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A Terrible Mistake

            Domon leaned against the smooth railing of the dock, tense as he waited for his "mystery person" to appear. The dock was getting darker as the sun went down, but he didn't mind. He'd never been one to be afraid of the dark, It would allow him privacy to beat up whoever had planned this anyway. The cool ocean air felt good against his face, slightly rustling his long cape. He tried not to fidget impatiently as he waited, and he glanced down at the watch on his wrist. 7:58. Obviously whoever it was didn't have a concept of being early. Domon didn't understand why Allenby couldn't just tell him who it was. She had to turn everything into a game. He remembered how worried he'd been when he'd thought Allenby had set all this up. He would've had a hard time explaining things to her. He shifted nervously at the thought. Emotional things were not his strong point. He preferred to be cool, calm and in control. Either that, or angry. Anger was a manly feeling, whereas confusion was not.

He sighed. 'Who could have planned all this? Someone who has had contact with all the Shuffles. Could it be George? He is probably smart enough, but I don't see him doing something so sneaky. Chibodee…yeah right! He's too busy drinking and flirting, not to mention his low IQ. Sai Sici is too young…' He couldn't even imagine why someone would have such an interest in his personal life anyway. After all, he was just like every other human. He had his baggage, and he preferred not to let anyone know about it. 'Except, perhaps Rain. She is someone I can talk to without worry.' Well, whoever it was would learn a harsh lesson from his fists. Domon Kasshu did not need some meddling fool in his life! Things were difficult enough as it was. What with Rain acting all weird and…

He looked up when he heard light footsteps echoing off the harbor buildings. Domon began to wonder if it could be Sai Sici; the footsteps were so light. He supposed the little guy was determined enough to pull it off, but he just didn't see Sai Sici doing that. He couldn't see through the darkness that shrouded the dock, so he readied himself to face friend or foe. He couldn't be sure if the person walking towards him was a murderer on the prowl. The dock lights flickered, then shone down on him and the other person. It was the last person he had expected in his wildest dreams.


She smiled, wondering why he looked so shocked to see her. After all, he had been the one who invited her. Maybe he had forgotten, Domon could be a little dense sometimes.

"Hey, Domon. I got your note, what did you need?" She stepped forward, wondering why he stared at her as if she were an alien. "What's wrong?"

"It…it was you… you did this?"

Rain felt her heart begin to race. He looked so shocked, and emotions flew across his face like a storm. It was never good to see him like this. "What are you talking about?"

Domon's face suddenly turned in rage and hurt. "You lied to me?!"

Realization hit Rain like a punch in the belly, and she looked away.

He knew.


"You are my partner! How could you treat me like some little doll?!"

Rain looked up at him pleadingly. It wasn't supposed to happen this way, it wasn't how she'd planned it! She waited for a moment until his breathing had slowed a bit. Domon was quick to anger, and needed a moment to regain some control. She spoke once she felt some of the electricity in the air drain away. "I thought you loved Allenby, I just wanted you to be happy!"

Domon felt betrayed and confused, two feelings he didn't like at all. He would just have to turn to the emotion he knew best, anger. He turned away and looked out to the sea to hide any emotion on his face.

"You obviously don't know what makes me happy, partner," he spat out, not realizing what he'd said until it was too late. He couldn't see the anguished look on Rain's face as her heart shattered, but he could hear the small cry she'd made and he knew what he'd done.

Rain stumbled back, trying to get away from the man she had always held back her love for. The same man who had just destroyed her. 'How…Why…? I… loved you…wanted you to be happy.' The air felt like it was lead in her lungs, weights on her shoulders that pushed her to the ground. She grabbed the dock rail, trying to remain standing in the face of anguish. Her mind was wracked with searing pain and confusion, unable to comprehend what was happening. She didn't even notice the figure emerging from the shadows behind her as the tears streamed down her cheeks.

A small part of Domon told him that she deserved the pain she felt, but his sensible side screamed at him to go to her, explain how she had hurt him but that he still loved her. Domon's own thoughts shocked him. 'Love?' He couldn't deal with that right now. Right now, he needed to deal with the fact that he could hear Rain's stifled sobs behind him, and it was tearing him apart.

He turned around slowly, taking a deep breath. "Rain, I…" He saw something approaching her from behind. "Watch out!"

She began to move, but it was too late. A large hand clasped over her mouth. The man's other hand quickly brandished a knife. "Don't move!"

Rain could feel the man's hot breath on the back of her neck. He smelled of beer and sweat.

Domon had been about to leap forward, but he suppressed his fighter's instinct and stayed back. He couldn't panic the man when he had a knife at Rain's throat. Rain felt cold steel touch her neck, and she tried not to swallow. She would probably slit her own throat if she did. She was surprised at how terrified Domon looked. His dark eyes were wide and frightened, his outstretched hand trembled. After what he said, she wouldn't be surprised if he simply shrugged and walked away.

"Please, don't hurt her…"

The attacker moved the dagger so that the point was over her heart. He spoke in a raspy voice, his rancid breath almost gagging her. "Gimme your money, buddy! No funny stuff! I want everything you got!"

Domon took a cautious step forward, his eyes wide and pleading. "Yes, just don't hurt her."

Rain couldn't believe it. 'He does care…' Domon's hand began to move to his pants pocket to retrieve his wallet. The man behind her suddenly panicked, thinking Domon was reaching for a weapon. Rain could feel him suddenly tense and she struggled to escape, knowing what would happen if she didn't. The man was obviously not very stable. She freed one hand and reached out to the only person who had always been there for her.

"Domon!" She suddenly felt as if she'd been punched, pain erupted from her chest. The stranger let go and she fell to her knees as he ran away, glancing back once. Rain felt as if a clamp was being squeezed onto her lungs. Blood quickly spread across her shirt as she stared in horror at the knife hilt sticking out of her chest. Her only consolation was the fact that it seemed to have missed her heart.

"Rain, oh god!"

Rain knew she would pass out soon, but she had to tell Domon something. "Domon…"

Domon put a finger over her lips, panic evident in his voice. "Don't talk, we'll get an ambulance."

She ignored him, but only managed to cough out a single word. "Sorry."

Domon shook his head as he lifted her into his strong arms, trying not to let her see how worried he was. "No, Rain, I'm sorry. You just wanted me to be happy." His whole body was trembling.

He looked back down at her. "The truth is…" He paused, and gulped. "I love you."

She managed a weak smile before the darkness overcame her. 'I love you, too.'

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