Early in the morning of December 29, 2016, Miles Edgeworth is able to return home for the first time since Christmas Eve. Though he was acquitted the day before, he needed to file the paperwork necessary for his release. The task is usually done by the defense attorney, but since Edgeworth himself is a lawyer, he insists on doing it himself. It takes hours for it to go through and by the time Edgeworth is let out, he feels fatigued due to the lack of sleep. He's sure that the first thing he'll do upon arriving home is to crash right down on his luxury sofa.

Once he steps into the front doors of his mansion, a large building made out of white stone, he is immediately greeted by his Samoyed. As if on instinct, Pess runs with great haste up to her owner and nearly topples him over as she jumps on him. The prosecutor barely manages to regain his balance, and his facial features soften as he sees her excited, lopsided grin. She pants heavily as her tail wags with great fervor; she's so happy that when Edgeworth reaches out to pet her, she practically jumps right into the palm of his hand.

After he scratches her behind the ears for a few minutes, he heads to the kitchen to make sure she's been fed. Much to Edgeworth's pleasant surprise, Pess' bowl is filled to the brim with kibble to the point that there is even some spilled over on the tiled floor. It seems as if someone recently had filled it too, as the bowl is shifted more to the right than Edgeworth remembered it being. He knew there was only one person who could've done this.

Detective Gumshoe. He recalls asking the detective to look after Pess during the first of many times that he visited him in the detention center. Though the prosecutor had never invited him to his home, there was no one else that he trusted more with the task. He would need to thank him later, perhaps by treating him to a bowl of spaghetti?

With bleary eyes, Edgeworth looks at the analog clock that hung on the wall and sees that the hands point to, "4:00 a.m.". It's a bit early to start working, even by Edgeworth's standards; but he isn't in the mood to go up to his bedroom and sleep either.

Instead, he decides to sit down on the couch and his loyal pooch follows him right after. The prosecutor shuts his eyes in an attempt to sleep, but every attempt is fruitless. He grunts in frustration and rubs his temples in thought as he reminisces about the events of the day prior.

The last few days proved to be some of the craziest in Edgeworth's twenty-four years of life. Not only did he find out that his mentor was a murderer, but the nightmares that plagued him for the last fifteen years turned out to be a lie. The prosecutor is unsure about how to feel about this revelation. For so long, he thought he was the one responsible for his father's death; believing that even if was an accident, that he was no less guilty of murder.

During his time spent in the Von Karma estate, Edgeworth recalled always waking up in a violent, cold sweat or in the days directly following his father's death, letting out a bloodcurdling scream before bursting into a fit of sobs. The next morning, the prosecutor would confide in his former mentor about his nightly horrors, but Von Karma would only respond with a blank stare and a disinterested frown.

Edgeworth never paid too much thought towards his reaction: Manfred Von Karma was hardly a caring and loving man. Yet now that he knows the truth, he wonders if his mentor took silent enjoyment in watching him suffer for a crime he didn't commit. What if, underneath that frown, there was a sinister grin? A cold shiver wracks violently through Edgeworth's body at the thought.

Suddenly, Edgeworth feels his eyelids getting heavier with fatigue. He lies down on the couch in an attempt to get some sleep again. However, this effort proves to be meaningless as he is soon interrupted by the familiar buzz of his phone. He grumbles as he rummages in his pockets in search for it.

Once he manages to pull it out, he finds the notification is merely a news update and little else. What he does find interesting though, is that the Chief Prosecutor left a voice message for him only a few hours ago. He plays it and listens to her emotionless voice as it sounds through the room.

Greetings, Prosecutor Edgeworth. I want to congratulate you on your recent acquittal. Due to the...unfortunate circumstances of the trial, I understand if you wish to take a short break. And if that is necessary, I can arrange that for you. He lays back against the couch and glares at the ceiling fiercely, as if it personally offended him. The prosecutor isn't so sure he wants to go back to prosecuting right away. Though he usually took great pride in his work and its completion, the revelation of everything that occurred makes him feel dizzy just to think about. He couldn't fathom what prosecuting would be like under this condition.

It's all Wright's fault! The thought flashes in Edgeworth's head for only a brief moment before he just as quickly dismisses it. It's true that his rival and childhood friend tends to rely on cheap bluffs and more often than not, is completely clueless about the case at hand. And yet, Edgeworth can't deny that Wright is an incredibly determined lawyer and has an amount of devotion to his clients that is almost puppy-like in nature, especially compared to the other defense attorneys he's faced in court. If it weren't for the spiky-haired lawyer's insistence on defending the prosecutor, he would be currently rotting in jail for two murders. And for that reason alone, he feels grateful.

For the remainder of the day, Edgeworth's eyes continue to droop with fatigue. No matter how hard he tries though, he is unable to catch so much as a wink of shut-eye. Aside from that, Edgeworth's day is uneventful which the prosecutor counts as a reprieve from the last few days.

At one point, he glances at himself in the mirror and swears that his hair is grayer than it was a week ago. Edgeworth concludes that this oddity is due to a combination of the lack of sleep, and everything else that happened within the last week; for example, his lawyer cross-examining a parrot.

The darker the sky gets, the more Edgeworth grimaces. He isn't certain of what to expect from his dream tonight, if he manages to get any sleep at all. For the last fifteen years, he had the same recurring nightmare of him shooting his father and hearing this agonized shrieking afterwards. Edgeworth wonders if things will change now that he knows what really happened. He ponders this even as he lies in bed that night.

And much to his surprise, his eyes close and he drifts off into an uncertain slumber.

The familiar scene of the elevator sprawls around Edgeworth as he sees his younger self, his father, and the bailiff, Yanni Yogi, trapped in an unmoving elevator. Like how it played out in real life, Yogi and his father began to fight.

"Get away!" The younger Edgeworth screams before taking the gun lying right next to him and throwing it towards the two men. Suddenly the elevator door opens, and a gunshot rings out. What follows is a bloodcurdling scream of agony. Usually, this is where the dream ended, but much to Edgeworth's horror, it continued.

Edgeworth gasps in horror when he sees the figure standing outside the elevator. The person is obscured by the shadows at first, but as they step inside the elevator, Edgeworth instantly recognizes the intimidating and domineering figure of Manfred von Karma. He towers over the young boy, his face showing the stoicism becoming of a killer however his eyes provide a window into the rage he truly felt. His younger self curled himself into a ball in the corner of the elevator as he quivered in fear. Suddenly, Von Karma grabs his younger self and slings him over the shoulder.

"Stop! What are you doing with my son?!" Gregory protests, his voice filled with horror and anger. He starts to get up in an attempt to rescue his son, but Von Karma swiftly picks up the gun, and shoots the defense attorney in the heart. Upon seeing this act of cruelty, younger Edgeworth shrieks in terror, before his captor walks away from the elevator with him in tow. The boy kicks, screams, and even bites him on the shoulder in a futile attempt to get away.

"LET ME GO! LET ME GO! Someone please, help me!" The young Edgeworth shrieks. Edgeworth watched his younger form, helpless to do anything but watch. Eventually, his younger self's cries for help began to fade into the darkness and Edgeworth was now alone. He's at a complete loss for words for what he just witnessed. The prosecutor shuts his eyes and silently mourns his younger self.

Despite his legs feeling frozen to the spot up until now, he suddenly starts to move. As his feet land on the ground, he hears a mysterious clunking noise. Confused, Edgeworth looks down and notices that chains are magically wrapping themselves around his body. He grunts in annoyance but continues to progress inside the empty void. This causes the chains to snake around his waist, and eventually, his arms as well. Soon, everything down from his shoulders is covered in chains.

Even so, Edgeworth continues to wander. The chains place a heavy restriction on his ability to move and prove to be quite cumbersome, with him nearly tripping over his own feet several times. No matter what he does, he hears the monotonous clanging of chains and finds himself getting wearier with every step.

After a few minutes, the prosecutor begins to hear a strange chanting noise. The further he advances, the louder and clearer the noise gets as if he was moving closer to an invisible source of the sound.

"Guilty! Guilty!" is repeated continuously followed by the sound of a gavel pounding. Upon hearing this chant, the faces of several people fill his vision, as if he were having a flashback. Some of them looked devastated, their faces drained of all color as tears welled up in their eyes; others looked furious, their teeth bared in anger and their gaze set in a murderous glare; others simply looked confused, with their brows furrowed.

Edgeworth recalls who those faces belong to instantly. These were the faces of the defendants he'd prosecuted in the past, the "criminals" he'd sent to jail, or so he thought. It was drilled into the prosecutor's head by Von Karma that all defendants were criminals, and as consequence, they must be punished for whatever crimes brought them to court.

It was only recently that Edgeworth started to question the truth of that reality. In the past three months, he'd prosecuted three people who turned out to be innocent. As a result, the prosecutor started to ponder on his past verdicts; more specifically, the horrific realization that he likely put innocent people on death row, leaving them to die for crimes they never committed. Edgeworth grimaces darkly at the thought.

It was true that Edgeworth didn't necessarily handle his cases the same way his mentor had. Von Karma was a ruthless man, he'd do anything to get his "Guilty" verdict: fabricate witnesses, create false testimony, force false confessions out of defendants, and even destroy evidence that could help their case.

Yet, when Edgeworth really stopped to think about it, he was no better than Von Karma. He too won his cases through underhanded methods. In his first case alone, he hid evidence as well as the true identity of a crucial witness. Though the prosecutor was not a murderer, he knew he was just as much of a criminal as Von Karma was in that matter.

Edgeworth is broken out of his contemplation by the weight of the chains on his body overpowering his muscles. He grunts as he struggles to keep himself up but eventually the weight becomes too unbearable for him and he collapses on his knees. His teeth are clenched in frustration as beads of sweat pour down his forehead; his heart beats so hard that it feels as if it's about to pound right out of his chest and his vision begins to swirl in dizziness. He squeezes his eyes shut in an attempt to drown out the continuous, haunting chanting but to no avail. The prosecutor felt as if he was going to faint from exhaustion.

"...Edgeworth…" A voice suddenly calls from the darkness. Edgeworth is barely able to register it amongst the chanting. Though he's certain he's heard the voice before, it's so soft that he can't place who it is.

A dreadful shiver creeps up his spine. Was it another punishment? Another reminder of his shady past? The prosecutor didn't want to know.

"...Edgeworth!" This time, the voice cuts clear through the chanting. Still, the prosecutor can't place who it is. He thinks for a brief moment that the identity of the speaker is Wright, seeing as the two were on last-name basis.

But upon further reflection, Edgeworth determines that it can't be him. The spiky-haired lawyer's voice was soft and gentlemanly, while this one was higher in pitch and for the lack of a better term, cheerier.

"Mr. Edgeworth!" The voice is even louder now, as if the speaker is directly in front of him. He lifts his head up as much as he can and upon meeting this mysterious person, his eyes widen in shock.

A raven-haired young woman with her hair done up in a topknot, and wearing strange purple robes stands right in front of him. Edgeworth can't believe his eyes and blinks for a few moments just to make sure he's not seeing things.

"M-Ms. Fey?" He splutters in shock. The young woman in question has her eyes fixated on him. Edgeworth scans her face cautiously in order to detect any hostility but much to his surprise, there wasn't any. Her expression held not a pitying glance nor the mocking smirks that he'd expected, but instead her gaze is gentle and her smile sympathetic. If Edgeworth had any energy to move, this would be where he'd turn away and grab his arm, grimacing. But because he is restrained, all he can do is watch as she reaches her arm out towards him.

"Come with me." She speaks. Edgeworth is hesitant to accept. Just three months ago, he'd prosecuted this young woman with all intent to send her to prison for her sister's murder. And yet, this same woman, this Ms. Fey was now offering to help him? It was preposterous! Edgeworth was sure she'd appear to help him at first, before pushing him over and cackling madly at his helpless state.

But, as he peers into her eyes, he sees no insincerity in her offer. Her hand remains outstretched, ready for him to take at any time. In spite of himself, Edgeworth sluggishly raises one of his chain bound hands and places it in hers. The young woman grunts as she pulls him up. After managing to stand him up, she begins to lead him by the hand through the pitch-black void.

Even as they move, Edgeworth still can't believe what's currently happening. He remembered Ms. Fey getting herself held in contempt of court when he was about to be found "Guilty" on the first day, but he was sure that it wasn't for his sake. They had little to no interaction before the murder at Gourd Lake, and what little interaction they did have was unfriendly at best.

Yet, Edgeworth also recalled something Wright told him about soon after he was acquitted for his father's murder. Shortly before the prosecutor was led back to the detention center, the spiky-haired lawyer informed him that Ms. Fey was the one who retrieved the crucial DL-6 Bullet that proved Von Karma's guilt. He went on to detail how she wrestled it out of his arms despite being tased immediately afterwards. Edgeworth could only presume then that even if it weren't for his sake, she'd still fought just as hard for his freedom as Wright.

Upon thinking on it further, Edgeworth supposed it wasn't so surprising that Ms. Fey was leading him by the hand towards an unknown destination. Despite Ms. Fey's childlike mannerisms and odd sense of humor, he knew she too suffered from that horrid incident. Just as he lost his father to DL-6; she lost her mother, and eventually, her own sister albeit indirectly. It only made sense then, that the two hurt most by DL-6 would be the ones to finally lay it to rest.

As the duo progress through the void, Edgeworth notices that the formerly booming chanting is decreasing in volume to the point that he needed to strain his ears to be able to make out any of it. His movement also began to feel less restricted. He gazes downward and looks in awe as he sees that the chains that once trapped him were unraveling on the floor.

It was at this point Edgeworth started to realize something about his relationship with the young woman leading him along, and he knew that there was something he needed to do. Something important he needed to say to her.

Slowly, even the darkness around them starts to lighten in color. It was as if the two were reaching the end of a long, dark tunnel. Upon the void becoming a pure white, Ms. Fey suddenly stops and turns to Edgeworth wearing a happy smile.

"Looks like we made it, Mr. Edgeworth!" She cheers. Edgeworth suddenly clutches his arm nervously with a grimace. There was something that he needs to say to the young woman in front of him. He ruminates in thought for a moment as to how to put it. It'd been so long since he'd uttered those words to anyone. Before he can think too much on it though, he clears his throat, grabbing her attention.

"M-Ms Fey…" He starts nervously, "I-I just wanted to say that…" His throat begins to clamp up on him and his stomach twists in knots.

No! Edgeworth scolds himself. He can't slip up now! The prosecutor takes a few, deep breaths to steady himself and squeezes his eyes shut. This was harder than Edgeworth thought it would be. It was just two words! He gathers his thoughts before speaking again.

"Th-Thank you…" Edgeworth stammers, due to the lack of experience. Ms. Fey smiles softly.

"No problem!" She assures.

Then, something unexpected happens: the young woman embraces him as she begins to fade. Edgeworth's form goes stiff, but he doesn't attempt to pull away. The next thing he knows, she's gone, and Edgeworth is alone again, this time in a blinding white void of nothing.

And if one were to look closely at Edgeworth's face as he slept that night, they would notice one corner of his mouth was starting to upturn into a small, subtle smile.