Setting: Current MOTU series sometime between "Sweet Smell of
Victory" and the last ep I saw, "Separation" because of Cartoon
Network's scheduling... :(

Warnings: Creepy stuff goes down in Snake Mountain all the time. And
that is something I'm extending to my slash fics dealing with He-
Man's enemies.

Disclaimer: I don't own MOTU, make $ off it, etc.

This fic is also in the MOTUslash archives at yahoogroups.
__________________Odor of Love________________________________________
"Does TriKlops need Stinkor's help?"

TriKlops turned away from his work table, quickly sticking on a gas
mask. "NO! Go bother someone else!"

"TriKlops not want Stinkor around even if he doesn't smell?"


Stinkor just looked at TriKlops with sad, bright eyes. "Stinkor just
wants to make TriKlops happy."


Stinkor looked absolutely miserable and started sniffling.

'And now Skeletor's going to walk in and I'll never hear the end of
it,' TriKlops thought, bitterly. He took a deep breath. "Look- I'm
obviously not as enthusiastic about you, but..."

Stinkor's wet eyes sparkled as he leapt onto TriKlops' lap. TriKlops
went back to work, finding a strange sort of comfort by the large
furry mass on his lap. Stinkor's hair was somewhere between
Beastman's coarse fur and Grizzlor's fur which was maintained as
though it was the hair of a female humanoid. TriKlops hated the
feeling of female hair. But Stinkor's fur was nice and soft, like
that of a big stinky cat.

TriKlops stayed on this train of thought while working, until
Skeletor called from the doorway. "Well, don't you two look cozy?
I'll just go find Two-Badd and share my bed with 'them' instead."

TriKlops jumped from his seat, spilling Stinkor on the floor "No,

"It's too late! I have made my decision!" Skeletor's laughter echoed
as he walked down the hall in search of Two-Badd and one horrid

TriKlops stared at the empty doorway for several minutes before going
back to his desk.

"TriKlops always have Stinkor to hold," the skunk-like creature
purred as he set himself back on TriKlops' lap.

TriKlops just ran his hand across Stinkor's soft, furry back- fully
aware that the smell might never come out.