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(Realm of Death-1998)

Harry blinked as he woke up in a room, he frowned and stood up before walking out of the room, he looked around in confusion, he didn't recognise this building, he let his Wand slip into his hand as he walked through the building, he blinked at the beauty of it all when he heard a soft singing voice, it was like an angel calling to him, he followed it cautiously as he walked through the mansion, he came to a garden.

It was massive, bushes shaped as all sorts of things, from mythical animals too angels with scythes, he heard the voice again and began to head in the direction off it, he continued walking until he heard the sound of water splashing, he walked into the clearing to see a female version of himself without glasses, sitting on the edge of a fountain singing as she feed some crows, she looked at him and smiled "Hello Master, how good to see you awake, how are you feeling?".

Harry raised an eyebrow at the title "Death I presume? I'm dead then?" Death nodded with a scowled "You were murdered by Ronald Weasley and Ginerva Weasley, they then attempted to do the same to Hermione Granger but her Auror Partner Draconis Malfoy had been coming over with a report and stunned them, they are on trial and I'll deal with them personally when they get down here".

Harry sighed before nodding with a slight smile "Thank you, I'm glad to hear that" he sat down on the edge of the fountain like she did and looked at her "Do you have a name, M'Lady?" she blinked at him in wonder "I think that is the first time anyone has asked me that, Master" Harry frowned "That's just not right, you are a person as well, though the fact you look exactly like me is a bit odd" she smiled sadly "There is a reason for that, Harry".

Harry blinked "Your voice changed, are you two people or two personalities?" she smiled "Please stop hiding your intelligence, we are two people in one body, fused into one, Death, the entity and Alyssa Lillian Potter, your unborn Twin Sister" Harry blinked "Alyssa? Very well, what is to happen to me now, Alyssa?" she smiled "That is an interesting question, I have many worlds that I can send you to, I want your opinion".

Harry blinked before raising an eyebrow "Why would you need my opinions?" Alyssa shrugged "I thought you would like a choice" Harry smiled "Thank you Sister" she smiled back "Of course, dear Brother, now, there are a few options" she brought up a world with a massive castle in the sky "The first world is a world where you will get stuck inside a video game with 9,999 other players" Harry blinked at her and she shrugged.

She waved her hand and the image shrunk and settled itself in the corner, a new image came fourth of a olden style Japanese city with giant monsters outside of it with holes in their chests "World two is you becoming a Shinigami and fighting off the species known as the hollows" she shrugged and shrunk it so that it ended up in the corner next to the other one, she then brought up a new image, of a world with three massive walls and giant people eating the smaller people.

"World number three is joining humanity against the Titans, scientific abominations that were once human" she wrinkled her nose "I'm personally not to fond of this world or the one before it" she shrunk it down before moving it over to the others, she then brought up another world, this one was a confusion mix of two worlds with a mist that seemed to link them "In this world you will gain a monster partner and save both worlds with a team".

She looked at him "Personally, I think you will like this world but that's me" she shrunk it down and brought up another world, it was an odd world that was filled with monsters "This is another interesting world were at the age of ten, you gain a monster companion that travels with you through that world" she looked at Harry "So, what do you think?" Harry rubbed his chin "Let's get rid of worlds 2 and 3, I'm not interested in them".

Alyssa nodded and waved her hand as worlds 2 and 3 vanished "Okay, what's next?" Harry looked at world one "It sounds interesting but I don't know enough about technology and I'd rather not be stuck in a game against my will" Alyssa smiled and vanished the world, Harry looked at the last two worlds and frowned "I realise that you'll reduce my age to ten if I choose to go there so I'll go for the fourth world".

Alyssa nodded "Okay, you'll be living in Japan, so, the first thing I will do is give you the ability to speak perfect Japanese, then I will place a perfect copy of Potter Manor into the city you will be living in and place it into the minds of the world that it is supposed to be there, you will meet your Monster Partner seen after arriving in that world, so, I'll give you this" she waved her hand and a device appeared in her hand.

It was a strangely sharpened device and it was gold and white in colour "This is your Digivice, it will allow you to power up your partner Digimon, and these" a bow with cards in them appeared on top of the Digivice "Will allow you to power your partner up, they are Digi-Modify cards, use them wisely" Harry nodded and took the device and box, she pressed a finger to his temple and he felt a sharp pain before everything went black.

Alyssa smiled and placed the device and box into a backpack and placed it on his chest, she then placed a credit card in his pocket and inputted the code to use it into his mind, she created him an up-to-date laptop and nodded before making him vanish "He'll be fine, I'm sure of it" she looked around "Now, to wait for Ronald and Ginerva" her smirked became evil "They'll be here soon, I'll pay them back for their actions towards my brother".

(Potter Manor-Shinjuku District)

Harry yawned and rubbed his eyes as he woke, he blinked and looked around at the large Master Bedroom he was in, he frowned for a moment before remembering his conversation with Alyssa 'This must be Potter Manor then' he got up and blinked at the backpack next to him, he opened it and saw the Digivice, the pack of cards and an advanced mobile phone, he frowned again before turning and seeing an advanced laptop.

His eyes widened when it turned on and glowed as a mist came out and formed into a little being with a kendo sword, Harry tilted his head as the computer turned off again before he kneeled "Hello little one, are you my Digimon partner?" it looked up at him before nodding, Harry smiled and pulled the Digivice out of his backpack, the Digimon touched it and it flashed, Harry nodded before looking at the Kendo sword "Can you teach me?".

It looked at him before nodding, Harry smiled and aimed his Digivice at it "Kotemon, the Reptile Digimon. Information: A Digimon that practices Kendo with a bamboo sword. Although it doesn't say much, this Digimon works hard in the background. It never removes its armour and no one has ever seen its face. Type: Reptile. Attribute: Data. Attacks: Hothead; Thunder Kote; Lightning Arrow and Thunder Gauntlet".

Harry grinned "Well then, come along Kotemon" Kotemon nodded and Harry spelled off his pj's and spelled on his clothes, he transfigured them into a training outfit that he had seen on T.V before walking out of the room with Kotemon following him, he blinked when he saw a butler walk over, the butler had large familiar green eyes and a large smile, Harry blinked again in shock "Dobby?" Dobby smiled "Master Hadrian Potter Sir, Misses Alyssa thought you might need us".

Harry frowned "Us?" Dobby nodded and turned before walking back to the main room, Harry and Kotemon followed him before gawking at the Wolf, Grim, Stag and Tigress in the front room "Padfoot? Mooney? Dad? Mum?" they transformed into themselves and hugged him, Harry hugged them back before pulling away "How are you here?" Lily smiled "Your Sister pulled a few strings for her master".

Harry grinned "I love my Sister, she's amazing" the others nodded before looking at Kotemon "I see, is this one of the Digimon that Alyssa was talking about?" Harry nodded "This is my Digimon partner, Kotemon, he doesn't talk much but apparently he's loyal and hardworking" Lily nodded before looking at Kotemon "Okay Kotemon, I'm leaving my Baby's safety in your hands, can I count on you?" Kotemon nodded and bowed.

Harry smiled before holding out his hand, a perfect copy of Kotemon's Kendo sword appeared but for his size, he looked at Kotemon "Let's go to the training room, I need to start training" Lily smiled "Harry dear" he looked at her "Yes Mum?" "You have been signed up to the nearby school, you'll start tomorrow, your Sister will be implanting the information into your head, you had a ton of abilities that were blocked and we'll be working on them".

Harry nodded before walking into the training room with Kotemon, half an hour latter Harry and Kotemon walked out again, Harry was panting, sweating and covered in bruises, he sat down and Dobby handed him a hot chocolate, he groaned slightly and thanked Dobby before sipping at his drink, Kotemon looked apologetic and Harry patted him on the head "it's alright buddy, I'm going to need to deal with this, no pain, no gain".

He looked up and saw his family "Hey, what's up?" Sirius pulled out a potion, Harry frowned "What does it do?" Sirius frowned "This is a Cleansing Potion, it removes any potions in your bloodstream, your body was healed and teleported from our old world to this one, all of that stuff is still in your body" Harry took the potion and downed it, he rushed into the bathroom and threw up, a few minutes later he walked out of the bathroom again.

"That was horrid" Remus nodded "Next this one" he pulled out a potion "This one fixes abuse and malnutrition" Harry sighed and downed the potion, he cried out as his body started growing, his hair grew out and settled slightly, he grew muscle and all of his badly realigned bones fixed themselves and grew stronger, when he stood up properly he was now 5''8, he breathed out and took off his glasses and looked at them before shrugging and tossing them away.

James pulled out a potion and Harry raised an eyebrow, James smirked "This is the Block Removal Potion" Harry nodded and downed it, a massive amount of shattering sounds were heard as the adults and Kotemon rushed out of the room, Harry's magic exploded outwards sending everything in the room flying backwards before circling like a hurricane as he fought to get his magic under control, slowly but surely everything fell to the ground again as his magic receded into his body.

The adults and Kotemon came back into the room and blinked at the destruction, Dobby popped into the room and clicked his fingers, the room returned to its original state, he nodded before popping away again, Harry grinned "Dobby is the best butler ever" they nodded and laughed before Lily pulled out a potion, Harry looked at it warily, Lily giggled "it's the Animagus revealing potion, you should be sat when you take this one" Harry nodded and took the potion, he sat down and downed it, he slipped into the trance like state.