High in Calcium

Published: April 28th 2005
Pairings: Seto x Joey
Disclaimers: Calcium is mine.. I mean.. no it isn't...o.O;; Whoops, I mean, Yu-Gi-Oh isn't. ;;;
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Summary: Your usual Seto x Joey fanfic, with more weird twists- 'cause I can't bear the overused general stuff. ;; (If you wanna ignore my random rambling, just scroll down to the chapter title, that's where the story begins)

Other notes: Um. I'm still alive. Hi.

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2.3 Natural Flavour

I'd hold you so gently, though I've never been gentle a day in my life,
I would hold your body close to mine; you're beautiful when you sleep-
But I'd much rather see you yelling at me or arguing with me...
Because at least I can understand all that. I want things to be organic.

You know that saying about karma and stuff? How when you do bad things it comes back at you and bites you in the ass? Yeah, well a lot of that kinda happened to me that day. The same fateful day that the brown-haired teen swept me up into his arms in that tree during the brief period of freedom from classes. There was a voice calling my name- and Kaiba drew me close. He whispered to me that we would meet again soon, then proceeded to heave me backward. I really hadn't expected that at all, but his overwhelming force and my lack of balance combined caused me to plummet to the ground like an angel with broken wings.

I had recognized the voice clearly as Yugi's. My friend was worried- of course. He hadn't really spoken to me since the "limo incident"- and even then it was only when I was trying to run away- when I ran off to the park. If I was in his position, I'd have probably been worried about me too. Especially with that rumour spreading around like a wildfire about Kaiba being responsible for my face. Oh crap! I forgot to tell Kaiba about that... I didn't even want to know what he'd say. It was the first excuse that slipped into my mind! What was I meant to say? Oh yeah, my daddy beat me up 'cause I was too busy making out with Kaiba on his bedroom floor to come home on time? Uh-huh. That'd go over well. Sure thing.

"Hey Yug. What's happening buddy?" I said imitating confidence, brushing myself off as I moved to my feet with a hop, a skip, and a jump, trying to forget the pain of the fall from the tree amongst other pains. I couldn't help but remember what Kaiba had done to me, in the back of my mind. He had hurt me- rejected me- told me he didn't care about me. But now he had done a total 180- an utter turn-about. It was so peculiar. It was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. It was like Kaiba had split personalities... or maybe, he, just like me was having difficulty coping with the idea of liking me. How could I care for him? In that way? He was my enemy. He was Yugi's enemy, and Tea's enemy, and Tristan's enemy. He was all our enemy. And yet, there had to be some forgiveness. Even Yugi showed that- he tried to be friends with Kai-.. Seto on a number of occasions, right? Then again, friends and lovers are two very different extremes.

"Joey... is everything okay? All the other kids think you're going to get into a fight with Kaiba afterschool. Is this true?" His eyes were even bigger than Tea's, hearing him talking about Kaiba made me sigh with annoyance. Surely the whole school was in uproar now, expecting some kind of a fight. But was I ready? Ready to face Kaiba with the truth, that I was the cause of a vile lie being spread only to protect my shame? Was I ready to go up against Kaiba again? Was I willing to fight Kaiba? He was, after all the cause of all of my problems as of late. Or was I? Hadn't I brought some of it upon myself... it seemed as though, looking back, I had. Oh, how foolish I had been. How could I fight the one I... the one I... it was hard to say it. How could I fight the one I loved? A surge of questions rushed at me. Did I love him? He could be so kind, so gentle, so giving all at once, and then, in a flash that was gone- as though there was some other side to him, almost like split-personalities. I could remember a story we had read in English a long time ago I didn't pay much attention to, in which there were two dragons trapped inside a mountain range that were constantly fighting. It seemed as though there were two dragons inside of Kaiba, fighting each other, one surfacing only to be overtaken moments later by the other.

"I don't think so, Yug. You know how Tea can be with her exaggerations of things." I said, letting out a nervous laugh, hoping that my friend wouldn't catch my lies.

(Let's hope I update this soon... so I don't get more death threats or letter bombs... .;; )