This is a sequel to 'Spoiling the war' in which Naruto goes to another universe'.

If anyone told Uzumaki Naruko her days were going to go this way, she would have laughed till her guts hurt before punching the unlucky fucker to the next week.

First was her battle with toneri over hinata. She along with everyone was surprised when a handsome ass dude came from the sky and said he wanted to take hinata with him to be his bride. She had been rather creeped out when he spoke about watching the hyuuga girl since she was just a child (am i the only one who thinks of toneri as a very patient cradle robber, i mean he watches a five year old girl and waits until she turns nineteen before finally coming for her).

And while they were all cool with letting a beautiful shy, stalker girl who was possibly a closet pervert go with the patient, handsome cradle robber to live in the most romantic landscape which was literally out of the world, he dropped the bomb about his hatred for humanity and his plan to wipe out all of mankind after his wedding. Just like that shit got real for the nineteen year old kunoichi.

Her peaceful time turned to an epic ambush by some creepy cloak wearing people that reminded her of a combination of sasoris puppets and edo tensei ninjas. From there, she got to enjoy the relaxing experience of chasing after a craft headed for the moon and getting chucked back to earth from a height that would kill even the raikage.

She was ready to call it quits and enjoy the rest of her first and possibly last holiday when sakura gave her a pep talk about how she shouldn't give up and how hinata was possibly a lesbian, she was counting on her to save them all and blah blah blah.

Feeling pumped, she went back to the moon and stopped the wedding that involved toneri making hinata deep throat a wafer, they had an epic battle with kurama being an all powerful badass punching the shit out of a giant golem in a titanic battle between gargantuan beings, she and toneri making like speedsters across the moon surface, toneri bisecting the moon with a glorified chidori sharp spear, and her punching the handsome fucker into a rock.

Hinata acting like she had done all the work jsut strolled to him and plucked out her sister's stolen eyes. As though that wasn't enough, he still tried to pull a deidara and blow everyone to high heaven( If toneri absorbing all that energy didn't remind you of deidaras suicide, you have to watch sasuke vs deidara and C4 yourself XD). Her being the heroic person she was, quickly went and selflessly helped toneri absorb the chakra that would have made him explode.

What happened after that was some sappy shit she didn't want to remember. Long story short, hinata forgave him, returned hanabi's eyes, and they got married. All's well that ends well, the creepy duo got married and the strange line of spiritual incest continues.

Naruko got home expecting to have a hot shower, and a change of clothes but when she entered to see another handsome ass dude who looked like her, she knew her day hadn't gotten any less stressful.