Allright! New story time! As known, I love KH, so, here ya go! Another one without a title....someone! Help me with titles!

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"Open your heart to the darkness."

"No!!!!" And still he sat, alone, in the darkness, with nothing more then memories. And that's what they would remain. Distant, yet never forgotten memories.

"Boy! Why do you insist on just sitting there?" A voice came from behind him.

"What else is there to do? Without my friends and without my old life, everything is pointless." The boy, quiet, yet stern, replied.

"Face it. This is your life, and there's no way of going back. You're forever stuck here."

"Can it, Maleficent." The boy, Riku, turned to face the demonic dweller of the Heartless world.

"As you wish, but you'll have to accept it sooner or later." And she disappeared as quickly and mysteriously as she came. And finally, Riku realized that for once, Maleficent was right. This was his prison, for now, and for always. As he pushed his pale, ash hair away from his eyes, he saw the door. The door that sealed his fate. And he wondered. What would happen if that door were to be open? These thought rampaged through Riku's head, and the idea came like a clap of thunder, unexpected, yet wanted.