Author: Sorry everyone for my long absence! My computer finally died on me and I'm having difficulty getting the updated chapter for Sparks off of it so that story will take a bit to update. But my computer had a good run. It was like, 6 years old. Had been through 7 countries, been kicked/stepped on/dropped/fallen out of my work bag/run over by an ambulance…yeah…it had a great run. I've also been studying for my job and been sick a lot lately. I had my wisdom teeth removed so I haven't been wanting to type lately.

Anyway, I have been wanting to write a HP fanfic for a while now. I've always had a hard core crush on book Sirius, not so much the movie version, though. Anywho…hope you like it!

Elaine Winters rushed through the streets of London hot on the heels of a suspected traitor. One that she didn't want to believe.

When she received the notification of their target she knew she'd have to get to him first.

She would have to apprehend him herself…or worse.

She had told him to keep his ass at their small flat in the Scottish Highlands.

When she had awoken that morning alone she knew that something had gone terribly wrong.

His side of the bed had been cold, it made her heartbeat quicken instantly.

She felt her unease turn to fear as she noticed a small, handwritten note on the pillow next to her. He never wrote anything by hand.

He always, ALWAYS wrote her something using magic.

She joked with him that he was to last to do anything the Muggle Way.

It was how she knew that something was terribly wrong.

He's note…the note he had left…it was a goodbye note.

Don't come looking for me.


Tears filled her eyes at the very thought of him doing something so stupid.

There had been something in his eyes the night before.

She had asked him if he wanted to talk about anything. However, the stubborn headed Hippogriff of a man that he was, refused to let her know.

It wasn't until she had awoken to hind him gone, found the note there and an owl from the Ministry about He Who Must Not Be Named's downfall and the death of the Potters…and their son…


The Boy Who Lived.

A small whimper escaped her at the thought of the poor babe.

Suddenly all alone in the world.

The tears that were in her eyes threatened to fall at the realization that her friend was forever gone.

Lily Evans

Well, she had died Lily Potter.

She hadn't seen her friend or her family ever since they had gone into hiding.

Ever since that crackpot Trelawney made that prediction.

If it hadn't been for that fucking prophecy her friend would still be alive to hold her son.

To smile and dance with James once more.

To see Harry grow into a man.

To be the Maid of Honor at her wedding.

To be the Godmother to of her future children as she was for Harry.

" Where are you…?" She whispered as her heart continued to pound as her eyes darted hectically around the area.

Searching of the area for a sign of ANYTHING.

Any sign of hope that she could find him.

" Sirius…" She whispered. " Where are you?"


She jumped at the familiar sound of Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Looking up, she saw his large frame rushing towards her, his heavy dark cloak billowing around him, his turban askew.

" K-Kingsley?"

" Elaine! It's Sirius! We found him!"

" WHERE!" She gasped in amazement. If the animagus didn't want to be found, he'd make sure he wasn't.

That made her heart almost stop altogether.

" WHERE!" She found herself yelling.

" About ten blocks up. Near a Muggle book store!" Kingsley panted breathlessly, clutching a stitch in his side. Kingsley jumped as she bolted past him.


But Elaine didn't hear his warning.

All she heard was the blood pounding in her veins.

All she cared about was finding him and getting to the truth.

There was no way he could have done what they were accusing him of.

He'd never.

He couldn't have betrayed them.

He's never betray James and Lily.

Or her.


As Elaine whirled around the corner, she could see Muggles running in all directions and screaming in fear.

Amidst the frantic chaos around her, she saw him. Saw him angrily yelling at someone she couldn't quite make out.

Her already racing heart almost slammed to a complete stop when she saw him draw his wand.

He wouldn't!

He was risking exposure to do something as insane as dueling amongst the Muggles!

" SIRIUS, NO!" She screamed readying to rush to his side.


The iron tight grip of Kingsley Shacklebolt's arms secured themselves around her, pulling her safely away from the explosion.

" NO! KINGSLEY! LET GO OF ME!" She sobbed, struggling frantically against his grip.


" YOU'RE WRONG, KINGSLEY! LET ME GO!" She sobbed as dust and debree littered the air. Silence hung heavy littered only with the occasional moans of pain from the injured.

The only constant in this horror scene was her sobs.

" Elaine, you have to calm down! There's nothing you can do to help him now!" Kingsley said as she struggled against his hold. " He's gone!"

" HE CAN'T BE!" She sobbed weakly. " HE CAN'T BE, HE PROMISED ME! HE PROMISED!"

" Elaine, breathe!" Kingsley whispered as she suddenly began to hyperventilated. " BREATHE!"

" He-He can't be gone!" She sobbed, clutching his arm in a death grip. Her nails digging into his skin.

" He is." Kingsley said as he felt her begin to shake, he was able to brace himself as he felt her legs give out suddenly. " Lainey, breathe. In and out! In and out!"

Elaine sobbed harder as the realization that she had just witnessed the man she loved commit suicide in-front of her.

He couldn't be gone!

He just couldn't be!

It had only been a few months ago that he had asked her to be his wife…and now he was gone!

Lily was gone!

James was gone!

…and now Sirius was gone!

" What was that?" She heard a Muggle woman ask as a sound rang throughout the area. She tried to control her breathing as she began to focus on the sound the woman had mentioned.


That was laughter they heard.

…and she knew the voice that made it

" It can't be…" Kingsley said in disbelief.

" SIRIUS!" Elaine yelled rushing towards the sound.

" ELAINE!" Kingsley yelled.




Elaine froze as several members from the Aurors Office suddenly Apparated between her and the source of the laughter.

" No…" She whispered as they raised their wands, aiming to the outline of a lone figure.

" Be careful!" She heard the familiar gravely voice of Mad Eye Moody say. " He's unpredictable…"

As the dust began to settle Elaine was able to make out the laughing figure in the center of the group.

" WAIT!" She yelled suddenly rushing towards the group. " ALASTOR, WAIT!"

" What are YOU doing here, Winters?" Savage snapped in irritation.

" Elaine, you shouldn't be here!" Alice Longbottom said quickly, glancing at her from the corner of her you. " This may not end well."

" I have to, Alice! Please!" Elaine said turning to the witch.

" What kind of insane ideas do you have running through your pretty little head, Winters?" Dawlish snorted.

" Drop the misogynistic condescension, John!" Frank Longbottom snapped angrily. " Elaine, what are you proposing?"

" J-Just let me talk to him!"

" Dung brain!" Dawlish snorted. " She's obviously off her rocker!"

" Can it, Dawlish!" Mad Eye snapped. " Elaine-"

" I know it sounds insane-"

" Because it is."

" One more word out of you Dawlish and I'll hex you myself!" Mad Eye snarled. " Elaine, why on Earth would he ever listen to you?"

" Please Alastor, just let me try!"

Silence broken only by the maddened laughter of Sirius Black passed painfully slow. Mad Eye flicked his gaze between his former apprentice's desperate eyes to Sirius' maddened ones.

" You have five minutes, Winters."

" Alastor, you can't be serious!"

" Pick a hex, Dawlish!"

" Elaine, it's to dangerous!"

" I'll be fine, Alice!" Elaine said stepping between the group and their target. " I just need to try!"

" You have five minutes, Winters!" Mad Eye repeated flicking his gaze back to the madman before them.

" Thank you," She whispered before stepping towards Sirius.

" Sirius," Elaine said cautiously as she slowly approached him. She couldn't believe that the man before her was the same one who had held her tightly in his arms and promised to make her the happiest woman in the world.

" Sirius!" She repeated, this time a little more firmly in order to get his attention.

She succeeded.

He stopped laughing and now dark gaze was transfixed on her.

She noticed his body had tensed as she lifted her hands, showing that she was wandless. " Sirius, it's me…Elaine…"

" I know…"

His voice sounded strained…as if he were in pain.

" Sirius, please…"

She had reached him now.

She felt his frantic breath on her cheek. " Please…give me the want."

" No." He said weakly.

" Sirius, please…for me."

" I can't, Elaine." He said, his dark eyes turning pleading.

" Why not?"

" Why did you come here?" He asked weakly. " You should have stayed home."

" I was worried, Sirius." Elaine said softly. " I woke up and you weren't home! Then the owl came-Sirius please…give me your wand!"

" I have to find him…I have to!"

" Who Sirius? Who do you need to find?" Elaine asked reaching upwards to cup his cheek, now covered with sweat, dust and a full days worth of stubble.

" Wormtail." He growled, sounding very doglike. He reached up and cupped her small hand with his own callused one. " he did this, Ellie…he's the reason that all of this happened! He…he…I just have to find him, El…"

" Sirius…please…I need your wand."

" No." He said flatly, resting his forehead against her own.

" Please Sirius, I want to help you." She said, her voice becoming desperate. " Sirius, please…for me…"

He watched her weakly, his eyes showing pure exhaustion and sorrow. He moved his forehead from her own and rested it in the crook of her neck and inhaled her deeply. " I'm sorry, Ellie."

" For what, Sirius?"

" For all the headaches I ever gave you." He said softly, wrapping his arm securely around her waist, pulling her tightly to him. " For not paying enough attention to you. For being such an ass to you at Hogwarts….I was an idiot for not realizing how special you were sooner…I've loved you ever since that day we met in Flourish and Blotts…I was just to much of a idiot to say anything."

" Sirius-"

" You're the best thing that has ever happened to me…" Sirius said as he felt her hand sink in his thick mop of black hair. " I love you so much."

He smiled sadly at the feeling of calm that descended over his as he held her against him. She always had that power over him.

To calm him even in his darkest moments.

That was, until he felt her free hand begin to inch towards his wand.

" Don't." He whispered hoarsely. " I'll need it for when I find him."

" Sirius, please! They'll take you by force if I don't take it!"

" I just want to hold you a little while longer…while I still can." He whispered softly, tightening his hold on both her and his wand. " I just want to remember everything about…you."

" Sirius…"

" I'll always love you, El." Sirius said barely more than a whispered. " Even after I die."

" S-"

She broke off as pain suddenly ripped through her entire body. A horrible scream rang from her as what felt like a thousand white hot knives repeatedly twisting their way into her body.

As she crumpled to the ground she saw Sirius' handsome face a mix of horror and confusion. His wand falling from his hand in disbelief. " ELLIE!" She heard him yell reaching towards her.

" DAMN IT!" She heard Frank Longbottom yell as pain continued to tear through her body.

Tears surged their way down her cheeks as she continued to scream.

The colors of several different spells shot over her body.

Darkness began to edge its way into her vision.

" OH MERLIN, ELAINE!" She heard the panicked voice of Alice Longbottom cry from beside her. " Don't worry, sweetie! We'll get you help!"

She barely registered the words as she continued to seize.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Kingsley and Frank wrestling Sirius to the from.

Angry swear words came flying from Mad Eye as he knelt beside her. " We need to get her to Saint Mungos. Damn it Ellie, I should have never let you talk me into letting you do this! I should have known better!"

" You can blame yourself later!" Alice snapped as Dawlish made a move to lift Elaine into his arms. He paused when he heard a low, threatening growl from Sirius.

The Auror looked up to see the madman giving him a murderous look. " Don't worry Black, I'll keep her company while you're rotting away in Azkaban!"

The animagus lunged for him only to have Kingsley slam him to the ground once more.

" DAMN IT, DAWLISH! YOU'RE NOT HELPING THINGS!" Kingsley yelled as he saw Elaine go limp suddenly.

Finally succumbing to unconsciousness.

" After careful consideration Miss Winters, I have decided that due to your recklessness I am relieving of your duties as an Aurur." Millicent Bagnold, the Minister of Magic, said almost a day later. She was a dark haired woman that had small flecks of grey brought on from the stress of dealing with He Who Must Not Be Named and his Death Eater followers. Horned rimmed glasses framed her no-nonsense gold eyes.

" Minister please, is this a conversation that we need to have right now?" Alice asked as she finished brushing and braiding Elaine's fiery locks. Placing the brush down on the hospital nightstand, Alice examined her work. " There Ellie, you look beautiful." She said, smiling over at her friend…who merely sat there in her hospital bed, staring blankly down at her hands.

" She only has herself to blame!" The Minister snapped. " She should have known that her foolish actions would have serious consequences! As a matter of fact, she should thank Mad Eye! If it wasn't for him, she'd be locked uo in Azkaban with her traitorous fiancée!"

" Loving someone is not a crime, Millicent." A tired and raspy voice said calmly.

Alice looked up to see a tall and thin, with silver hair and beard so long that they could be tucked into his belt. He had a very long and crooked nose that looked as if it had been broken at least twice.


" Oh dear Alice, thank you for the compliment, but I haven't been your instructor for several years now." The elderly man said as a small half smile appeared on his tired face. " Perhaps one day, I will have the pleasure of teaching young Neville."

" I hope he will enjoy it as much as Frank and I did."

" Alas dear Alice, that won't be for at least another decade. Who knows what will happen within that amount of time. I may decide to retire."

" Oh please don't, Professor. That would be a great lose to magical education." Alice said earning a true small from the elderly educator.

" Now Minster, I do believe it is time for you to leave."

" Are you telling me to bugger off, Dumbledore?" Millecent asked sternly.

" Never Minister, only that now that you have delivered your message I believe you have overstayed your welcome."

Minister Bagnold huffed haughtily before turning on her heels and storming off.

" Thank you, Professor!" Alice said softlty before turning back to look at her friend. " I'm worried."

" Elaine," Dumbledore said as he approached the bed. " I…do you know, in all my years I have never known what to say in moments like-" He broke off when he saw a doctor making her way towards them.

" Miss Winters," the doctor said warily. " I-I have some rather unfortunate news."

" Go on…" Alice said cautiously.

" Miss Winters…I-I'm so sorry for your lose…" The doctor said weakly. " We tried every type of medical procedure known to magic but-"

" But what?" Alice asked fearfully.

" We-We weren't able to save your baby…" The doctor said in a barely audible voice.

Elaine barely registered what was going on in the room, all she could think of what a pathetic and worthless woman she was.

How that even though she had known she had been with child, she had still gone to save its father. She knew it would be potentially dangerous but she had never dreamed that Sirius would have cursed her.

She had thought…thought that he had truly loved her.

That the two of them would have raised their children together. Had them play with Harry and his siblings. Anxiously await their return from Hogwarts and dread them leaving every fall.

Why had he betrayed them?

Why had he betrayed her?

" WHERE IS SHE!" A stern and angry male voice yelled. " WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER!"

" Mister Winters, please! Keep your voice down! This is a hospital after all!"

" I'LL DO NO SUCH THING!" The irate male voice continued to yell.

Alice jumped as she heard the hospital room doors slam open to reveal a large burly man with shaggy red hair, flecked with grey, his round green eyes wide in anger.

Behind him was a irritated nurse and a small worried looking with jet black hair lined with white streaks and cat shaped grey eyes.

" Jonas…" Dumbledore said as he stood to greet the man and woman. " Winifred."

" MY BABY GIRL!" The man known as Jonas Winters rushed past the aged professor to the red haired woman. " Baby girl, it's Papa!"

" Winifred…"
" Professor Dumbledore." Winifred Winters said weakly, her grey

eyes locked onto her only daughter. " H-How…"

Dumbledore pulled the dark haired woman gently to the side as the doctor calmly explained the situation.

Alice felt her heart clench at the sight of Elaine's mother begin to cry and the headmaster wrap his arm around her shoulders comfortingly.

" Baby girl," Alice heard Jonas whisper softly to his daughter. " Don't worry my little rosebud. I won't let that son of a bitch hurt you ever again!"

Sirius Black sat huddled in his cell in Azkaban, his long hair was unkempt. His robes were torn and dirty.

The Dementors gleefully ripped any bit of joy he tried to muster as they floated past.

He tried to calm himself.

He tried to keep the depression and hollowing emptiness at bay with thoughts of happier days.

All he could think of was Elaine.

Just the thought of her made it feel like Flitterby throughout his stomach.

How soft she was.

Of how amazing her soft curves felt against his body. Her scent of fresh lavender and flour filled his senses.

Right now, he remembered how beautiful she was.

Of how amazing she looked holding Harry.

How he had dreamed of her holding their own child in her arms.

Just the thought of her made him feel at ease, that was until the Dementors swooped past.

Then the images of her falling from his arms came.

Her screams of pain filled his head.

He didn't understand how it had happened.

He could have sworn he had aimed his wand at Dawlish's smug, condescending face.

That bastard had wanted to fuck Ellie since their third year and Sirius had wanted to beat him senseless since he first saw him trying to coax her into it.

The sound of her screams would forever haunt him.

" Ellie…" He whispered as he clutched at his hair, his grip so tight that he almost ripped it from his scalp.

" Sirius."

He looked up to see a young man with light brown hair and green eyes staring in disgust down at him. " R-Remus-" Sirius said, his voice breaking at the deadened look in his old friend's eyes.

" DON'T!" Lupin said, his voice straining to remain calm. " I'm not here to talk with you. I just came to let you know that Ellie is being discharged from Saint Mungos tomorrow."

" Sh-She-"

" The curse you attacked her with didn't cause any lasting affects of her body…her mind however-"

" What do you mean her mind!" Sirius snapped in horror. " Remus-"

" No!" Lupin snarled angrily. " You don't get to ask questions, Sirius! There's nothing you can say that make up for what you've done! Lily and James are dead! Harry is living with Muggles and Ellie is…I can't begin to tell you how much pain you've caused her! She lost your baby because of you!"

Unimaginable pain ripped through him at Remus' words.

Ellie had been pregnant.

…with his child.

" What have I done…" He whispered faintly as Lupin spun on his heels and stormed out of Azkaban.