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She's Bonnie, I'm Clyde.

Chapter One - First Race Night.

"I just don't want to go Manda and that's final."

"But it'll be fun Nyssa; you'll meet lots of great people. Lots of hot guys will be there and nice cars too."

"But Manda I don't know anyone even your friends you go to these things with."

"You'll meet people there."

Nyssa had no idea why she bothered fighting her cousin on this one. Manda always won. She would end up going with her and having a horrible time. She was just not outgoing enough to fit in at this sort of thing. Manda had been trying to get her to go to a race night at this old warehouse for months. But all the girls wore next to nothing and most were there to try to pick up the winners. They wanted to be prizes for winning racers. The idea of being like a trophy made Nyssa sick. It was so not her style. She loved cars and racing but not the subculture of street racing.

"But Manda, I won't fit in. You know this."

"Nyssa, you will fit in if you try."

"I have nothing to wear Manda."

"You'll borrow something of mine."

"Fine. Let's get ready." Nyssa could see she had not a chance in hell of getting her cousin to give up. Plus if she refused she would be stuck at home alone all night because Manda would go without her.

Manda dressed her cousin in tight leather pants in a kind of silver colour that set of Nyssa's tan. Then she put her in a white bra with a sheer electric blue tank over it. Nyssa had her own boots. They had a big chunky heal and sole, and buckles the whole way up to her knee from her ankle. Nyssa's style ran more to the funky then the extreme. Like she would wear the pants no problem but she would rather have a tank top or wife-beater then this shear thing pretending to be a top Manda made her wear.

Manda made her leave her hair down. It was over half way down her back and curly. The color she was told was black cherry. It was natural not dyed however. It was basically dark red. Both girls were tallish at five foot seven. They had the same type figure but Manda was naturally slim while Nyssa was not, she had to work at it and as such was quite muscular. Then Manda made her wear makeup. Nyssa was not even allowed to put it on herself. Manda did it for her. When Manda was done Nyssa hardly knew herself in the mirror. The black eyeliner made her violet eyes look huge. Her eyes were such a strange color. She thought they were her best feature. They were a deep purple. Her skin was darker then Manda's but it was not all tan. She had some Latin background on her side of the family. She was the exact opposite from her cousin in coloring for sure.

Manda was blonde; blue eyed, and tanned dark. It suited her. She was from the valley after all. She wore similar clothes. They headed down the stairs to wait for Manda's friend Evan to come get them. Manda was crushing on this guy but he was not very nice in Nyssa's book and he treated her cousin like crap.

Evan pulled up and honked out front. They ran out and got into the car with Evan. He told them they looked hot and were going to make some racer very happy. Nyssa barely managed to bite her tongue and not tell him off. She was not going to act like eye candy. She would go and try to have a good time seeing all these cars but she was not going to fuck some guy just because he won a car race. She would rather have taken her own car but Manda said no. She said that it was better to just go because if cops came Evan had a better chance of getting away then they would. She was right. Nyssa had no idea how to race. She had a race car her brother had left her when he died. He had been a cop and was killed in the line of duty. He had let her help him build the car and she loved every second. So in his will her brother had left the car to her, saying he knew she would take good care of it.

She brought herself back to the present. They had arrived. There were people everywhere. The sights were overwhelming. Girls were flirting everywhere, wearing even less then Nyssa. Nyssa was wearing a lot compared to a lot of the girls around. There was a tall, muscular guy with a shaved head holding court in the middle of the prettiest girls till some other pretty, dark girl scared them all off with one of the best lines Nyssa had ever heard.

"I smell *sniff* *sniff* skanks. Why don't you girls pack it in before I leave tread marks on your faces?" This girl was dressed similar to Nyssa. Maybe the way she was dressed was not skanky for the racing world. The thought made her smile.

The guy was not impressed and the look he gave the girl would have made Nyssa run the other way. But all he said was

"Letty, I was just talkin."

This Letty girl obviously did not believe him but it seemed like it must be old hat to the guy because he just moved on and organized the first race. Two guys paid their money and they were about to race when a gorgeous blonde guy put up the slip to his car. Nyssa was being filled in by Manda. Manda told her they guy was Dominic Torreto and Letty, the girl, had every reason to chase the skanks off cause Dom had likely already slept with half of them. Even Manda did not know the blonde dude.

The four men raced and Dominic Torreto won. He always won Manda told her. The other guy who lost his car took the ribbing from the crowd good humouredly. Then a cute guy in a yellow skyline screamed Cops, yo we got cops. Everyone ran for their cars. She was running toward Evan's car when she saw it take off, Manda in the front seat. Those asses took off without her. Now what? She wondered what would happen if the cops picked her up. They would either keep her overnight or take her home to her step dad, who would flip out. She knew what would happen if she got taken home to him dressed like this. Since it was a weekday night he was likely drinking off the stress of work and she would become a moving target. She was either going to have to kick the crap out of the guy or let him try to hit her. She was to the point of not caring in a way, if that happened. She figured the shit would hit the fan sooner or later anyway. So who really cared if the cops brought her home and that happened tonight or some other night?