The next day came and went

Breakfast is normal except Emi is a bit more pushy to know what I'm doing since I have been going home late for two days straight and I replied by saying I found a place to play my hobby and I ask Mom if we can get a home computer and she replied I will ask your father about it.

'so Aichi's dad is alive ,but most likely is working overseas that would explain how he has like 10,000 yen to spend and a 5000 yen weekly allowance even though he eats a boxed lunch'

After breakfast ended both Emi and I went to school.

School was more or less normal,but it seems my teachers and classmates are saying I'm a bit more outgoing compared to before.

Morikawa and his friends drag me back to Card Capital to play more games after school

I played more casual games with Morikawa and Izaki.

"Morikawa,can I look at your deck"Sendou

"Sure,so you can my greatness sure,mwa,hahahaha"Morikawa

Looks at his deck and finds a deck which contains only 16 kagero triggers which are 4 Embodiment of spear Tahr[IMG]

For critical triggers, Monica for adraw triggers and Ganlu for stands and lastly a Genjo for heals with a Lizard Runner Undeux for a starting vanguard,but the remaining of his decks he only has 4 grade 1 cards which are just Bahr and 4 grade 2 cards which is just Nehalem with a huge amount of grade 3 cards from all the cards from even different clans

"ah , Morikawa your deck is an incomplete mess no wonder you keep on losing towards me"Sendou

"Whaaat!!!!!!!,no way my deck is pack full of powerful and awesome grade 3 cards from every single bad ass clan I can find"Morikawa

"That is one of your main problem you have cards from different clans which in turn weakens your decks chemistry since most cards work only well if they are played with a deck which contains a majority cards that came from the same clan for example like my royal paladin and Kai's and Miwa's kagero decks ,and the next problem is deck consistency as you only have 4 grade 1 and 2 cards so how can you even ride to grade 3 when you can't even ride to grade 1 and 2 so if I were you I will chance my deck ratio to this 17 grade 0 cards 16 trigger units and 1 starting vanguard and for grade 1 cards one needs 14 and grade 2 are 11 cards with grade 3 cards an even 8 cards you can adjust the ratio by 1 or 2 cards as long as you keep the number of grade 1 cards more then the grade 2 and 3 cards"Sendou

"Wow, Sendou didn't know you know so much about vanguard"Izaki

"Thanks,and Morikawa you understand or no"Sendou

"Thanks for the advice Aichi ,but I will take that under advisement and focus on what my fortune book will say about my current luck"Morikawa

"Aichi do you want to play against a strong player"Manager

"Ah,sure and where are they Manager"Sendou

"Misaki!,get here"Manager

"Coming,Shin why are you asking me to come here"Misaki


"Misaki ,why don't you play with Aichi and here is a deck you can use"Shin

"Shin I can't I have to watch the counter"Misaki

"No need the sub-manager can handle it"Shin


"See ,he can handle it Misaki and have some fun playing with Aichi over here"Shin

"Huh,okay Shin"Misaki

"And that's Manager Misaki"Shin

"okay manager, so kid do you want to play now or no"Misaki

"Yes please"Sendou

""Stand up, Vanguard!!""Misaki, Sendou

Lozenge Magus!



"So do I go first or you"Sendou

"I'll go first,stand and draw, I ride Dark Cat


Her skill activates we both draw 1 card and I activate Lozenge Magus' skill activates when another Oracle think tank rides I can move her to another rearguard circle from the soul and I move her behind my vanguard and that ends my turn"Misaki

"My turn I ride Lien and use Bargal to move him to back of my vanguard and activate his skill to call flogal to rear guard from my deck and call 2 little sage Marron


To rear guard and one of them will be boosted by my flogal and now Battle my Marron on left attacks your vanguard"Sendou

"I guard with Dream Eater"Misaki


"My vanguard attacks your vanguard do you guard"Sendou

"No Guard"Misaki

"Checking the drive trigger get future knight Llew a critical trigger giving the critical to my Vanguard and the power to my standing Marron"

"Checking the damage trigger,first check no trigger,second check no trigger" Misaki

"Marron boosted by Flogal attacks your vanguard with a total power of 18,000"Sendou

"No guard,checking the damage trigger and get Dream Eater a draw trigger ,power to my vanguard and draw"Misaki

"End turn"Sendou

"My turn I ride Battle Sister Mocha


And call two Maiden of Libra to rearguard


And call a Dark Cat to boost my left Maiden and his skill activates we draw a card and let's battle my right Maiden attacks"Misaki

"No guard,damage check ,get a govannon power to my vanguard and I draw"Sendou

"Maiden of Libra skill activates when her attack hits I can pay the cost and draw a card and now Mocha will attack your Vanguard and he skill activates when she attacks when I have four or more cards she gets a 3000 power boost,but that's not all with a boost by Lozenge Magus and Lozenge Magus skill activates she gives 3000 power to the unit she boosted and Mocha is now attacking with. Total power of 17,000 power"Misaki

"No guard"Sendou

" I am checking the drive trigger, and I get Oracle Guardian , Nike


A critical trigger,giving the critical to Mocha while the power to my standing Maiden of Libra"Misaki

"Checking the damage trigger,first check no trigger second check no trigger"Sendou

"Maiden of Libra attacks your vanguard"Misaki

"No Guard,damage check no trigger"Sendou

"End turn ,but Lozenge Magus skill activates during the turn she boosted she return to my deck and I shuffle the deck"Misaki

"My turn,I ride my avatar Blaster Blade and his skill activates I retire your Maiden of Libra that is boosted by your Black Cat and move my Marron and call a Gallatin to rearguard and now battle my Marron boosted by Flogal attacks your rear Maiden of Libra"Sendou


"My avatar attacks your vanguard boosted by Bargal"Sendou

"No guard"

"Checking the drive trigger,get epona critical to my Vanguard and power to Gallatin"Sendou

"Checking the damage trigger,first check Dream Eater power to my vanguard and I draw,second check no trigger"Misaki

"Gallatin attack"Sendou

"Guard with Nike"Misaki

"End turn"Sendou

"My turn stand and draw I ride CEO,Amaterasu


Activate her skill I soul charge and I can look at the top of my deck and I can either leave it on top or put it to the botton, I choose the bottom, calling a Maiden of Libra to rearguard and an Oracle Guardia,Wiseman


My Maiden of libra attacks your vanguard do you guard"Misaki

"No Guard, checking the damage trigger get Flogal ,power to my vanguard and stand Bargal"

"I activate Libra skill by paying 2 counter blast I can draw a card and now CEO, Amaterasu attacks your Vanguard with 14,000 as her skill activates as long as I have four or more cards she gains 4000 more power"Misaki

"Guarding with Epona and wingal"Sendou

"Checking twin drive first check Dream Eater, I draw and power to Amaterasu and second check Oracle Guardia,Nike all effect to CEO, Amaterasu"Misaki

"Damage check no trigger,damn you're good Misaki do you want to play again or no"Sendou

"I would kid,but I need to make sure someone is actually watching the counter so maybe next time"Misaki

Misaki went to the counter and started watching it while I go and start playing more games with the guys