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Malik nodded at Yuugi. "You-" He nodded to the door. "-are free to go."

Yuugi just stared, standing slowly, hardly daring to believe it was true.

Malik smiled humorlessly. "I'm not tricking you, if that's what you think..."

Yuugi smiled after a pause. "I know. Mou hitori no boku's the one who's suspicious... But why the sudden change of heart, Malik?"

Malik turned away. "I just... I'm done with this game. I almost lost... the things most important to me."

They walked out of the building, Yuugi at Malik's side.

"So, Malik, what are you gonna do now?"

Malik shrugged. "I don't know...probably head back home...to Egypt, I mean." Then he noticed the slightly dejected look on Yuugi's face. "It's not as though you'd want me to stay..."

Yuugi shrugged too. "Well, actually...I think it'd be cool to get to know you, that's all."

Malik looked taken aback. "R-really? You do? I mean, after everything I've done...?"

Yuugi nodded earnestly. "Yeah, I'd like to see more of you, Malik."

Malik looked surprised but pleased. "Well, m-maybe someday...we'll come back, and I'll find you..."

"I bet the others would wanna get to know you, too!" Yuugi said.

Malik shook his head, but in reality he felt very happy. Maybe...he'd make friends in Domino...

For the first time in years, a real, true smile formed on Malik Ishtar's face.