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The following morning, Leaf, Red, Gary and Mewtwo gathered at the dining room table. Mr. and Mrs. Chandler were at the kitchen nearby making Kalosian toast. The psychic Legendary had already concealed himself underneath his cloak while the rest of the Pokémon were out in the backyard eating their breakfast.

"Someone's going to see your hands eventually," Red muttered.

Gary tilted his head sideways and scratched his head.

"Was the folding bed comfortable?" Mewtwo asked.

"Yeah," Gary nodded as he folded his arms, "I slept like a log."

"And snored," Red remarked.

Gary couldn't help but grimace at that comment.

"Oh, come on!" Gary grumbled.

"Well, you did!" Red rolled his eyes.

Gary glared at his rival, eliciting an amused chuckle out of Mewtwo. Red stretched his arms, ignoring the professor's grandson's glare.

"Did you two sleep ok?" Red asked Leaf.

Mewtwo only gave a short nod, he had attempted to sleep but not managed for long. The banter went silent when Mrs. Chandler finished making the first batch of Kalosian toast. The trainers and the psychic Legendary headed over to the counter and took turns serving themselves before returning to the table. Once they passed around the powdered sugar and sprinkled it over their toast, Mewtwo was the first to take a bite. He felt his tail curl at the pleasantness of the crispy and creamy texture, closing his eyes and savoring the rich custardy flavor.

Mewtwo tilted his head towards Leaf as she munched on her slice of Kalosian toast and gave him a thumbs up. He smiled and moved a hand carefully to catch some cream escaping down his cheek, licking it off. After Gary swallowed his bite, he took a swig from his glass of berry juice. Red practically scarfed his toast down. Mewtwo locked eyes onto his bottle of berry juice, making a brief glance to the adults' backs before telekinetically unscrewing the lid quickly. He took a sip before lifting his piece of toast for another bite.

After breakfast, the three trainers gathered their items and met up in the living room. Leaf pulled out her PokéBox and ran her hand along Sandslash's head. After sending a text in her Pokégear asking her mom to prepare Cleffa, she recalled her Sandslash and placed the Poké Ball into the slot of the PokéBox. She swapped her Sandslash for her Cleffa and sent her out. The tiny Pokémon scanned her surroundings and gave her trainer a confused look.


"Hey, buddy," Leaf chirped, "you doing ok?"

Cleffa nodded sheepishly. Leaf smiled softly and placed her hand on the tiny Pokémon's head. Red zipped up his backpack and put his cap on.

"So," Red asked, "where to now?"

"You up for a trip back through Mount Moon?" Gary quipped.

Just then, Mrs. Chandler stepped into the living room. Pikachu scratched underneath his chin and tilted his head towards the woman.

"Are you planning on going to Cerulean?"

"Yeah," Red nodded, "I don't know if Saffron City's still in a blackout, so we're heading for Celadon next."

"You'll want to take the bus service that's been set up to Cerulean," Mrs. Chandler suggested, "there's one every hour so I assume they have a rotation."

Gary sighed and slung the strap of his bag over his shoulder.

"Puh'leeze!" Gary remarked, "we've ventured through Mount Moon before. We can do it again."

"It's closed, you can't," she insisted, "Pewter police is busy cleaning up after Team Rocket's mess."

Red and Gary sighed in disappointment as they slumped their shoulders. Mrs. Chandler went to retrieve the letter and enclosed map, pointing out the area that had been made into a bus stop.

"You can catch it from here. I think it's free for everyone's convenience."

Red took a moment to study the map.

"Ok," he nodded, "thanks, ma'am."

Soon enough, Leaf, Red, Gary and Mewtwo made their way to the genkan. The trainers slipped their shoes on before the girl opened the front door. She glanced over her shoulder as Mrs. Chandler stood at a distance.

"Take care, Miss Aoyama," Mrs. Chandler waved her hand.

"See you later!" Leaf chirped.

With that, Leaf bolted out of the house. It took all Mewtwo had not to fly after her in view of the stranger, deciding to walk with the boys. He glanced over at Red who jogged after her to keep her in view, leaving him with Gary. The psychic Legendary and the young trainers ventured down the block, turning at a corner until they could see a bus station across the street. Mewtwo scanned his surroundings and then approached Leaf, stopping just next to her.

"Were you startled," Mewtwo asked, "or did you simply want to leave as soon as possible?"

As Leaf planted her hands on her knees and took a moment to catch her breath, she tilted her head to the right.

"I just don't want to miss the bus," Leaf admitted.

Mewtwo gave Leaf a small smile.

"Don't worry," Mewtwo purred, "we have plenty of time."

By then, Red and Gary caught up with the girl and the Genetic Pokémon. Pikachu hopped off his trainer's shoulder and locked eyes onto the station. After a moment of silence, the trainers led the psychic Legendary across the street, where they sat down at the bench. They relaxed for a while as they waited. Several minutes later, Mewtwo spotted a distant bus from the corner of his eye.

"This must be it," Mewtwo studied it quickly, keeping his head down.

Red and Gary lifted their heads just as the bus made its way to the station. Once the bus came to a complete stop, the door slid open. They waited until a few passengers emerged from the bus and went along their merry way. Once the last passenger filed out, Leaf, Red and Gary stood to their feet.

"Well," Red said, "there's our ride."

The three trainers started climbing onto the bus and Mewtwo followed suit. While Leaf found an empty seat near a window, the psychic Legendary sat down next to her. Red and Gary found a pair of empty seats across from the girl, and Pikachu perched on his trainer's lap. Minutes later, after a few more passengers climbed aboard, the door slid shut. Making its departure from the bus stop, the bus rolled its way out of Pewter City. Mewtwo kept his head down but looked outside, watching the countryside and mountainside parallax alongside them. He tried to identify all the Pokémon he saw, most scared back into shelter by the vehicle. Clearly it was a rare sight for something so large and noisy to come through their safe place. He let his mind wander to the time he lived within a mountain and saved buses on the outside path from perilous situations during storms.

After what felt like a whole day, the bus arrived at a bus stop in Cerulean City. The door slid open, compelling Mewtwo and the three trainers to disembark. The psychic Legendary relaxed his shoulders and took a breath of the sea air again, glancing over to the cliff. Leaf fluttered her hands as she, Red and Gary followed the Genetic Pokémon along the sidewalk. Once they reached the eastern end of the city, they noticed a prickly bush blocking their path.

"Leaf," Red stammered, "a little help here?"

Leaf didn't hesitate to send out her Weepinbell and point at the prickly bush. Weepinbell took the hint and chopped it down. Mewtwo levitated the debris out of the way.

"All right!" Leaf chirped as she gave her Weepinbell a thumbs up.

Mewtwo smiled softly underneath his hood. Once Leaf recalled her Weepinbell, the psychic Legendary and the kids proceeded into Route Nine. The young trainers observed the Pokémon they passed by as they ventured down the Route. Red and Gary could only let out a sigh when they realized the trio already had Pokédex entries of them. Still, that didn't stop Leaf from pulling out her Itemfinder and switching it on. As she and Mewtwo scoured the area for hidden items, Red came across a picnicker trainer who challenged him. Gary watched on the sidelines as his rival sent out his Spearow and the picnicker sent out an Oddish.

Mewtwo merely listened in on the battle which just begun yet he remained by Leaf's side.

"Oddish," the picnicker shouted, "use Wrap!"

"Dodge," Red ordered, "then use Peck!"

Spearow shot upwards to avoid the Oddish's leaves and then dived back down, jabbing the Weed Pokémon with its beak. As the trainer battle continued on, Leaf winked at her Nidoran, encouraging the Pokémon to dig at a patch of dirt. Soon enough, the young girl pulled out another marble. She stashed the marble into her bag while her Nidoran continued to sniff the ground.

"Interesting," Mewtwo raised his brow, "why would a children's toy be hidden in the ground?"

Leaf clasped her hands behind her back and swayed her torso side to side.

"Who knows?" Leaf shrugged, "maybe someone dropped a marble on their travels."

The Oddish tried to avoid the beak.

"Sleep Powder!"

It stopped and concentrated, shaking its leaves off towards the bird.

Spearow flew high from the powder, flapping its wings to repel it. The bird swooped down again and jabbed its beak into the Oddish. It tried to tangle it up in vines and its leaves.

"Pursuit!" Red ordered.


Oddish focused on spraying it towards the bird while dodging the attack. Once the acid splashed on the ground, Spearow charged after the Pokémon and rammed into it. The picnicker grimaced as Oddish fainted from the blow. The battle continued on with another Oddish and two Bellsprouts. Soon enough, Red's Spearow finished off the second Bellsprout, much to her frustration. The next thing he knew, Spearow started glowing white and expanded in size. Seconds later, the light faded which revealed a Fearow.

"Awesome!" Red cheered.

"Pika Pika!" Pikachu happily hopped up and down.

Mewtwo glanced over and gave a polite smile.

"You've made excellent progress, boy," Mewtwo called over.

Red glanced over his shoulder and placed his hand behind his head.

"Thanks, Helios!"

The picnicker recalled her Bellsprout and made her getaway. She pushed past Leaf who was scratching behind her Nidoran's ear, eliciting a startled yelp out of her. Mewtwo flinched and resisted picking up the human with a glare, turning to his human charge.

"Are you all right?" he asked her, "should I bring her back to apologize?"

Leaf stood up yet she shook her head.

"I'm fine," Leaf reassured him, "nothing was broken."

"Nido," Nidoran sighed in relief.

Mewtwo took a deep breath.

"We'll continue on when you're ready."

Gary grinned as Red recalled his Fearow.

"Alrighty," Gary proclaimed, "let's go!"

From there, Leaf, Mewtwo, Red and Gary continued farther until they set foot in Route Ten. Mewtwo started to keep more of an eye on the area around them, noticing the water arching around to behind the cave. He paused briefly to feel the air, feeling the static and smelling the metal. He vaguely remembered on a wandering flight there was a generator around here. To his right, Red noticed a Pokémon Center from a distance.

"Should we stop in and make sure we have enough supplies and such?" Red clamored.

Gary curtly waved his hand.

"Pfft," Gary snorted, "I'm good on medicines. I'll pass."

"Could go for a snack, anyways," Red rolled his eyes.

Red sauntered past Gary, eliciting a confused look from his rival. The professor's grandson fixated his eyes on Leaf as she stepped over to a river and crouched down before splashing water onto her face. Mewtwo glanced around and followed her, lifting up a bubble and carefully splashing his face.

"Would we save time refilling your containers here?"

Leaf glanced over her shoulder.

"You wanna check for contaminants first?" Leaf asked.

Mewtwo nodded and silently studied the water. Much to his relief, he didn't detect anything poisonous, so he nodded at Leaf. The girl pulled out her empty canister and refilled it from the river. With Gary still looking on, the psychic Legendary levitated an empty canister out of the professor's grandson's backpack.

"Hey!" Gary exclaimed, "give it back!"

Mewtwo brought it up to himself and refilled it, sending it back when he'd dried it off with his cloak.

"I was going to ask your friend if he needs a refill," Mewtwo gave a smug expression.

Red came out holding some snacks and looked around to them.

"What did I miss?"

Gary snapped his head towards Red and narrowed his eyes at him.

"I swear to Arceus," Gary grumbled, "Helios is getting on my nerves!"

Leaf couldn't help but burst into laughter, and Gary's face reddened with embarrassment.

"Oh, come on," Gary groaned, "this isn't funny!"

"What did he do?" Red drawled.

"I refilled his water for him," Mewtwo said, "shall I refill yours?"

"Uh, sure, can you get it?" Red blurted.

Mewtwo focused on obtaining the flask, glancing to Leaf and letting the warmth of her laughter wash over him before he refilled the flask from the river. Red simply knelt down and split the snacks into four piles. Once the psychic Legendary finished drying up the canister, he levitated it back to the boy. By the time Leaf calmed herself, she clasped her hands behind her back and swung one leg back and forth. Gary turned on his feet, though he only took one step when he noticed a hiker and a camper emerging from the Pokémon Center. The hiker in question made a brief glance at Mewtwo and the three kids and grinned at them.

"Afternoon, kiddos!" the hiker beamed.

Leaf, Red and Gary paused and tilted their heads towards the hiker and the camper. Leaf nervously huddled closer to Mewtwo and avoided the hiker and camper's eyes.

"Uhh," Leaf blurted, fluttering her left hand, "a-afternoon, sir."

Red waved his hand casually and Pikachu imitated the gesture.

"You guys going through the tunnel?"

The hiker placed his hand on the camper's shoulder.

"Why, of course!" he beamed, "nothing beats venturing the exciting caverns of Rock Tunnel! Right, my boy?"

"Yeah, yeah," the camper sighed, "I get the picture, dad."

The hiker burst into laughter as Red folded his arms.

"Well," Red blurted, "do you have any Pokémon that can use Flash?"

"Why go for the schmancy moves when you can just get a flashlight?" the hiker remarked.

Leaf reached into her bag and sent out her Magnemite. She opened her TM Case and lightly tapped the Flash HM onto its head.

"I was thinking the exact same thing," Gary agreed.

Mewtwo tilted his head sideways while Leaf recalled her Magnemite.

"I know," the hiker offered, "if you kids can catch up with us in the tunnel, we'll let you have a double battle with us. That sound fair?"

Gary nodded with a grin.

"Sure, challenge accepted!"

"All right," the hiker waved his hand, "take care, kiddos!"

With that, the hiker and his son made their way through the entrance to the Rock Tunnel. Red and Gary exchanged awkward glances in a moment of silence.

"Do you guys need to use the bathroom?" Leaf reminded, raising her hand into the air.

Red and Gary gave Leaf confused looks.

"Not really," Gary shrugged, "why'd you ask?"

Leaf glanced at both sides and fidgeted nervously.

"I need to use the bathroom before we head into the Rock Tunnel," Leaf insisted.

Red and Pikachu facepalmed.

"Easy," Mewtwo held out his paw, "I can wait the extra few minutes. Perhaps you three can check on your own Pokémon and ensure they're in good shape in the meantime."

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