The Fly In The Ointment

Amicus Arcane would chase the last pea around his plate, not from any sense of economy, but rather, for the principle of the thing, and it was this philosophy, combined with his unrelenting thirst for knowledge, that caused him to be regarded as..

..well, he was just a bit different.

He was an agreeable, albeit, easily distracted conversationalist, who had a habit of making pleasant little noises as though interested, only to end up interjecting sudden questions that would flummox a buddah . Tall, slight of build, with a shock of prematurely greying chestnut hair, he could often be seen stopping to put his hands in his pockets, and gazing off into the horizon, pursing his lips in concentration.

His friends regarded him with bemusement, while those with something to hide tended to give him a wide berth.

A lot of people had been doing the latter as of late. An ordinary sort of fellow might have taken offense.

But when people started to avoid Amicus Arcane, it only served to whet his appetite.