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Understanding- Vacation

Domon took a deep breath, the salty scent of the ocean air making his nose tingle as he stood at the front of the small boat he and Rain had rented. It had been a month or so since the 13th Gundam fight, and things had really settled down.

Domon and Rain had gotten together enough money to take a vacation to Neo Hong Kong, to revisit the city without the hustle of having to battle all the time. They both now stood at the front of the wooden boat, much like the one they had lived in during the battles. They silently watched the sunset, each absorbed in their own thoughts.

Domon carefully looked at his mechanic and closest friend through the corner of his eye. The light from the fading sun danced across her face, her eyes flashing with her own internal fire. Even though she would seem fine to anyone who didn't know her well, he saw through the mask she had been wearing since he'd won the 13th fight. Ever since then, she'd lost weight and her skin had paled. He watched her eat, feeling helpless when she left the food almost untouched. Every time he brought it up she just waved him away, insisting she was fine. She had begun to talk to him less, but at least she had come up with the plan for the vacation. He hoped it would do her some good.

Domon and Rain's moment of peace was broken when someone shouted at them from the docks. The both turned to see Allenbey waving her hands wildly.

"Domon! Rain! Over here!"

Domon smiled, happy to see the warrior.

'Maybe she can tell me what's wrong with Rain. Maybe it's some sort of weird girl thing…'

 "Rain, I'm going to go talk to Allenbey for a while, we have some catching up to do."

She gave him a fake smile that would seem real to anyone but him.

'But what's bothering her?!'

He looked at her for a moment, hoping she couldn't read his emotions as easily as he read hers. He finally turned and strode down the dock to his friend, hoping she might understand what was going on in Rain's head.

            Domon was worried about her.

Rain could tell, though it might not seem obvious to the casual observer. She watched him talk Allenbey, watched him smile and laugh, watched Allenbey give him a big hug, making him blush.

'He must love her…'

She turned away from the pair, hiding the tears that threatened to gather in her eyes. She hated feeling so pathetic, but she couldn't help it, her feelings were so confused.

She still remembered when she had used her brain wave transmitter to control the Shining Gundam. She thought she had felt some sort of connection with him, but it didn't seem to mean anything to him.

'I was so happy…I thought he actually loved me. I can't blame him though, Allenbey is very beautiful. And strong. They have a lot in common.'

Rain steeled her heart, wiping her eyes quickly. Even if Domon could never love her, she could at least help him and Allenbey along. She strode into the boat, sitting down in front of the videophone.

She had planned this all out from the beginning. The vacation, Allenbey arriving. She was going to set the two up; She knew Domon would take forever to make any sort of move on his own. She wanted to send Domon and Allenbey out on a date to a classy restaurant, but she didn't know of any nearby. Luckily, she knew of someone who just might…

George's butler appeared on the screen, smiling politely.

"Can I help you Miss?"

"Is George there?"

The butler smiled. "One moment please, Miss Rain."

Rain had to wait only a few seconds before the redheaded man appeared in front of the screen.

"Mademoiselle, so good to see you…"

 He seemed to trail off, his violet eyes sweeping her thinning frame with concern.

"Mademoiselle, are you feeling all right?"

She sighed, having already heard that from Domon and his father several times. She had tried to eat, but she had been too stressed to eat lately. She had too much on her mind to deal with eating. Even though her inner doctor screamed at her that it was very unhealthy, she ignored it.

"I'm fine George."

She noticed that the décor behind him was definitely not from his house. It looked like he was in a nice hotel room.

"Where are you?"

"On vacation in Neo Hong Kong. I decided to come here and have a little fun."

Rain's eyes widened slightly. "Really? Me and Domon are here too."

She remembered seeing Domon's eyes light up at the sight of Allenbey. "So is Allenbey."

George raised an eyebrow when he saw her face change at the mention of the other warrior-girl, but he said nothing more on the subject.

"Chibodee is also here."

"Wow, all we need is Argo and Sai Sici!"

George smiled. "Well…"

Suddenly, Sai Sici popped up, his face taking up the whole screen.

"Hiya Sis! How are ya?"

The boy looked around curiously. "Where's Domon?"

"Outside with Allenbey."

Sai Sici's face disappeared when a well-muscled arm picked him up, revealing Argo.

"I'll take care of Sai Sici so you can talk."

With that, the ex-convict walked away with the angry Neo Chinese boy in one hand. George reappeared.

"They all wanted to come along to see the sights. It was Mister Kasshu who suggested it."

'So it wasn't entirely coincidence! I wonder if Domon's dad knew what I had planned…No, he couldn't. It doesn't matter though, having the whole Shuffle group here won't make my job any more difficult.'

George continued. "Why were you calling Mademoiselle? Did you need anything?"

"Actually, yes. Do you know of any high-class restaurants around town?"

George smiled. "Going out with Domon tomorrow night?"

Rain looked down, her brown hair casting a shadow over her eyes. "No…I'll tell you what I'm doing, but you can't tell Domon."

She looked up. "Swear on your Gundam that you won't tell him!"

George nodded. "I swear on my reputation and the reputation of the Rose Gundam that I will not tell Domon Kasshu what you are about to tell me. But what is it, that you would so strongly hide it from him?"

Rain looked down again, not wanting to look into George's worried eyes. "I'm setting up Domon and Allenbey tomorrow night."

George's eyes widened. "But Mademoiselle, I thought…well…"

Rain smiled up at him sadly. "No, Domon does not love me. I'm a mechanic, a friend, nothing more. Domon seems so happy around Allenbey, and I like to see him happy."

George was taken aback. Obviously Rain was blind, could she not see how happy Domon was around her?

He sighed, knowing that there was no way he could win this argument if he started it. Rain would have to discover this herself.

"I will still say that I think you're making a mistake, but I will not tell him."

Rain looked relieved. "Thank you George."

"Now about the restaurant, I have a tab set up at this little place nearby…" 

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