From the Desk of Sharper

"Twas the Mission Before A Possible Christmas"

I've decided to toss my hat in the ring and devise two poems. The other one will be entirely in rhyme in the form of Dr. Seuss.

The first one is a Kim and Ron Possible-Stoppable telling Justin one of their high-school adventures (entirely in rhyme) before his bedtime. It is (kind of) to the tune of 'Twas the Night Before Christmas.

It exists within the Possible-Stoppable verse but is a standalone story.

The fanfic is rated K+ for mild swearing, mild action/peril, and a suggestive outfit.

The fanfic is also for Whitem's 10th Annual Writing SnowDaze Holiday Story Contest.

Kim Possible, characters and settings are created by Schooley and McCorkle and (c) by Disney.

Alexa Stoppable was created by KPRS4ever. Justin Stoppable was created by Hotrod2001.

(December 15, 2019, 9pm)

It was a cold and clear December night in Middleton. And along Maple Street, all of the houses were decked out in festive Christmas cheer, including that of the Possible-Stoppables. Within the house the world-saving married couple called home was both Kim and Ron Possible-Stoppable, both now 31. Justin was now 7 and Alexa was now 4.

She, Rufus, and Ron were tucking Justin into bed.

"Mommy, can you tell me a Christmas story?" he asked his mom.

"Justin..." Kim giggled, rubbing her son's head, "...I thought I did tell you all the Christmas stories known to mankind."

"No...I'm talking about that story...what's it called...?" Justin wondered.

"What story are you talking about, sport?" Ron asked from the hallway.

"That one that took place during our junior year, Ron!" Kim replied while brushing his blonde hair with her hands.

"You mean...wait...before we became a couple or after, KPS?" Ron asked.

"It was before Junior Prom, just to let you know." Kim replied, "And now...Ron, let's begin our story!"

'Twas the Night before Christmas

And all through the Possible House

Not a creature was stirring

Except a fridge raid from Rufus, the naked mole mouse!

Rufus squeaked, "Huh?" and scratched his pink head.

"He's a naked mole rat, Ron!" Kim groaned.

"KPS, we're doing a rhyming scheme here for our story!" Ron explained. "We're trying not to break it!"

"Ohhhh..." Kim said, now understanding what her husband was saying. "But let me set the scene for Justin here!"

(Part I)

The story takes place in December 2005

The era of the croptop, boy band, and CD-ROM

This was before social media began to thrive

And yes, this was before me and your dad kissed at Junior Prom

We both walked our way to school

Trying to recover from the last attempt from Ron trying to act cool.

This was worse than when I had the chicken pox

For that was when we had to deal with Zorpox.

The weather was a bit gray and stormy outside and it totally blows

That today, there was no forecast for any snow

"KP, that was so not fun with that Attitudeinator. My head totally hurts!"

And no, said device was not invented by Dr. Doofenshmirtz

I replied, "Ron, you'll live. Right now, let us be thankful

I can say it without doing a spit take

It is the final day of high school before Winter Break

For at least two weeks, I won't be around Bonnie, whom has no soul."

But Ron gasped, "But, KP, if it is the last day of school, and this isn't a scam.

It means that we have to take...our final exams!"

Thunder and lightning emitted from the sky

As Team Possible finally ran to the doors of Middleton High.


Barkin was in the classroom while the two made it with 2 minutes to spare.

Me and Ron felt like, he was always everywhere.

Barkin thundered, "Possible, Stoppable, take your seats in my class.

"I'm here today because your regular teacher, Miss Martin, fell off an ass."

All of the students erupted in laughter while Kim laid down her purse

Over the fact the Barkin had cursed

The teacher moaned as if he was hexed by the School Board to be sent

"I cannot wait until I be finally rid of you class clowns at my retirement."

He then yelled "I'll get everyone's attention...

...If they all receive detention!"

Once the laughing instantly ended from that loud noise exposure

Barkin regained his composure

"You are here today because you are taking your final tests!

Nothing brings me happiness like F's on the exams, just for some zest!"

He then glared at Ron

"Stoppable, I noticed that your grades are slipping

Due to the fact that there were periods of Study Hall that you keep on skipping."

Your father replied, "Mr. B, I have everything under control

I'm ready to rock n' roll!"

I groaned, covering my eyes.

For I was the one who always studied on my missions

But Ron had the premonition

To be playing a handheld game called "Zap the Flies!"

So we took our tests for the next two hours'

While Barkin stared his eyes around the room

It's like watching his glare of doom

For any look that appeared to be sour.

After that period of time

We finally turned in our exams and felt fine.

Exiting the room, we were finally free

(I got an A in the test, and your father, luckily, got C)


We both went to where my locker was

Wade came on and asked, "Hey, you two, what's causing such a fuss?"

"Wade, sometimes, exams are hard

When you have to do a two-hour essay featuring a work on the Bard!"

Ron grasped his hand

While Rufus massaged it as best as he can.

He added, "Thankfully we only have one final test.

And then we can finally escape this educational mess.

And this bad weather!"

I laughed, "And to think that Barkin would laugh at your sweater!"

And then, just to make things more fun

Bonnie appeared with her croptop sweater and baggy overalls undone

I asked "B, what are you doing this time? You vile girl who has no soul!"

"I would not even touch you with a 39 1/2 foot pole!"

But Miss Rockwaller continued to mock. "Excuse me, Farmer Jane."

"The way you wear your overalls is so dumb and lame!"

I snarked "FYI, I always follow the dress code at school.

You on the other hand, showing off your CB Boxers? Not so cool!"

The youngest of the Rockwaller family gave a slight grin.

For she had an ace up her sleeve against me and him.

"Just wanted to let you know that there's going to be a Christmas party

And you two losers are probably not going to be invited!"

Ron whined, "Aww...I wanted to show off my dance moves that are bon-diggety!"

"Face it, Stoppable!" Bonnie snarked, "There's so no way to fight it!"

"Where is the party, B?" I asked to my long-time rival.

"Tara's house, K..." Bonnie explained, "...and you will be stuck in denial!"

"For it requires the person who received the invite..."

"To give Tara a gift so that she can open it on sight!"

"Oh and also, in addition to giving a gift to Tara and her brother.

"The people who are invited have to give gifts to each other!

"I bet your gifts are gonna suck.

So dumb and so lame

Possible'll probably only give you an outdated video game!

"As of Stoppable? Four words: Bueno Nacho Bueno Bucks

The brunette continued, "I would love to stay..."

"But I got some some decorating at the house to do...

Including wrapping a present or two...

So see you losers after the holidays!"