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Chapter 2: Months and Developments


It was morning in Japan as on the outskirts of the city was a big manor, this manor belonged to the Black family. It was a getaway home for the Black if things ever got out of hand in England, right now though, it was Enkidu's new home.

Enkidu himself was currently waking up, he groans as he rubbed his eyes of sleep before sitting up and stretching. He shook his head as he pulled the bed covers off of him to reveal that he was naked. Yes, he slept in the nude, he liked how natural it felt. He went about his morning routine and got dressed in a nice greyish/silver button-up shirt with a white tie and white pants with a black belt. Over his shirt was a silver waistcoat with black vine and leaf embroidery on it and on his feet, he had black socks with black shoes, and to wrap his outfit up he had on a white suit jacket which he buttoned up.

"Another busy day, hm, at least things aren't boring anymore," Enkidu said as he ran a hand through his hair as he left his room and went downstairs for breakfast.

"Good morning! Master Enkidu!" A voice said this voice belonged to Enkidu's head maid of the manor, she kept the house-elves in line and the place in proper order.

The head maid was a woman around 34-years-old, she had shoulder-length black hair held in a ponytail, her skin was fair in tone and she had a slim runner build with a D-sized chest. She had yellow eyes with slitted pupils, she was wearing a maid kimono uniform with long sleeves that could cover her hands if she wished and the length reached her ankles. The most eye-catching thing about her though was the golden fox ears and tail, fangs, and clawed hands.

"Morning Hinata," Enkidu said as he sat down and picked up the newspaper for today.

When Enkidu arrived at Fuyuki he was only planning to stay a week but he ended up staying after discovering an old business of the Black family, they owned a large business that was both magical and none-magical. One side dealt with medicine and technology, it was run mostly by squibs or Inverts as they are known outside of England, people who could use magic internally instead of outside their bodies. The other half of the company was the magical side that dealt with potions research, ingredients, and learning how to mix technology with magic, this department was called the Techno department.

It was mostly a running-joke name since the department always seems to have techno music playing at random points of the day, all in all, a nice company called Black Emporium. Enkidu took it over with Sirius's blessing.

"How is Aria and little Crystal?" Enkidu asked making Hinata smile.

Aria was a woman around 30-years-old and was half-human and half Yuki-Onna, she had shoulder-length white hair, fair skin, ice-blue eyes, and a swimmer build with a C-cup chest and smooth muscles. She could control ice to her will and deadly with a katana, she was Enkidu's head of security and Hinata's wife.

Crystal was Aria and Hinata's 10-year-old daughter, she had chin-length white hair and fair skin with yellow eyes and was cute all around. Most of all, however, she was an arctic kitsune. A result of Hinata's kitsune heritage somehow mixing with Aria's, Crystal had the normal kitsune powers but also control over ice. She adored Enkidu and called him 'uncle' he didn't mind and found it adorable.

"Aria is updating the security system and wards, she's debating if adding in a bound field is too much overkill or not and Crystal is preparing for school," Hinata said as her ears twitched.

"Speaking of Crystal, here she comes," Hinata said placing Enkidu's breakfast down and Crystals right as she came through the door.

"Morning!" Little Crystal yelled as she ran over to the table, at first glance she would look like a normal girl if not for the pair of white fox ears and tail.

"Good morning Crystal," Enkidu said as he took the cartoon section out of his newspaper and passed it to Crystal to read as she ate.

"Thank you, morning Mama," Crystal said making Hinata coo as she leans over and rubbed their noses together in a sign of affection.

After a nice morning meal, Enkidu took Crystal to school, which was the magical version of primary school, and went to work.

The day went on normally with Enkidu filling out some documents and having a few interviews, he had to have a woman escorted from the building when she tried to get the job by seducing him. He made sure to inform the companies that had connections with him knew of the woman, he did not want any spies or plants in his company from rivels.

Near the late afternoon Enkidu decided to leave early, he wanted to visit a few of his mage friends in the area before going to pick Crystal up from school.

It was on one of these visits that he learned about the Holy Grail War starting to heat up as the servants were summoned, his friend, a man called Haku Kanbara who was a mage that specialized in bound fields and security. He was packing up to go on holiday with his husband, a wizard called Takuya Kanbara who was a charm specialist, to avoid getting involved in the war. He even warned Enkidu to set up wards and up the security around his business to hell and back so they don't get damaged or destroyed.

Of course, Enkidu let his security team know to upgrade the building's security, before thanking his friend and heading to pick Crystal up.

'Holy Grail War, that death battle royale between masters and their servants to fight over the wishing device, it makes me uneasy,' Enkidu thought as he stood in his room looking out the window after changing into a simple white top and pants.

"I'll need to inform Aria to be on guard and Hinata to keep a close eye on Crystal, I don't want my little niece to get hurt," Enkidu said to himself before moving away from the window and went over to his bed.

Only to pause when he saw a package on his bed, it was medium size and had a note on it. Walking over he picked the note up and saw unknown handwriting.

Hello Enkidu! I hope you enjoy this gift I got you, I look forward to the chaos you will bring in this Holy Grail War. Many laughs from one powerful being to another! - Z

"Z? Hm, I definitely need to up the security if this person can get through the house wards so easily and into my room," Enkidu said as he put the note down.

He looked at the package and debated it he should open it or not, he did a quick scan with his magic but found no lingering spells, curses, or anything that would cause him harm. Deciding to take a chance he opens it and saw inside a white outfit, on top of the outfit was an egg.

It was a smooth egg with the coloration being white with golden speckles, reaching down he touched the egg and the moment he did a rush of warmth filled him making him gasp. When it fades Enkidu let a chuckle escape him, so, this mysterious person left him his own familiar. How kind of them, he still wondered who this 'Z' person was though.

"I can find out later, now, what is this outfit about?" Enkidu said as he gently put the end to the side and picked the outfit up.

The outfit was a Chinese Tang Suit Cheongsam Uniform in white, it even had some nice black shoes in the bottom to go with the outfit. It reminded Enkidu of his old outfit, the one he wore when with Gilgamesh. (I'll put it on the cover, the Chinese outfit, makes things easier on me)

"The person also has good taste, I'll wear this tomorrow since it's my day off," Enkidu said putting the outfit to the side and placed the egg in a cushioned basket and summoned a heated lamp to keep it warm.

He then stripped down and climbed into bed, he hums falling asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

If Enkidu stayed awake for a bit longer he would have seen the egg twitch and glow before going still as in another location, under a church, the summoning for the Holy Grail War servants had just finished the master in the room laughs as he held up his arms at seeing the servant in golden armor as the masters two allies watched on.

The servant looks up in a daze from the summoning, his eyes narrowed as he sensed something.

'It can't be, is it you?' He thought before looking forward at the master before him as the daze finally left him making him forgot what he sensed for the time being to deal with other matters.

Enkidu shifted in his sleep as dreams of past adventures plagued him, the door to his room slowly opens and a sleepy Crystal enters. In her arms was a white teddy bear that she held close as she went over and climbed on the bed, she lay on top of the covers and summoned a blanket to cover her as she snuggled into Enkidu who calmed in his sleep.

Crystal would sleep beside Enkidu after having a bad dream or if she felt that something was wrong, she would cuddle with Enkidu and let her presence calm him and in return, she felt safe and found it easier to sleep since Enkidu felt similar to nature thus calming her own raging instincts. Her parents found it odd but since it was doing no harm and was helping Crystal get better control of her instincts they allowed it, she would stop this behavior when she got older and no longer needed help with her nature.

"Nighty night, uncle," Crystal mutters as she fell asleep.


Enkidu yawns as he awoke from his sleep, he opens his eyes and blinked the sleep away before noticing a weight next to him on his bed. He looked and saw Crystal curled up beside him, he sighs before giving a smile as he carefully slipped out of bed and put on some simple white pants to cover him before Crystal awoke and saw things she was not meant to see yet.

He called in Hinata to get Crystal before heading to shower, he spent 5 minutes relaxing and letting the warm water soothe his muscles before he washed and left the bathroom to see Crystal gone. He relaxed and dried off, he was about to put his suit on when he remembered that it was his day off.

He then remembered the package from last night and decided to put his new outfit on, it was a comfy fit but it disturbed Enkidu slightly since the one who left it got his measurements down perfectly. He definitely needed to improve his security wards, speaking of which he needed to see Aria about that.

He left his room and after a nice breakfast he gave Hinata the afternoon off to spend with Crystal and went to speak with Aria, he found her patrolling around the edge of their home.

"Aria, a moment please," Enkidu said making Aria walk over to him.

"Is something wrong, master Enkidu?" Aria asked her sword strapped to her waist as usual.

"Yes, where any of the wards or camera's tripped last night? Yesterday before I came home?" Enkidu asked crossing his arms.

"Hm, nothing went off and the wards haven't alerted me to anything but there was a strange smell near the entrance for a short while," Aria said holding her chin in thought.

"A strange smell? Anything unique about the smell?" Enkidu asked while reaching a hand up to fiddle with a piece of his hair.

"Yes, actually, it had a hint of an iron smell to it, not by much but it was there," Aria said.

"So, our unknown visitor is either a vampire or a skilled mage with wards that use blood with their magic in some form," Enkidu said holding his chin.

"I see, I shall look into adding some wards against blood magic and maybe adding some familiars to do some patrols," Aria said making Enkidu nod.

"I'll leave it to you, Aria, I will be around Fuyuki if you need me," Enkidu said making Aria bow and leave to start her new task while Enkidu went to his car and drove to Fuyuki.

He parked near one of Fuyuki local parks and went for a nice walk, he wandered for a bit not really looking at anything in particular. He saw a few shops to see the latest technology and visited a nice cafe to rest when he felt it, a spike of magic like someone was trying to get attention.

Enkidu frowns lowering the cup of tea from his lips and placing it down on the table as he looked up from his newspaper to look around at the street. He saw nothing but a few confused mages and two confused wizards looking around as well having also felt the magic spike.

"Hm, could this be?" Enkidu asked himself as he glanced up at the sky.

Was this magic spike to do with the Holy Grail War?

'I need to check this out, if the Holy Grail War starts this quickly then I may need to step up my security plans sooner rather than later' Enkidu thought as he finished his drink and put some money on the table as a tip and left the cafe.

He walked for a bit until he arrived at a shop that sells clothing and decided to look at the outfits in the window, looks like the special offer in the shop was pajamas today. Enkidu debated on getting some new pajamas for Crystal for her birthday when movement beside him caught his eye, looking over he saw a woman with white hair and red eyes in a white outfit speaking with a woman in a black suit, she had blonde hair and green eyes.

'They look a little lost, hm, that blonde-haired woman, she feels strange' Enkidu thought before he moved and went over to the women.

"Excuse me? Do you ladies need help?" Enkidu asked once he was close enough making the ladies look up from the map they had.

"Huh? Oh, um, yes we're a bit lost," The white-haired said looking a bit embarrassed.

"Where are you trying to get to?" Enkidu asked as the blonde-haired woman spoke.

"We're heading to the beach area of Fuyuki," She said as Enkidu nods.

"Okay, if you take this route," Enkidu said and gave them both directions while showing them on the map.

"Thank you for your help," The white-haired woman said making Enkidu nod.

"Have a nice afternoon, I hope you enjoy Fuyuki beach," Enkidu said as the two nods and left with a wave, Enkidu waved back until they were out of sight.

He then lowers his arm and frowns thinking 'That woman, her mana was dense, she also felt powerful, is this the aura of a servant?'

He moved and made his way back to where he parked his car, he needed to know for sure, besides he felt like a big adventure was about to start. He smirks, he could never say no to a grand adventure.

"Before I go jumping into things I should probably inform Aria that I'm going to be late home," Enkidu said as he arrived at his car and got inside.

He pulled out his phone and put in Aria's number it wasn't long until she picked up.

"Hello master Enkidu, is there something you need assistance with?" Aria asked making Enkidu smile a bit.

"No, I'm just calling to inform you that I'll be late home," Enkidu said starting his car up.

"Of course, I will inform Hinata, any reason as to why you will be late?" Aria asked the last time Enkidu was late home was due to a long business meeting.

"Oh, I'm just going on a little adventure around Fuyuki," Enkidu said buckling up.

"I see, very well then, enjoy your adventure master Enkidu," Aria said before hanging up the call.

Enkidu chuckles putting his phone away as he stuck his car in drive and left the car park, he grins as he began to make his way towards Fuyuki's beach.

"Let the adventure begin," Enkidu said while his indigo eyes glowed with hidden power.

Enkidu was unaware of the big mess he would be driving into, nor the fact that this mess would reunite him with someone he long thought lost.


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