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(Harry's Mindscape)

Harry blinked as he looked around, he frowned at the forest that he was in until he heard a growling noise, he turned and blinked in surprise at the creature in front of him, it was it was built like a tiger mixed with a lion but had the coat pattern of a cheetah or a leopard, most noticeable of all was the 28 centimetre front canines, it stood about a meter tall and was two meters long, it stared at him with emerald green eyes, Harry chuckled and gave it a pat, he frowned when he was pulled to another part of his mind.

He blinked as he looked around, he was on a mountain, that much was obvious but it wasn't one that he recognised, he looked around with a frowned until he felt a presence try to enter his mind, his Occlumency shield slammed into place and he waited for a moment before he heard a knocking sound, he blinked and opened his shields slightly "That wasn't nice, honestly, I shouldn't let you transform into me now".

Harry winced as he realised that he had shut his Animagus out of his mind "Sorry but you should know how we take to people trying to enter our mind" the voice seemed sheepish "Ah, yes, I forgot, sorry about that, I'll appear now" he turned and gasped as a massive Phoenix appeared, it was 7 times the size of Fawkes and was Gold and white "I am the Solar Phoenix inside you, bon with me and become this form, Hadrian" Harry placed a hand on it and was sucked into another part of his mind.

Harry frowned as he found himself in a dark castle "I thought I'd destroyed the darkness in me when I destroyed the Horcrux" a dark chuckled was heard and he turned only to find himself in a throne room, on the throne was an angel with six wings, on its right side, they were white and angelic but on the left side they were black and radiated darkness "Oh, my dear Hadrian, you are the perfect mix of light and darkness, that is why I allowed myself to be chosen as your Digital Monster Animagus form".

Harry blinked "Who are you?" the Digimon chuckled "I am Lucemon, the Digimon Demon Lord of Pride, a being of Light and Darkness, like yourself, it is an honour to meet you, Hadrian Potter, Master of Death, will you allow us to bond?" Harry tilted his head with a smile "I will, if you are right and we are both a perfect mix of light and darkness, then this is the right thing to do" Lucemon nodded "Indeed, shall we?" Harry walked over and they both placed a hand on each other before Harry was pulled from his mind.

(Real World)

Harry shook his head as he woke up from the trance, he looked at his family before smiling "Apparently I have three forms" Lily just giggled at the broken looks on Sirius and James, Remus just chuckled "Only you Harry" Harry grinned before blinking as Dobby appeared with a sheet and a dagger, he handed them to Harry before popping away, Harry blinked before looking at Lily who nodded.

He cut his hand with the dagger and let the blood drip onto the sheet, he blinked in surprise as his hand healed, the sheet glowed before writing formed down it, Harry blinked before shrugging and he began to read as his family recovered from his statement earlier.

Inheritance Sheet

Name: Hadrian James Potter




Species: Hybrid (Human, Phoenix, Basilisk, Demi-God, Digital Demon Lord, Digital Angel)

Gender: Male

Occupation: Student, Auror (Retired), Digimon Tamer, Hybrid, Digital Being


Mothers: Lillian Maria Potter nee Evans (Alive), Lady Magicks (Alive, Goddess)

Father: James Charlus Potter (Alive)

Sisters: Alyssa Lillian Potter (Alive, Goddess), Hermione Jean Granger-Potter (Alive, Adopted by Magic)

Brother: (Ryo Akiyama) (Neville Francis Longbottom-Potter) (Alive, Adopted by Magic, Rebirthed)

Aunts: Petunia Rose Dursley nee Evans (Alive, Squib), Lady Gaiamon (Alive, Goddess), Lady Fate (Alive, Goddess), Lady Reality (Alive, Goddess)

Uncles: Vernon Dursley (Alive, non-magical, in-law), Lord Existence (Alive, Omnipotent), Lord Judgement (Alive, God), Lord Time (Alive, God), Lord Space (Alive), Lord Distortion (Alive, God)

Cousins: Dudley Vernon Dursley (Alive, Squib), Narcissia Rowena Malfoy nee Black (Alive), Lucius Abraxas Malfoy (Alive, in-law), Draconis Lucius Malfoy (Alive), Bellatrix Circe LeStrange nee Black (Deceased), Andromeda Morgana Tonks nee Black (Deceased), Nymphadora Andromeda Lupin nee Tonks (Deceased), Theodore Tonks (Deceased, in-law), Theodore Remus Lupin (Alive, Werewolf), Remus John Lupin (Alive, Werewolf), Sirius Orion Black (Alive, Godfather), Regulus Articus Black (Deceased), Catharine Deneuve (Luna Lovegood) (Alive, Rebirthed).


Immortality (Master of Death)

Immunity to Poisons (Basilisk Venom, Phoenix Tears)

Immunity to Control Potions (Basilisk Venom, Phoenix Tears)

Petrification Stare (Basilisk, controllable)

Death Stare (Basilisk, controllable)

Scaled Skin (Basilisk, controllable)

Night Vision (Basilisk, Phoenix)

Flaming (Phoenix)

Healing Tears (Phoenix)

Super-Human Strength (Basilisk, Phoenix, Mundane Animagus Form)

Super-Human Hearing (Basilisk, Phoenix, Mundane Animagus Form)

Super-Human Sight (Basilisk, Phoenix, Mundane Animagus Form)

Super-Human Reflexes (Basilisk, Phoenix, Mundane Animagus Form)

Super-Human Durability (Basilisk, Phoenix)

Solar Magic (Magical Animagus Form)

Solar Phoenix Slayer Magic (Lady Magicks)

Fire Magic (Phoenix)

Fire Phoenix Slayer Magic (Lady Magicks)

Dark Magic (Digital Monster Animagus Form)

Dark Angel Slayer Magic (Lady Magicks)

Shadow Magic (Digital Monster Animagus Form)

Shadow Angel Slayer Magic (Lady Magicks)

Light Magic (Digital Monster Animagus Form)

Light Angel Slayer Magic (Lady Magicks)

Fire Immunity (Lady Magicks)

Shadow Energy Immunity (Lady Magicks)

Solar Energy Immunity (Lady Magicks)

Dark Energy Immunity (Lady Magicks)

Light Energy Immunity (Lady Magicks)

Independent Flight (Digital Monster Animagus Form, Magical Animagus Form)

Shadow Travel (Digital Monster Animagus Form)

Digital Powers (Digital Monster Animagus Form)

Multi-Animagus (Three Forms, Mundane-Smilodon, Magic-Solar Phoenix, Digital-Lucemon Chaos Mode)

Technomancy (Evanshade Line)

Flight Mastery (Potter Line)

Potion Mastery (Potter Line)

Sword Mastery (Gryffindor Line)

Charms Mastery (Gryffindor Line)

Tamer (Gryffindor Line)

Dagger Mastery (Slytherin Line)

Warding Mastery (Slytherin Line)

Parselmagic Mastery (Slytherin Line)

Blood Magic Master (Slytherin Line)

Occlumency Master (Slytherin Line)

Legilimency Master (Slytherin Line)

Bow and Crossbow Mastery (Ravenclaw Line)

Runic Magic Mastery (Ravenclaw Line)

Eidetic Memory (Ravenclaw Line)

Ritual Magic Mastery (Black Line)

Necromancy (Peverell Line)

Foci Crafting Mastery (Emerys Line)


King of Magic

Child of Magic

Prince of England

Master of Death

Digimon Tamer

Prince of the Digital World








Potter (1st Heir)

Black (1st Heir)

Evanshade (1st Heir)







Duke of Windsor (Potter)

Duke of Wellington (Gryffindor)


Potter Trust Vault

Black Trust Vault

Evanshade Trust Vault

Gryffindor Family Vault

Gryffindor Trust Vault

Slytherin Family Vault

Slytherin Trust Vault

Ravenclaw Family Vault

Ravenclaw Trust Vault

Emerys Family Vault

Emerys Trust Vault


Peverell: Peverell Manor, Scotland

Gryffindor: ¼ Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland/ Gryffindor Castle, California/ The Lion's Den, Lancashire/ Gryffindor Manor, Scotland

Slytherin: ¼ Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland/ Slytherin Castle, The Amazon Rainforest/ The Snake Pit, Oxfordshire/ Slytherin Manor, Ireland

Ravenclaw: ¼ Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Scotland/ Ravenclaw Castle, Paris/ The Raven's Nest, Manchester/ Ravenclaw Manor, Tokyo

Emerys: Emerys Castle, Scotland/ Camelot Home, Avalon

Harry's jaw dropped "Holy hell, wait a minute, most of this stuff doesn't mean anything, does it?" James chuckled "It does actually, apparently between Alyssa, Lady Magicks and Lady Fate, all of it is legit and we have a portal to Gringotts so the vaults are accessible" Harry nodded before frowning "Dad, why I am the Duke of Windsor is you are Lord Potter?" James winced "Because your Mother believes that you are more mature than I am".

Harry rubbed his forehead "That…makes a lot of sense actually" he sighed before looking at his family "Right, I've got a lot of work to do" he shook his head "Can you send a letter to the Queen Mum so I can find out what my responsibilities are?" Lily nodded and Harry nodded "Great, I'll claim all of this later, I should now be able to train with Kotemon properly as I now have sword mastery apparently".

(The Next Day)

Harry got into his school uniform and looked at himself in the mirror before nodding and walking downstairs, he aimed his Digivice at Kotemon who was sucked into it, Alyssa had told him about that ability, he walked into the front room before turning on the spot as his family looked at him "What do you think?" he was dressed up in a black suit coat with navy blue pants with black suits, he had a navy blue tie and a white shirt.

Lily smiled "You look very handsome, here" she handed him a packed lunch, Harry smiled "Thanks Mum" she kissed him on the cheek before he took off his backpack and placed it inside, he blinked as James patted him on the shoulder "Have fun at school kiddo" Harry nodded before chuckling as Remus pranked Sirius, he walked out of the house and blinked as someone crashed into him, he looked at the person and blinked at the ginger hair.

He looked over her and saw the same uniform he was wearing, he held out his hand "Sorry about that, I'd just come out of my hoe and hadn't noticed you" she looked up and he was stunned by the violet eyes, she blinked at his emerald eyes before shaking her head and taking his hand "It's my fault, sorry" he pulled her to her feet and then rubbed the back of his head "Hey, I'm a new transfer to your school, could you lead the way?".

The girl looked at him "You transferred to Yodobashi?" Harry nodded and the girl sighed before shrugging "Sure, come along" Harry nodded and walked alongside her, he held out his hand "Potter Hadrian" she blinked at him before taking his hand and shaking it "Nonaka Rika" Harry nodded with a smile "A pleasure to meet you Nonaka-san" she blinked at him as he looked around curiously "You as well Potter-San, what made you transfer to Yodobashi?".

Harry looked at her and she shivered at his look, it seemed like he was analysing her soul, his expression softened before he smiled "We've just moved into an old family house of ours from England, it was the closest school nearby" she nodded but decided to keep an eye on him, the fact that he could pull off a look like that and then switch to the casual guy again confused and intrigued her.

They continued walking until the saw the school "There it is, Yodobashi Elementary School" Harry nodded and smiled at her "Thank you Nonaka-san, for your help" she nodded at him "if you need any help, come find me" Harry nodded and sketched a polite bow before walking into the school building and finding a teacher "Hello Miss?" she looked at him "yes?" Harry smiled "I am Potter Hadrian, the new transfer, can you point me in the direction of the Headteacher's office?".

The teacher's eyes widened before she smiled "Ah, Mr Potter, I am Asaji Nami, come with me" Harry nodded and let her lead him through the school on an impromptu tour, she took him to the headmaster's office and knocked "Come in" she opened the door "Headmaster Kurosawa, Mr Potter is here to see you" "Send him in and stay, he'll be in your class" she nodded and looked at Harry "Come on in" he nodded and walked into the room.

He saw the headmaster and sketched another polite bow "Headmaster" the man nodded and smiled "Ah, Potter Hadrian, welcome, here is your schedule" he handed Harry a sheet "And you'll be in Miss Asaji's class, if you have any issues, don't be scared to come and talk to me" Harry nodded and smiled "Thank you Headmaster" he bowed again before following Miss Asaji out of the office, they walked until they ended up in a classroom.

She pointed at a seat near the back "That will be your seat, please sit down and we'll wait for the class" Harry nodded and slowly but surely everyone poured into the class before the last student ended up being late and got scolded for it, apparently his name was Takato, he noticed most of the students sending him curious looks but he ignored them, Miss Asaji smiled "Well class, as you can see we have a new student joining us, I hope you'll make him feel comfortable, please introduce yourself".

Harry nodded and stood up before smiling at the class "Hello, I am Potter Hadrian, an honour to meet all of you" he sat back down before looking out of the window as the teacher started the lesson, he answered every question he was asked correctly and soon was attracted to the image of a Digimon that Takato was drawing, he poked him in the side and Takato looked at him, Harry looked at the teacher and saw her distracted before leaning over slightly.

"Don't get too caught up in it or you'll get caught" Takato paled and nodded "Thank you" Harry nodded and leaned back before writing what he was supposed to be writing as he saw Takato put his image away, he smirked as Takato then spent the rest of the lesson concentrating on what Miss Asaji was saying, he nodded and smiled when the school bell rung, he put away he stuff and bowed politely to Miss Asaji before walking out of the classroom.

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