This is a Gaiden story that takes place within the New Universe, but ultimately does not affect anything within said story. All characters introduced may come from other series, but still fit within my world's canon. With all that said… Disclaimer: I don't own Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, the Fate series, Lupin III, Ni No Kuni, or My Hero Academia.

Chapter 1: The Summoning

In the distant 23rd century, a hero was lying on his death bed, surrounded by the next generation of heroes. Toshinori Yagi, once known as the hero All Might, looked up at the young man he would entrust the future too. The young man, Izuku Midoriya, grasped All Might's hand. "The doctors say your wounds have finally caught up with you," he said with tears in his eyes. "It was bound to happen," All Might replied, "I've fought hundreds of battles since becoming the symbol of peace for the world. And I toughed it out until you were ready. That time is now. Show the world… The era of Deku…" Midoriya nodded solemnly as All Might closed his eyes forever.

In the less distant future, towards the mid-21st century, the kingdom of Evermore was mourning the coming death of its first king, King Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum, who had grown too old to keep ruling. Evan's son, Ferdinand, held his father's hand. "I've taken it as far as I can," Evan said to his son, "Now it's up to you to take it the rest of the way. I know you can do it… Because it was foretold." Ferdinand nodded, tears in his eyes. "I will, Father. I will be a king that leads this kingdom, to a future where all can live happily ever after, just like you wanted." Evan smiled. "So… This is what Nella was feeling… In her final moments…" His eyes closed, never to open again.

Back in the year 1984. Arsene Lupin III, the greatest thief of all time, finally found himself shot fatally. His friends Daisuke Jigen and Goemon Ishikawa XIII, and his lover Fujiko Mine, could hardly believe it as they pulled him back into the helicopter, trying to escape their latest heist. "Hey, Jigen," Lupin said weakly, "Did we succeed?" Jigen took off his hat. "Yeah… But…" "It's fine," Lupin said, "I'm glad I went out on a high note…" He looked up at the sky and smiled. "It looks so blue from here. Don't know if I'll be going up there, but I got no regrets… It was fun." Fujiko actually felt tears in her eyes as Lupin bled out.

Five years later in Cairo, Jonathan Joestar was having what would be his last fight with his long-time nemesis, DIO Brando. 'I could easily use Hamon to beat DIO at this point. Ra's power exploits his biggest weakness, the sun itself. But doing so would be pointless. No, it must be Jotaro who defeats him. And for the safety of my great-granddaughter… I must die.' "Ra!" He fired off a few light beams, but in an instant he exploded in a burst of blood. DIO had used The World's power to freeze time and attack him, and did a bunch of other horrific things for shits and giggles from the look of it.

DIO smiled as he stood over Jonathan. "At long last...," DIO said, "Victory." Jonathan chuckled weakly. "Depends on your definition of 'victory'." DIO dropped his smile. "What do you mean?" "Think about it...," Jonathan said, "I am the generation above my son, who's body you stole. So obviously I'm immune to your curse. Where then do you think my Stand Ra came from...?" "Well, the arrow that was in Twilight's possession, obviously," DIO noted, "But I don't see what that..." His eyes widened when he realized what Jonathan was getting. "No..."

Jonathan chuckled as he coughed up blood. "I never intended on surviving this... I knew that even if we beat you, I'd become the new carrier of my great-granddaughter's illness. Besides, I've grown too old, and I miss all the friends and loved ones I've made a hundred years ago. Twilight, Speedwagon, Dire, Zeppeli... Erina... Now that I know there are those that can stand against you in my place... I can die... Without regrets..." And with that, Jonathan Joestar breathed his last, finally dying in peace. DIO on the other hand, was tearing up. "Even in defeat... You find a way to win... JOJO!"

Jonathan felt himself floating in an ethereal plain. "Where is this?," Jonathan asked, "This doesn't feel like Heaven." "This is the Throne of Heroes," came a disembodied female voice, "You, Jonathan Joestar, have met the requirements to become a Heroic Spirit. Do not fear. What you are experiencing is a shard of your consciousness that has been split off for this purpose. Your soul has still been placed in Heaven. But so long as you are a part of the Throne of Heroes, you cannot reincarnate. And Erina is due for reincarnation in a few years."

Jonathan focused and found he could see his friends again. It was as if he was in two places at once. "How can I return to the cycle?" "In five years, there will be a Holy Grail War. Should you become summoned, you can fight to try and earn a wish from the Grail. With that wish, you can remove yourself from the Throne of Heroes. But be warned… The Grail is suffering from corruption. It is not strong, as the evil that infects the Grail was diluted due to getting rather far in the Third Holy Grail War. But unless the corruption is fought and removed, any wish made on the Grail will release that evil god to destroy the world." Jonathan considered his options, then knelt into a meditative pose and began to wait.

Three years later, the group of heroes known as the Stardust Crusaders, minus the deceased Jonathan, were gathered in the dining hall of a large mansion in Munich, Germany. Joseph was visiting this house to trade off a certain artifact. "This had better be worth our time, Old Man," Jotaro muttered, "Do you know how difficult it was for me and Fluttershy to find a babysitter for our kids?" The group turned at the sound of the doors opening. Into the room walked an old man with long, white hair, still looking strong despite his age.

"Everyone, this is Jubstacheit von Einzbern," Joseph explained, "We share a common friend in the late Rudol von Stroheim. He's the one making the purchase. Good to see you, Old Man Acht." Acht smiled and nodded. "I didn't expect you to bring company. I'll have my servants bring up some of our house's best ale while we do business." "None for me thanks," Avdol said, "I'm Muslim, so drinking is against my religion." "I wouldn't mind a cold one after the long flight we had," Hol Horse chimed in. Iggy just yawned, clearly bored. Kakyoin chuckled. "I hear you, Iggy." Acht ordered the drinks, then sat down near the group.

"May I ask why you chose to bring some friends for this meeting?," he asked. "It's not that we don't trust you," Joseph clarified, "But you do have enemies among other magus families. Enemies that could attack at any time. And I'm not the man I was back in World War II when I fought against Dracula. My friends here are younger and stronger." Being Stand users, the group was well acclimated to the world of magic. Fluttershy got out the metal case Joseph had brought with them. "Here it is," she said as she opened the case, revealing an ornate scabbard, "The scabbard Avalon, used by Arthur Pendragon to hold Excalibur."

"My grandfather, Jonathan Joestar, found this at the height of his archaeological career," Joseph explained, "He found it at the remains of a lakebed some miles from an ancient castle ruin. It's generally accepted that the ruin is the remains of Camelot itself." "Do you really think this trinket can help you summon Arthur Pendragon himself?," Polnareff asked. "This 'trinket' has the power to heal any injury, no matter how severe," Acht pointed out, "Essentially giving its user immortality. But as to your question, Mister Polnareff, I have no idea if it will truly work. It's ultimately the Grail's choice who is summoned. This artifact was also important to Jonathan, correct?"

Joseph nodded. "He considered it a source of personal pride to have found proof of Camelot's existence, and had the scabbard displayed at the Joestar mansion for many years." "So the Grail could summon Jonathan instead," Acht noted, "He was a great hero too, after all. The world at large may not know all his exploits, but we in the Magus Association and our tentative allies in the Holy Church know how he defeated the vampire DIO Brando when he invaded Windknights Lot, and how he helped defeat Dracula when he unexpectedly appeared during the 1890s."

He carefully picked up the scabbard. "My son-in-law, Kiritsugu Emiya, will make good use of this during the Fourth Holy Grail War. He has already been chosen, the Command Seals appearing on his hand. As the infamous Magus Killer, I know he will succeed at obtaining the Grail. And then, our family can finally reach Akasha. I suspect the Tohsaka family thinks we have forgotten our long-standing goal but that is simply not true. They only assume as such because the Matou family clearly has. And of course, as a reward for his efforts, I will use the gifts of Akasha to make my daughter and granddaughter into real humans, that he might settle down with a true family."

Meanwhile in the Clock Tower in Great Britain, Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald got a surprise when his fiancee, Sola-Ui Nuada-Re Sophia-Ri, gained a set of Command Seals. What they didn't know was that this was part of the Grail's plan to try and remove its own corruption. Still, Kayneth saw this as a good omen. "It wouldn't be out of the question for there to be alliances early in the war, after all. Only one can win in the end, but in the meantime it is practical to team up to take out more powerful Servants. Having two Servants to work with would certainly make up for the mana drain."

He had originally intended to manipulate the contract so that Sola-Ui would provide his Servant with mana, letting him have access to his vast arsenal of spells for defensive purposes. But the idea of having two Servants to work with was one where Kayneth had to admit the pros definitely outweighed the cons. "So it looks like I'll be participating as well," Sola-Ui noted. She had every intention of using the Grail for herself, she just didn't know how yet. For now, she'd use it to find out whether Kayneth's affection for her was genuine. There was just one problem. "We don't have any more catalysts to use." The mantle of Iskandar had been stolen, leaving Kayneth to scramble to find another one in time.

"We'll just have to leave it up to the Grail to chose your Servant," Kayneth decided, "The war is soon to begin, and we have no time to order another catalyst. But this might be for the best. Without a catalyst, the Grail will choose a Servant that matches your personality, meaning it will be easy to get along with, something very important in this conflict." Sola-Ui found herself hoping she'd get a female Servant, someone to vent her frustrations with. But she'd learn who her Servant was when she summoned them. In the meantime, they had to make a trip to Japan.

Kirei Kotomine was shocked at who he summoned using the mask of Hassan-I-Sabbah. It wasn't the Middle Eastern assassin famed for starting the profession, but a young man that looked part-Japanese, part-European. And he was dressed in very modern clothes. The man gave a very wry grin. "I'm Assassin. Are you the guy who summoned me?" Kirei was a little surprised. "Yes, I am." Assassin's grin turned very goofy. "All right then. Our contract is complete. Gotta say, I never expected to be summoned by a priest." He then noticed the mask. "Hey, I recognize this doo-dad."

He picked up the mask. "I was commissioned to swipe it from a museum in Syria by an old man by the name of Tohsaka. The National Museum of Aleppo if I remember correctly." Kirei started to realize how he had gotten this Servant instead of the expected one. The Grail had interpreted the catalyst, not as an item belonging to Hassan-I-Sabbah, but as an item stolen by this man. "Just who are you, exactly?" Assassin grinned. "I'm Arsene Lupin III, world-famous Gentleman Thief." Kirei had heard that name before, but he couldn't quite place where. He'd ask his father about it later. But for now, it seemed the Grail had chosen his Servant. And it was a rather unexpected one.

Kariya Matou and his father Zouken were stunned at the giant form that appeared in front of them. The armor piece Zouken had chosen was supposed to summon Lancelot du Lac, but instead had brought forth a giant of a man, wearing a spandex suit right out of superhero comics and sporting short blonde hair. The man gave a hearty laugh with a big grin on his face. "I am here! The Servant Berserker! So, are you the one who summoned me, then?" Kariya was shocked. 'This is Berserker? What sort of skills must he have that he can shrug off Mad Enhancement? No matter, I can definitely use this to my advantage.'

"I am," he said aloud. His dream of getting Sakura, the daughter of the woman he loved, out of this madhouse seemed more within his reach than he ever thought possible. "Then our contract is set," Berserker said, "Permit me to offer my real name. I am Toshinori Yagi, also known as… All Might!" The two Matous blinked, making All Might feel awkward. "Uh… What year is it?" "It's 1994," Zouken replied. "Ah, that explains it," All Might said, "You see, I come from the far future of the 23rd century." He the noticed the armor piece. "Hey, that's the breastplate I found in high school. Come to think about it… It was right around here that I discovered it."

Zouken was a little surprised. He'd heard that the Grail could summon heroes from the future, but he'd never seen it done before. Still, no matter what the Servant, a bargain was a bargain. "Well, it looks like things are all set. And fortunate for you, Kariya, this one seems to have less of a mana draw than I anticipated. Make good use of him and retrieve the Grail for me. Then I will release Sakura as promised." All Might could feel pure evil radiating off of this man. It was a feeling not unlike what he felt when he faced All For One for the first time. As Zouken left, All Might spoke with Kariya. "So, what exactly did he mean by that?" "Not here," Kariya replied, "Let's get out of this house first. Then I'll explain everything."

The massive burst of energy from the summoning shocked Sola-Ui, as was the strange sigil depicting a serpentine dragon. Soon enough, the light faded to reveal a young boy with shoulder-length blonde hair dressed in royal attire. What really stuck out were the cat ears on his head, and a distinct tail peeking out from under his cape. "I am the Servant Avenger," the boy said, "Are you the one who summoned me?" Nearby, Kayneth was surprised. 'Avenger? That's the Servant class the Einzberns tried to summon during the last Holy Grail War in place of Berserker.'

Sola-Ui nodded. "I am." Avenger nodded. "Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Evan Pettiwhisker of the House of Tildrum, first king of Evermore." "I've never heard of that kingdom," Kayneth noted, "And I'm quite versed in history." "I doubt you would have heard of it," Evan clarified, "You see, I come from a world that is separate from this one, yet connected to it. Each world has the same number of life forms, connected by a soul link." Kayneth had heard of such a world. It was spoken of in grimoires as the world of Ni No Kuni. If such a being had been summoned by the Grail, Kayneth would have a bigger advantage than he thought.

Kiritsugu finished the summoning ritual, causing a bright flash to appear. Once it faded, he gasped. The figure before him was very familiar. He'd seen the man in old photos and history books. Not to mention his attire was far too recent to be Arthur Pendragon. Strapped to his back was a longsword and backpack, and he also wore shoulder pads. "I am the Servant Saber. Are you the one who summoned me?" Kiritsugu nodded. "I am." The man nodded. "Our contract is complete. Allow me to introduce myself. I… Am Jonathan Joestar."

So now we have our four main characters summoned. I originally was going to go for Cole McGrath from inFamous as Berserker, but then I heard the music for the All Might vs Might Guy Death Battle, and I was inspired. Actually, this whole story was inspired by the story "Just an Unorthodox Thief" by The Infamous Man. Lupin's Servant sheet remains the same, but for those not interested in reading his story, I've included it here.

Class: Assassin
Alternate Classes: Archer, Rider
True Name: Arsene Lupin III
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Strength: D-
Agility: A-
Endurance: B
Mana: D
Luck: A+

Class Skills
Riding (A): All vehicles and creatures except those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be used as mounts.
Presence Concealment (A-): The servant is able to completely conceal all traces of their own presence, including sounds and smells. They are able to blend in with their surroundings that when moving slowly or when standing still they appear to be completely invisible. However, there are some instances where Assassin wants to be discovered, thus making Presence Concealment moot if he subconsciously wants this.
Independent Action (B): Capable of remaining in this world for two days without an established contract. Also capable of living on for a short period of time after suffering extensive damage on his spiritual core.

Personal Skills
Bravery (A+): Assassin is more that willing to steal ANYTHING from ANYONE no matter how heavily guarded the prize may be or how dangerous the owner is. This allowed Assassin to steal some of the world's greatest treasures.
Charisma (B): Assassin was able to talk his partners in life into joining him, and was able to create temporary alliances with his rival. However, he is unable to sway anyone's moral code if it is deep rooted.
Eye for Art (EX): As a master thief in life, Assassin is able to immediately identify any artifact or piece of art he sets his eyes on and has a full mental description of its history and worth.
Discernment of the Poor (A-): Assassin is able to immediately judge a person's character and ambitions after meeting them, unless he wishes to intentionally ignore the facts or simply does not care.

Noble Phantasm
Tools of the Trade (E-D): This Noble Phantasm provides Assassin with all the tools needed to pull of an heist, ranging from grappling hooks, false limbs, blood packs, bombs, and guns. Assassin will never go empty-handed or unprepared when attempting to steal or battle a Servant.
Mistaken Identity (B): Gives Assassin the ability to disguise himself as and perfectly imitate any person down to their voice, sex, and mannerisms for any amount of time he desires.
Better Luck Next Time (D+): Assassin is able to get himself out of any situation, no matter how small or fatal, he sees fit. However, the trick can only be performed on a specific person once a day.
The Family Lupin: A Legacy of Thieves (A): With this Noble Phantasm, Assassin is able to steal any Noble Phantasm and make it his own. However, he cannot truly wield them or access their power since they are simply stolen from the original owner. If the original owner is killed, the Noble Phantasm is transformed into an ordinary object, allowing Assassin to do whatever he wishes with it. It cannot work on Noble Phantasms of a non-physical nature.

So now let's get into the other three.

Class: Avenger
Alternate Classes: Caster, Saber
True Name: Evan Pettiwhisker Tildrum
Alignment: Lawful Good
Strength: B+
Agility: A
Endurance: A+
Mana: A+
Luck: B

Class Skills
Avenger (D): The Servant is only barely able to hold a grudge and can only draw on hatred for the truly evil.
Oblivion Correction (C): The Servant has forgiven but not forgotten, and can still make critical strikes against the unrighteous.
Item Construction (Fake) (A+): The Servant can mimic the Class Skill Item Construction using his Noble Phantasm.

Personal Skills
Bravery (A+): No matter the odds, no matter what is in front of him, from the smallest of Whamsters to the largest of Kingmakers, Avenger will face down ANYTHING for the sake of peace.
Charisma (B+): Avenger's natural charisma and determination to see his goals through seems to gravitate people to his cause. However, more often than not, this comes with a small catch, usually in the form of performing a certain favor for the potential new citizen or beating them in pitched combat.
Military Prowess (A-): Over time Avenger has developed a knack for skirmish combat, bolstered by his army's commanders being the best of the best in the five kingdoms. He is more used to commanding four units at a time, but the sheer skill of his commanders means more open warfare would be possible.
Leadership (EX): Avenger knows exactly what a kingdom needs to thrive, and this is shown in how prosperous Evermore has become under his rule. In addition, he is often seen walking through Evermore speaking with his subjects, often solving whatever problems they may have.

Noble Phantasm
Mornstar (B): An enchanted sword that serves as the royal treasure of Evermore, and a catalyst for Avenger's Kingsbond. Avenger is a deft hand with a blade, meaning he can use Mornstar as an effective weapon.
Loftwind (C-A+): Avenger's Kingmaker, a helpful fairy that heard the call for a Kingmaker and chose to heed it. Unlike other Kingmakers, Lofty didn't need a willing human sacrifice to obtain a Kingmaker's power. Normally very small, Lofty can still provide support using spheres of mana or life force or even raw strength to aid Avenger. However, Avenger can invoke his Kingsbond to allow Lofty to assume his Loftwind form, a powerful dragon with the strength of an entire army.
Army of Evermore (A+): Avenger's army which consists of thirty-one units, consisting of six swordsmen units, six spearmen units, six hammermen units, five bowmen units, two gunmen units, two staffmen units, and four shieldmen units. Though meant more for defense than conquest, this army is still formidable and resides in a Reality Marble until needed.
Evermore, a Kingdom of Peace (EX): Avenger's kingdom as it was during his rule still resides in the Throne of Heroes, and Avenger can access all of its features for a number of useful abilities. He can forge weapons and armor, gather spells, call forth Higgledies, and other useful skills.

Note that I didn't know much about the Avenger class until I looked up the class skills. But I decided to keep to my decision since Evan would still have some anger from the death of Aranella and the loss of his home and family. Let's move on to All Might.

Class: Berserker
Alternate Classes: None
True Name: Toshinori Yagi, aka All Might
Alignment: Lawful Good
Strength: A+
Agility: A
Endurance: A-
Mana: D
Luck: C

Class Skills
Mad Enhancement (E-): The Servant only gains a little extra strength, but in exchange keeps their sense of reason.

Personal Skills
Plus Ultra (EX): Berserker can push past his normal limits for a short period of time. This increase in strength and speed can easily catch an opponent off-guard, especially if they have researched his upper limits ahead of time.
Heroic Resolve (A+): Berserker will always push forward in his efforts to save people. No matter the situation, he WILL find a way to save the day, because he believes that's what a hero does.
Martial Arts (B+): Berserker learned how to fight in U-A Academy, a high school for super heroes. He developed a few techniques using mixed martial arts, and bolstered them with his incredible strength.

Noble Phantasm
One For All (A): A unique Stand power that can be passed from one person to the next, growing in power with each new user. Berserker is the eighth user of this Stand. While in life he passed it on to another, as a Heroic Spirit he is summoned from a time when he still had this Stand.

I thought about All Might's abilities, and realized Berserker was the only real class he fit into. Of course, he's not quick to anger in the first place, though blatant injustice or the harming of innocents can certainly get his dander up. Finally, let's discuss Jonathan.

Class: Saber
Alternate Classes: Caster, Archer
True Name: Jonathan Joestar
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Strength: B+
Agility: B-
Endurance: A+
Mana: B+
Luck: C+

Class Skills
Riding (A): All vehicles and creatures except those of Phantasmal Beast and Divine Beast-rank can be used as mounts.
Magic Resistance (B): Cancels spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for the Servant to be affected.

Personal Skills
Determination (A+): Saber will fight no matter what until he either dies or wins the fight.
Analysis (A): Saber always takes the time to study his opponent while fighting them, and if he finds he cannot win one way, he will try another to test out what works and what doesn't.
Concentration (A): Gained as part of his Hamon training, Saber can focus in the middle of a fight to restore his Hamon, heal himself, and put himself in a calmer mindset.

Noble Phantasm
Sword of Luck and Pluck (C): Given to him by the knight Bruford right before his death, Saber has impeccable skill with a blade due to his college lessons, and can channel Hamon through the sword for added power.
Hamon (EX): Saber is a master of Hamon, an ancient martial art that channels the inner energy of the body to perform incredible miracles, launch powerful attacks, and heal the body. It was developed to destroy the undead, but can easily damage the living as well if channeled just right.
Ra (A): Saber's Stand that he got late in life. Its special power is to manipulate light energy. Because this can even let him mimic the power of the sun, Saber named his Stand after the Egyptian Sun God. Ra cannot be seen by beings that have no supernatural power, and cannot be harmed except by spirit-based attacks, such as another Stand.
The Joestar Clan: A Legacy of Heroes (A+): Saber is chosen by destiny, and will always answer the call to fight evil. He also has a knack for discerning true evil in a person, as opposed to them simply having a chaotic nature.

We also technically introduced a new Stand here, so let's check out the specs on One For All

One For All (Jazz sextet)
User: Toshinori Yagi
Ability: While Toshinori is technically the Stand's current user, this Stand is actually able to be passed from one user to another. Every time it does, it adds the physical power of all previous users to the current one, manifesting in a number of ways. It can even be passed to other Stand users, and when they pass it on a copy of their Stand is added to the next user. Toshinori is currently the ninth user of One For All.
Power: E
Speed: E
Range: D
Durability: B
Precision: B
Potential: A

And that's everything. Phew… Read and review.