her head and smiled before sticking her hand out in front of her. The Lotus blade instantly appeared in it's sheath in her hand. "Ron, I may not be able to blow up a town but I could probably punch most people through a wall. I'm not worried about running a few miles home." She placed her hand on his chest. "Ron, please talk to her. I know you had a bad day, but I think this brought up some kind of bad memories for her. You might be able to help each other."

"She's not really super open like th-"

"Pleeeeeeeaaase. For me?" Bonnie said with a pout.

'Dammit, she's too cute.' "Alright BonBon."

Bonnie smirked at her little manipulation, then began towards her house. From most perspectives it would look as if she simply vanished into thin air. Ron sighed, feeling a deep sadness, the same he felt every time she had to leave him. Then he returned to the living room with Shego.

"Just you and me huh?" he said


Ron sat back on his end of the couch and stared into space once again. Bonnie got his mind off it momentarily, but he had time to think now that he was out of the situation. His parents….weren't very good. It just seemed like they became less interested in him with every passing year. He should have known with how straight laced they were that they would never accept his weird relationship structure. From the little he looked into it, it was weird even in poly relationships to just have three equals who all love each other like a bunch of weirdos. He grumbled more at himself thinking about his parents, or lack thereof now anyway.

Shego stood and walked towards the door. She never turned back towards him, but her voice held a glumness that he hadn't heard before.

"You coming?"

He could have flown them to go city, but honestly he liked the feeling of his car. So did rufus, now that he was back to normal size anyway. It seemed to be more of a He-man thing where he only increased in size as needed. It confused him that they simply kept driving through the city, but it looked as if Sheila knew where she was going so he let it go. They passed go tower, passed the suburbs, and were reaching the outskirts of town before she finally stopped in a place that made him ask more questions than it answered.

Ron softly kicked a rock before turning to her. "Why did you bring me to a pile of rubble?"

Shego chuckled to herself. "It's not just any rubble. It's where I was born."

"This was a hospital?"

"I meant metaphorically."

"Oh." Ron said while scratching his head dumbly. There was a heavy silence for a few seconds before he spoke again. "What happened here?"

"Do you love me?"

"We've been over this Sheila…"

"Do. You. Love. Me. I need to know."

"...Yes Sheila, probably more than I should given the amount of time if I'm honest with you."

"Hopefully you will after I tell you what happened at this pile of rubble."

Ron waited for the pregnant pause in her speech to end, he was doubtful she could say anything that would sway his feelings on her, but this was her secret, and he wanted to let her tell it.

"You probably guessed it, but I didn't just spawn into this world from the bowels of hell or something, I had a family. You might have heard of my brothers. Team go."

He resisted the urge to smack his head. Team go, Shego, duh. "While I was curious about family and stuff, what does that have to with this place?"

Sheila looked at the stars. "Oh trust me, everything I say is all connected. During one of our missions we got separated, I got captured."

'Sounds familiar'

"Unfortunately, I was the brains of the team, so my family couldn't locate me. I was taken here. They wanted to do research on our abilities. Develop countermeasures if we ever went rogue."


"They experimented on me for weeks. Seeing how long it would take me to heal from burns, cutting and stitching me back up, and other various stimuli as they called it."

"Who took you?" Ron's knuckles were nearly white.

"Some dark government agency. From what I could tell anyway. I could have died here and not even Global Justice would have known."

"How did you get out?" He watched as she tensed up, when he tried to raise his hand towards her she flinched away from him. "Sheila?"

Sheila pursed her lips and clutched her elbow, hard. She could barely speak. She only softly said "You won't love me anymore if I tell you."

Ron gripped her hand tightly and stared into her soul. He wasn't sure what words would convince her of his conviction right now.

"My energy builds over time, when they kept me here my powers were rarely activated while they were torturing, I'm sorry I meant experimenting on me. A few weeks of saving then…."

"Boom….and you did this on purpose? How many were there?"

She closed her eyes and heard their screams and cries once again. "I wasn't as able to control my powers back then, but I wasn't exactly concerned with the safety of anyone in the lab if that's what you're asking. There were a few dozen from what I recall."

"That doesn't really sound so bad Sheila, you were just defending yours…." She put a finger over his lips.

"I wasn't done."


"There may have been survivors, a few I recognized as those who had personally experimented on me, others seemed to be random suits or doctors, but they knew what was going on here…..when I left the area lets just say from the couple of dozen survivors there were none left. This is what remained of the building when I was done with it. Keep in mind my initial blast only destroyed half of the building completely, so the other half was all me….all on purpose….all the blood…..all of the death. I'm a monster."

Ron was stunned. "Sheila….I"

"I know what you're going to say, I heard it all from my brothers. I had no right to play god with their lives, that's not what heroes do, I should have brought them to justice. I get it."

"I don't."

"What?" SHe looked down and noticed he was clenching the fist that wasn't holding her hand.

"Those people would have killed you, just because they were afraid one day that you might potentially turn evil."

Sheila huffed a laugh. "They were right."

"NO!" He yelled, nearly causing her to jump. "Them and your family made you lose faith in people, you didn't just wake up and go bad. This is on them, not you!"

"Ron, are you deaf? I killed people. People that couldn't defend themselves."

"You were killing scum after they tortured you for weeks."

"I became a criminal wanted in eleven countries."

"Twelve." Ron muttered to himself automatically. He made that joke a lot, as he wanted her.


"It doesn't matter."

"I PROVED THEM RIGHT!" She said while turning away from him and snatching her hand away, not wanting him to see the tears forming in her eyes. She hated and loved how it didn't even take him two seconds to hug her from behind around her neck and bury himself in her hair. Didn't he get it, she wasn't what he thought she was. She was trash, a piece of shit. The only thing special about her was how monumentally bad of a person she was.

"Shego, why didn't you ever kill Kim?"


"Even before you started training again you could have killed her. You had her tied up more than once. Actually, even one of your stray punches that hit her could have burned a hole in her chest, but you never did it. Why?"

"Are you really asking me why I never killed an innocent teenage girl?"

"It's a fair question. You're evil, right? Kim constantly got in your way, insulted you, sat you on your ass, and put you in prison. If Kim wasn't there think about the things you could have accomplished."


"No what?"

"No, I would never have killed her."


"Because she didn't deserve it."

"Ah ha!"

"You get something stuck in your throat?"

"Just the sweet taste of victory."

Sheila turned to look at his stupid smirking face. "Why are you smiling? I'm evil. What part of that don't you understand?"

"You have a code. You have a conscience. You're not evil. Just a woman that likes fighting and steals to make money."

"Thanks for the classy appraisal of my moral fortitude." She said sarcastically.

Ron gave her a little nudge. "Glad you're back to the sarcastic jokes. Brooding isn't a good look for you."

Her eyebrow twitched a slight bit. "Really now? You're telling methat?"

"Your happiness matters a lot more than mine Sheila."

She had to shake her hand a little, but she tried her best to smack the taste out of his mouth. He seemed to feel it as well as he rubbed his cheek. "Never even think about that again. You had shit parents but you still have people around that love you and want you to be happy. Even that robot freak Kim has as a boyfriend cares about you."

"He does?"

"In his own way."

Ron enveloped her in a deep hug. He was lucky he even got to stand in her presence, let alone hold her in his arms and hear her humming in his ear. He was glad she felt comfortable enough to open up to him. Bonnie was right, This moment was perfect.

"State your purpose for being within this location evildoers!"

They both sighed as they knew the voice, but only Shego spoke.

"Hello brother."

So, I anticipate 300 followers after I post this and just wanted to make it a little special. Shego finally gets some backstory, and it's a lot easier to understand why she despises anything that could come remotely close to experimenting on her. Hopefully this wasn't too short.