She's Bonnie, I'm Clyde Epilogue.

Just to clear some things up.

Foxy-Latina-Letty and Dom are fine as they ever are. The story wasn't really about them so I guess I neglected them at the end of the story. But they're still together in Adrenaline which follows after this story. So I guess Adrenaline sort of is the sequel but right now it's about Leon and Kat more then any of the other couples. I didn't pick an exact time frame but Adrenaline comes something in the area of 6 months or so after She's Bonnie, I'm Clyde. I think I need to write a Letty and Dom story.I never have written one set just about them. Well, a very short one. Might turn My Immoral into a full length story now that I have more time to write. Watch for that. ;)

BridgetLyn. Nyssa isn't in adrenaline yet. You'll find out why soon. It's very close on the horizon. Poor Coyote got the very bad end of the stick in the situation too.You'll have to wait and see.

PenningFantasy. It was very unvince like, but that's why he gave her the song lyrics instead of trying to come up with the words for how he felt himself.

Kat wasn't the blonde girl. Kat could beat Letty and Nyssa. Kat is a racer and that's all she is. She's a natural at it. And threatening her with telling Dom wouldn't make her scared, it would make her laugh. She's more then a little fearless in most things. But can she beat Dom is the question of the hour and someday we shall find out.

So just to clarify Adrenaline is a sequal to this story in a lot of ways.

Go read Returning by Ubiquitous-Angel too. It's good~ I swear. I can't get enough of it. Even if she did do something evil. And my friends call me Evil one. Go read it.