High in Calcium

Published: 15th Mayl 2003
Pairings: Seto x Joey
Disclaimers: Yu-Gi-Oh obviously isn't mine, but this fanfiction is. The poem at the beginning of each chapter/section was written by me, based off another poem. The story will be split into two "parts", each containing a good five or six chapters a piece. So expect about thirteen chapters in all, if I ever finish this.
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Summary: You usual Seto x Joey fanfic, with my own twist- 'cause I can't bear the general abusive parent, school project, seto takes care of joey, they fall in love, yaddah yaddah crap- even though I love it, it's just too stereotypical for me. ^_^

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Other notes: You'll notice how tired I am of the "drunken father" excuse. I try to combat it with an equally abusive father; except he's sober. I'm sick and tired of reading fanfiction that improperly portray drunk fathers and have Seto "storm in" and beat the crap out of the father- or shielding Joey from the abusive, drunken parent. As much as I do enjoy reading a good drunken father fanfiction once in a while, writing one is just not for me. And there are already too many out there. Time to start a new trend! Yay for strict abusive fathers! ;;; Originally I was going to make his father really nice just to protest all the abusive drunk father ones, but there's gotta be *some* angst! ^_^

Anything else I want to say before you head bravely onward? I wrote this reallly quickly, and only because I've been getting a little obsessed the last week with this pairing- I'm not quite sure why, but they're just so... kawaii together. ^^;; Anyway, don't expect this to be up to my normal level of fanfiction writing.. for one thing, it is only my second real "fanfiction" ever, plus it was written super quickly. If I ever get more time to work on the other chapters in the future, I'll try and do a better job with them, promise. Happy reading! Enjoy! ^_-

Part 1: Nutritional Information

I know that wherever I go you will follow,
Obediently, like a lost puppy searching for it's way
And when you catch up to me you jump at me
Bounding into your owner's arms gleefully.

He told me they couldn't stay together any longer. He couldn't look her in the eye honestly anymore. I was probably too young to really know exactly what was going on at the time, but I did get the general gist of it. At least they were honest about it. They argued in front of me instead of hiding their feelings for my sake until I was in bed like most parents do. At least they were open with me about their divorce. At least they didn't make me or my sister out to be a "problem" when they separated. I think they actually had problems over custody. My mother fought very hard for me, because she felt she could do a better job parenting both my sister and I... but she barely had enough money for herself as it was, and she would have to get a job, which would keep her too busy to take care of two kids. I must have only been ten at the time. My sister was even younger. I didn't dislike my father, but after the divorce he grew more demanding of me, and a bit abusive.

Okay, not a bit abusive. Quite abusive. Our relationship got worse and worse as years passed. We grew more distant progressively. As long as I was good he left me totally alone, but the second I did something wrong I knew there was no point in hiding or trying to run. I knew it wasn't my fault. I knew it wasn't his fault. It was just a problem- a phase he was going through. Something I had hopped would sort of dwindle out- I was hoping he would come to his sanity, maybe find a girlfriend or a wife. He never did. I think he missed her too much. I had suspicions as I got a bit older that the reason my parents split up was because my father had an affair- and now, now that he was divorced... he couldn't bare to look at another woman the same way he had looked at my mother.

A few months after the divorce, after mom had moved out, once everything was settling back to normal my dad decided to disrupt our life again. My life. He told me one day he had decided that we were moving. And that was that. There was no sense arguing with him. Once he had something like that set in his mind, there was no changing it. I didn't even bother to try, I just hoped he would come to his senses. He didn't. He also didn't care that I was leaving behind my friends. Or my school. Or my life altogether. I'd have to start all over again somewhere new. Then again, I wasn't complaining that much, since the divorce I'd been a bit weird around my old friends. And so it was that my father and I moved out of one city, and into another. A new house, a new life- a chance to start over?

It was almost a few years later on the day that I got my Math test back that I knew I was in real trouble. My math teacher was seriously out to get me. She had never liked me. Assigning us a test that was ridiculous and unfair was just one of those cheap tricks she'd pull on us. I sighed as my eyes scanned the test. Another fail. God, my dad was going to kill me for this one.

I winced as I thought of what he would do to me when he saw the mark. And I knew he would look. He was strict, and prying. Most parents turn to alcohol in the sort of situation of divorce and loneliness (and maybe even extreme guilt as well), but not my dad. Instead he turned to authoritarianism. He became cruel, demanding, and rigid. I had a curfew suddenly, and there were rules about how long I spent with my friends, how my work was to be done, and how my life was to be spent. Any disobedience and I got beaten.

"Heya Joey! How'd you do on your examination?" Yugi asked me, coming up with his test. He had those innocent eyes and a big smile on his face. Obviously he had done well, especially since he always got high marks in all his classes. He was a hard worker, and also probably one of my best friends, with the exception of Tristan. We compare our tests, and he offered to even help me out after school, but, remembering my father lurking at home suspicious of me and my friends, I decided otherwise, though I remembered to thank him for the suggestion anyway.

After school, and after dropping some books off at my locker, I headed toward the front of the school, carefully stepping down the inner steps, opening the door and sliding my lithe form through, finally emerging into the bright sunshine. It was a beautiful day, and I had to raise my hand to shield the burning sun's rays from blinding my vision. There I saw a particular figure strutting from another exit of the school building toward a limo, its glossy coat shining in the sunshine. Amid stride he turned to view the school, as if searching for something. He was waiting for something... or someone. His trench coat billowed in the warm summer wind. Suddenly his eyes narrowed as he caught site of me. I was almost in front of him by the time I reached the front of the school. He sneered at me. I guess he found what he was looking for.

"Walking home, huh, you pathetic loser?" he chuckled sinisterly. I glared at him, trying to ignore his hurtful words. He didn't have to make such a big deal out of me being poor. He didn't have to constantly remind everyone of how incredibly wealthy he was. The bastard. I often tried my best to ignore his harsh, cold tongue, but those deceitful lies, twisted into truths bit and stung at me no matter which way I tried to turn to get away from them. There was no release.

"Yeah, well, at least I'm not lazy and ugly like you." I sneered back at him trying to think up something quickly. I knew my insults were lame, but he still replied to them- so maybe I did get some kind of a rise from him, after all. Besides, even if I didn't have the brains to back it up all the time, the intent was there- and I was getting angry. He snarled, moving forward, as if to intimidate me. The darker-haired teen was taller than me by a good few inches, and I can't lie; I was pretty scared of him just like everyone else in the school. Maybe I was just too dumb to realize what kind of danger I was in, standing up to him. It was sort of amazing that he hadn't mopped the floor with me, so to speak.

"You're just a snivelling dog, Wheeler! Go cower in the corner with your stupid friends!" he growled back at me, raising a fist. He usually wasn't quick to anger, instead he seemed to rely heavily on sounding cool and calm, and his voice dripped with sarcasm. Every time I heard that smug voice of his I wanted to punch him right in the face, but held myself back. For one thing Kaiba was rich. When I say rich, I mean rich. I mean, he was the CEO of a company named after his family! And he was only my age! How someone like him got a job like that at such a young age I'll never know.

"At least I have friends! Nobody even likes you!" I sneered, raising a fist at my enemy and rival. His icy cold eyes stared into mine- cold, emotionless. What a bastard. Sure, I was quick to react, but he deserved to be taught a lesson. I mean, he was asking for it; it was about time someone knocked him down off his high horse. He wasn't any better than us, even if he thought he was, just because he owned some fancy shmancy company and walked around in trench coats with his metal briefcase and laptop all day.

"Come on, Joey, he's not even worth it." Yugi said, coming up behind me, and putting a hand on my shoulder. He tried to pull me away from the teen I was arguing with, but I just ignored him. Yugi always tried to break up our fights; did I mention how frequently Kaiba and I fought?

"Yeah, listen to your stupid friends, mutt. Otherwise, you're just going to get hurt by me." He sneered, boastfully, shooing me away with a hand as if I were of little importance. My anger heightened, and I was infuriated at his smart-alecky insults and that stupid proud facial expression he always wore; hung across his face like a stupid sadistic clown. Even my often aloof ignorance was better than his sneers and argumentative words.

"Why you... I'm no mutt! I aught ta show you!" I glared at him menacingly. He didn't seem to care. The tension between us rose, and we both seemed to lean in quite close. I could feel Yugi's tug on my arm strengthen, as he tried to drag me away from the entire situation. I think the two of us had begun to catch a few people's attention; you know how high school kids can be, unable to resist watching a good fight. Not that Kaiba and I had ever gotten too serious in our fights. I think he'd given me a black eye once, but I gave him a bloody lip one time, so we were even. I wasn't usually one to resort to physical violence as much as I used to, since Yugi's effect on me. The sweet, innocent, big-eyed kid had instilled some morals in me when we made a friendship pact a while back.

"Go ahead, if you think you can muster any strength, you pathetic animal." He laughed, mockingly. I released a low snarl from deep within my throat, when a long blonde bang of hair fell across my face, nearly blinding me. I tried to blow it out of the way, but it refused to move.

"Having trouble with your own ratty hair? You're not even worth my time." Kaiba mocked me, turned his back and moving away slowly. I was confused at first, since I really thought he was going to fight me, but then grew even angrier. Rage took hold of me, and I seethed, angrily.

"Come back here and face me like a man, bastard!" I shouted, as he opened the door to his ride, and began to sit in the back seat. He mustn't have been expecting it from me, but I managed to tear Yugi off of myself, and lunged at Kaiba's retreating form. Nobody turned their back on me! He would soon learn that lesson. As I tackled him inside the car, I caught him unexpectedly. He obviously didn't think I was going to come after him in the manner in which I did, but I was seeing red at the time.

We struggled for quite a bit, and it seemed like I had the upper hand since the start, tackling him to the seats, and getting in a few good punches, he reached for a door, but I leaned over him and clicked it locked. The helpless driver sat in the front unmoving, awaiting an order, I guessed. How he could let his own employer be beaten I wasn't quite sure. Maybe he was under orders not to do anything? It seemed a bit strange to say the least, but I was so caught up in the heat of the fight that it seemed hard t notice at the time.

Suddenly the tables had turned, and Kaiba had me pinned down, his shorter brown hair hanging down across his face as a devious smile marked it. Now it was my turn to reach for the door desperately, but it was locked. I heard Yugi call my name, desperately, and even saw him and some of my other friends run up to the vehicle and began pounding on it, hearing my yelps. Kaiba had me pinned down, and all I could do was struggle and protest vulgarly. He pulled his attention away from me for a split second, looked up at the driver, and with a single hand an vocal command, signalled the man in the front seat to "drive". Then the brown-haired boy turned his attention back to me. Shit. I was cornered, pinned down, and there was no one to stop him from beating me senseless.

"Let me go, you asshole!" I screamed at him, struggling even more. He had me totally pinned down with his arms and his body lengthwise across the seats, effectively sprawled on top of mine own.

"Never speak to me like that, dog!" He said coldly, raising a hand. I expected a punch, but only got a slight smack across the face. I hadn't even noticed as the vehicle had begun to move. Yugi had been pounding really loudly, but was unable to chase the vehicle when it started moving with a venomous lurch.

I tried to scream something after he smacked me, but he used his free hand to cover my mouth. I struggled and squirmed even more furiously, but he only continued to hold me down with enough force to keep me quiet and down, but seemingly not enough to actually hurt me. Finally I calmed down- or rather, ran out of screams and writhing. Growing desperate, I tried to bite his hand, but somehow my teeth wouldn't bite down, and I just ended up licking his hand.

He sat there for a second, then blinked, pulling his hand away.

"Eww!' He said finally, looking at the wet hand. Yeah, well... he deserved it for trying to cover my mouth! I waited for him to hit me, but the blow never came. I felt really hot, inside the small cushioned compartment of the vehicle, his warm body on mine. I wanted him off of me. I wanted to be free. Why had I been so stupid as to let my anger get the best of me? How had I been stupid enough to let him lure me to... where ever it was that we were going so he could beat me up and throw me back on the street barely alive. That's what I assumed he was going to do, after all, since he hadn't started hitting me yet.

"You let me go this second, or I'm going to kick your ass!" I snarled at him. He laughed. I guess I could see why; in the position we were in there wasn't much good in me threatening him. He had me under his fingers. I was under his power. Oh god. How did I let this happen? I should have just kept my mouth shut. I should have walked away. I should have ignored his sarcasm and his disgusting glare. He had been looking for me, and he had found me. It was my own fault that I got involved in his tangled web of trouble.

"Shut your trap, mutt!" He said finally, echoing my own thoughts, except in a much ruder tone. He was right, though. If I'd just kept my mouth shut all along nothing like it would have occurred. This time I figured it was too late. What could one more insult hurt? Besides, things could still turn around for me- one could never know. One moment he might have me in his clutch, the next I might have his bare throat under my hands.

"Make me, bitch!" I glared up at him, defiantly. I wasn't broken yet. His expression changed from emotionless and cold to mocking. The jerk. The emotionless jerk. No, wait. I take it back. He wasn't emotionless- he definitely showed one emotion. If sarcasm counts as an emotion. On hatred. Oh, he definitely hated me. If it wasn't easy enough to tell from his insults, then his body language made it quite clear.

"Ha ha! That's rich. I thought I told you not to be profane. Don't make me hit you." He smirked, that upturned evil smile, which only a true villain could wear. I began to squirm again, and he leaned down, so that I could fee his ragged breath on my skin. A bang of his soft silky hair hung down, touching my face. He was in my face, and all I could see was him- those cold eyes, that horrible face I just couldn't wrench my eyes from. Oh, god.

"I want to hear you scream it, mutt." He whispered in a raspy, throaty voice that was a combination of evil and hatred and sarcasm all rolled into one. I tried to close my eyes, but felt that I was mesmerized by his gaze. I was entranced and lost. Looking into those eyes of his- it was like falling into a million bottomless pits. Darkness engulfed my heart, demons tore at my mind and soul- and his hands clutched my body. I tried to sink into the leather interior of the limo, hoping to slide away in a hasty escape, but he would not let it be so. He held on firmly. Our faces were so close, and then his free hand- the one not holding my arms down, was touching me. He ran his hand along my chin, and I shuddered. He was truly sick.

"Wh-what?" I gazed up at him fearfully. I know my eyes must have grown wide and innocent just then. All my anger was dissolved. He had worn away my tarnished surface- turning me into the scared animal that I really was. I turned to shambles under his icy gaze- and yet he still continued to look at me. He still continued to fix those eyes of his upon me, forcing me to look back at him. I tried to lower my head, but his hand pulled my chin back up, until our noses almost met.

"It's no use calling for help now, Wheeler. Your friends can't hear you anymore. So scream all you like- scream that I'm your master, you filthy dog!" He snorted triumphantly, giving me that cold look once more. Finally he blinked, and the spell I felt was on me had been released. I snapped my head away, resisting his forceful hand, trying to kick my legs out from under him, squeezing my eyes tightly shut to block out that horrible smug grin of his- those cold eyes that instilled fear into me- that degraded me to nothing more than a pathetic animal in front of him.

"Never!" I managed to choke as his hand grew sadistically tender for a second, running gently through my hair. The bastard. He had me right where he wanted me- pinned down, and he was toying with me. Why couldn't he just beat me senseless and be over with it? Oh god, maybe he wanted to really torture me. Was that was this was about? Was he going to tie me somewhere and cut my flesh? I was too young for that. Would Kaiba really do that? Could he even get away with it? If he ever got caught... it'd be all over the newspapers! Then again, Kaiba was a sick bastard- there was no telling what he would do.

"Do it!" he snarled, grabbing my arm and squeezing down tightly like a clamp. I couldn't help it- I screamed out in pain. That seemed to satisfy him for the moment, and he loosened his grip as I continued to scream. I was suddenly reminded of something in our school curriculum about some girls that had screamed stuff- anything to get my mind off having Kaiba pinning me down in his limo and beating my face in- which was what I assumed he was about to do, or some other sick and twisted order of things involving pain which he was enjoy deliriously. He had what he wanted- I screamed. I screamed for him. I screamed to get him off me. To get him away from me. To get him to stop touching me. To prevent him from the inevitable beating I was sure he was going to give me. To prevent him from causing me pain- something he seemed to enjoy. That thought made a cold shiver run through my body, and my screams got louder. Eventually my screams turned to shocked sobs, and my vision blurred as I could feel what had once been anger coursing through my body- that seething rage turn to whimpers and tears of the pain I had suffered my whole life. I don't even know what happened to Kaiba or the Limo, because everything just faded out at that point, and I can't remember exactly what occurred directly after.