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" What are you looking at, Els?" Lily asked as they pursued the shelves of a local bookstore. " Ah…Astronomy, figures."

" I've read most of these…" Elaine sighed straightening. " …and these others don't seem very interesting." " Maybe you should try something different." Lily said glancing at the surrounding shelves. " You may want to try some of these stories…like romance."

Elaine's face reddened.

" Why would I want something like that?" She asked nervously.

" Maybe you'll find something interesting." Lily grinned cheekily, elbowing her fellow red head.

" And how would you know if there is something interesting in there, Evans? Have you read a few with hopes of a certain tousled haired Gryffindor Chaser would help you reenact some of those scenes?" A sultry voice whispered in Lily's ear.

It was the Gryffindor Prefect's turning to redden.

" Andy!" Elaine said happily, hugging the Slytherin tightly. " Where have you been all year?"

" Studying for those stupid N.E.W.T.S. I've had virtually no time for a social life!" Andromeda said, ruffling Elaine's hair. " But how have you been, Lainey? Have you managed in ensnaring my stubborn cousin's heart?"

" WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!" Elaine squeaked.

" I mean, I'd be happy with you two getting married! I'd finally have a like minded girl in the family." Andromeda said before gasping suddenly. " We could spend Holiday's together and I could help you plan your wedding! Evans and I could be Bride's Maids!" Elaine stood there gapping at her friend's rant.

" Oh you will be so pretty in a wedding gown!" Andromeda squealed before nudging Elaine. " And once you're married off, we'll work on getting Lily and that hot headed Gryffindor that Sirius hangs out with married."

" I'M NOT MARRYING THAT IDIOT!" Lily huffed angrily.

" Trust me, Lainey. Lily's going to be married to that guy within two years of leaving Hogwarts with a baby on the way!" Andromeda laughed. " And you'll be there too! Bouncing an adorable Black baby with my idiot cousin by your side!"

At this point, it was hard to tell which of the Fifth Years was more red.

" And what about you, Andy?" Elaine asked awkwardly.

" What do you mean?"

" When will you and Teddy tie the knot?" Elaine asked causing the Slytherin to almost walk head long into a bookshelf.

" What are you talking about!"

" You know," Elaine said, suddenly lowering her tone into barely more than a whisper. " Teddy Tonks, Hufflepuff Seeker and Seventh Year Prefect. The guy that you've been snogging for the past two three years!"

" W-We have not, Lainey!" Andromeda squeaked pulling Elaine to the side.

" Andy…everyone in Hufflepuff know's that you two are together…"

" They do!" Andromeda said in a panicked tone. " Oh no! What am I going to do, Elaine!"

" Andy, calm down. I was only kidding." Elaine said quickly.

" No you aren't! Oh God! We were trying to be inconspicuous about it!"

" Andy, I swear it! I was only joking! Only like eight people know!"

" That means sixteen people know! And if those people know then if they each tell two people that thirty-two people know and if they each tell two people-"

" Andromeda! This isn't Arithmancy!" Lily said quickly in a hushed tone. " And this really was Elaine's horrible attempt to mess with you for taunting us. No one knows about you and the Hufflepuff Seeker!"

Andromeda began to twiddle her thumbs, her eyes quickly darting around the room, looking for any listening ears.

" I'm sorry Andy, I really was joking." Elaine said quickly.

" You must think I'm a terrible person for not wanting to be public about our relationship." Andromeda said, rubbing her arms.

" Maybe a little…" Lily said nudging the brunette jokingly.

" It's just…you two have met my siblings…what if Cissy saw and told, Merlin forbid Bella…or my parents for that matter!" Andromeda said in a panicked tone. " What if they hurt him? My family isn't like yours…they…they support…him!"

" Support who? V-"

Andromeda's hand shot out suddenly and covered Lily's mouth. " You can't say his name, Evans!"

Lily tried to say something but it was hard to make out with Andromeda's hand covering her mouth.

" I think what Lily is trying to say is: fearing something or SOMEONE will give them power over you. You shouldn't be afraid of him, Andy."

" Lainey, you don't understand." Andromeda said pulling Lily with her as she leaned closer to Elaine. " He's terrifying!"

" You've met him?"

" In passing…" Andromeda said quietly. " He was at my parents and Bella was practically purring against him!"

" But I thought she was marrying Rodolphus in a few weeks."

" Come on Lainey, get real! Bella and Rodolphus hate each other. They're only engaged because our families arranged it. They can't stand each other!"

" Shouldn't they just call it off, then?"

" And be disowned by our families? Never!" Andromeda said. " You don't understand what kind of pressure our parents are putting on them to make a Proper Pure Blood Marriage."

" I'm sorry Andy…" Elaine said earnestly.

" Mother's been searching for a…a proper Pure Blooded Wizarding Family that would be willing to accept me." Andromeda said as she began to wring her hands. " Like Cissy and Bella…"

" Andy, you can always say no." Elaine said quickly, pulling her friend into a tight comforting hug.

" Not if I want to be disowned!" Andromeda said as tears began to form in her eyes.

Lily flashed a look of disdain to Elaine.

Elaine shook her head at the Gryffindor's look.

Now would not be the time to point out that Andromeda's family is not the most warm and loving. Or that they couldn't give a rat's furry arse about her and her own happiness.

Despite what they had all done to her, Andromeda did love her family.

" Well, we're here for you, Andy." Elaine said tightening her hold around her friend.

Andromeda gave a refined sniff and gave Elaine a tight return hug before straightening.

" Well now," She said wiping a stray tear from her brown eye. " I do recommend you reading something other then Astronomy books. I'm sure you know more about the subject than that Ravenclaw Seventh Year, you know, Aurora Sinistra I think is her name."

" Never mind her, she might know more that the entire Astronomy Department!" Lily said nudging Elaine proudly. " She's the one I ask when I need help with my Astronomy homework!"

" It's only fair Lily, you help me so much with my Potions homework…" Elaine said as Lily began to pull her from the Astronomy section to peruse the nearby isles.

" Oh look! They have a Muggle fiction isle!" Lily squealed excitedly. " Let's see what they have, Els! I can point out some authors you might like!"

" Muggle fiction?"

" Mhm! A lot of the authors are pretty great!" Lily said quickly noticing the confusion in Andromeda's voice. " Granted, most aren't as exciting as the Wizarding authors but they're great in their own way!"

Elaine began to peruse the titles before her, friend's conversation becoming nothing but background noise.

Several different names jumped out at her.




Those names seemed to stick out to her and she didn't understand why.

It wasn't until one title in particular jumped out at her.

The Complete Adventures of King Arthur and His Knights of the Round Table.

Elaine found herself reaching for the book.

It was an old leather bound that smelled of dust and time.

It was heavy, too.

She ran her hand over it curiously.

" Oh, King Arthur!"

Elaine jumped at the sound of Lily's voice.

The Muggle Born was reading the cover as she stood on her tip toes to look at it.

" You've heard of him?"

" Ah, yeah!" Lily said nudging her friend lightly. " Those stories are amazing! I highly recommend them!"

" King who?" Andromeda said curiously.

" King Arthur, the One True King of England?" Lily said causing the Slytherin to raise a well manicured eyebrow. " Pulled Excalibur from the stone…some stories say it was given to him by the Lady of the Lake!"

Andromeda's eyebrow went higher.

" I think he's the King that Merlin advised."

" Ooooh!" Andromeda said as the light went off.

" Really? Does no one in the Wizarding World know about King Arthur other than he was the Merlin's advisee?"

" Pretty much." Elaine said as she began to flip through the pages interestedly.

" Well Els, if you like stuff related to King Arthur-" Lily said as she began to scan the shelf. " Here!" She said pulling a book called The Hobbit from the shelf.

" What's a Hobbit?" Elaine asked curiously.

" A humanoid creature slightly taller than a dwarf." Lily said coolly. " Not really magical…or even real in both Magical or Muggle Worlds."

" Are there Wizards?" Andromeda asked.

" There are at least three!" Lily said eagerly.

" Huh," Andromeda said curiously. " I wonder if Teddy knows about this Tolkien bloke."

" Maybe on the next Hogsmeade trip you and Ole Teddy could double date with Elaine and Sirius!" Lily grinned as Elaine's face reddened.

" Maybe triple date with you and that obnoxious Gryffindor Chaser." Andromeda said causing Lily to stutter.

" Karma, Lils!" Elaine chuckled as she began to read dust covers of her books.

" Admit it Evans, you find that obnoxious Quidditch player charming!"

A slight gagging noise to Elaine right caused her to notice a mop of greasy black hair standing in the corner.

Severus? Elaine thought curious.

The Fifth Year Slytherin had barely spent time around Lily since their Third Year.

Most times she thought he was disgusted by her and her Muggle Born status.

Other times she would catch him staring longingly at their mutual friend.

In class, Elaine would sometimes try to engage him in conversation about spending time with Lily.

To tell him how much Lily missed spending time with him.

He almost always ignored her…

There were times when he seemed like he would say something only to have Narcissa or one of her friends begin to mock him for having to spend time with a Dunglicker like her.

Or worse, Sirius and James would stroll by and Snape would give her a look of disgust for being so friendly with his most hated rivals.

" Hey…Snape's here!" Andromeda said causing the Slytherin Fifth Year to tense.

" Hello Severus," Elaine said when the greasy haired teen noticed how close she was. " What are you looking at?"

" A book." Snape said coldly, turning so that she couldn't read the title.

" Is it a potions book?" Lily asked as she and Andromeda made their way towards them.

Elaine saw Snape's cheeks begin to redden as he tried his best to hide behind his hair.

" That's a N.E.W.T.s level practice book. You haven't even passed your O.W.L.s and you're already prepping for them? That's some hard core dedication, Snape."

" No one asked for your opinion, Black." Snape snapped quickly causing Andromeda to give him a surprised expression.

" She doesn't mean anything by it, Sev!" Lily said causing Snape to tense. " I'm sure she is just admiring your dedication."

Snape said nothing as Lily continued to prattle aimlessly about how she's been spending a lot more time studying lately.

" Honestly, I wish I had half the dedication to my studies as you three have." Andromeda said. " Then maybe I might have received a few more Outstandings on my O.W.L.s!"

" Maybe if you weren't tupping a Mudblood!" A cold sneering voice said from out of no where.

Elaine saw all the color drain instantly from Andromeda's face.

Terror filled her normally kind eyes.

Elaine looked up over to see Lucius Malfoy giving the teens a disgusted sneer. Flanked on either side of him were his cronies, Crabbe and Goyle, grinning hungrily at Elaine and Lily.

" I don't know what you're talking about, Malfoy!" Andromeda said, trying her best for her voice to not break.

" You've been tupping that Hufflepuff Mudblood for the past two years, Andromeda." Malfoy said taking a step towards her. " You're an embarrassment to your family."

" At least she found someone to care about her without her mommy having to arrange it!" Lily said taking a step between the two Slytherin's. " How much did your mummy have to pay Andromeda's mum?"

" No one asked for your opinion, you filthy little Mudblood!" Malfoy said, his face reddening at her statement.

" No need for name calling just because I simply stated a fact." Lily said calmly.

Elaine tensed as she heard a sudden snorting sound.

She whipped her wand out without a second thought and uttered the charm just as Goyle went to spit the bogie onto Lily.


Her aim was off.

She had meant for the bogie to shoot up Goyle's nose but instead…it splattered against the side of Malfoy's face.

" WHY YOU WORTHLESS LITTLE MUDWALLOWING TRALLOP!" Malfoy snarled, whipping out his own, aiming the tip squarely between Elaine's eyes.

His action caused Crabbe and Goyle to pull out their own wands but Lily and Andromeda were faster.

" DENSAUGEO!" Lily snarled as the hex blasted Malfoy straight in the face.

Another bright light came suddenly from Andromeda's wand and Crabbe collapse suddenly into a large assortment of textbooks.

" Run." Elaine heard a greasy voice whisper in her ear suddenly.

Out of the corner of her eye, she caught Snape stepping back, pretending as if he was just a confused bystander.

Elaine grabbed Lily by the wrist and darted to the shop door.

" Wait up, you two!" Andromeda called as she ducked to avoid a burly outreached hand of Crabbe.

She quickly tossed a handful of Galleons to the shopkeep for the books Elaine forgot she had in her hands and darted into the confused crowd outside the shop.

" Oh Merlin's beard, I forgot to pay for these!" Elaine cried once they finally stopped running.

" You're fine, Els. Andromeda paid for them as we made our grand escape."

" B-B-But! I stole them!" Elaine said practically hyperventilating.

" Is she, or is she not a perfect embodiment of Hufflepuff House!" Andromeda laughed, ruffling Elaine's hair. " Absolutely adorable, she is! Lainey, we told you, I threw like thirty Galleons at the shopkeep. That more than covered them."

" That was rather exhilarating, wasn't it!" Lily puffed, grinning from ear to ear. " I can see why you joined the Dueling Club, Els! Did you see the look on Malfoy's face! He looked like a beaver!"

" I'd rather not catch myself in a situation where I need to duel." Elaine said her face pale.

" With what's happening outside the school we might have to." Andromeda said quietly as she silently began to clench and unclench her fist.

" What is it, Andromeda?" Lily asked.

" On Malfoy's arm…" Andromeda whispered quietly.

" What?" Elaine asked in confusion.

" Th-The Dark Mark…" Andromeda said her face now visibly pale. " Lucius had The Dark Mark on his arm…I saw it when he got hit your jinx, Lily…"

" That must mean-"

" He's teamed up with You Know Who." Andromeda whispered. " Cissy is marrying a bloody Death Eater!"

" Oh Andy!" Elaine said dropping the books as she pulled her friend into a tight hug.

" Bella's one and now so is Cissy's fiancée!" Andromeda sobbed. " What if Cissy becomes one too! What if she get's hurt because of them! Or worse, what if HE kills her to punish Bella or Lucius!"

" Would your mum and dad really accept Narcissa marrying someone like Lucius? Wouldn't they call the marriage off?" Lily said hurriedly.

" Why would they do something like that when their own daughter is a Death Eater!" Andromeda sobbed. " It's the perfect respectable Pure Blood Marriage in their eyes!"

" If Bellatrix is a Death Eater…then…" Elaine broke off as realization hit her.

Andromeda gave her a sympathetic hug.

" I'm sorry, Lainey." Andromeda whispered into Elaine's ear.

The red head felt her heart tighten at the thought of her cousin being involved in something so dangerous.

A Death Eater.

Elaine clenched her fists at the very thought of it.

During their dueling lessons she had sensed that he had begun to doubt the LeStrange family way of thinking.

Began to doubt the hatred that he had been born and raised with.

However, this bit of knowledge was a hard blow.

Why would he do something so vile as joining You Know Who?

" I'm sorry, Lainey." Andromeda said. " I know you were starting to get close with Rodolphus before he graduated."

" You were? Why?" Lily asked in confusion as they made their way towards the Shrieking Shake, hoping for some kind of privacy.

" It's a long story…" Elaine said softly as she began to tell her best friend about her Third Year Dueling tutoring.

" So…you're related to Rodolphus and Rabastan LeStrange…and you're just now telling me this?" Lily said grumpily.

" I'm sorry…I didn't want this to ruin our friendship." Elaine said worriedly fiddling with the books in her hands. " A lot of people wouldn't like me because of my mama's family is."

" You listen to me, Elaine Winters! You're my best friend and just because you happened to be related to some twats isn't going to change that!" Lily said linking her arm with Elaine's.

" Lainey, we don't chose our relatives…and we shouldn't judge anyone by them, either." Andromeda said. " Otherwise, no one would want to be friends with me."

" You're so nice, Andy!"

" Oh and your the Wicked Queen in Snow White, Lainey!" Lily said sarcastically, ignoring the confused looks on the Pure Blood's face.

" Who?" Andromeda asked.

" Merlin's ghost, you two need to read muggle literature." Lily groaned before looking over the books in Elaine's arms. " Here! This one is about Muggle Fairy Tales! It's got some of my favorites in it."

" So, how was Hogsmeade?"

Elaine jumped at the sound of Sirius' voice as she made her way past the Quidditch Pitch.

" Sorry." He smirked, enjoying the surprised expression on her face. " Didn't mean to startle you."

" How long have you been there?" Elaine squeaked.

" Not long." He said truthfully.

James had been released from cleaning the greenhouses for his comments in-front of Professor Sprout.

The two of them had decided to get a little Quidditch practice in before the day was over.

They were having loads of fun, when he had caught scent of Elaine.

Her lavender and flour scent called to him, urging him to check on her.

To actually see that she was alright with his own eyes.

Other than slightly surprised at his sudden appearance, she appeared to be fine.

He couldn't stop a smirk from appearing on his face at the sight of her.

She just looked to cute.

" So, how was Hogsmeade?" He repeated his question.

" Oh! It was fine!" Elaine said quickly, recovering and giving him her usual smile.

" Just fine?" He asked, shoving his hands into his pockets.

" Y-Yeah, fine."

" Did you hang out with Evans the entire time?"

" Well, with her and Andy." Elaine said as she began rummaging through her bag.

" Andy was there?"

" Yeah! We met up at the bookstore where w-"

" What?" Sirius asked as she broke off.

" Well…" Elaine said cautiously. " We did run into Malfoy and his friends."

She instantly regretted her words.

" Malfoy?" Sirius said, his voice becoming dangerous.

" Y-Yeah…nothing happened, though!" She said quickly, her hand paused in her bag. She bit the inside of her cheek as she saw the anger in his eyes. " Sirius, really!"

" What aren't you telling me, Ellie." He said catching a change in her scent. She was hiding something from him.

" N-Nothing!" She said quickly as she returned to rummaging in her bag, avoiding eye contact with him.

" Oh?" He said tilting his head downward in order to catch her eye. " Cause it seems like you are."

He quirked an eyebrow when he saw her bite her lip.

" Malfoy knows about Andy and Teddy." She said finally.

" How?"

" I don't know but he does and he called her an embarrassment." Elaine said sadly.

" She's far from one." Sirius said firmly causing Elaine to smile at the devotion he showed his cousin.

" Lily defended her by saying that at least she found someone without her mum arranging it." Elaine said causing an evil grin to replace his smirk. " But he didn't really like that and Goyle went to spit on her so I used that charm Remus taught me…"

" What charm?" Sirius asked curiously as he heard her mumble something incoherantly. " I'm sorry Ellie, I didn't catch that."

" Waddiwasi…" Elaine bit her lip awkwardly.

" I would have loved to see the look on Goyle's face when it hit him." Sirius said trying his best not to laugh.

" It didn't hit Goyle…" Elaine said hesitantly.

" Don't tell me-"

" My aim was a little off and-"

This is going to be great! Sirius thought to himself, grinning from ear to ear.

" -I accidentally hit Malfoy." She said cringing a little.

I could kiss her right now! Sirius thought before he busted out in laughter.

" Sirius! I didn't mean to hit him!" Elaine said as Sirius doubled over in laughter, placing his hands on her shoulders for stability.

" It's not funny!"

Sirius couldn't stop himself as he pulled her into a tight hug, laughing harder with each passing second.


" I'm sorry! I just can't stop laughing!" Sirius said resting his cheek against the top of her head. " And it was Malfoy of all people!"

" Sirius!"

" I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" He laughed becoming out of breath. " It's just that, if anyone ever deserved something like that it was Malfoy!"

" Well…I-"

" Ellie, don't tell me you feel bad!"

" I…don't…feel bad." She said to his amazement.

" You don't?"

" Of course not! He called Lily a Mudblood!"

" He what?" Sirius growled low, tightening his hold around her. He knew Malfoy had been up to something when he saw him with Elaine earlier that week.

" Yeah…she didn't deserve that." Elaine said awkwardly.

" Well, did anything else happen?" Sirius asked curiously.

" H-He had the Dark Mark on his arm."

" HE WHAT!" Sirius yelled in actual shock.

" Y-Yeah…Andy said she saw it when we ran out of the bookstore." Elaine said, her voice filling with concern.

" What is it, Ellie? What are you not telling me?" Sirius asked finally regaining his composure.

" Apparently, Rodolphus has joined the Death Eaters…"

Sirius cringed at his words.

He had known about Rodolphus for almost six months now. The teen had almost immediately joined up with Voldemort upon graduating.

Sirius had only just found out that Elaine was related to Rodolphus…so it now made sense to him that she had spent so much time with him while he was here.

He still found it odd that someone like her was related to someone like him.

Or why she would be surprised that he would have joined Voldemort.

" I'm sorry, Ellie."

And he was.

" It's…" She broke off quietly.

She wanted to say that it was alright, but it wasn't.

It wasn't alright that her cousin joined a terrorist organization designed to eradicate or subjugate people like her best friend.

Her dream was to become a Auror.

What would happen if she were sent to bring him in?

What would happen if she were captured by one of his Death Eater friends?

Would he help her or…would he join in her torture?

" Ellie, where all did you and Evans go?"

Sirius' baritone voice brought her out of her thoughts.

" O-Oh, you know…the usual places." Elaine said, offering him a thankful smile. " The Three Broomsticks, Honeydukes and…"

" And?" Sirius asked as she returned to rummaging in her bags.

" I…uh…went to Zonkos…"

" You did?" Sirius said, raising his eyebrow as he tried to imagine her inside the shop. " Did you go to get some things for your brother?"

" N-No…"

" Wait…then…Ellie, are you going to s-"

" I got them for you, Sirius."

His gray eyes went wide at her words.

She had actually bought him something.

" I knew you had been wanting to go to Zonkos for a while now, and Professor McGonagall banned you for this trip so…"

" Did you get James or Remus anything?" Sirius asked curiously, an evil smirk on his face.

" N-No…" She said, her cheeks becoming pink as his smirk grew wider. " Lily bought them some things."

" Well, that's going to make ole James fall even harder for Evans." Sirius laughed. " If she thinks him annoying he's about get a billion times worse."

" I don't think she finds him as annoying as she pretends." Elaine said calmly before handing him a bag.

Sirius took it and peered inside to see several different kinds of dung bombs, a few fanged frisbees and a few new items that he had never seen before.

" You didn't have to." He said giving her a dorky sort of grin.

" Well…you got in trouble because of me…and…well…"

Her face was turning red now.

" Well, as Remus said, we were merely defending a lady's honor." Sirius said as they began making their way back to the castle. " All part of being a Gryffindor."

" So you would have done that for someone like Dolores Umbridge?"

" Well, maybe not her…most of the time she starts the trouble that follows her." Sirius said, awkwardly trying to wrap an arm protectively around her waist.

" Mhm, of course she does…much like you?"

" Hey now, our mischief is done for the pleasure of the masses." Sirius said offering her an amused smile.

" Uh-huh." Elaine said noticing how he guided her closer to his side.

How his eyes kept darting along the forest's border.

" It's true." Sirius said before taking her hand in his and placing a kiss lightly on it.

" W-What are you-"

" Thank you for the gifts." He said tightening his hold around her waist, his gray eyes locked onto her.