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Chapter 3: Fights



It was night time when Enkidu arrived at Fuyuki beach, he looked around but saw no sign of the two women from before. He sighs walking over to the water's edge, he might as well enjoy the ocean while he was here.

"It's a nice moon tonight," Enkidu said looking up at the sky.

'I should try and find the two women tomorrow' Enkidu thought as he looked down at the water.

He was about to turn around and walk back to where his car was parked when a flare of magic got his attention, he looked around for the source but didn't see anything. He didn't see anything along the beach or out on the water.

'The mana in the air is building, hm' Enkidu thought looking around before his eyes landed on the docks close by.

'There you are, now let's see if that mana is because of the grail war or from a mage causing trouble' Enkidu thought as he ran towards the docks.

He paused when he arrived at a barrier, it was faint, meant to hide and detour people. If the grail was going on then this must be a mage trying to hide it from prying eyes, Enkidu huffs as he used his magic to hide his presence and steps past the barrier. He decided to stay hidden and stick to the shadows, he walked further in hearing the sound of metal clashing a clear sign a fight was going on.

'I need a good spot to stay hidden but a clear view of what's going on' Enkidu thought as he glanced around before spotting a nearby crane.

"That will do, I just need to stay on the lower level and no one will see me," Enkidu mutters as he ran over and climbed up the crane.

He made it to a small platform and knelt down, his hair blowing in the breeze, his eyes narrow as he saw the same two women he helped earlier on down below. The blonde woman was fighting a man with two spears, the man must be the Lancer servant, and though he couldn't see her weapon the woman moved like a well-trained swordsman signaling she was the Saber of the grail war.

Enkidu tilts his head as they both landed a hit on each other, the fight was impressive so far, not on the same level as when he and his king would fight but damaging none the less. In his current body, being of half-flesh and half-clay now after his magical inheritance, he could cause a lot of damage himself. Though being half flesh now he would have to be careful since his current body didn't have the full endurance his former clay body had, sometimes he missed that.

Enkidu shook his head to rid himself of those thoughts, it brought back memories of his days in Uruk along with feelings he never got to fully enjoy or the ones he never got to say. He looked back down as he saw Lancer and Saber prepared to fight again, he jolts when he sensed another presence coming and yelling. He looks up to see a chariot being pulled by flying bulls with a rather large man at the reigns, by a quick glance Enkidu put the new servant's hight at around 6'8" or 6'9" he was big.

'Is he half-giant like Hagrid?' Enkidu thought remembering the friendly groundskeeper of Hogwarts.

He chuckles as the servant announced himself as Iskandar the King of Conquerors! Well, that was an entrance, and judging by his mode of transport he is the Rider of this war. Enkidu was about to get up when a shock ran though him as a presence grazed his senses, his eyes widen as on a lamp-post a man in golden armor formed showing his golden blonde hair and red eyes to the world.

If Enkidu wasn't kneeling down then he would have fallen to his knees in shock, Gilgamesh, he was here too? His king, his friend...this felt too good to be true. He took a deep breath trying to calm himself as he forced his feelings to the side to focus, if Gilgamesh was here in that armor it meant that he was a servant.

Enkidu's thoughts were confirmed when the Gate of Babylon opens up, so he was a servant, this made a conflict of emotions rush through him. A joy that Gilgamesh was here but sadness, he was summoned meaning he had a master. At any point and time his friend would return to where he was summoned from and away from him, as much as he wanted to see Gil again would it be worth it only for them to vanish at the end of the war? Would he be able to handle seeing it?

'No, I can't get dragged into this, as much as it pains me to' Enkidu thought frowning he had other people to think of and keep safe.

Enkidu sighs moving to get up only to tense when a feeling of dread washed over him, looking around he felt like he was being watched. Enkidu silently cursed himself, he had left his guard down when he saw Gilgamesh and his presence slipped! He heard movement to his right and moved to avoid a dagger, he ran and jumped over the railing and landed in a tuck roll on the ground he quickly got up and took off running.

'Fuck! I had to jinx myself!' Enkidu thought as he glanced behind him to see something move in the shadows.

He knew the Grail War rules, any witnesses not apart of the war, like family or allies, would be taken out to keep it a secret. He growls turning and arriving at a small cove of trees near the beach area, he stood tense detecting many things around him. It was most likely a servant and judging from the sneaky ways it was either Assassin or Caster, his guess was Assassin though.

'Looks like my new clothing is getting a workout today' Enkidu thought before spinning around and hitting a man wearing a white skull mask in the neck before kicking him away into a tree.

Enkidu then ducks a dagger from another assassin, his arm coming up to block another strike as he retaliated with a palm strike to the nose and an elbow to the ribs. He grabs the man and turned using him as a shield to block some throwing daggers making the assassin yell in pain, he drops the man and jumped away as three more emerged from the shadows.

"Takedown one and more appear, almost like insects, ha, and I forgot my bug repellent," Enkidu mutters as he got into a stance.

He couldn't use his chains without alerting Gilgamesh, the king would sense him in an instant and rush over here. He just needed to hold them off long enough to escape to his car and get home safely, he took a deep breath and smiled as the assassins attacked making him retaliate in kind.


Back at the shipping yard, the servants were tense as Archer stared down the recently arrived Berserker who managed to match the golden servant so far in a fight, he even got the Archer onto the ground. This only seemed to anger the Archer, Berserker was just standing there awaiting the next blow to come.

Gilgamesh growls glaring at the mad dog that dares to touch his treasures, he would rip this mongrel limb from limb! Well, he was about to when he felt something was over him. A command seal! That mage dare to use one on him!

'My king, please be calm, I have been informed that someone not of the war has witnessed the battle, Assassin is having trouble taking them out' Tokiomi said catching the king's interest.

A witness was fighting off Assassin? The servant split into multiple people? How strong was this witness that had Tokiomi worried, whoever it was would be more interesting than this thieving mad dog and fake kings at the moment.

He calms and recalled his gates, with some parting words to the other servants he left going astral to move faster. He went in the direction that Tokiomi said Assassin was in before the king closed the link, he did not want to hear Tokiomi in his head any longer than necessary.

Gilgamesh exited his astral state just in time to sidestep a body being thrown into a tree, the king stared at the downed assassin before a yell made him look over. Only for his world to freeze as he saw the figure the assassins were fighting, his body moving with unknown grace, white clothing rustling and flowing with his form, his skin fair and long flowing green locks. He could only watch in shock as the person moves to duck a hit and lashing out a hard punch breaking an assassin's ribs before he was grabbed and thrown into another with ease.

'It can't be! It can't be him...' Gilgamesh thought his emotions running high.

His lips then betrayed him as he spoke saying the one name of the person he missed above all others, even his own mother.

"Enkidu," He said making the figure gasp and spin around to see him, their own eyes going wide as red eyes met blue.

"Gil," Enkidu said in shock, unfortunately, this distraction was all the Assassin servant needed.

Gilgamesh felt his heart stop as he saw one of the assassins appear behind Enkidu with a dagger raised to strike a fatal blow while another appeared to the side, he moved to summon a gate sending a weapon at the one to the side of Enkidu.

"Behind you!" Gilgamesh yelled making Enkidu move but yell as the dagger sliced his right side open.

"Argh!" Enkidu yelled landing as his chains formed ripping the assassin apart, his clothing now turning red as he held his side.

The second assassin was dead as well, Gilgamesh looked over at the chains and then back to Enkidu's now bleeding side. He then growls looking around at the remaining assassins, after seeing those chains he knew without a doubt this was his friend and these assassins dare to hurt him! He was about to yell when he saw Enkidu look up before he got up and ran, an assassin tried to follow but was stopped by Gilgamesh.

"You dare to attack him again and I'll make sure to end you here and now, return back to your master and tell him and Tokiomi this, that man is not to be harmed or else," Gilgamesh said his voice stern with a clear threat involved making the assassins back down and vanish.

Once they were gone Gilgamesh dismissed his gate, his rage dimming before he realized that if he didn't move he would lose sight of his friend! Cursing he went astral and went in the direction he went, he used his servant abilities to his advantage and went fast to see Enkidu arrive at a parking lot and get into one of the vehicles.

'He was bleeding, normally a wound like that would not trouble him' Gilgamesh thought in slight concern.

He watched as the car started up and drove out of the parking lot and left the area, the king narrows his eyes, and with disregard to Tokiomi's attempts to get his attention he summoned Vimana. He was not losing his friend again, he would make sure of it.



When Enkidu arrived back at his home it erupted into chaos, the house-elves were rushing around preparing the master bedroom for healing as Aria put the manor in its highest security setting, the while building going into lockdown.

Hinata helped Enkidu from the car, he had managed to take his top off to wrap it around his side like a makeshift bandage. She sent Crystal ahead to get some items ready, the poor girl was worried for her honorary uncle. Hinata helped Enkidu to walk to his room, he told her of what enemy he faced all the while his face became pale and his lips gained a tinge of purple.

"Master Enkidu, you've been poisoned," Hinata said as they arrived at the room and went in.

"It appears so," Enkidu said as he was brought over to the bed and sat down.

Hinata carefully removed the white top and handed it to an elf to be taken care of and cleaned, she then focused on washing the wound, she barked out orders for antidotes and items to help close the wound up along with blood replenishers.

Aria was busy patrolling so Crystal was helping her Mama, the arctic kitsune watched on as Hinata finished cleaning while Crystal managed to get her uncle's shoes off so he could lay down as Dobby appears and gave Hinata a potion that would help to close the wound up. Enkidu made a face but drank it along with the antidote to cure him of the poison, he winced a bit as Hinata wrapped his side with proper bandages and had him lay down to let the potions work.

"Will he be okay?" Crystal asked looking at her mama.

"He'll be fine as long as he rests," Hinata said quietly making her daughter nod.

"Why don't you go and get some nice flowers to cheer him up from the garden? I'm sure he'll like a bit of color in his room," Hinata said making Crystal perk up and nod.

"Okay! I'll get the best flowers I can!" Crystal said as she ran out of the room making Hinata smile as she followed her daughter closing the door behind her to let her master rest.


Aria was quiet as she moved through the woods that surrounded the Black Manor, her senses on high alert. She was monitoring the wards, she was patrolling the area just in case the one who hurt her master returned to finish the job.

She frowns coming to a stop to check the wards, if it wasn't for Enkidu then her family would not be here. Before Enkidu hired them Hinata was working in a cafe trying to make ends meet while Aria was fighting off a rival who wanted to use Hinata in his 'business' and was trying to blackmail them. Then Enkidu came along and got the business shut down and saving them, after seeing Aria and Hinata's skills he offered them a job along with the chance to have children.

Thanks to Enkidu her mate was out of danger and they got their wishing of having children, for that they were both in Enkidu's debt. He was a kind man and trusted them, in return they gave their loyalty and support. So, for him to return like this upset the Yuki-Onna.

Aria then tensed as she something pass the wards, an intruder! Was it the one who attacked Enkidu? Snarling Aria drew her sword and ran to where the intruder broke the wards. Her breath becoming visible as her ice powers create a thin layer of ice across her skin like invisible armor, her pupils narrowing into slits as her once blunt nails became claws. She soon arrived at the area and burst through the foliage to see someone about to walk forward to the manor, she moves pulling her sword back and striking.

It seems the intruder sensed her in time to pull a sword from a golden glow and block her strike, she was pushed back making her land a few feet away. Aria got into a stance and glared at the intruder, a male with fair skin, golden blonde hair, and red eyes. he had on golden armor that looked old, it also had a strange feel to it. Aria kept her guard up as the man dismissed his sword making it vanish into golden dust.

"Who are you? State your name intruder!" Aria said holding her ground.

"I am Gilgamesh, now tell me mongrel, does Enkidu resided in the manor ahead?" Gilgamesh asked as he eyed the woman wondering why she dared to strike him.

"Master Enkidu, why do you seek him? Are you the one who harmed him," Aria asked shifting into an attack stance which Gilgamesh picked up on.

"As if I would ever harm my only friend!" Gilgamesh said narrowing his eyes, master Enkidu?

Aria paused at that, Enkidu once mentioned his only friend and equal was a man known as the King of Uruk. Gilgamesh, was this man that king? Aria knew the holy grail war was going on, looking at him closely she saw his slightly slitted pupils and she could sense something off about him. The legends say he was 2/3's god, Aria relaxed a bit coming out of her attack stance and put her sword away.

"While I am a bit hesitant, if you are the Gilgamesh Enkidu knows then I can let you into the manor, the master is resting inside with my wife and child, please follow me," Aria said as she began to move towards the manor but kept a hand on her sword just in case.

Gilgamesh huffs but follows, he would rebuff the woman but she was just doing her duty as a vessel or retainer to her master, he could respect that. Plus there was something inhuman about her, she was too beautiful to be a regular woman she gave off a sense of danger.

"What is your name woman?" Gilgamesh asked making Aria glance at him.

"I am Aria Uzumaki, head of security at the Black Manor," Aria said making Gilgamesh nod, that would explain why she attacked him and called him an intruder.

They kept walking until they came into view, Aria raised her hand and lifted the lockdown wards slightly to let Gilgamesh past. She nods and went over to the door and knocked making her wife answer.

"Aria, is everything okay?" Hinata asked looking around on edge.

"For now, yes, but Master Enkidu's friend is here to see him," Aria said gesturing to Gilgamesh who looked a bit impatient.

"Friend? I see," Hinata said looking the king over, distrust in her eyes but she did not say anything.

'I must admit they are doing their jobs well' Gilgamesh thought irritated but he was holding himself back from lashing out to move things along so he could see Enkidu.

His vessels, while willing to let him in, did not their eyes off of him or let him drift from their sight. That was good to have, it showed Enkidu picked wisely in those who would watch over him at his weakest. He hums as Aria said something making the woman, most likely her wife she mentioned, nod and turn to him. She made a motion for him to follow as Aria left to go back to her patrols.

"Follow me, I'll take you to Master Enkidu, I am Hinata the head maid and caretaker," Hinata said closing the door once Gilgamesh was inside.

"How is Enkidu? He was struck by Assassin during his fight," Gilgamesh asked getting straight to the point as he followed Hinata through the building.

"He is resting and recovering from both his wound and poison, most likely from the blade that struck him," Hinata said calmly.

'Assassin, that mongrel will be losing a few more bodies when I see them again' Gilgamesh thought his clenching jaw the only sign of his anger.

"Here it is, please, try not to disturb his sleep he needs his rest," Hinata said stopping before a room and opening it.

Gilgamesh gave her a nod and went inside, he glanced around the room before his eyes landed on the bed. His breath hitching in his throat as an image of Enkidu laying on a bed slowly crumbling from the god's punishment before it was replaced with his friend laying asleep on the modern-day bed.

He walked over and got a closer look, Enkidu was a bit pale but his breathing was fine, he looked peaceful. His hair spread out giving him an ethereal look. Gilgamesh heard the door close but he paid it no mind, he felt his eyes sting as he sat on the bed letting his armor be replaced with his chosen modern-day clothing.

He reached up and placed a hand on Enkidu's cheek, his friend twitched but relaxed after a moment. The king felt his throat tighten as his emotions overwhelmed him, he leans down placing his forehead against Enkidu's a shuddered breath escaping him.

"Never again...I won't lose you again, Enkidu," Gilgamesh whispered as a single tear fell from his eye and landed on Enkidu's cheek.

'And this time I won't hold back, I will tell you how I feel' Gilgamesh thought as he leans up placing a feather-light kiss upon Enkidu's forehead.

Enkidu slept on, unaware of the person he would awaken to nor the fact that his life in Fuyuki was about to get turned upside down. All thanks to his friend, who was already making plans of his own for the war to come.


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