Tears – Part 1 [Goodbye]

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"Rory, you have to forgive him," Paris urged "He's obviously sorry…"

Rory drank the soft drink in front of her slowly. The funny feeling in her stomach arrived once she thought about him. She shook her head, and looked at her best friend. "Do you know how much he hurt me Paris? I told you right?"

"Yes I know, but he didn't mean to… give him another chance."

"Who are you friends with? Me or him?"

"You of course, but I know the whole story, you don't."

"Then tell me," Rory shouted throughout the cafeteria, causing all eyes to be in her direction.

Paris hid the shock on her face and sighed "I can't tell you?"

"Why not?" she lowered her voice, she felt his eyes on her.

"Because I promised."

"I'm your best friend… I need to know," she whispered, breathing slowly to keep the tears from falling. She wouldn't cry, not in front of all these Chilton students.

"Talk to him, he'll tell you…"

Rory turned around and walked away, but not without hearing Paris say that he loved her. She turned around abruptly "I want to hear that from him, not you."


Rory refused to talk to him. She just couldn't. 'Damn' she thought to herself 'Why do Gilmores have to be so stubborn?'

"Can I talk to you?"

Rory turned around and frowned. What was he doing here? She groaned inwardly, she was not ready for the confrontation that she knew was coming. She grabbed her coat and looked at him, his blue eyes didn't have the normal shine to it, she had noticed.

"Now? I have to go home," she whispered.

"I'll drive you home, we just need to talk."

"No it's okay, I really have to go… I promised my mom that I would… help her with… something…"

"Rory come on, we have to talk eventually. Stop avoiding me."

"I'm not avoiding you," Rory said, her cheeks flushed.

He almost smiled at the look of her face but managed to stop himself before he did "You don't know everything."

"I don't think I want to know," Rory replied, crossing her arms.

He groaned "I didn't leave you at Richard's party that night alright?"

"Oh really? Explain to me why I wasted one hour looking for you," Rory inhaled slowly, as tears ran down her cheeks freely "… explain to me why I found you in her arms… you know… I called my mom to pick me up but she wasn't home… I had to call my dad… my dad… god… do you have any idea how hard that was for me?" she almost screamed the last few words.

"I was drunk that night Rory, and I'm sorry about your father."

"Is that it? Is that all your gonna say? I'm sorry doesn't cut it anymore… things like this happen too many times… and I'm so sick of it. Why am I even with you? Why am I wasting my time? Please tell me," her voice begged.

"Because you love me," he answered with confidence.

Fresh tears fell from her face "I do," she said, her voice quivered "But do you love me?"

He froze. Did he? Closing his eyes, he realized that he did. This was the girl he had been waiting for; this was his chance of telling someone what he felt for the first time. This was his chance to confess his love for her. Opening his eyes, his eyes met with her expecting eyes and he smiled. "I…" he inhaled sharply 'Why aren't the words coming out?' he screamed at himself frantically. "Rory… I…" he closed his eyes. What was happening? He loved her. He did. Why couldn't he tell her?

Rory's stomach flipped. She let go of the tears she had been holding, her head hung long. She felt stupid, incredibly stupid. He didn't love her… he didn't share the same feelings. She lifted her head, watching him closely. Wiping the tears, she walked to him. She touched his cheek softly, inching her mouth closer to his. She closed her eyes, closing the gap between them. She kissed him quickly, and broke away just as quickly. "Goodbye Tristan," she said softly.

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